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Oh My Lady: Episode 7
by | April 14, 2010 | 59 Comments

I find that my interest in this drama fluctuates wildly, not from one episode to the next, but within each hour. Overall it’s cute and it has a benign sort of charm to it. The conflicts work for this style of drama, but we all know they’re pretty lightweight and the stakes and angst factor aren’t too high. What carries it is the developing friendship of Chae Rim and Choi Siwon — while there are romantic hints, it’s too early to call the relationship romantic, and I’m okay with that — and the way we get to see the spoiled star developing feelings outside of the realm of selfish. On the downside, I feel there isn’t much to discuss, if you’re hankering for substantial themes and emotions, which I am.


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After the kiss, Kae-hwa and Min-woo retreat to separate rooms, where they berate themselves for their rash behavior. What were they thinking? I’d say the clear answer is that they weren’t.

Min-woo decides that the kiss happened purely because he’s been single for so long, and is dismayed to recall that his last kiss was from a drama. If you’re one of the hottest hotties of your generation, I suppose it IS a little sad to have your last kiss be one that was bought and paid for. They both sigh: Now what?

At breakfast they try to act casual, as though nothing happened. Kae-hwa keeps her eyes averted, but despite their attempts to avoid each other, they end up at the refrigerator in a position reminiscent of the moment that led to the kiss. They freeze, and a thudding sound — heartbeats racing — echoes in their ears.

The moment is interrupted by Ye-eun, who tugs at Kae-hwa’s clothing to get her attention. A letter from her daycare/pre-school indicates that parents are invited to an open school day this morning, but unfortunately Kae-hwa can’t make it. Ye-eun hangs her head in disappointment.

They’re running late that morning, so Kae-hwa doesn’t have time to dump the soup that has soured. I smell a plot point!

At home, Shi-joon apologizes to his wife for having her followed. Jung-ah asks what that apology means, frustrated that he never explains himself. He’s always like this, and she’s growing weary of being unable to talk to him.

There were comments in the previous recap that perhaps Jung-ah isn’t really cheating, and that it’s all a misunderstanding. Judging from her reaction I think the affair is real. However, if there is a twist, I don’t think it’s that Shi-joon misinterpreted the cheating, but that Jung-ah may have done this purposely to get his attention. Just as a child will act out when a parent is negligent, she’s pushing him to a point where he can no longer ignore her. Only, he’s still half-ignoring her, and that drives her nuts.

On their way into work, Kae-hwa apologizes to Shi-joon for causing a scene the night before. She’s mortified over the events, but Shi-joon offers supportive words — it’s the person who said those things (her ex) who is at fault, not the person he was talking about.

Buoyed by his kindness, Kae-hwa thanks Shi-joon and vows to do her best to become someone who won’t merit those words. She’s further encouraged when Shi-joon gives her a guide book on musicals to help her along.

Dance rehearsal is particularly important today, as Shi-joon wants the practice taped so they can produce a behind-the-scenes “making of” video. While Min-woo tapes his intro statement, he loses his train of thought and has to tell Kae-hwa to step aside. We can tell that he’s still distracted by thoughts of the kiss, but everyone else interprets this to mean that the ajumma is annoying him, and they shoot her looks.

It’s a bad day for filming, however, as Min-woo has a fashion show scheduled later where he’ll model Yura’s clothing line. He’s fasting all day to preserve his choco abs, and is therefore listless and cranky.

Kae-hwa thinks that’s dumb (’cause it IS!) and tells him not to do things like that. She reaches to towel off some sweat from his forehead, but he flinches at her proximity in a nervous outburst. Naturally, that draws everyone’s attention and they again assume she’s harassing the big star.

That feels unfair, so she pulls Min-woo aside to the locker room to ask what’s with him. Funny how the experienced hotshot is having difficulty moving on from the kiss while the ajumma has put it behind her, isn’t it? She tells him that she’s already forgotten yesterday’s business, so they ought to move on and handle it like cool adults.

Min-woo has to make sure — lest she think otherwise — that the kiss had nothing to do with his real feelings, not at all, y’hear? We know what they say about people who protest too much. Thankfully, Kae-hwa tells him she’s not some young little thing who’d make that assumption.

