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Playful Kiss: Episode 6
by | September 18, 2010 | 309 Comments

We don’t exactly pick up the same momentum started in the last episode, despite my fervent cheers of, “Come on, Show! You can do iiiiiiiiit!” I just adore Ha-ni’s embarrassingly realistic girl-with-a-bleeding-heart-crush so much that I want more for her. More story, more conflict, more…everything.

In this episode Seung-jo ups his game and starts to show some interesting colors, and everyone goes to the hair salon in preparation for college. Some come out better, while others…do not.


Ha-ni wakes up in the hospital, with a cast on her leg and a shadow over her mood. Her overwhelming guilt makes her keep everyone at bay, most of all Seung-jo, who doesn’t know why she’s so upset. Duckie and Min-ah come to visit, but she kicks them out, wanting to be alone. Seung-jo stands by her bedside as she cries.

After leaving the hospital, Ha-ni continues to feel so guilty that she can’t face anyone in Seung-jo’s family. She asks Dad if maybe they should move, and he says that they’re more worried about her. She keeps skipping dinner and never coming out of her room, and Mom worries that she isn’t eating.

Seung-jo says he talked to her, making Mom perk up. He says that he thanked her for making it so he couldn’t go to his interview. Mom frowns and takes away his dinner, saying that he can’t eat either. Ha.

Ha-ni decides in a fit of angst to run away from home (where’s she planning to go, the restaurant?) and packs a suitcase with a heavy heart. She sneaks out past the front door, only to find Seung-jo lurking in the yard.

He asks nonchalantly if she’s running away, and when she insists he not stop her, he doesn’t even pretend to try. He offers to carry her bag, in fact, since it looks heavy. He then hands her an envelope from her university, and it’s a full-ride scholarship letter. She reads it, realizing that it’s not for her, but for him.

They’re basically offering him the moon to go to school there, and Ha-ni notes that while it’s such vastly different treatment than what they gave her, he must be getting such offers from every university ever.

He muses that this past year was the most disruptive, crazy year he’s ever experienced, never knowing what to expect and always encountering something new. She starts to say that she’s sorry, but he adds, “…it was fun.” Ha-ni: “So…you’re going because of me?” Seung-jo: “Not because of you. Because of me.” He borrows her own words, saying that until he finds what he wants to do with his life, he plans on having some fun. Aw.

She asks to come back inside, and he carries her bag back upstairs. She asks if he’s known all this time while she was feeling guilty that he was going to the same school as her, and he nods like it’s no big deal. Ha-ni: “Why?” Seung-jo: “Because it’s fun. Why? You don’t like it?” Ha-ni: “No! I do!” Seung-jo: “I know.” Gah. Cheeky!

She does a silent dance of joy by herself to celebrate. How cute are you? She conveys her youthful crush with such embarrassingly true girlish antics—I love her.

Duckie begs for Ha-ni’s dad to teach him his noodle ways, and ends up helping out at the restaurant. Ha-ni picks up a part-time job at a convenience store because she lacks the money to buy Seung-jo a proper present. Shouldn’t you be working at your dad’s?

She tires herself out working late every night, until one day Seung-jo walks into the store. She gasps and hides, not knowing what to do, and by the time he comes up to the register, she greets him looking like this:

Hahaha. He’s startled, especially when she asks him to take his own change, since she can’t see anything with her hood zipped all the way up. Her boss happens to walk in right at that time, so she gets fired immediately.

Luckily, she comes upon a chicken shop with a Help Wanted sign. She starts going on deliveries right away, earning more money than she was before. She heads on one last delivery for the night, and ends up at her own house, delivering chicken to Seung-jo. She doesn’t know what to do, so she greets him one more time, hood zipped up, scaring the beejezus out of him. Hahaha. This gag is hilarious because it’s all visual.

On her way home that night, Ha-ni gets a call from Min-ah, saying that she hasn’t been able to get a hold of their friend Ju-ri for days now. She hasn’t been around much, ever since they both got into the same university, and now she’s MIA. Ha-ni runs all over town searching for her.

She and Min-ah finally find her at school, angsting over what to do with her life. They encourage her to do what she’s really good at and loves, so she decides joyfully to ditch her books and go to beauty school.

