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Personal Taste: Episode 8
by | April 26, 2010 | 161 Comments

What a difference a week makes. Everyone comes flying out of the closet, and the ensuing angst isn’t even the half of it. The comedy, the sincerity, the confluence of events—all hit a high this week as our characters discover that their hearts are doing things separate from their minds. In this episode, entitled “Kae-in’s Revenge,” exes pop out of the woodwork and fuel the story forward in unexpected ways, leading our couple closer together…and further apart.


Jin-ho continues driving like a madman down the streets of Seoul, and I can’t even focus on the angst because I’m like “Stop the car! Boy, I will reach right in there and MAKE you stop!” Crazy driving makes me anxious. People end up in comas and forget who they loved only to discover it the day their soulmate is standing at the altar with someone else…oh, I’m getting carried away. Are you at least wearing your seatbelt?!

Back with Kae-in’s B-side and ultimate smack-a-thon with Chang-ryul, he tells her to stop feeling sorry for Jin-ho because he’s just a low-down scumbag who’s using Do-bin’s sexual orientation to manipulate his way into getting the Dahm project. In-hee of course is witnessing all this and stows that tidbit away for her future wily plans. Kae-in spits back that there’s no way Jin-ho would do that; he’s not the kind of person to use and abuse, unlike YOU, Han Chang-ryul. Nice. She defends Jin-ho’s honor, saying that she truly knows him.

Kae-in leaves Jin-ho a voicemail, telling him not to drive in that mood, and to just pull over and take a deep breath. Thankfully he listens and pulls over by the river. But it turns out he’s got other things to ponder, as today is also the anniversary of his father’s death. He goes home, where Mom, Hye-mi, and Sang-jun are preparing the table.

Sang-jun comes into Jin-ho’s room, commenting on Jin-ho’s perfect penmanship, saying that Jin-ho should consider himself lucky that Sang-jun stays by his side, since he’s the type to be singled out and rejected by other men (he means this in a juvenile, schoolyard way). But when Jin-ho doesn’t respond right away, he squeaks: “Are you mad at me?” Haha.

Sang-jun wonders if something happened with the Dahm project, and starts sniffing around (literally), saying that he smells something fishy. And who could resist eau de Min-ho? Hye-mi catches him mid-sniff, and points out how weird this looks. She asks, “Do you like men, Sang-jun oppa?” Jin-ho’s like, what’s the deal with all the gay in my life right now?

Hye-mi gets called out by Mom, and Sang-jun turns to Jin-ho: “Do you think…could it be that I’m really in love with you? If that clueless girl Hye-mi noticed something, then maybe…I’m in love with you?” YES! Yes, that’s what I’ve been saying all along!

Jin-ho doesn’t even bat an eyelash: “Get out.” Sang-jun: “Oooh, jagi, you’re being so cold right now it’s sexy.” AHAHAHAHA! You are SO in love with him!

But Jin-ho’s not in the mood for jokes: “I said get out.” Sang-jun gives a playful “okay,” giving up the games, and shouts out at Mom for a blind date set-up. Omona, I love this guy. Jin-ho is just infinitely better because he’s best friends with this guy; that’s how awesome he is.

Jin-ho honors his father, and I’m sure he’s wondering if his actions of late are letting his father down, but in my book, that courageous outing—out of compassion and sensitivity—makes him the best kind of man. Well, initial lie to Kae-in notwithstanding. But that was a misunderstanding that snowballed into lunacy, and it’s sort of too late to be straight with her. Heh…heh, heh. Come on, you have to let me have ONE pun. I’ve been such a good girl!

Back at home, Kae-in debriefs Young-sun on the events of the day, and Young-sun agrees that Jin-ho was very brave. Kae-in adds that she also slapped Chang-ryul. Young-sun, mouth agape, asks how on earth she had the balls to do that, all of a sudden. Kae-in says she doesn’t even know what came over her, but when Chang-ryul called Jin-ho “dirty,” her hand just came up out of nowhere. Young-sun wonders if maybe Kae-in’s got some other feelings towards Jin-ho, since this is such an uncharacteristically bold thing for her to do. Kae-in insists (a little too much) that it’s just friendship, nothing more.

Jin-ho and Sang-jun are out for a drink, and Sang-jun notices that something’s wrong with Jin-ho. Was it the telltale kdrama sign of angst: pounding soju? Jin-ho wonders why life is so hard, as he silently drinks, and thinks back to Do-bin and Kae-in’s reactions to his coming out.

He comes home, where Kae-in is up waiting for him. She timidly asks why he went to such lengths, outing himself that afternoon. Jin-ho replies that when Chang-ryul asked him if he was using Do-bin, in that moment he could see Do-bin’s face. “Those eyes…looked so sad. I couldn’t not say it wasn’t true.”

