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Kwon Sang-woo in Daemul
by | September 2, 2010 | 45 Comments

Now it’s Kwon Sang-woo‘s turn to be featured in new Daemul stills. (His co-stars Go Hyun-jung and Cha In-pyo were the focus of the drama’s first stills released just a day prior.)

I’m a little confused with the description of his character: he’s a passionate prosecutor, Ha Do-ya, who is in a one-sided love with Seo Hye-rim (Go Hyun-jung), the former broadcast announcer who is elected to the presidency. Kwon had been announced early on to be taking on a gigolo role, Ha Ryu.

So, I looked up descriptions of the original comic, which describe Ha Do-ya as the older brother to Ha Ryu. Here’s the original story (more or less):

As a young man, Ryu was a bit of a troublemaker, his only interest and talent in seducing women as a top gigolo (think host at a bar, not hooker). Ryu’s father owned a small restaurant where he once served the president. His specialty was the president’s favorite dish, and Dad was brought to work at the Blue House, the presidential residence.

One day, while serving the president at a party in Jeju Island, Dad happened to see something he shouldn’t have seen, and the president’s advisers arranged to kill him off in what looked like an accident. Ryu’s older brother was also killed for political reasons in front of his young child.

Ryu had nothing to go on and the killers remained uncaught, but he decided that if he could gain entree to the Blue House, he’d find out from the inside. His plan was twofold: First, he’d perfect his father’s secret recipe and try to get in that way. Second, he’d work with a presidential candidate — Hye-rim — and make sure she got elected, so that he would be brought into the Blue House with her. At first she’s suspicious but I’m sure he convinces her somehow. As they work together, he becomes her right-hand man and they grow closer.

Now, I’m not sure how much of that will get translated into the drama — that’s just what I found on the manhwa. On one hand, I suppose you can’t throw out the entire story if you’re adapting the drama from a prior work. On the other, the (limited) descriptions I’ve seen on Daemul don’t point to this kind of revenge-conspiracy story. Maybe Kwon will play both characters?

In the following scenes, Kwon’s character is investigating a leading member of parliament, which devolves into a physical fight. As you can see. With him is Lee Soo-kyung, who attempts to interfere with his investigation.

Daemul will premiere on October 6.

Via Star News


45 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Sere

    So the gigolo storyline is not happening anymore? Gah, I was actually looking forward to that bit of the drama. Ah well. I’ll still watch this. XD

  2. shin mi rae

    wow, first in line…

    kwon sang woo looks sort of…. old… hmmm.. im having mix feelings about this drama.. against playful kiss… i think i might just go the playful side..

    • 2.1 Cam

      Yes, I agreed with you — Kwon Sang Woo seem very old a bit — it’s kinda different than that before when he was young (too handsome in that past), of course. =)

      Wow, I hadn’t seen him for a long time! (cuz’ he must be enjoying with his new family with his baby son & his wife Tae Soong)

  3. patrice

    Glad to see KSW back in small screen again. Will give it a try!

  4. Autumn

    that hair looks terrible on him…

    ha i was like. what the hell, isn’t he supposed to be gigolo? i mean how do you suppose to seduce anyone with that sort of get-up (no offence). well, i guess now it makes sense…

  5. cheonsa

    GHJ’s Mishil in QSD left such a deep impression on me that I would definitely check out Daemul just to watch her – even if the rest of the cast and the stills so far are rather unappealing. And also to fill the void – I’ll most probably be suffering from Mi Ho withdrawal symptoms then.

  6. MEL

    Cha In Pyo, Lee Soo Kyung—am really watching now!!!

  7. otk

    no more Gigolo?

    kay kay, My interest has now dropped quite a bit…

  8. juicyjui

    “Maybe he will play both roles.”

    Oh God, don’t even joke about that. It brings up memories of Cinderella Man and that’s just embarrassing for everyone.

    And what exactly is he doing in the last couple of stills? At first in the second to last one I thought he was dancing or something before realizing it was probably a series of pictures.

    Hope this does well for GHJ. KSW does look startling old.

  9. Annie

    but i still like him <3

  10. 10 aX

    EEK! His hairstyle has GOT to go! Seriously!

    • 10.1 Mamickey

      His hairstyle seem very, like, umm………..(snickers) >o<

  11. 11 seirrah

    i cant wait to see Kwon Sang Woo again!

  12. 12 kk

    he looks pretty dead in the first few pictures. but i think i have something against him after the hit and run incident. not looking forward in him acting.

    on the bright side. i do look forward in seeing go hyun jung and lee soo kyung =D

  13. 13 pengork

    sorry kwon sang woo but dude is past it now. really it’ll lose most of it’s prospective audience’s interest without the whole gigolo thing.

