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Behind the scenes from Pasta’s outdoor shoot
by | December 27, 2009 | 16 Comments

Here is our first look behind the scenes on the set of MBC’s Pasta, which had previously released its promo stills and posters.

Since the drama is set in an Italian restaurant, much of filming takes place indoors, but apparently whenever the shooting heads outside, the actors have been greeted with a cold snap. Leads Lee Seon-kyun and Gong Hyo-jin, who play a head chef and assistant chef, respectively, said, “I don’t know why it always turns so cold whenever we shoot a scene of us meeting [outside]. Our relationship in the drama is already chilly, and the weather isn’t helping.”

The two characters first encounter each other in a minor collision at an intersection. Gong Hyo-jin and Lee Seon-kyun run into each other while she’s holding a goldfish in a plastic bag, which sends her falling to the ground. Trying to save the fish, they cup water in their hands. Lee Seon-kyun said, “At first my fingers lost feeling, and later on they burned with heat.”

Recently, the two spent the night filming an outdoor scene at a pojangmacha, and the shoot was greeted with the first snow of the season. In the scene, she heads to a pojangmacha alone after being fired from her job by Lee Seon-kyun. There, she finds him sitting by himself in a glum mood and can’t bring herself to sit in front of him, so she turns around and mutters insults about him to herself. He, on the other hand, is only pretending to be on the phone while he listens in, and a confrontation ensues.

The drama describes the two as “a man who loves to cook” (Lee) and “a woman who cooks love” (Gong). Pasta premieres January 4.

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16 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Biscuit

    “a man who loves to cook” and “a woman who cooks love”.

    Ah, that sounded so cheesy together (imo) and yet so cute. Heh.

    I wonder how the drama will turn out to be. So many dramas in the beginning of 2010 that I don’t know which one I shall watch……

  2. Nano

    With Lee Seon Kyun cast as the main character, I hope this won’t turn out as a disappointment like Gourmet did…
    Looking forward to it. I wonder if they’ll give recipes for pasta…:D

  3. BiscuitMonster

    i wanna watch this drama so bad….. Definitely the drama to watch for 2010.
    And i really need someone who can bake cookies for me xD

  4. T

    This sounds like Taiwanese drama Sweet Relationship with Vic Zhou.:) I’m looking forward to it!

  5. janna

    I hope I don’t gain 15 pounds watching this show!

  6. Lisa

    This drama better be super cuuuuute cuz I’m really looking forward to it!

  7. kaedejun

    I wonder if it will be in any way similar to My name is Kim Sam Soon… =P there’s a restaurant and a rocky relationship from the start….

    either way – sounds fun!

  8. butterball

    “A man who loves to cook” – I have only known one man with such passion in real life and he’s goood! lol. I will teach my future sons to cook well. Since men who knows how to cook is sexy! 😛

    Really looking forward to this drama given my passion for food and restaurant industry.

  9. Ariel

    Looking forward to seeing Alex in this show! (Since he already knows how to cook…I wonder if they’ll have any scenes of him actually cooking?)

  10. 10 Porcelain

    “A woman who cooks love…” I love this line!!!
    “A man who loves to cook…” sexy please!

    Some are pretty cute… cue Jamie Olivier… some are not… cue all the screaming chefs in them reality kitchen shows…

    Anyway… I wanna ask you guys, there is a cooking cum travelogue programme by 3 Korean chefs, whom travels around Korea while bring the culinary highlights of each individual places… Its not by the big 3 broadcast station, I am guessing its by cable… Collectively they are known as “The Chef”… It is pretty interesting, what could go wrong with beautiful scenery, well narrated info and three chef (not drop dead gorgeous but affable enough)… Is there somewhere I can watch the show online? Or even find out more info? I have been googling forever and find zilch… Thanks in advance for info…

  11. 11 Mara

    looking forward to this!

  12. 12 mimim

    gong Hyo jin, Alex!! they are the reason i am waiting for this!!

  13. 13 Tess

    I hope it’s not another Triple, that’s all I’m saying!

  14. 14 emeldy

    This is definitely in my to watch list.

  15. 15 Anonymous

    Yay! it’s Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Seon-kyun! and Pasta!! yummilicious! must see….must see…

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