But he wonders aloud, “Could that have been it? What if it was my competitive streak with Chang-ryul? Or maybe, I really was using Director Choi.” Kae-in is quick to prove him wrong. Jin-ho asks why she’s so firmly on his side. Kae-in: “Because we’re friends. Friends are supposed to take your side no matter what.” Jin-ho smiles, and points out that she’s always getting hurt that way. Kae-in scoffs that she’d never be hurt by Jin-ho. That makes him feel guilty enough to start confessing: “Actually, I…” But she cuts him off. No! Why must you interrupt the man when he’s about to confess his un-gay-ness for you! Why?

She goes back into her workshop, and Jin-ho follows, offering his help. They banter back and forth about work, and Jin-ho offers to buy up all her furniture if he does well, but Kae-in is quick to veto that. She’s got her pride as an artist—it’s the one thing that’s kept her going all these years, and it’s clear that Jin-ho’s impressed by this aspect of Kae-in’s otherwise doormatty personality.

He goads her, “Do you even know what pride is?” At that, she reaches slyly over to her chainsaw, making Jin-ho jump back and cry out for her to put it back down. HAHA. Jin-ho reacts like a little girl who’s seen a mouse: “When I moved in I almost died of a heart attack from that thing! Put it down!” Kae-in picks it up and moves closer: “How’s my pride, now?” Jin-ho finally concedes, with a thumbs up: “It’s the best.” Oh my god, how much more do I love their interactions when there’s heavy machinery involved? I’d love to see her wield a nail gun to make him do the dishes.

The next morning, they’re off in Jin-ho’s car, and Kae-in has done her version of looking nice, wearing a cute bowler hat and some lipstick. She adorably points it out to Jin-ho, seeking his approval, but he’s like, isn’t it because you didn’t wash your hair? Heh. She concedes. He drops her off at her bus, where she runs to barely catch it, being her usual bumbling self. But this time instead of getting exasperated, it makes Jin-ho smile as he watches her.

She gets on the bus and opens the window, leaning out just to wave at Jin-ho as he drives by, and the smile that breaks across his face…I can only describe that as pure unadulterated joy. I don’t know if it’s just because he’s been such a stiff serious fellow until now that the contrast is so stark, but his smile just makes me involuntarily grin from ear to ear, clutching my cheeks from smile ouchies.

When Kae-in goes to work, Chang-ryul is lying in wait, and wants to have a word. Instead of kicking him in the groin, like she ought, she goes to have coffee with him. When she’s short and snide with him, he has the nerve to wonder why she wasn’t like that when they were together—he would’ve grown less tired of her, see. Oh, is THAT what you dragged me here to say, jackass?…is what I want her to say. But she listens for a while as he tells her he wants to get back together. He’s sorry, he’s regretful, he’s hurting, blah, blah. Listen, buddy…you blew your shot the day you walked the queen of the vampires down the aisle. But you’re free to grovel anytime.

At Jin-ho’s office, they find out that MS Group has changed the prerequisites for the Dahm designers, and celebrate the news. Jin-ho feels guilty, but doesn’t betray why he’s in no mood to celebrate. The Hans over at Mirae also hear the news, and get very upset, and I’m thinking, what’s the big deal? If you’re such a big architecture firm, can’t you just use your big resources and make a good design? I know they’re the “bad guys,” but I hate one-dimensional villains more than anything. I mean, this is just the qualifying round. If you’re such stiff competition, let’s see it in the work, people.

But then, the real villainy begins. Chang-ryul meets with a private investigator, and assigns him to do a background check on Jin-ho. Private life, the gay, everything. Okay, that’s more like it. Bring it on, dirtbag!

In another coffee shop, Young-sun has just told Sang-jun about Jin-ho’s coming out, and Sang-jun omo-omo-omonas all over the place. Young-sun asks if he knows about Jin-ho’s relationship with Do-bin, causing Sang-jun’s eyes to roll into the back of his head.

And when he reacts badly, she adds that he can’t be mad since he’s been two-timing with Tae-hoon anyway. Kae-in told her about the two of them wearing couple-tees (HA!) and being lovey dovey with each other. Sang-jun is on gay overload from all the news, and even the way he hangs his head down is funny.

Young-sun asks if Sang-jun cheated on Jin-ho first, and Sang-jun’s “Omo, what are you talking about?” seems more like a declaration that he would never cheat on his Jin-ho. Heh. Young-sun muses that relationships between men and women are hard, but perhaps the ones between men are even more complicated. Oh, you haven’t even uncovered the first layer of complicated in gaydom, sister. There’s levels and sublevels, and branches with words you’ve never even heard of. He’s so agitated that when he gets up to leave, he walks right into the glass wall of the coffee shop, making me die of laughter. That sight gag’s a classic for a reason.

