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Lee Seung-gi cowers before his gumiho girlfriend
by | July 15, 2010 | 75 Comments

…and I love it!

After all the prickly alpha males, the misunderstood wounded heroes, and the perfect never-gonna-get-the-girl Daddy Long Legs benefactors, I’m itching for a new kind of male character. And while we’ve had a few beta males in kdrama hero history, it’s not really a common character archetype yet.

So when Lee Seung-gi fears his beautiful and strong girlfriend (Shin Mina as the mythical gumiho), it’s refreshing. He’s got grounds for fearing her — it’s hard not to when her supernatural species typically dines on his — but even so, he’s shaping up to be a real scaredy cat.

(Thinking back on it, the Hong sisters have a few non-alpha males in their repertoire, which may contribute to why they feel so fun and fresh to me. Jae Hee in Delightful Girl Chun-hyang isn’t a coward but he has a few characteristics of the beta male, and Hong Gil Dong and Oh Ji-ho of Fantasy Couple both depart from the alpha stereotypes. Here, Lee Seung-gi plays an immature son of a rich family, which makes me think of Jae Hee again, of DGCH.)

The drama began filming in Haenam, South Jeolla Province, in late June. It’ll premiere on August 11.

I like how they have cleverly styled Shin Mina’s appearance in these stills. She’s dressed in a feminine white dress, which makes her look innocent and pretty. But the woman dressed in white with long black hair is also the typical depiction of the Korean female ghost (examples here and here), so it’s a nice little subconscious association.

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75 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. tlina069

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE BOTH OF THEM!! Shin Mina is drop dead gorgeous! Is it August 11th yet??? Cuz I really have nothing I’m watching right now!! ^___^ Thanks so much for the post!

  2. Dahlia

    same here cant wait for this drama I love Lee Seung gi

  3. fromdblock

    YIHEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can’t wait for the new Hong sisters’ drama!!!!!! lee seung gi’s always adorable and shin mi na’s gorgeous!


    She looks bloody scary in that first pic. Is it just me?

    LSG is adorable, especially when he smiles; hope he gets to do that a lot in this series. Though if he really is going to be cowering a lot I doubt it.

  5. joeydragonlady

    I love them both…I think they look great together. Will be watching out for this drama.

  6. Net-chan

    GYAAAAAH!!! Looking forward to watching it!!! I’ll be in Spain when it premieres, no computer T.T…

  7. djinni

    it’s sickening how much im looking forward to this. i love beta males!

  8. nabi

    wow they look really cute together.. these pictures are making me want to watch this show

  9. chriskk

    i love Lee Seung Gi
    i love Shin Mina
    i love Hong Sisters
    This is THE drama that i can’t wait for!!!!!!!!

  10. 10 vis

    Oh my! Yay for the stills! I’ve been waiting for more news of this drama XD Looks great! I really can’t wait! And yeah I agree, this new male character will be refreshing ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so glad that I’ll be back home from vacation by the time it airs <3

  11. 11 fiey

    Love the stills.

    @4, no, its not just you. SMA really looks scary in that pic.

    I’m so looking forward to this drama. love LSG so much!
    and i’m already feeling the chemistry between him & SMA
    really cant wait for August,11!!

  12. 12 -Maui-

    Aw I kinda wish they would give him a new hairstyle… he always looks exactly the same. SMA looks scary hahaha but sexy. Hopefully they have chemistry! Although Jae Hee was so stellar in Choonhyang I could have watched him with anybody =P

  13. 13 Ashley

    I never cared for Lee Seung-gi much until I started watching subbed bits of Strong Heart on Youtube. He is adorable! I’m really excited for this drama because it’s the Hong Sisters and it because he’s in it. Don’t know much about Shin Mina, but these stills have me sold already. Can’t wait until August.

  14. 14 yen_nguyen

    Shin Mina looks scary!

  15. 15 ummmmu

    those pictures just awesome!
    SMA look gorgeous in white!
    can’t wait
    i can see they’ were filming in mountain…

    btw, lee seung gi old twitter has some problems so he moves to @sbschadaewoong

  16. 16 Biatchhh

    Everytime i hear beta-male, i recall HyunSoo the male lead in Smile,You drama,,..
    Hope that LSG could catch up to JKH’s level in beta-male-ing the character or maybe bring a new shed in it,…

    I guess this is the era of beta-male heroes,…wkwkkk..

  17. 17 Larissa

    Ooh, Lee Seung-gi is adorable here… Looking forward to this.

  18. 18 snoopyvkd

    Can’t wait to watch this! although Shin Mina looks older than Seung Gi.

  19. 19 missy

    wow she really needs a comb there.

  20. 20 six

    Shim Mina looks scary. I don’t really like her but I do watched lots of her dramas and admitted she’s really good in acting:)

  21. 21 lee_june

    I’m looking forward for it!

  22. 22 purty.sunshine


  23. 23 diane

    She does look scary and ghostly in that first still.

  24. 24 iWANTcereal

    he has a dark knight t-shirt on.

  25. 25 therainhouse

    Ah! that picture of Shin Mina putting her hand under Lee Seung Gi’s shirt..
    Yes! Score one for the gumiho!

  26. 26 okdubu

    the idea of these 2 acting together is so weird and exciting!! lee seungki is one lucky guy *_*

  27. 27 Maria

    I agree with you javabeans! time for a change!