Ha-ni finally gives Seung-jo the gift she worked so hard for: a head massager? He rebuffs her as usual, but overhears her telling Mom that she worked part-time jobs to earn the money. He cracks a smile at that, putting the pieces together from that weird night.

It’s graduation day. Already? We sure are moving quickly, Show. The principal announces that both Ha-ni and Seung-jo will be going to Parang University, and Seung-jo takes the stage for his valedictorian address. He gives a nice little speech, ending with Ha-ni’s grandmother’s words, to live a life that’s fun and makes others happy.

Ha-ni then gets called up to join him, to receive their diplomas as representatives for their classes. What kind of a graduation is this? Well, it’s an excuse for them to stand on stage together, and of course Ha-ni fantasizes about it being their wedding ceremony instead. She shouts out, “I swear!” (The Korean version of “I do.”) Duckie objects, Mom objects to Duckie’s objection, and everyone has a good laugh.

To top it off, Seung-jo wants to get off the stage as fast as possible, but on her way down, Ha-ni slips and lands on his back. You should’ve just piggybacked her the first time. Now you owe her double from dodging the first. The universe will always collect on piggybacks owed.

Everyone wants to take pictures with Seung-jo post-graduation, but he pretty much ignores all of them, even leaving Mean Girl’s side mid-shot. Mom wants Ha-ni to go ask him, so she stands near him and looks up expectantly. Aw, I so distinctly remember being nervous to take a picture with a boy I liked. Such a huge deal, for such a little thing.

He scoffs that she has the gall to ask him for a picture after today, so she slumps down and starts to walk away. But he pulls her back and puts his arm around her for a picture. Everyone around them gasps, and while Mom takes the picture, Seung-jo repeats Ha-ni’s words in the convenience store, to take his own change. She looks up at him, horrified, as he smiles devilishly like the bastard that he is. Haha.

The first class and seventh class end up partying at the same restaurant, where Duckie is about to start a serenade for Ha-ni. She stays slumped down in embarrassment, Duckie sings and dances his heart out, and Seung-jo looks on. He laughs at first, looking down on Duckie the way he does, but then when he gets close to Ha-ni during the song, Seung-jo starts to get jealous. Love it.

Ha-ni’s dad gets swamped at the restaurant, so he calls Duckie to come and help. He’s torn because he wants to stay with Ha-ni, but he decides to make the classic second-lead mistake: he decides to help her silently, in the shadows. He goes to the restaurant to play the dutiful son-in-law. Tsk, tsk. You’ll never get the girl that way!

Seung-jo starts to publicly humiliate Ha-ni for disrupting his life and having a crush on him. Okay, that’s just mean. Knowing she likes you is one thing, even if it’s public knowledge, but teasing her for it publicly is awful. He relentlessly points out that she’s written his name all over her books and everyone laughs, at which Ha-ni finally has enough and takes out her secret weapon:

She passes the picture around and Seung-jo freaks out. He snatches it and grabs Ha-ni by the wrist (gah) and drags her outside.

He leans in close, and Ha-ni starts to get scared, so she announces that all she did was get revenge because he took the fact that she likes him and used it to make fun of her in front of everyone. I approve. That deserves bigger retribution than an embarrassing photograph, I say.

She tells him that she’s done harboring her crush, and that with the end of high school comes the end of her feelings for him. She vows to forget him.

Seung-jo: “Forget? You’re going to forget me?”

And with that, he leans in for a kiss. Ha-ni’s eyes widen in surprise, and Seung-jo leaves, turning back to challenge her, “Try to forget me now.” Ack! He adds the equivalent of “neener” at the end, just to make it extra adorable. Gah, how can you be such an ass and so cute at the same time? It hurts my brain.

Ha-ni slides down the wall in utter shock. In disbelief, she thinks to herself, “I. Kissed. Baek Seung-jo.” Her reaction is so great because it’s such a shock wave to her. He may have just kissed her to pull her strings, but it shakes her to her core.

The next morning, she wakes up with a girlish squeal. God, I love that feeling of waking up the morning after something amazing happens. It’s the best feeling in the world.