In any case, he thinks she ought to feel lucky to have gotten the chance to kiss a top star like himself. To which she mutters that she doesn’t know why he was voted best kisser when his actual kissing is so mediocre. Whether she means it or is just saying it to deflate that ego a bit, it’s exactly the way to cut to his pride. Really, if the dowdy ajumma with limited romantic experience is calling him out as a bad kisser — when she ought to be his biggest, and most enthusiastic, demographic — it’s got to be a blow, right?

Because of his lack of energy, Min-woo just goes through the motions at rehearsal, doing such a lackluster job that Jung-ah comments on it. Min-woo declares that practicing today won’t work for him, and leaves rehearsal. Dude could use a lesson in diplomacy, frankly. Here’s a case of Min-woo’s diva ‘tude coming out — it’s not that he lacks a reason for his bad performance, but that he acts as though he’s above explanation. Surprisingly, Jung-ah’s gracious about the whole matter, saying that if he’s not feeling it, he won’t have a productive time of it.

Kae-hwa steps in to smooth over possible ruffled feathers, and explains to the others that he hasn’t eaten all day because of his fashion show.

Because rehearsal ends early, Kae-hwa sees that she can squeeze in some time to drop by Ye-eun’s class. The girl, who had been feeling down to have nobody come see her, perks up when Kae-hwa arrives and starts to participate in the dance. Aw. Little girls tug at heartstrings better than anything, except maybe frolicking kittens.

Seeing that all the mothers have their cameras out, Kae-hwa takes out the professional camera — which she is taking back to the company — and starts to record Ye-eun’s performance, and UH-OH who else thinks this cannot end well?

Due to the classtime detour, Kae-hwa returns to the office late that afternoon, but her tardiness takes a backseat to Jung-ah’s unannounced arrival. She confronts Shi-joon about the firing of one of her dancers from the musical, sticking up for the guy she has helped cultivate for the past three years.

Shi-joon has news for her — the guy went on an audition with a different company today, and another one the other day. He already had one foot out the door when Shi-joon fired him.

The team reviews the sample footage from rehearsal, and it’s pretty underwhelming, what with Min-woo’s half-assed performance. Shi-joon decides a reshoot is in order, just as the images switch from the studio to a different setting. Kae-hwa has forgotten the additional footage she shot until they all look up to see Ye-eun and her classmates performing their song and dance routine.

Aside from being plain embarrassing, this indicates that Kae-hwa took time in the workday for personal reasons, which reflects poorly on her work ethic. Especially since she vowed so vehemently to do well, Shi-joon’s disappointed in her — he thought she was sincerely passionate about the work. Sternly, he reminds her that she’s still an intern (message: Keep it up and you’re fired).

After spending the afternoon working out and starving, Min-woo makes his way to the fashion show, where Yura once again takes advantage of the moment to sidle up to Min-woo. (Ugh. That does seem to be my default reaction with this character.) This gives her the chance to pose with him, looking rather cozy as they’re photographed together.

Never one to let a Min-woo event escape his watchful eye, Reporter Han, tenacious as ever, sneaks into the venue as a staff member.

He gains entree into the waiting room, where he accosts Min-woo and presses for a story. Min-woo has nothing for him — although the man’s insistence has him a bit nervous — but is doing a pretty wussy job of getting rid of the man. (This is played for comic effect, but it’s also interesting that the Bigtime Star who has been shown to be rude to his colleagues can’t stand up to one little reporter who’s out of line. Character inconsistency or a chink in the armor?)

Lucky for him, Yura comes in and takes care of the situation. She recognizes the reporter, and as he is not allowed to be backstage, she has no qualms about kicking him out.

Following her video gaffe, Kae-hwa is eager to improve her standing with her officemates. If only they would give her the chance; Jae-hee and Jin-ho eye her with disdain (more so Jae-hee, who is both unimpressed by and threatened by Kae-hwa). When Shi-joon gives her a project, she leaps into action.

However, it’s not long before she has to slip out again, because Min-woo has an emergency. He had been so hungry earlier that he’d sneaked a few bites of the soup she’d left in the apartment — which she was intending to throw away — and now his face has broken out in spots.

This show can’t go on without its main draw, so Min-woo heads to the hospital to treat his allergic reaction to the spoiled food. Yura hangs her head and informs the grumbling press of the cancellation. Reporter Han, still smarting from her dismissive treatment of him, relishes the opportunity to get back at her, calling her irresponsible and rude.