Sang-jun rushes back to the office to ask Jin-ho how he could have outted himself in front of Director Choi and Chang-ryul. Jin-ho asks how on earth he found out about that, and Sang-jun says that “Young-sun unni” told him. Jin-ho, no matter how gay-sensitive, is not cool with the male appropriation of the word “unni,” heh, so he puts a stop to that. He heads out to meet with Do-bin, and Sang-jun asks, “To go out on a date?” Jin-ho looks back at him like, dude, seriously? And Sang-jun looks back all, what?

Jin-ho leaves, and Sang-jun tries to convince him that re-outing himself as straight now will only make the situation worse; maybe they should use the opportunity as a gift from heaven and work hard on the project, righting wrongs later. But Jin-ho doesn’t see it that way, which is why he’s the hero, right?

He meets with Do-bin, and thanks him for creating the opportunity for him with such good feelings. (Note that he calls Do-bin’s feelings for him “good” as opposed to Chang-ryul’s very pointed use of the word “dirty” in reference to those same feelings.) Jin-ho: “But…I can’t return those feelings to you.” Do-bin closes his eyes, not wishing to betray his heartbreak.

Jin-ho says that he knows it’ll seem like he used Director Choi, but he wanted to be honest now, rather than use his feelings. It’s the best thing he can say under these circumstances, but I would really rather him just fess up to being straight, since what’s one more confession to add once you’re already breaking his heart, one way or another?

Do-bin reacts very graciously, asking if Jin-ho’s trying to make him out to be the bad guy. He didn’t make the opportunity for Jin-ho’s firm because of his feelings; he simply wants Jin-ho to do his best for the Dahm project. But his eyes betray tears and a wounded heart. He’s not ready to take Jin-ho’s rejection at face value, and offers a fishing trip. The hope in his eyes kills me. Jin-ho tells him that he’ll repay the kindness by putting his all into the project, and leaves. Methinks this conversation is not over, and Jin-ho will be making me cry if he breaks Do-bin’s heart any further.

In-hee catches Jin-ho on his way out, and asks him to buy her dinner to thank her, and am I the only one who’s thinking, who asks for someone to buy them a thank-you dinner? If you have to ask someone for a thank-you dinner, chances are, they’re not thankful anymore! Anyway, Jin-ho finally takes her out to dinner, if only to shut her up, and In-hee tells him about Kae-in’s slap the other day, wondering if maybe Kae-in has other feelings for Jin-ho. Okay, nosey noserson. Jin-ho’s clearly not interested in what she has to say, either, because the entire time, he’s doing this:

She adds that when she started to work for Director Choi, she had entertained aspirations of becoming Mrs. Choi and the heir to MS Group (well why don’t you just tattoo “Golddigger” on your forehead, then?), but she never felt that Do-bin was a “man,” the way that she keeps feeling toward Jin-ho. Jin-ho, annoyed, asks why he has to talk about this, and gets up to leave. In-hee lays on one last thing: “What made him move into Sang-go-jae? Must have just been coincidence, right?” Oh, you bug-eyed twit! Jin-ho doesn’t answer and leaves. In-hee smirks, making me want to slam that plate of food in her face.

Speaking of characters who make me want to do petty things, Chang-ryul’s father lies in wait for Kae-in to come home, then takes the time to tell her things…that shouldn’t be said. I mean, even from his perspective, these are stupid things to say. He tells her that he’s sorry for what Chang-ryul did, and that if they had known who’s daughter she was, they never would have treated her that way. Er, what now? Is there someone on this planet to whom that speech would give the warm fuzzies? I don’t get you, scarface. An actually effective evildoer would ply her with compliments about her person, not her birthright, revealing the truth of your evil ways. Dumbass. Kae-in responds like anyone would—in abject horror.

She goes home, huffing and puffing in disbelief, and then Young-sun comes over to send her over the edge: someone has bought all of Kae-in’s furniture off of Young-sun’s website, and the buyer? Han Chang-ryul. Kae-in can feel herself going stark raving mad under the surface.

Jin-ho comes home to the sound of chopping wood, and rushes over to find Kae-in bleeding all over her workshop. He rushes over to help her, but she goes straight to the bathroom to run her bleeding hand under water. He knows something’s wrong, and says, “You know people have a funny habit of hurting themselves when they’re angry.” Kae-in: “Because I’m stupid. They all think that I’m so easy.”

The next day she meets with Chang-ryul and coldly asks why he bought all her chairs. He says that he was trying to contact Young-sun (to try the friend angle) and saw the chairs, so he bought them because they’re important to her, adding that he’s going to donate them because he wants to be like her. Kae-in looks like she might be softening a little bit, and then she asks if he really wants to start over with her. Chang-ryul beams in surprise.

Back at home, Kae-in does a head-stand to help her think better, and when that doesn’t work, she goes for a run. Jin-ho sweetly stands watch over her as she does all this, finally stopping her to ask what on earth is going on. She just looks up at him with determination and says, “I’m going to get my revenge!”