She wonders what to say, and how to act, thinking about how awkward it’s going to be to see him. He comes out of the bathroom so she’s forced to confront it head-on, but he’s as mean to her as before, like nothing happened. She frowns, confused and hurt that she’s the only one who’s turned upside-down and he’s the same as before.

He dashes off to school without her, and she meets up with Min-ah and Ju-ri on campus for lunch. Everyone’s sporting a new look for college, and they aw at each other’s grown-up changes. Ha-ni blushes at the sight of another couple kissing, and her friends get it out of her that she kissed Seung-jo.

On their way out, Ha-ni almost gets hit by a car. The driver gets out, and it’s our introduction to Yoon He-ra (Lee Shi-young). So far all we know is that she’s an upperclassman, and she’s lookin’ good.

Ha-ni goes to find Seung-jo in his lecture hall, and is forced to do the awkward, “I was just dropping by…” when He-ra appears in the doorway. She asks if Ha-ni is his girlfriend, to which he replies the equivalent of: “As if.”

Ha-ni can’t believe his answer. But…what about…the kiss?

He-ra invites him out for tea, but he declines and leaves. Ha-ni can’t help but smile, and when He-ra sees her reaction, the claws come out. Ruh-roh. It’s the birth of Mean Girl 2.0.


My hopes were raised by the cohesive story of Episode 5, but they dipped again when we started to race through choosing college, graduation, and the start of university. I feel like the college-application episode was such a welcome neat little narrative box. Now we’re back to the loose vignettes. Sigh.

It looks like Meaner Girl is going to be an interesting character, not least because she’s played by Lee Shi-young, so I’m looking forward to some meaty conflicts there.

We finally got our first kiss, and it was delightfully playful, as promised. Kudos, Seung-jo. You have successfully made our heroine’s heart flutter and die a thousand deaths in one fell swoop. You walk a dangerously fine line between rat bastard and swoon-worthy dreamboat, but I suppose we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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309 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Jenny

    omgg!! the kiss was AWESOME!! 😀

    • 1.1 gala

      the kiss was amazing… but the after-kiss reaction for me was a little disappointing. then again, i’m comparing it to the taiwanese and anime [which is really something i shouldn’t but i couldn’t help.] but for what it’s worth, the two actors really executed the scene perfectly.

      • 1.1.1 Agatha

        I thought the kiss was I little disappointing since I like the kiss in the Taiwanese version so much, but the reactions to the kiss…those I liked.

        • kaykay

          Actually, I thought the kiss was lame but the reaction was funny, lol.

        • gala

          lol, it really depends on our tastes. i think i over-complimented the kiss. it was cute and fluffy but i wanted his reaction to be a bit shocked to what he did. rather, he reacted so deliberately. i dont know… i preferred him actually sticking out his tongue just to spite her more.

          • christy

            I’m also a bit disappointed at first that he didnt stick his tongue out, but when I saw the scene again, I realize that Ha Ni was so shocked after the kiss that she just space out for a moment, and didnt even dare to look at Seung Jo. So there’s no point of him sticking his tongue out coz she wont see it anyway.

            After the kiss I actually notice a bit of shocked expression in Seung Jo’s face, but I think it was too short which makes it not really noticeable. They should have extended that moment for a few more seconds to give more impact. The after kiss reaction is too short IMO.

            But anyway, I love the kiss scene! It has different feel from ISWAK coz this one is sweeter..

      • 1.1.2 sorcente

        i immediately watched the taiwanese version of the kiss (ok. dont get angry by comparing them but they are the same stories what can i do )

        after the watching th TW version i realized that how annoying the female lead but how awesome job they did with the kiss and the after kiss reaction! i mean you can feel the shock on the male lead. which is waaaayyy cuter than Seong j. korean kiss was good in its own way but. after kiss reaction was not enough for me.. even with hani..

        • Stephanie

          yea that’s why I am devoting only 15 mins of my time by reading dramabean’s posts. which is good enough for me. The story is way WAY too similar to the taiwan version so I know EXACTLY what’ll happen next. And really, this isn’t a show I’d watch more than once. It’s storyline is fun and fluff but lacks the depth that would make me wanna watch it more than once to get a second perspective or insight like Coffee Prince. I never fail to find something new everytime I watch it. maybe its just cus I forget the incredibly small yet incredibly significant things in Coffee Prince which Playful Kiss does not have.