Furthermore, Yura is chewed out by her boss, and this has shown her in an unflattering light among her colleagues. They had considered her a nepotism hire (it’s her aunt’s company), and it was only with this fashion show that she was able to earn their approval.

At this discovery that she has caused even more problems today, the guilt weighs on Kae-hwa’s already troubled conscience. She confesses to Yura that it’s her fault for letting the soup spoil, and apologizes for causing the situation.

Rather ungraciously, Yura blows her top — how dare she be so careless? Doesn’t she know that Min-woo’s a star? (As though anyone would let her forget that!) As a celebrity, his body and health are a crucial part of his job. Yura speaks harshly, telling Kae-hwa that she won’t accept the apology — it’s too selfish to merely say she’s sorry to make herself feel better. Snidely, Yura adds, “You’re still an intern, aren’t you? I wonder how long you’ll last at The Show Company.”

She doesn’t know that Min-woo has overheard. If she’d been aware, no doubt she would have plastered a fake-sweet smile for his benefit, and he would have been all too eager to fall for her act. I’m a little disappointed in him for seeing Yura’s mean side come out and not display more concern over it, but that goes to show how much a pretty face and a youthful crush can distract from an unattractive character.

Min-woo has answered Kae-hwa’s phone and brought it out to her, since Min-ji has called to wish her mother a happy birthday. After witnessing this scene, however, he tells the girl he’ll convey the message rather than intruding on Kae-hwa’s moment.

Kae-hwa cries in the bathroom over her miserable day. It seems the comparison must be intentional because Jung-ah is also shown in a similar light, working out her husband-related frustrations in the dance studio. (I don’t actually think the juxtaposition works, because we feel for Kae-hwa’s setback but not so much Jung-ah’s; even though the latter isn’t an outright villain, she has yet to really connect with the audience.)

Min-woo apologizes to Yura for ruining her day, and naturally she is much nicer with him (ugh, that phony), agreeing to let him buy her dinner to make up for it.

Both Min-woo and Yura are interested in taking the relationship to the next level (*suggestive eye waggle*), so she makes the excuse to have dinner at home instead of out at a restaurant. Min-woo reads the innuendo in this (night in = door is open for physical contact?) and is happy to agree. He texts Kae-hwa to order her to not return home tonight until he calls.

Min-woo tries to ease into this seduction naturally, and Yura is amenable to the idea. That is, until she heads to the kitchen and sees the leftover soup that Kae-hwa had cooked. She’s put out to realize that this means she cooked it here, in Min-woo’s apartment, and her attitude cools toward Min-woo.

Yura asks about Kae-hwa, trying to figure out how close they are. As far as she knows, Kae-hwa is merely an employee of The Show Company, so there’s no reason for her to be dropping by all the time. She advises Min-woo, “You shouldn’t be close to just anyone,” insinuating that Kae-hwa might be hanging around to take advantage of him or blackmail him.

With that, Yura gets up to leave, cutting the night short with the excuse that she’s tired. Min-woo is surprised and disappointed — so soon?

Without anywhere else to go, Kae-hwa heads to the office to get some work done, where she wonders despondently whether she’s even needed at this company. Shi-joon also returns to the office late that night following a business meeting, and sees that Kae-hwa is still working.

It’s his turn to overhear a private moment when she answers a call from her daughter, and from Kae-hwa’s side of the conversation he can infer the gist of their situation and how they’re not currently living together. Min-ji has called to wish her mother a happy birthday, and Kae-hwa assures her that of course she ate birthday cake. Why, her friendly officemates even threw her a party.

Min-woo’s night has unexpectedly been cut short, leaving him bored. When he sees a guy walk by with a cake, Min-woo remembers that it’s Kae-hwa’s birthday. He calls her to ask grumpily why she’s not home yet, since he texted the “all clear” to return. He complains that she has housework to do, and wants her to cut fruit for him.

(Now, normally this is such an exasperating, thoroughly Annoying Korean Guy Thing To Do — you know how to eat your own damn fruit, don’t you? — but Min-woo gets a pass because this is just an excuse to get Kae-hwa home so he can surprise her with the birthday cake he’s bought. Aw.)

Unbeknownst to him, Shi-joon has had the same idea, and drops by a bakery on his way home, too. He returns to the office in time to catch Kae-hwa as she’s leaving, and offers her the cake so she can celebrate with her daughter.