On their way back home, Jin-ho tells her she’s not cut out for vengeance, and Kae-in insists that she can do it. Jin-ho tries to convince her by telling her about his mom, the person he loves most in this world. Aw. He says that Mom wants to get her revenge as well, but she’ll never be able to, because she’s too sensitive—the second she lays eyes on her opponent, tears come flowing first. Jin-ho: “Do you know why I became friends with you in the first place? Because you are exactly like my mom. That means you’ll never be able to get your revenge.” It’s sweet and actually a compliment, but it’s not what Kae-in wants to hear right now.

She bangs her head against Jin-ho’s back in frustration. It’s so cute that Jin-ho is constantly this giant wall that she’s running into and hanging off of in comical ways. Back at home Kae-in gets sworn in as Lady Vengeance, under the tutelage of Teacher Jin-ho. Jin-ho asks her again if she really feels the need to do this; he’d rather her just move on. Kae-in: “What about an eye for an eye, a nose for a nose?” Jin-ho: “It’s eye for an eye…and a tooth for a tooth.” Heh, well you said she’d be bad at revenge.

They stand in the bathroom, and Kae-in looks at herself in the mirror, about to say something, then losing her nerve. She insists she can’t do it, but Jin-ho teases her: “You don’t want revenge, do you? With confidence, now!” Kae-in looks timidly at herself in the mirror, and says: “I am pretty.” HA. Jin-ho’s teaching her to say self-affirming things in the mirror!

It’s simultaneously cute, funny, embarrassing, and empowering—because what woman doesn’t deserve a friend who will teach her to do this? But man, is it hard to do. Kae-in hilariously tries out statements like “You’re sexy!” and “You are perfect,” all the while with Jin-ho smiling to himself at her utter adorableness. Hands down the cutest scene of the episode.

The next day she’s ready for her final test—they go on that date that Jin-ho proposed in the last episode. Kae-in comes out all dolled up, making Jin-ho’s face go gaga. Such a sucker for that moment. Such a cliché, but oh so satisfying.

She walks over to the car, but he stops her, opening her door for her, saying, “Get in, princess.” Kae-in tells him to stop grossing her out with the sweet talk (heh) but he reminds her that a woman who values herself gets treated well. So he tries it again: “Get in, princess.” And she responds royally, making him laugh.

They go to the movies, and Jin-ho asks her what she wants to see. As per usual, Kae-in defers the choice to him, but Jin-ho teaches her to assert her opinions. Jin-ho suggests an action-adventure. Kae-in: “Don’t be ridiculous! We will watch a romantic comedy!” Haha. She’s learning!

But the fun gets interrupted by Yoon Eun-hye’s cameo appearance. She’s Eun-soo, Jin-ho’s ex, and although they never say as much in front of Kae-in, she can pick up on the more-than-friends vibe. She asks if Kae-in is Jin-ho’s girlfriend, which he denies, but then Kae-in says, “then what am I, your boyfriend?” speaking of course platonically, not knowing the context.

The three of them go on a really awkward coffee date, where Eun-soo asks how they met. Kae-in starts to tell her of the encounter involving butts…but Jin-ho shoves her drink in her mouth, shutting her up out of embarrassment. Eun-soo and Jin-ho reminisce a little about their college days and all the time they spent studying in the library, and then Eun-soo gets up to leave. There’s a quick nod to Coffee Prince on a close-up of the mug (they are at a Coffee Prince shop) and overall Yoon’s cameo is nicely understated and not fourth-wall-collapsing.

Jin-ho walks her outside, and she asks if he ever regrets not stopping her from going abroad. He just says he’s sorry. Eun-soo says that she wants to have someone to watch movies with before she runs into Jin-ho again, say in ten years. It’s a nice sentiment and of course well-acted, that implies that she knows he’s moved on, and she will too. She adds that Kae-in seems like a good person, and walks away.

Kae-in comes out, and tells Jin-ho that he and Eun-soo seem like exes. He replies, “Apart from being a man or a woman, she’s the person who bewitched me most. She was a kindred spirit to me.” Kae-in: “I want to be like her. Someone you consider a kindred spirit.”

Later they sit outside, overlooking the city, and Jin-ho surprises Kae-in with a confession: “I like you. I always end up laughing because of you.” Kae-in is totally confused because he seems so sincere, but it turns out he’s teaching her another one of his “lessons.” Really? I’m pretty sure you don’t know the difference between reality and “lessons” anymore, pal. Stop tugging a girl’s heartstrings!

Jin-ho flashes back to when he really confessed his feelings for Eun-soo, asking her if she wanted to stop being friends. It’s adorable and it helps to flesh out Jin-ho’s character too, knowing that he has this past love and loss in his life, and is not a total workaholic who is out of touch with his heart.