      • 1.1.3 Carinne

        This kiss is what it needs to make the manga and anime more surreal, I think. The TW version was hot and heavy for a first kiss, and I get it, a hot-blooded virgin boy meets his first love interest and smears one with little saliva exchange, however I prefer this KOR version maybe I like it light, airy, and makes me hit the replay button 12345678 times.

        Every visionary has their own interpretation.

        • faye

          i have the most unholy crush on KHJ.

          UNHOLY. ^_~

          how does he embody boyish, manly, cool, hot, little boy lost, rat-bastard (haha love that phrase girlfriday!) ALL IN ONE PACKAGE??!!

          and no, don’t get me started on the word package.

          so there, i’ve said my piece. haha ^_~

          yes, i will be one of those queuing up to buy Face Shop and Basic House and assorted KHJ peripherals. don’t judge =P

          PK fighting~!!! o^-^o (ratings are no.1 in my heart!)

          • Annony

            I too have sacrilegious crush on KHJ (but not unholy enough to buy paraphernalia–maybe for Taeyang/Youngbae but that’s a whole ‘nother boat)

            And yes, I find his character refreshing (and acted better) than YJH in BoF. T_T

            But what I want is KHJ back on WGM! T_T

          • Julianne

            YES. Its so strange how attracted to him i am even when he’s being a rat bastard. I dont know how he does this to me >.> Seriously, he’s such a good actor! I adore him <3

  2. f1yh1gh10

    this ep was really good! btw, the girl playing haeri looks like she lost some weight..she’s too skinny (not that every other girl in korea isn’t) i know that people always either say a girl’s too fat or too skinny, but i was just mentioning it because i don’t remember her looking like this. she looks pretty though! as for hani, she is cuter than ever, and i actually love joongie’s hairstyle. he’s a hot asian peter pan. <3 keke

    • 2.1 leenie

      Lee Shi Young did loose weight. Loads since Boys Over Flowers but you can tell especially in her face. She freaked me out because I knew it looked like her but she was so skinny I wasn’t 100% sure.

    • 2.2 C

      Is it just me, or does Kim Hyun Joon look like an Asian version of Jasper from Twilight?…

      • 2.2.1 Tina

        lol, yes 😀

    • 2.3 faye

      i have the most unholy crush on KHJ.

      UNHOLY. ^_~

      how does he embody boyish, manly, cool, hot, little boy lost, rat-bastard (haha love that phrase girlfriday!) ALL IN ONE PACKAGE??!!

      and no, don’t get me started on the word package. ^_~

      so there, i’ve said my piece. haha

      yes, i will be one of those queuing up to buy Face Shop and Basic House and assorted KHJ peripherals. don’t judge =P

      PK fighting~!!! o^-^o (ratings are no.1 in my heart!)

  3. grace

    perfect recap gf :)
    i kinda like this meanie seung jo.
    but then that means i like cocky boys..
    but i don’t like cockism? (-_- sounds so wrong)
    but…usually cocky boys are cute.
    so it’s all good.
    i wish there was something…more.. OOMPH about this drama. still , it does make me happy to see that she’s always giddy over her crush :) so realistic

  4. Alexis

    I can’t wait to watch it!!!!! *shrieks in joy!*

  5. red_pill

    I think I replayed that kiss like 5 times. No joke.

    • 5.1 brookeeve

      I did too!

      • 5.1.1 poo

        Me three…but more than 5 😛

        • Dee Dee

          I replayed the kiss 5 times, as well! But, I replayed the part in ep. 4 when Hyun Joong said “thank you” even more!

          • Dee Dee

            whoops, i meant to say ep.5

  6. lena

    I love this drama and the main guy!

  7. danni

    Not as good as episode 5, but it felt more connected to me than the other episodes. The chicken-hoodie thing was hilarious, and the fact that Ha-ni was found out anyway cracked me up. But seriously, a head massager? Strangest gift ever.

    Maybe it was rushed because of the episode cut? Everything’s been going so slow before so that’s the only reasonable answer to me. I’m not complaining though since the college years look to be more interesting than high school.