This is such an unexpectedly generous gesture, especially today of all days when she’s messed up repeatedly, and she feels too unworthy to accept. Shi-joon tells her she can think of it as motivation to do well in the future, and offers her a ride to see her daughter.

Kae-hwa accepts gratefully, just as Min-woo pulls up to the office in time to see her leaving in Shi-joon’s car.


As I mentioned above, I am enjoying this drama — I wouldn’t be watching if I weren’t continually entertained — and it’s sweet fun. And when I call the conflicts lightweight, I don’t mean that the themes intrinsically are trivial — we have marital infidelity, irresponsible and negligent parenting, shady business practices, divorce, a heroine who struggles to make something of herself, and a hero who wants to be more than a pretty face.

What keeps the drama moving is the way it breezes along, not really delving too deeply into any one of these things, which is both an asset and a liability. We don’t get bogged down by melodrama, but it also means that everything remains at a superficial emotional level. It entertains me, but doesn’t move me. It doesn’t have to have Will It Snow For Christmas levels of angst to be moving; just a little more heartfelt storytelling would be nice. This sort of reminds me of the Wish Upon a Star ending, [SPOILER] whose last episode included an implied suicide amidst the happy ending, and wasn’t even weighed down by it. [END SPOILER]

Where this drama doesn’t work for me is all the extraneous side plots. I don’t particularly care about Shi-joon’s and Jung-ah’s marital problems, or Shi-joon’s possible romantic interest in Kae-hwa. Or producer Eom’s ongoing rivalry with The Show Company, or his business dealings with Kae-hwa’s ex-husband. Or anything with Yura.

The only time the drama sparks for me is when Kae-hwa and Min-woo interact, and when the story involves the two little girls. That leaves a pretty big chunk of the drama that I don’t care for, and hence my wildly fluctuating interest levels within each episode.


59 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Pully

    The drama is winding me down. It has all the cliche’ in the books.

  2. jandoe

    it does sound like Wish Upon A Star, where the only thing that mattered (to me anyway) was ONE plot point. i’m just following your recap for this show though. so far from the recaps this relationship is cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Avy

    I like this drama….by itself…. but watching it along side with Cinderella’s Sister makes it a poor comparison.

    I think I will save it for a later time.

  4. estel

    I find it hilarious how Min-woo is so stuck on Kae-hwa, while we can tell she’s got five million other (possibly more important?) things on her mind. I like the friendship and the empathy I see developing between them, though I am getting a little bit tired of the “overheard” trope — is it just me, or are the writers overusing that method of evoking sympathy in their characters? I’ll be interested to see how they turn this into a more romantic dynamic, since right now it feels much more like Kae-hwa is taking on a motherly or at least noona-ly role instead of a potentially romantic-interest one.

  5. sl

    I completely agree with you, javabeans.
    Whenever Minwoo and Kaehwa are in a scene together, I pay closer attention. I feel obligated to watch the rest of the things, and I do have my opinions on all the other characters (Jung-ah is pretty ridiculous, and while I hate Yura bc she holds some power over Minwoo, I really don’t feel like she’s that much of an obstacle.. thank god), but I don’t really care.

    I love seeing MInwoo’s face when he’s with Kae-hwa. I think its my favorite thing for sure, maybe even more so than choco abs.

    But both ways, I definitely will continue with this, if only for Chae Rim and Choi Siwon.

  6. all4movies

    Yes, I totally agree with you about only being interested in Min Woo and Kae Hwa. Don’t you love fast forward buttons?

    Since I tend to avoid melodrama and angst because I get enough of that at work, light and fluffy works for me.

  7. Icarusfalls

    I have to agree with your assessment of the show.. I keep getting bored of the second leads and tertiary character’s story which never happens with most kdramas. The only time I am a enrossed in the story is when the 2 leads interact.. even just 1 out of 2 is drab. Still this is one light piece of fluff that I am going to enjoy to the fullest just because I know it will have a feel good story.

  8. skye

    anyone who cheats on their spouse and when get caught, acts like they’re the victim and making their spouse feel like they’re the one in the wrong is a villain to me. i can’t stand people like that. if you have the guts to do bad, at least be man enough to admit it.

  9. Jasmin

    I’m trying to stick it out with this drama just to see Min-woo’s transformation from a spoiled actor to someone whose capable of falling for a regular ajumma and taking responsibility for his daughter. Min-woo’s character really reminds me of Rain’s character in Full House. Although, you really got tired of is erratic moods and behavior you knew at the end of the series he would change and that’sultimately what I’m looking forward to.