  28. 28 miss_procrastination

    AHHHHHHHHHHH! LEE SEUNG GI, my love!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for this drama. It’s good to see the Hong Sisters branching out from the typical typecasts in their dramas. Not only do I adore their dramas, but they include Lee Seung Gi, they cannot go wrong!! SQUEE!!!!!

  29. 29 bjharm

    # 26
    she likely checking out his liver, making sure his keeping it nice and healthy for later..lol
    Well there was one drama I just loved then hated to death it was Hong Gil Dong, but I do remember it and well for a very long time so the Hong sisters do make dramas one tends to remember for many a year. I just hope this time around it not a love turned to hate with this one..once was enough!

  30. 30 m a r a

    Shin Mina looks good. I’m not sure when I’ll get around to watching this, but I hope it’s good.

  31. 31 elisa

    i don’t know if i like the pairing yet… i guess i’ll have to see their onscreen chemistry. but separately i think this is going to be a really exciting project! i wasn’t super excited about shin min ah but she looks like a good gumiho ๐Ÿ˜›

    and lee seung gi~ oh so adorable. the perm and attire – all too funny kekeke

  32. 32 kaedejun

    hahahaha – i love seeing shin mina look so evil looking – and so calculated!! lee seung gi is ADORABLE! did he lose weight or was he always that skinny? his face looks even smaller than i remember it… ๐Ÿ˜›

  33. 33 thay

    Oh myyy,..Lee Seung Gi!!Abso-f*ing-lutely waiting for this drama!!I hope this drama will do good and even better than its two competitor (Baker King and Mich.Kiss)…seeing the stills already make myself smiling and laughing..

  34. 34 koreamom

    i can’t wait! too of my fave (of a long list) actors together in a fun theme!

  35. 35 Your Sassy Friend

    Beta males FTW! LOL, but seriously LSG’s character definitely draws me to this drama the most. It’s kind of annoying seeing the usual archtypes again and again.

    And I love the gumiho depiction. I wonder if they’ll reveal her with more foxlike features like in Gumiho Child? That’d be interesting.

    So excited for this. It’s been a while since I’ve been so excited for a drama to air. >.<

  36. 36 therainhouse

    Guys and girls, haha, will a gumiho die if she doesn’t eat a human liver or heart or something like that? I’m not well-versed in gumiho mythology.

  37. 37 Acalle

    Lee Seung-gi has to show something different this time to convince me he’s got what it takes. Didn’t impress me in Brilliant Legacy at all.

  38. 38 Nokcha

    Finally! A drama to wait for! I’m a huge fan of Shin Min-a and like what I see of Lee Seung-gi.

    August 11th! I’ll be in Korea at that time. Wonder if they’ll be doing any shooting in Seoul…

  39. 39 Sweet

    Mina looks cute and scary and innocent.
    and LSG is just so cute,
    but isnt the nine tailed fox suppose to be drop dead gorgeous?

  40. 40 jandoe

    HE IS SO ADORABLEEEEEE. gahhh now i can’t wait to watch this, bet it’s gonna be really funny and a fun watch!

  41. 41 indigowine

    Damn, she’s indeed giving that eerie and creepy look in the first picture.. thank God for the next stills since the first one alone could give me nightmares for days!!

    Looking forward to what sort of interaction (and chemistry) this two pair had…


  42. 42 Kerstin

    hahaha. The pictures are great, can’t help but getting excited for this show!!! The Hong Sisters are funny ones, so this will be a good show – hopefully…

  43. 43 Sobia

    If this drama is as good as the stills make it out to be, it’s going to be great. Shin Mina can be sort of lackluster for me, but here she looks funny, scary and seductive all at once, especially in the pic where she is making the grab for her boyfriend’s delicious liver– “Come on, honey, it won’t hurt…”

  44. 44 lessaofpern

    Third picture LOL, don’t take out my heart!
    Can’t wait for this. Loved him in Shining Inheritance.
    I love bumbling heroes. They are so sweet. ๐Ÿ˜€

  45. 45 dannaluk

    lol…Shin Minah looks both scary and cute…if that is ever a fitting combo…Seung Ki looks adorable…..Minah’s expression in the first pic kinda reminds me of Han Ye Seul’s character in Couple or Trouble…she looks a lot like her there

  46. 46 theedie

    o.@…..why is her hand under his shirt? Already trying to take his liver or something?

  47. 47 miharatori

    @ theedie. Our poor oppa! TT^TT. I still remember him from brilliant legacy.

  48. 48 Jo

    Shin Mina is so pretty! She also has an ACTUAL S-line ๐Ÿ™‚
    so jealous.

  49. 49 alert

    I totally adore all the stills! Totally agree that Shin Mina looks gorgeous and adorable in white, but still gives out the chilling ghostly vibe – which I LOVE to bits! Yeah, this is the only time ghost can look cute and adorable and still giving goosebumps as well hehe. Even Casper doesnt do goosebumps very well :P. And Seung Gi is sooo adorkable in his beta male character! Bring it on Hong sisters!

  50. 50 mean

    i didn’t know lee seung gi is popular…and talented. But cant help but be drawn to him everytime i watched his show. I hope he has good personality as i think he is. And i hope he stays the same….
    And I for sure will be looking forward with this drama!

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