    Thanks for the recap gf!

    • 7.1 shin mi rae

      yes,… indeed the strangest thing ever… but so in sync with ha-ni’s character. she is very thoughtful in some weird way… i can imagine she contemplated for hours what kind of thing baek seung jo will need. and because he always tell her she gives him headaches… its her cute way of giving him the solutions to problems she caused…. she is way too adorable.

  8. estel

    Seung-jo is such a jerk…so why do I totally love him? I 100% identify with Ha-ni, as I was in a similar situation in high school. Sadly, mine didn’t have the happy ending I’m sure we’re going to get in PK.

    Thanks for the recap, Girlfriday. You’re the best!

  9. Liesel

    The first time I saw Seung Jo’s newly permed hair, I thought “ahjumma!” I liked the straight do better.. Or maybe I’m just not used to seeing him with curls.

    Anyhoo, another delightful episode. Thanks for the great recap!

    (PS I’m so sad that they’ll be cutting this drama to 16 episodes, because there’s a lot of material to sift through in order to tell this story as a whole.. But with the current state of their ratings, guess it shouldn’t have been a surprise. I just hope that even with the cut, the show comes out well -or as well as it could get-. So far it hasn’t failed to make me smile and warm my heart, so it’s all good.
    And oh, PK has such a rabid -and I mean crazy- following online and internationally, so I hope the cast and team won’t take the TV ratings to heart that much, because we still love them.)

    • 9.1 Cloudysky

      This drama has a fervent following from intl fans and is a huge winner in both FB and Vikii, it’s kinda sad that they’ve decided to cut it down to 16 eps, hopefully, they will have enough time to tell the whole story….and not missing any critical parts, i’m still baffled w the low ratings in Korea, this is a damn fine show w the director’s deft touches, Ah….it deserve alot MORE!

      • 9.1.1 facetious

        Hahah, my guess is that Americans are hardwired differently and like this stuff, while Koreans who actually decide the ratings are sick of it. o_O

    • 9.2 rainyrainy

      yeah totally agree with u concerning cutting the show , I’m also very sad for that becoz I’m really loving this drama .
      cutting some or many scenes from this show to make it become only 16 episode will surely have it’s negative side effect on the way of telling the story .
      anyway I still think the show will still be rocking and we’re gonna enjoy the relationship between seung-jo and hani .
      and yes the show have a huge number of overseas fans so please MBC try to take us in consideration too and not considering ratings only , we LOOOOOVE this drama :)

  10. 10 Lucille

    I really wanted to like this drama. It’s sad when the recap is more fun than the drama. The couple chemistry is just not there.

    • 10.1 Ladymoonstone143

      I am seeing the chemistry between the lead characters. I will not wonder why Seung Jo would fall over Ha Ni. Their moments together are so cute…

    • 10.2 Ami

      Maybe you expect too much of …something.. that is not being delivered by the show. Relax and just enjoy it.. it’s just a drama, albeit a really cute drama (IMO) for that.

  11. 11 javabeans

    My favorite thing about the whole jealous-mean-kiss thing is that Seung-jo doesn’t start to look upset until Duckie’s song starts in on the chorus of “I love youuuu“s. Then he gets all snippy and starts talking to Ha-ni all mean-like, which is so cute given that it’s misplaced frustration even if he is being a butt about it. So the buildup to the kiss makes total narrative sense and the payoff is that much more satisfying — which is a good thing since the kiss itself, let’s face it, is pretty tame.

    Also (small voice), I kind of like Seung-jo’s perm. I mean, he looks totally weird and it’s awkward and he went from being cool hottie to disheveled and offbeat, but I enjoy disheveled and offbeat.

    • 11.1 ockoala

      I have a secret theory that Mom dragged Seung Jo off to perm his hair and uglify him in college so the ladies won’t be all rabid over him and Ha Ni doesn’t have as much competition.

      Mom will totally screw SJ over anyday for her HN, which makes Mom the coolest future mother-in-law in all of dramaland, IMO. When Mom took away SJ’s rice bc he was mean to HN, she is cemented in the mother-hall-of-fame for awesomeness.