  10. 10 JO


  11. 11 Quinze

    Definitely agree about the Min Woo and Kae Hwa plot being the only thing worth watching so far. Shi Joon so far is the equivalent of a block of wood and I barely see him doing anything. I don’t sympathize with his wife either so that aspect’s just a waste.I guess Yura’s interesting only in the sense that it’s cathartic to hate on her seeing as though that’s her primary purpose here.

    I AM looking forward to more Ye Eun scenes with Min Woo so let’s hope they get on with that. I mean that WAS the main draw with WUAS: cute kids. So why wouldn’t it work here right?

    I feel like such a flake since just last week I was loving this drama and was so on board and now I’d much rather save it for a rainy day when I need the cuteness. :\

  12. 12 celestialorigin

    JB, Thanks for the timely recap as usually. and you are so right on. I feels the same way. Especially, this Ep.7. was not exactly happening. Still, it provides me a nice break from my heavy duty workloads. No need to think here!

  13. 13 Sorcy79au

    I like it for what it is. A light-hearted rom-com. I needed something light after watching Chuno (which was fantastic but VERY angsty).

    Thumbs up from me!

    Great recap, though. As always ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. 14 Kate

    I really like this drama. it is light and heart warming at the same time and it is so good to see Chae Rim back.

  15. 15 hjkomo

    Mmm…Cabana Boy… ๐Ÿ˜€
    The drama’s nothing spectacular, but I am enjoying watching CSW’s expressions.

    “thoroughly Annoying Korean Guy Thing To Do โ€” you know how to eat your own damn fruit, donโ€™t you?”
    It’s also a thoroughly annoying thing for a non-Korean guy to do when he knows about the TAKGTTD and does it specifically to mock you. *rolling eyes*

  16. 16 linz

    I think you’re pretty much right about this drama…but for some reason I’m kind of addicted to it haha. Maybe it’s because my brain is totally dead due to my finals coming up; I guess I just like not having to think! Thanks for recapping ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. 17 Deborah

    That’s exactly how I feel, I find myself skipping over all the other side-plots (they seem to be growing in their screen time substantially – so really, I don’t have much to watch in the end). I’m mainly sticking around for Min-Woo/Kae-Hwa interactions as well, because they are still very cute – but I wonder how the whole stage show is going to end up? They are already half-way in the drama and they seem to be stuck on the dilemma of fees and not really on how Min-Woo is developing in his acting. ๐Ÿ˜

  18. 18 MeeWiee

    I am waiting the next recap ^_^P

  19. 19 tamu

    thank you JB…

    it’s light and entertaining… CR&CSW … just make my day…

  20. 20 firewife

    @4 estel

    Nope..it’s not just you. I’m thinking the same thing too! We get even more of it in episode 8. This apparently is the writer’s preferred method of developing empathy between two characters. Need so&so to gain a little insight into what’s-her-tootsie? No problem..just have them overhear a conversation. Preferably a phone conversation if it involves Kae Hwa! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I am enjoying this drama, but for me also, it’s all about Min Woo, Kae Hwa, and the two little girls. Everyone else is just filler.
    I am ready to see some plausible romantic developments though, since we’re now near the halfway point of this drama. I find myself feeling bad for Kae Hwa sometimes when it comes to the romance department. So far her only options are the unhappily, but still MARRIED, Shi-joon; and the cute, but immature and spoiled Min Woo. I know we’ll see Min Woo grow up as things move along and he’ll end up being a keeper, but didn’t she already go the immature and spoiled route with the ex-husband? Right now girlfriend doesn’t have much to choose from. No wonder she doesn’t seem to be too strongly attracted to either of them yet!

  21. 21 poo

    dis drama is so typical, nthg new…same old story with same old plots, same old love triangles…but i still love it and totally njoi it…i dunno y ^_^

  22. 22 danni

    Yeah, nothing is really compelling unless Chae Rim and Min Woo are on screen together or Min Ji or Ye Eun are on. It’s kind of sad really, but there’s really nothing to make me care about anything else going on. I can zone out for a while and then tune back in and not have missed much. I don’t think Oh!My Lady is supposed to be a show that really grabs you in a deep, emotional way and if it is, it’s not really succeeding. I guess if you just half-watch it, it’ll keep you entertained.

