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Legend’s Comeback Madonna Band releases an album
by | August 25, 2010 | 33 Comments

First there were the live performances, then the possibility of a musical adaptation. Now the band within SBS drama I Am Legend, called the Comeback Madonna Band, will be releasing a real full album and perform on live stages.

The band members and actresses are: Kim Jung-eun on vocals and guitar, Hong Ji-min on bass, Juni on guitar, and Jang Shin-young on drums. I can actually see this working, because all of the band members play their own instruments, and most have prior performance experience. Both Juni and Hong Ji-min had professional music experience prior to television acting — Juni in a rock band, and Hong in musicals — while Kim has performed a few times on her music/talk show Chocolate.

As mentioned previously, music director Lee Jae-hak has been leading the band members in rehearsals, and the foursome have recorded thirteen songs. We’ve heard a number of them in the drama, but I expect more to come in coming episodes. The album will be released before the drama goes off the air and features rocked-up remakes of old pop hits, as well as a couple originals (“Comeback Madonna” and “You”).

A source with the production team said that the four ladies have developed a deep rapport and are planning to perform at live concerts after the drama’s end. There are also plans for appearances on television music programs. The album will have the added function of being their guide in mapping out the proposed musical production, which may or may not use the same actors. That decision has not yet been made.

Already songs from the soundtrack are proving to be a hit; the drama versions of “A Million Roses” and “Love Love Love” have performed very well on online music charts, making it to No. 1 on portal site Daum’s music chart rankings on the 23rd.

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33 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. dannaluk

    this is so cool…how i wish anjell would have developed into something simmilar

    • 1.1 jm126

      Well, they have a legit website to make up for it 🙂

      • 1.1.1 daisytwenties

        really? what is it ? 😀

        btw. anyone know where i can get a directors-cut extended dvd of YB? i should’ve bought one when they were selling it… :/

        • Sere

          At yesasia the director’s cut (Korea version. No eng subs) is “out of stock”, not “out of print” so I guess they’ll restock it soon. Maybe.

      • 1.1.2 :P

        its: http://anjells.com

  2. lixin64

    Oh, yay! If I can find this CD when it comes out, I’m definitely buying it! =]

  3. monchaichan

    at first i was skeptical, but i started listening to their songs and they are great! listening to the OST right now.
    makes me want to form my own rock group again…how i missed my chance back in HS and college. 🙁

  4. sorcente

    i actually love Love,Love,Love!!!
    currently my fave one :D:D

  5. Christal

    I would definatly buy the album because

    • 5.1 Christal

      lol I pressed a button and it submitted my reply .so let me finish lol I would buy the album because I love all the songs in the Drama.

  6. kaedejun

    @dannaluk – you took the words right out of my mouth!

    i totally want a real ANJell band – and an all girl rocker band!

  7. sunshine

    I LOVE the songs in the drama, so I wouldn’t mind them coming out with an album one bit.

  8. Anonymous

    A Million Roses is my fav

  9. staples

    will someone please translate this for me? http://www.anjells.com/home/album.html#
    the site makes it look like A.N.JELL has a bunch of albums! But I can’t find them online. Is it a joke? If it isn’t, can someone tell me where I can download them?

    • 9.1 javabeans

      It’s a fake page that takes info from A.N.JELL’s supposed career within the show. (In the drama, they had five albums together before Mi-nam was added and did her/his digital single of “Without Words.”) Some songs are entirely fictional, and some are taken from FT Island and CN Blue real songs/albums. It’s pretty clever, actually.

      • 9.1.1 staples

        ah, thanks! It is pretty clever. I love how the last album is a single by “Hwang Tae-kyung”

        if only they actually had an album, lol

  10. 10 miniejungle

    this is great. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the songs. 🙂

  11. 11 cattleya

    will definitely buy the album!

  12. 12 aX

    Wow, that’s really great!!! All the best to them! I still cannot wait until this Kdrama comes out on Dramafever with English subtitles! 😀

  13. 13 deannadsc

    I Am Legend is getting better…much beyond my expectations, actually!!! Although I’ve watched some of KJE’s previous dramas..I never actually liked her tendencies to look overly “cute”(as in Princess Lulu & LiP)!!

    the storyline & her performance here has kinda convinced me now that…she’s doing justice to her role, maybe even better than had Kim Suna would have..had she played it…

  14. 14 Ani

    Yeah, I love this show, or have some strong feelings of anticipation when it comes to this show. Is it this music? Is it the acting? It’s definitely the story. I don’t know, whatever the case I look forward to every episode. And that CD? Oh yeah, so buying.

  15. 15 mmmaggie

    Ahhhhh, the actress who plays Hwa Ja was originally a musical actress. That makes so much sense. No wonder her acting and expressions are so exaggerated.

  16. 16 Donkey


  17. 17 gailT

    oh, i’m excited for this. i really like the drama, the band, and the songs. Does anyone know the title of the song that Ran Hee was singing with the band? It’s a serious earworm.

    • 17.1 cheonsa

      that ah-oh ah-oh song is Feel Good Day. Definitely preferred Seol Hee’s rock version to Ran Hee’s pop version. Love the show and the songs. I love that the singing is so raw.

      • 17.1.1 gailT

        Thanks! I agree that Seol Hee’s version is much better because of its rawness. Ah-oh Ah-oh!

  18. 18 Jenny

    What a great idea, I’m going to have to get that cd.
    I love the drama and the music for some reason Fa Ja is my fave character.

    • 18.1 gailT

      Yeah, she’s not very popular and can get irritating, but I also like Fa Ja, and her relationship with her husband. I wonder if we’d get some background on that. I’m thinking maybe it originally wasn’t that good, but they worked hard at it…. or something.

      I need the CD to be playing on my car now. hehehe.


    SoOoooooo Great, I dreamed of that *O^

  20. 20 Joon

    Hmmm…I wish that album features a duet between Kim Jeung-Eun and Lee Joon-Hyuk with the Madonna Band performing the melody. Now that would make it a real must-have!

    In any case, I am definitely buying this album. Their sound is quite “indie” and “raw” so it would be perfect with my current iTunes library.

    Wish they would do a “Live” Album as well. 🙂

    Too many wishes I guess. LMAO

  21. 21 vivi

    Wow I like this band especially the last episod song ..but I know what is the name of this song in english. Anyway I definitely will buy ” come back mcdonna” album..yeap..” komawa”

  22. 22 O2

    where can i download…comeback madonna band songs??

  23. 23 Swye

    now wouldn’t it be awesome if eye candy released a full length album for real. It would make my day. wait no. my year!

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