      As for the kiss, yup, total lamesauce, but I have high hopes for the future kiss(es). Oh, and I also think KHJ looks fine with perm, the purpose of the perm notwithstanding. But jealous SJ can be so cruel….it’s crazy how much we love him anyways bc he’s just so lacking in connection and empathy, until he meets HN.

      • 11.1.1 starfish

        if that’s the real reason behind his perm, I’M SO LOVIN IT!:D and Mom Baek too, of course:3

      • 11.1.2 hahaha

        love your reasoning!!!

      • 11.1.3 Saddy

        YES! Ockoala, I totally agree, esp. about Mom being the coolest future mother-in-law ever! I am so jealous of the fictional Ha-ni! haha

        I don’t quite understand why us girls swoon over these cruel, jackass-guys…but there’s no denying that Kdramas have a plethora of them, ergo our crazy obsession. *sigh*

        PS: I want SJ to change his hair back STAT! But I understand from a narrative point of view if the writers are making him a bit more loose and disheveled, personality-wise. I admit that makes a lot of sense!

    • 11.2 estel

      I confess, when I first saw the hair, I was like, What the heck happened to his head?!? I think we should leave the permed hair to Junpyo. Still, if anyone (other than Lee Minho, I mean) can pull of disheveled and offbeat, it’s Kim Hyun-joong.

    • 11.3 asianromance

      I like the perm too. When I first heard about the perm and other people’s reactions to it, I was imagining the Gu Jun-pyo perm. But it looks pretty tame and he can totally rock it. KHJ has had worse hairstyles before.

    • 11.4 Laica

      I kind of like the hair too! His face is so smooth and perfect that it makes him more interesting somehow.

      I really like Seung-jo’s jealous moments, and even though the story is moving very quickly now, I’m enjoying the relationship dynamic between him and Ha-ni.

      The contrast of his purposeful aloofness and her heart-on-her-sleeve openness is really interesting to watch.

    • 11.5 Dara

      Count me in for the perm, loved it.
      He ‘s now like a weird nerd out of comic book, suits his 4D character better! , in fact, they should have given him this hairdo from the very beginning. @JB small voice, LOL.

    • 11.6 girlfriday

      Dear JB,

      (big voice) Are you blind?!

      That perm is whack, people. It looks like he lost a fight with a rogue curling iron.

      • 11.6.1 linkyo

        Hahaha!!! LOL LOL. »”he lost a fight with a rogue curling iron.”«

        Well, his hair is still okay for me (although I’m sure my eyebrows did some somersault) but, hehehe, maybe his hair is just too smooth that even the perm chemicals just not strong enough to make it as curly as it should have been …

        • facetious

          Hahah, I agree girlfriday. Seung-jo looks like a 15-year-old that just got out of bed after his sister played a prank on him with curlers while he was asleep. XD

      • 11.6.2 angskeet

        Right on with you! You said it all!!! agree agree agree

      • 11.6.3 javabeans

        (defensive voice) I’m not saying it’s HOT… it’s just… interesting. Like, before he was a sleek, perfect robot/facsimile of a man — yeah, pretty, but sorta sanitized and sexless. With the perm it’s like he’s all rumpled, like he just rolled out of bed after doing lots of naughty things with you because he, unlike the android version, cares more about, yunno, enjoying human experiences than perfecting a smooth, no-hair-out-of-place coif. Just sayin’!


        • girlfriday

          (비웃는 voice) You and your whack-hair boyfriend Kim Hyun-joong can do all the naughty things you want to get that bedhead. NO JUDGMENT!

          • javabeans

            (이성적인 voice) Well, it’s not that I want him for MY boyfriend. (What would my Kang Ji-hwan say??) Just that Mr. Perfect makes me think of a robot with no power off button, and Bedheady College Boy is the first time I could actually think of him and sexy thoughts existing in the same space-time continuum. For that, the perm gets some props.

          • shin mi rae

            love it when jb and gf argues… and guys, just look at the number of responses… we are now over 50… this show is a blockbuster!!!

            a jb, you are (as always) dead on the jealousy before the kiss analysis about seung jo…

            i like it that seung jo shows emotions every once in a while..

            i love this drama!