  23. 23 Marianna G.

    I’ve noticed that I’ve really stopped expecting to find anything deep in Kdramas. I just run to them for a good laugh the majority of the time.

  24. 24 firewife

    @ 13 Sorcy79au

    “I needed something light after watching Chuno ”

    Me too! That’s exactly why I started watching this and Prosecutor Princess, and Personal Taste. Bring on the light and fluffy rom-com. Their the perfect Rx for my Chuno hangover.

    I’m gonna rewatch it with my husband, (for the action scenes he says), since he hasn’t seen it yet, but it’s going to have to wait until my poor battered heart recovers.

  25. 25 bee

    Thanks for the recap. ๐Ÿ™‚

    About the “unable to fend off a reporter” by Min-woo… I think it’s very much in chracter. Min-woo’s great at being ugly at everyone as long as he’s in control of the situation (either because the other party depends on him or he can book on his star status), but the moment MW meets serious opposition, he either balks and runs away or he lets others handle his problem, amounting to the same result. He still has to carve himself as a person being able to stand up for his own problems.
    That reporter dude hd all the advantages in the situation – he sneaked in unnoticed, got very close (that area is supposed to be safe country, and him showing up there’s like your boss suddenly appearing in your kitchen at home having a look at how clean it is, while you try cooking a meal), and on top of that, when MW opens his eyes, that guy is within such a close physical proximity almost touching his face (my first thought was that MW’s first thought was perhaps into the direction that the reporter dude wanted to kiss him or something – wouldn’t surprise me, considering the way MW’s compensating for his kiss with KW ;))…

  26. 26 eiko

    It’s not academy award material….but it makes me laugh and it makes me smile and it’s one of those really mellow sorta drama you can’t put away! You gotta admit that Choi Si-won is perfect in this role! he has an expressive face and those eyes….darn those eyes!

    There’s nothing to analyze….it’s like going to the amusement park and having a good time! And that is soooooo much fun!

    Keep going with the flow JB!

  27. 27 lovin it

    same here.. no interest in the yoonshijoon parts. just when kaehwa and minwoo interact.. and the two cute girls ๐Ÿ™‚ siwonnnn ๐Ÿ™‚ and if only kaehwa can change her hairstyle..

  28. 28 mimi

    It does remind me of Wish Upon a Star, too. And that’s why I’m really loving it! I actually look more forward to this drama than Cinderella’s Sister (annoying spoiled little sister is spoiling it for me) and Personal Taste (this comes in 2nd place for me).
    It’s light, funny, and an added bonus – we sometimes get to hear Min-Woo sing or dance.

  29. 29 Ladymoonstone143

    Thanks Javabeans. I love this drama because it is just light and will make me smile. I shed so much tears in Chuno that I needed this. I love the lead actors and they have chemistry on screen which is very important. Thanks again…

  30. 30 giddygirl108

    I totally feel ya on hankering for a deeper, emotional connection. At least we have Cinderella’s Sister for this want, right?

  31. 31 Pinkdrama

    I am seeing this Drama because its not to Angsty and its fun, but I have to admit I like Personal Taste better. Helps that Lee Min Ho is there!!!!!!

  32. 32 Porcelain

    Thanks for the recap JB…

    Its not heavy or deep but I like it the way it is… or mostly I am just a diehard Siwon/SJ fan… I guess not having much expectation is what is making it sweeter for me now…

    I can do without
    – Yura, man…I hate her character… I am a bit upset that Minwoo doesn’t stands up for Gae Hwa when Yura scolded her about the spoiled soup… I mean he bought a cake for her later but its more like an afterthought… And earlier the kimbab incident when he knew those were made by Gae Hwa and not Yura… Seriously I want Min Woo to do the chasing and Gae Hwa to do the deciding on the 2 guys… and I want them to acknowledge the feeling… and fall in love…
    *Ever since I saw the drama poster, I knew it is going to take on a mischevious feeling of love between the couple… I want that to come soon!