They get up, but before they leave, Kae-in stops Jin-ho to write something on his back with her finger. She writes a diary entry, where she says in voiceover: “In the next, next, next life…come back to me as a man…who can love a woman.” Eeee. It’s so heartfelt, and accepting, and wistful and sad.

On the way to work the next day, Jin-ho imparts another lesson: a good sense of humor will totally reel in the men. Really? Where’s my line of dudes? Kae-in’s confident in this one: she’s got humor in spades. Jin-ho: “You slip and fall and break things…that’s slapstick, not a sense of humor.” Heh, he’s got a point. So she tells a joke, which doesn’t go over well, and then asks him to demonstrate, since he’s the teacher. But he can’t think of one right now. So she tells him to call her when he does.

Commence cuteness, with Jin-ho asking Sang-jun and Tae-hoon for jokes, and calling Kae-in all day long with new attempts to make her laugh. Meanwhile, Kae-in goes to a lumber yard to buy some materials for the playroom project. She gets a call from Chang-ryul who insists on coming to get her, and she’s cold but decides to let him dig his own grave for her sweet revenge.

Jin-ho calls her back with another joke, this time succeeding in making her laugh (with a pun, not really funny in translation), but while she’s still on the phone with him, she gets squashed by some wood beams, knocking her unconscious. Jin-ho rushes over and calls the lumber yard, where they tell him she’s been moved to the hospital.

But when he finally arrives, he’s too late. Chang-ryul is by her side…and that’s when it hits him. I know, it’s cliché that he has to see Chang-ryul there, taking care of her to know that that isn’t right—that HE should be the one at her side. But I DON’T CARE, because it makes my heart stop, the look on his face. I can’t breathe.

And then? He goes right over there, sweetly asking if Kae-in is okay, and when Chang-ryul gets in his face, he says, “I’m going to start a love with this woman, so butt out.” He pushes Chang-ryul out of the way and takes Kae-in gently by the hand, as they walk out of the hospital.

Only when he looks down at his hand, it’s empty, and she’s not there. NO! Aaaaaaack. Why art thou trying to kill me, Show?

He looks down, heart shredded, saying to himself: “You even trained her to take revenge. Why are you getting in the way, Jeon Jin-ho?” He leaves, thinking that he’s walked in on Kae-in and her white knight.

Only that couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality Kae-in isn’t letting Chang-ryul anywhere near her, physically or romantically, and won’t even let him feign concern for her (even though I do believe he’s really concerned here).

Jin-ho asks the nurse about Kae-in’s condition. She asks if he’s her guardian, which he wistfully confirms. Once he finds out that she’ll be okay, he leaves, saying to himself that this is as much as he can do for her. (Implying the larger context, for her in general, because he’s probably still planning to move out.)

Chang-ryul begs her to let him take care of her, so after a pause, she asks him where his car is, and he runs after it gleefully, telling her to wait there. And then…it ends. Whaa? Okay, that’s the weirdest ending ever. It should’ve ended with Jin-ho’s empty-hand realization. I’m going to pretend it ended there, okay Show? I think you’d rather I did that than rant about the lack of dramatic tension when you end an otherwise dramatic episode on a puzzling facial expression following unimportant minutiae about cars. Gah.

Anyway, pretending it ended where it should have, this was a rapid-fire episode filled with sparks, peppered with cuteness, and loaded with drama. I feel like with the last episode and this one, we’re finally getting the show that we’ve all been wanting Personal Taste to be, and while it shouldn’t take a show seven episodes to get there, I do love it now that we’re here.

I love that Jin-ho realizes his love, or the beginnings of love, for Kae-in in a big moment, because he’s been touting all his lessons and fancy ideas about men and women, but he’s the one who got blindsided by love. The music cues in that moment were finally spot-on, and Lee Min-ho’s performance in the last two episodes was a standout.

Kae-in’s journey is a little rougher, what with the big gay elephant in the room, but she’s got such an upbeat outlook that even her wish in her diary—that Jin-ho be reincarnated in the next lifetime as someone who could love her—is so accepting of who he is and full of love that I can’t help but want to hug her, all the time. Mostly I envy her openness, even if she’s a little on the dim side.

Now that we’re halfway through, my drama clock tells me a separation is due; I hope it’s short-lived, otherwise I’ll have to wave my chainsaw about until the cuteness resumes!


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  1. strawberryfieldsforever

    i am so, so, so happy that the recap for episode 8 is finally out! thanks, girlfriday! i’ll read the recap first, then comment again later! much love!

  2. Jasmin

    Another great recap. I have to say I had a few “i almost died” moments while watching this great episode. Lee Min-ho and Sohn Ye-jin are doing such a great job portraying their characters that I want both of them to be my best friend/roommates.

