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Kim Jung-eun lands behind bars in I Am Legend
by | July 29, 2010 | 23 Comments

Kim Jung-eun, wearing 200 million won in clothing, with smudged eye makeup and mussed hair and in jail. Yup, SBS’s I Am Legend looks like it could be a hoot. (Could. I’m treading hesitantly here.)

As you know by now, Kim’s character Seol-hee is a fancy society wife, before she rediscovers herself by fronting a “comeback” rock band. Thus we have the designer wardrobe and chic accessories, though the ones here don’t fare so well when Seol-hee ends up in a fight with some drunk dudes at a nightclub. Result: one night in lockup.

The drama premieres on Monday, August 2.

Via DongA


23 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. ripgal

    HAHAHA.. I love her expression!

    A total HOOT!

  2. maez

    She looks nice. I really want to see this drama but i find Hong Ji-min ANNOYING! So that really turns me away from the drama but i do like kim jung-eun so that’s one reason i want to see it.

  3. hpn88

    This looks like it could be funny. I’ll have to wait to hear peoples opinion.

    However, i really want to see the dress. it looks like it would be gorgeous. jealous

  4. imel

    she looks pitiful and have a very bad hair day..hahaha

  5. goethe

    Are you sure about the price tag on that dress? If you are that would mean that dress valued at w200 million is like $169K.

  6. Annie

    looks fun

  7. okdubu

    200 million won dress *_* i want it.

  8. javabeans

    It’s definitely 200 million won that she’s wearing, but that probably includes accessories and such. In any case, she’s wearing a lot of money!

  9. Porcelain

    Me like what me see… anticipating…

  10. 10 popcorn

    She doesn’t particularly wear anything that totals up to be so expensive….


  11. 11 Jessica

    it’s the necklace! (:

  12. 12 nzgirl

    I want to see the shoes that go with her outfit.

  13. 13 leslie

    the last thing i saw her in was Lovers…she looks so different(BAD aSS)! i will def ck out the first couple of episodes…thanks JB 🙂

  14. 14 Rose

    Thats interesting… Wow, her dress and acessories are nothing compared to Victoria Beckham’s 10 MILLION dollar bag, A SINGLE BAG!!but i forgot what brand that was..hahhaha but i wouldnt be surprised for hollywood celebrities having those kinds of bag but what im surprised is that someone really makes a 10 million Dollar bag?? What??did they put diamonds in there??

  15. 15 Cam

    Wow! O__o

    I really lllooooovvvvvveeeee this picture of Kim Jung Eun look so coool when she act like that!

  16. 16 jusash

    washed up frazzled maybe (who won’t be after a long night, and a brawl), but … she’s also looking pretty s-e-x-y.

    seeing the potential.
    i will be waiting for this.

  17. 17 Ani

    I want to be optimistic for this drama.

  18. 18 yellow

    Wow! she can wear 200 million won dress and can t even afford a water proof mascara,,, hehehe funny! anyway i like KJE LIKE HER FROM LOVERS IN PARIS DAYS my most fave drama bcoz of PSY.. LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS ONE JB! THANKS.

  19. 19 Rovi

    Waaah, lurve Kim Jeong-eun since “Lovers in Paris”…

    But wait, why am I not hearing that 5 members of U-KISS will be in this drama?
    (result of viewing allkpop too many times, but seriously…)

  20. 20 cattleya

    excited to see Kim Jung Eun on small screen again!

  21. 21 virgo007

    2 days to go for it”s screening.
    Good luck KJE.
    very excited to see her.
    like you since lover”s in Paris.

  22. 22 ziren

    oh..i cant wait….2 more days…well three more days…coz will wait for the upload..hehehe

  23. 23 jaese

    i love kje..i am excited coz it will be aired in abs cbn ths mo or next mo. i missed this korean actress very much!..i love her since Lovers in Paris ..mwaahhh..from Philippines with love.

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