  14. 14 belleza

    Hmm. The photos looks like a sequel to Cinderella Man. Presidential Man? Stairway to the Blue House?

    • 14.1 dannaluk


  15. 15 djes

    His hair is awful. Makes him look older.
    Soo, can we still hope that we’ll get a surprise, there’s another actor who will play as the gigolo?

    I’m still dreaming that Jo In Sung can be the gigolo…talk about being delusional 😛

  16. 16 stargazer377

    2nd to last still is HILARIOUS

  17. 17 Mel

    I hope it goes well for KSW because the last couple of dramas he was in were kinda >.</// If u know what I mean…. I dunno KSW is looking old and tired….

  18. 18 Keylye

    HAHAHA, those last pics are hilarious! I love how he goes from fighting and yelling to hiding under the piano.

    And while I’m not a huge fan of the haircut, it looks more realistic than some of the haircuts that dramas have their working professionals sport. Especially doctors and lawyers. Just because the celebrity can pull it off doesn’t mean that real doctors have that kind of hair. Not that I want the actors to all have KSW’s haircut. ^_^

    • 18.1 belleza

      “it looks more realistic than some of the haircuts that dramas have their working professionals sport. ”

      I insist that all doctors look like George Clooney.

  19. 19 Stylish~

    what happened to him!!!

  20. 20 sandy

    poor KSW he cant even seduce his own wife with this hair ^^

    • 20.1 Cam

      IMAO!!!!! O___o (snickers & coughs) Amen!

      (True, true, THIS is what he look like, of course) =)

  21. 21 Alexis


    Ah! Honestly, I think Kwon Sang Woo’s hairstyle seem very SIMILAR like as “small mushroom”. ^__^

    (Sorry, Tae Soong, I didn’t meant to insult your hubby. hehe.) *nervous chuckles*

  22. 22 pliv

    He kind of resembles Jay Chou in these stills

  23. 23 Diadda

    I still love him no matter how bad his hair is.

  24. 24 bo bae

    Totally agree with that ugly hairstyle. LSK looks great in the pics. Nothing like Agent Oh.

  25. 25 anna

    Uh, what now? The “gigolo” storyline was the interesting part of this drama for me. Now we just have some bland political drama.

    What’s with KSW’s hair? He’s going to get a makeover later or something? He looks “simple jack”.

  26. 26 dannaluk

    ummm…i sereiously hope they kee the gigolo storyline to keep things interesting….that said i LOVE the cast….and i love hw Lee Soo Kyung looks so different here compared to the plucky everyday women characters that i have usually seen her… in i wonder how she will fare here in a different type of role

  27. 27 ndegeocello

    Kwon Sang Woo, you are the weakest link. Even with Lee Soo Kyung standing right next to you.

  28. 28 diane

    At least he will be playing an adult and not a teenager.

  29. 29 ms

    he looks fat, no?

    • 29.1 Xianguo

      Not fat, but definitely starting to look a little chubby!

  30. 30 Natalia

    XD Kim Kang-woo looks like Sang-woo in these stills. The first couple gave me flashbacks from Story of a Man.

  31. 31 dayah

    sang woo has always been my fan…he is just so great in his acting skills….^-^/

  32. 32 Carinne

    Bahahahahhh! That new image of his looks exactly like my friend in Paris, France. Who knew, I can finally tell my friend he has a celebrity look-a-like and his name is KSW. Keke~

    I rather sit this one out and wait for Athena. I will be on the sidelines and if JB/GF do make recaps for this then I’ll try to visit those threads once awhile.

  33. 33 sara

    why he is so old in these pictures?not goodlloking like before.he is more like married ordinary men

    • 33.1 ck1Oz

      ahjussi ahjussi…. snickers.

      To think I thought he was to die for in Into The Sun? Ergh.

  34. 34 hanjiyoon

    Ahhh! Lee Soo Kyung looks AMAZING. Nice to see her in something different. Looking forward to this.

  35. 35 Observer

    KSW has cleared himself from his “drunk driving” case?

  36. 36 kate09

    It’s just hair!..can’t believe this loser is still acting. Too bad that he must do well..provide well for the family KSW!!

  37. 37 Gulya Angel KSW

    Heello mr. Kwon Im gulya.. From Uzbekistan!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Very best,,, i’ll see your that drama….
    I like YOU
    You numbe one!!!!!!
    Best wish and all the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. 38 Christina

    Know sang woo ! You always look good no mather what! The best for everything

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