  3. La Plume

    Well I wasn’t really impressed with the first three episodes… But since you seem to be quite enthusiastic about ep 6 and 7… I guess I’ll give it another go…

  4. Lucy

    Aack! The tension and longing is killing me. This show knows how to tug at my heartstrings.

  5. Ri

    i’m not watching PT because i’m already watching CS and i really shouldn’t be watching any more dramas since it’s exam time for me but the recaps always make me smile like a silly little fangirl. first of all, lee min-ho is super hot. next, LMH and son ye-jin look like they hv AMAZING chemistry just from the screencaps alone!! i’m tempted to watch just this episode, judging from all the cute moments you recapped. Haha. BUT i must resist. I’ll start watching after my exams! 😀

  6. gbo

    yes, now it’s become the show i’ve been wanting it to be, loved the last two eps! thanks for the recaps!! =)

  7. bippa

    yeah the ending was weird

    I can only imagine that ep 9 will begin with Jin-ho really going back to claim Kae-in
    while Chang-ryul gets his car

    mabye not quite like that
    but she’ll somehow bump into Jin-ho before leaving the hospital

  8. estel

    Is it wrong that I spend half the show drooling over Lee Minho? Seriously, it should be illegal for a man to look that good in a suit. And every time he slings that really awesome bag of his over his shoulder I just swoon.

    I agree with you, girlfriday, about the totally awkward timing of the ending — what were they thinking? Very strange. On the other hand, I’m almost willing to let it slide for the realization Jin-ho had about his TRUE LOVE for Kae-in. I’m such a sucker for those moments. ~fangirly sigh~ And I have to applaud the writers for dealing the the Eun-soo character delicately and succinctly. There’s nothing worse than a clingy-exgirlfriend, and it’s bad enough that we already have Hye-mi AND In-hee, though thankfully we haven’t seen much of Hye-mi lately. She drives me insane.

  9. jjwu

    I think ep 7&8 really made a turn. It tears my heart apart at the end when Jin-Ho “admits” he’s gay. I didn’t feel connected for the first 6 episodes.

  10. 10 strawberryfieldsforever

    i’m done reading! WOW! this has got to be my end favorite episode (next to ep6) i love everything about this episode…weel, except the ending, which was kinda weird?! if episode 6 was heartwarming, episode 8 is heartbreaking (see dobin being rejected, jinho leaving without kae-in, kae-in wishing that jin-ho will love a woman in his next life) at the same time, this episode is also full of adorable moments. how can you not love sang jun and young sun? they are super loveable!

    i am in glee watching YEH, she’s got a super short role but i’m pretty much happy with the length of appearance. the little flashbacks stirred my emotions ^___^ as for in hee & chang ryul..i still wanna kick their fat a**es! come on, really? they were born just to vex others?

    i can’t wait to see episode 9! it’s a good thing that there are no teasers. everything will come as a surprise! thank you so much, girlfriday for the recap and side comments (which were really funny and witty) your job is more than amazing! X O X O

  11. 11 strawberryfieldsforever

    oops, i meant to say this has got to be my second favorite! and i wanna see a hye mi – in hee showdown!

  12. 12 Bloop

    Wonderful. Great episode. Thank you so much Girlfriday!! I love your recaps!! Always makes me excited!!

  13. 13 ockoala

    I am so in love with JH + KI. And LMH is matching SYJ beat for beat, his acting in PT has grown by leaps since his BOF days (I credit to an amazingly talented co-star in SYJ for this improvement).

    Now LMH isn’t just a cute guy who is a pretty good actor, he’s an amazingly handsome guy is a good actor. Good actoring always ups the attractiveness of a person for me, just a notch. I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for Zee Amazing Actingz!

    Jus reading this incredible recap (thanks girlfriday!), makes me shiver with heart-bursting happiness and love for this couple.

  14. 14 Kdramaddict

    This show just keeps on getting better and better. Can’t wait ’til the next episode 😛
    Both main characters are so full of emotions, skilled and belivable. I didn’t expect Lee Min Ho to do such an amazing job. He ‘s great! 😀 Sohn Ye-jin is just perfect as always 😛
    Thanks for another wonderful recap!! :)*

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    Thank you for your recaps

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    i think that is a very well put together drama with great performances but mostly with great characters!!! what i really enjoy is the side characters and their stories like the director choi, and how well they embrace the main couple and make it evolve!!!
    by the way…Sohn Ye-jin and Lee Min Ho are definetly my favorite couple for this year!!! their chemistry is amazing!!! Just watch the NG… i mean what more can i say???^-^

  17. 17 Saris

    The scene in the bathroom where he tells her to says things in the mirror about had me dying of the cuteness. I. LOVED. That.

    Also when he sees her on the bus and he’s smiling… GAH. That man’s smile could melt frozen tundra.