    I can do with more
    – Daddy & bb interaction please… Mummy & daughter is also fine…
    – As much as I am not interested between Shi Joon and Jung Ah couple, I want them to fight it out, not slow boiling it… coz its so burdensome!
    -And of coz Min Woo and Gae Hwa… I know Min Woo character is spoilt but man-boy needs to learn how to pick up after himself, how is pouring coffee and cutting fruits for himself as a start… but man… Siwon is so cute when he does those puppy eyes…

    It is me or this drama is totally stalkerish and I don’t mean that sily reporter, but Shi Joon and Min Woo is always eavesdropping on Gae Hwa… like whoah totally creepy there… like so many incidents I can count…

    JB, I am just so glad you are not dropping of the recap yet…

  33. 33 Kelela

    I totally understand this recap. I actually adore this little show and it is a welcome break from the more fleshed out dramas right now.

  34. 34 K-star

    Thanks for the recap JB! ๐Ÿ™‚
    sigh* since i’m also following cinderella’s sister, inevitably i keep comparing this drama to it, and the contrast is ……, well lets just say that i could only watch this drama if i detached my mind from the glaring flaws and superficial characters, story, etc. ๐Ÿ™ its fun but thats about it ^^
    sadly after watching this ep, i don’t feel the urge to continue watching it ๐Ÿ™ but i’ll keep reading the recaps ^^

  35. 35 Kerstin

    I so love this show – but only for Kae Hwa and Min woo and the kids….I’m pretty annoyed by Yuna and can’t wait to get rid of this character…in some ways it reminds me of stars falling from the sky which isn’t a bad sign – because I loved that drama to death…anyway I wanted to thank you for the recaps Javabeans!!! I really appreciate them. Your recaps always make my days!!!

  36. 36 Ashley

    I love to read you recap. I couldn’t agree more with you about those extraneous side plots. I would love to see more interaction between super star and ajumma.

  37. 37 Jane

    I think most everyone agrees that we are just waiting for more Min Woo and Kae Hwa interactions and… of course, those two cute girls!
    @4: They really are overdoing the “overheard” thing…. everything is so coincidental in drama world.

    I’m still waiting for Min Woo to mature and become more of a fatherly figure to Ye Eun. Of course, also the development of relationship between Min Woo and Kae Hwa. I don’t really care about the other characters. This drama definitely lifts my mood and Choi Siwon and his expressions are perfect for this role.

  38. 38 Anon

    Right on spot. Only love the scenes where either, and especially together, Chae Rim, Si-won and the 2 kids are onscreen. Their interactions are sooo adorable.

    I like the fact that Min-woo is getting aware of Gae-hwa already.He’s more affected than Gae-hwa. lol. Loved the kiss-not-that-great scene. Gae-hwa is one of the most adorable Kdrama heroines these days.

    I really hope for Gae-hwa to become a professional and succeed in her career and show his ex-husband that she’s doing really great! Her success will be a sweet revenge. I want to see Min-woo as an actor though. I want to see his bad acting again and then show that he’s improving. And maturing as a good father to Ye-eun.

    And yes, the “overheard” is getting ridiculous. And Gae-hwa is also always in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  39. 39 Jewels

    I totally love this show. It’s very light and airy. I smile from the beginning till the end. I look forward to it every week.

  40. 40 Larissa

    I’m really liking this show, mostly because I need to watch something really light and fun right about now. It’s also the only drama I’m watching at the moment. I’m saving Personal Taste and Cinderella’s Sister for later when most of the episodes and subs have come out.

    I agree that the show is at it’s best when Kae-Hwa and Min-Woo are together or the kids make an appearance. I don’t hate any of the others and mostly they’re okay, but not very encaging.

  41. 41 Law

    I totally agree with this sentence of yours:
    ” I donโ€™t particularly care about Shi-joonโ€™s and Jung-ahโ€™s marital problems, or Shi-joonโ€™s possible romantic interest in Kae-hwa. Or producer Eomโ€™s ongoing rivalry with The Show Company, or his business dealings with Kae-hwaโ€™s ex-husband. Or anything with Yura.
    The only time the drama sparks for me is when Kae-hwa and Min-woo interact, and when the story involves the two little girls. ”

    That’s exactly what I think (and what I care) about the drama.
    I know this isn’t enough to make a drama a good drama, but, anyway, I’m becoming quite addicted to it, waiting for the cute scenes between MW and KH. ๐Ÿ™‚
    And I’m looking forward to watching Ye Eun speaking and, above all, receiving love from the father! *_*