  18. 18 sachi4jay

    freaking amazing episode. like wow. they are doing an amazing job. YEH was adorable in her cameo and haha, there were too many adorable moments in this episode. a couple of the scenes had me going ‘what’ in the library with my friend. the ending, yeah, haha, what an anti-climax moment to stop at. im sure there is a good reason for that (fingers crossed).
    i’ve got exams in 2 weeks too but PT is too addictive. watching CS as well but might save that melodrama and stick with this lighthearted and hearttugging drama for the moment.
    thanks for the recaps 😀 (that smile in the car got me too. i had to pause, and screen cap that moment haha)

  19. 19 Jewels

    Thanks for the recap.

    At the end of this episode, I thought, why end here… then I thought, oh maybe she won’t be there when he returns with the car, therefore sending him a message. GF, I too think it should have ended with his empty hand.

  20. 20 anna

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  21. 21 Nokcha

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  22. 22 mellowyel

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    question though: Eunsoo was the ex that Jinho was talking about when Dobin asked him about confessions in the last episode, right? i wonder how if he feels the same way about loving Kaein, or how he separates the two in his mind. maybe, as JB said in the last post, he realized that he didn’t really love Eunsoo.

  23. 23 tlina069

    Lee Min Ho’s eyes speak, so do Sohn Ye Jin’s. Great, great cast!
    Thanks for recapping! ^_^

  24. 24 mellowyel

    p.s. re: private investigator (i love how you can tell exactly what’s going to happen when a main character meets with a nondescript person in a public place, lol) – what happened to Changryul wanting to fight fairly? the fact that he’s doing this even though Jinho told him he was gay just proves that he’s an insecure jerk. he has a heart, but he needs to get over himself, seriously.

  25. 25 Choufy

    Girlfriday I gotta say, reading your recaps it’s like being at some soccer-baseball-basketball whatever sport games it is… I mean, I have never been on those but I can totally picture myself screaming at the tv during the episode at each time you’re pointing out something like :

    ” Listen, buddy…you blew your shot the day you walked the queen of the vampires down the aisle. But you’re free to grovel anytime.”

    It would be so much fun to have a drama marathon with you guys X3

    Anyway, my special moment of this episode was the Kae-in’s run in circle while at some point Jin-ho just stopped her from it… Nice catch literally…

    Regarding Sang-jun’s character, here is my thought : he might be really gay at the end and becoming Do-bin’s lover…
    It came to my mind because Personal Taste storyline reminds me of “Three to Tango” movie (architecture firms, the hero who has to pretend to be gay, etc.) But maybe I’m reading too much into it…

  26. 26 Melissa

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  27. 27 Debbie

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  28. 28 Choufy

    Oh and I forgot : even if Jin-ho meant to be nice with the comparison between his mom and Kae-hin, I always find it odd when someone compare his/her potential lover to one of his/her parent…
    But I don’t really get the oppa and unni thing either between lovers anyway… I guess for me family is family and lovelife is lovelife ^^

    But I still like “eau de Min-ho” no matter what huhu

  29. 29 brigitte

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  30. 30 lals

    Wonderful recap, as always. I think JB was right, the even episodes are so great (though I’ll admit that episode 7 definitely gave it a run for its money)!

    About the ending, I was under the impression that it stopped there because Kae-in was going to ditch Chang-ryul at the hospital (which was why she asked him to get the car, so he’d leave her and give her a chance to get away). But I might have misinterpreted it.

    Thanks for the recap! =]

  31. 31 PILK

    “Jin-Ho’s clearly not interested…cos the entire time, he’s doing this.” – funniest part of a great re-cap, thanks!

  32. 32 Elena

    Hmm Minho doesn’t disapoint does he. What a great strong cast – I live for these recaps. Thanks,
    Eunsoo was perfect – there will be flashbacks when Kaein gets it – the quietness of the encounter will be part of the fashback montage –

    Thanks again.

  33. 33 JiHwan

    I love Jin Ho’s little smirks towards Kae In. It makes his feelings for her bluntly obvious but of course she know that.

  34. 34 JiHwan

    Doesnt* ^

    How come the edit option is no longer available?

  35. 35 0th place

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    what a great episode [[: and a great recap tooooo. thanks !

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    i notice that you started the recaps with min ho’s smiling …. aaaaa … exellent choice girlfriday! lee min ho shows off his killing smile more often than on previous episodes. and who wont be smiling back when seeing such a sincere and heartwarming smile like min ho’s?

    thank you for amazing review … you are doing a wonderful job girlfriday.


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    awesome stuff! there were definitely great moments and lines in this recap that i can’t even bother to go back and highlight every single one – i’ll just end up taking the whole thing!

    the ending is weird – but i guess either the wheels are turning and she’s preparing her revenge? or she’s getting ready to run away?

  38. 38 celestialorigin

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  39. 39 LeMahMah

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    LOVE your postings GirlFriday!!!! Besides the perpetual gigglefest and character dismembering I appreciate the insights!!!


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    Thanks girlfriday! Your recaps are as usual spot-on. I love that you love Sang Jun as much as I do. He delivers the perfect amount of comedic timing and he’s probably one of the best fleshed out sidekicks to the main male lead I’ve seen in a while because he’s so realistic and complements Jin Ho so well.

    I had a WTH moment when the episode ended as well, but I thought it stopped there because Gae In was deciding to leave while Chang Ryul is getting his car, and maybe Jin Ho sees her and takes her home? It could totally be wishful thinking though. 😛

  42. 42 byulx3


    Personally, episodes 7 & 8 were two of the worst and best ones.

    I hated the addition of the Do-bin conflict & it was enough to almost turn me away from the drama completely. I mean, he seemed pretty awesome before, with his non-compliance with President Han’s usual system of bribe=win, but this made him into a character that I felt sorry for & he seemed “pathetic.” (like REALLY pathetic)

    I loved the interactions between Kae-in & Jin-ho & it was just adorable 😀

    Hope that the whole “oh-my-god-he’s-not-gay” thing comes soon and ends quickly.
    I hate it when the misunderstanding is solved at the end and there’s only (less than) one episode for the cuteness & lovey-dovey-ness.

  43. 43 Starscream

    Ok, I have a question for other viewers of this show.

    I’m a guy, and I don’t like Kaein at all. She’s dorky, annoying, and not in the slightest bit attractive. I fast forward the scenes shes in because she irritates me.

    I find Jin Ho’s ex, eunsoo?, to be a lot hotter and have more chemistry. I also think in hee is HOT, unlike some of the hater girls out there (you guys are just jealous she’s so HAWT).

    anyways, just my 2 cents.

  44. 44 yumi-chan

    I’m hoping when he goes pick her up she won’t be there that way I can LOL at him XD

  45. 45 ichigopan

    Can someone please give Lee Min Ho some better shoes? Good Lawd, he wears everything well but those canvas shoes just ruin it for me.

  46. 46 J

    Yoon Eun Hye <333

  47. 47 T

    Girlfriday, you are a hoot! I love your recaps! I cannot wait until this episode is out!

  48. 48 mookie

    Dear Chingus,

    I just watched PT8, the ending was a bit WTF…. but it’s just getting so much better in pacing and OTP goodness, seldom do we get an OTP in kdrama that r true buds, but they r, they care for each other as a friend first, can be so comfy and honest w/ each other despite the feelings they r developing and have those heart flutterings later, it’s sooo cute!!! but….my bigger WTH moment: when I was totally not feeling YEH’s cameo… it’s not haterade, (I hope)

    I do love the girl, there’s an easy approachable charm to her..

    I just felt the cameo was not acted out wholeheartedly on her part, it felt pedestrian to me esp against SYJ and LMH who r firing all cylinders in sync now. the lines r cringeworthy, being an ex does not automatically give 1 the right to say all the personal stuff under the sun esp when it’s the first time u’ve seen said ex and most awkwardly w/ his ‘gf’. And YEH did the scene just w/ spilling out the lines as fast as possible and flaring of glares kind of dedication. It’s not horrible, but I’m sorely disappointed in her cruise control form of acting. She has screen presence, but it’s not enough against the much more controlled SYJ and LMH, and she’s very odd man out, not intentionally, but just her acting is clearly not as commanding… and w/ her lines and behavior, to have us impressed w/ her and w/ LMH’s character who is dev sthsth w/ KaeIn to be a bit flattering, or KI immediately seeing her as a role model…. lost me.

  49. 49 sophie

    Thank you for your thoughts girlfriday! I cannot wait to see what happens next week. I hope that the drama makes use of Gae in’s openness and not make a HUGE deal about Jin Ho being straight. She trusts/loves him as a friend and thus she’ll hopefully understand that Jin Ho had his reasons.

  50. 50 jamieguo

    I love how you girlfriday and javabeans refer to each other’s recaps with your writing. It brings a sense of continuity to the recaps. Love reading both your recaps, for further clarity and enjoyment.

    Like @42 I’m hoping its revealed pretty soon that he’s not gay. How many times can he be cut off from saying it? Enough already.

    @43, As a woman, I don’t find Kaein particularly attractive, either. She’s nice looking, but In hee is what I would call striking, and has more sex appeal.

    I don’t really get how they act as if she looks really different at the party or even in this episode when they go on the date. She looks the same to me, I don’t really see any big difference, except she has her hair up and more makeup. I didn’t like her outfits at the party or on the date and I think she looks better in the pictures when she wears her hair down.

    I also don’t really buy it that Kae in suddenly wants revenge. Where did that come from?

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