  42. 42 bjharm

    I have no worries of clichรฉ as i have said before Nothing is new and those drama that try to pretend otherwise are lying to themselves and to its viewers. At the very best and that is doubtful they may add a variation on a theme but not much else.
    So that part of thing do not bother me in the lest. In a way its is like reading a book you have read before..comforting and easy to get into.
    The relationship with Min-woo and pretty doll in very much like that from attic kat, when ever she turns up Min-woo brain stops working and he follows her like a lost puppy. In saying that the second male lead…’the old boring guy”..as so many call him, was also in attic cat, same boring dry charterer but a needed foil in these types of dramas, but what gets me..is he is playing a boring old guy, unable to show emotions…the actor must be aware of the type of roles he played before..so really it very brave of him I feel to act out that role in the manner he is..of course he a senior acting..so maybe he just enjoying poking fun at all he previous roles.

  43. 43 Anya

    It’s true this show has every cliche known to man, but like most of the others here, I’m watching it to escape from the stress of The Finals. It’s light and fluffy and MW and CR do elicit a few laughs. CSW is quite a good actor, he really holds up the fort, and he’s way better than that wooden second lead, who, if I’m not mistaken, is a more experienced actor.
    I love YKH. She’s so adorable and winsome, and I love how MW seems more flustered by their kiss than she is. Go YKH!
    I agree with everyone who wants more of Ye-eun and Min Ji. I mean, that’s the main reason why I started watching the drama in the first place, I love anything with kids in it.
    I watched a bit of Cinderella’s Sister and loved it, but am saving it for later, till my exams are over. I usually cannot watch angsty dramas during stressful periods where I’m already irritable and moody, and did I mention stressed? Haha.

  44. 44 reluctantbutaddicted

    Thanks! I’m so glad you are continuing the recaps for this series.

    I agree, it’s light. But I like it. I do ff through a few of the scenes where the leads aren’t together. It’s definitely the Min Woo-Kae Hwa interactions which make the show enjoyable.

    “Annoying Korean Guy Thing To Do” — hilarious!

  45. 45 Moe

    I love this drama!! Is Funny!!
    I laught a lot with Siwon faces ..^^ and Chae rim is so cute!

  46. 46 neliq

    Thanks, JB!!!

    I like this drama precisely because is light and fluffy and it makes you feel good when you see the interactions of Min Woo-Kae Hwa. The Min Woo character is so adorable you want to reach out and squeeze him! Eye candy to the max!!

  47. 47 maldita

    Well, my primary reason for watching this drama is Siwon, so the fact that it doesn’t suck is already fine by me. There’s nothing really groundbreaking with the show, but it is cute and entertaining. The two lead actors do a really good job. I mean, Chae Rim is a given, but Siwon, I think, surprised everyone. He’s doing a better job than anyone expected from an “idol” actor. It doesn’t hurt too, that the guy is total eye candy, and his facial expressions are golden. Siwon’s finally getting to put his overly expressive (but gorgeous) face to good use. The little girls are freaking cute, too.

    I wish they do cut down on some of the peripheral storylines and just focus on the main actors and the cute kiddies. And I’m just waiting for Minwoo to start being an awesome daddy to Ye Eun. He’s getting there, anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. 48 mmmaggie

    I find myself comparing this drama to Personal Taste a lot and surprisingly, Oh My Lady wins out. I agree with all the comments about any scene not involving Min Woo, Kae Hwa or Ye Eun being rather superfluous, but at least it moves quickly and is a nice, pretty package. I *so* wanted to love Personal Taste, but despite the leads, it feels flat at times and clumsily edited. This episode of Oh My Lady was rather slow, but it sets up some “AWWWW” scenes for Episode 8.

  49. 49 Carinne

    I love ahjumma’s retort in regards to that lustful first kiss with MinWoo. A kiss really ain’t all that when your drunk.

    I’m starting to get tired of ahjumma’s crying scenes. I was more moved by the song insert than the actresses’ tears to tell you the truth.

    I think I’m shifting my patronism to this show for YeEun’s and MinWoo’s sake, than KaeHwa’s and MinWoo’s outcome.

  50. 50 LeMonS

    Is it horrible of me that I am distracted by Kae Hwa’s hair. I get that she is supposed to be an ahjumma. I get it.

    Does that mean she NEVER runs her fingers through her hair? Is her hair not allowed to move at ALL during the day? When does she find time in her busy schedule to construct that?

    It is seriously distracting.

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