          • angskeet

            yeah!!! you go girlfriday. i’m definitely agreeing with you

        • yeisha

          ROFL…JB, you took the words right out of my mouth! that’s exactly what i meant with wanting to rumple his hair! naughty things indeed. 😛

          • misa

            JB, you dont need to worry about KJH. I can take care of him for you..but of course if you would allow me to.. LOL! :p

            darn! this show is starting to grow on me..cant wait for the kiss-in-the-rain scene :)

        • Flower Pot

          So lovin’ this exchange too much! LOL! Now, it makes me want to drag the days so that it’s wednesday again just to see Hyun Joong’s rumpled bedhead sexiness…

          Curls or no curls, the boy remains to be gorgeous let’s face it… but sad to say GF… as much as i love my straight haired Hyun Joong… I’m perfectly on JB’s side on this one… The perm makes him more approachable and the fact that Mama Baek can now convince him to go to the salon other than to get a trim speaks so much of how he is starting to live a life like the rest of us mortal beings do…

        • Hannah

          Ha, the perms totally cute! It’s pretty tame as far as perms go, anyway – just tousled hair.

          I mean, I never equated it with sex hair (ALTHOUGH NOW I WILL) but I think it’s kinda hilarious and cute that, even while heading off to college, his mother can still make him get a hair cut. Or new hairdo, whatever. Love her ♥ Her strange brand of mothering kills me!

          • odess

            i am so loving this discussion here! haha. and is it wrong that all i can think about now are those naughty things that i can do with this boy to get that bedhead? *ahem*

            seriously though, i’m with JB on this one. i never liked the perfectly asymmetrical hair that k-drama boys are sporting these days…its too pretty. which is why i actually love Seung-jo’s carelessly tousled waves and immediately thought “now that’s more like it” when i saw him sporting the look at the breakfast table.

            and oh, JB… i know you’re loyal to your bf Kang Ji-whan but you can always have a little fling with a certain Bedheady College Boy you know. just sayin’.

        • poo

          JB am with you…i love the new hair too! 😀
          He looks like a college boy now and not the neatly combed school boy.

      • 11.6.4 yeisha

        @girlfriday: LOL at your rouge curling iron comment!

        i personally love it. haha. makes him look like a bad boy, less like the stiff genius that he is, which fits his goal to “have fun” at parang uni.

        also, eversince the show started, i’ve been secretly wanting to mess up KHJ’s hair. i mean, even after he was running wildly on the sand and rescued drowning Eun-jo and Hani, his hair still stayed perfect! in that moment, i really wanted to reach inside my computer screen and rumple his hair a little – no, A LOT. haha. so i guess i got my wish, a disheveled Peter Pan Seung-jo. 😛

      • 11.6.5 facetious

        Wow, so I guess it’s just angskeet, girlfriday, and I in the Anti-Perm club. 😛

        • Ashley

          I am totally in the anti-perm club! Now the sexy fun times it would take to get his hair in that state, I will take 😉

      • 11.6.6 anonymous

        go offbeat and dishevelled !!!

      • 11.6.7 rainyrainy

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    • 11.7 Ami

      I enjoy disheveled and offbeat also! There’s an air of college-ness with that hairdo. Also, he can mess with it anytime he wants and it’ll stay like that.. unlike when it’s straight (the sleeping photo episode). A hairdo that all university students with looming exam deadlines will appreciate.. LOL

    • 11.8 CHshe

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    » “Forget? You’re going to forget me?” “Try to forget me now.”«

    Of course I will never ever forget it! First kiss with my very first crush that’s oh so handsome and perfect?? Hehehhehe Loving this bit a LOT.

    The story is starting to be sweet and lovable! I’m hoping for more squealing from Oh Ha Ni because of things happened for her and seung joo. Hehhee. More more!

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    • 17.1 linhee

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      • 17.1.1 facetious

        I think ISWAK’s kiss was actually worse (was way too long) but the reaction was better than PK.

        • poo

          naaah i think the reaction was perfect…BSJ is too cool to stick out his tongue.

          • facetious

            Yeah, but Zhi Shu was so childishly cute when he stuck out his tongue. XD I think Seung Jo could’ve done it even better, though.

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    Um, about the graduation.. i don’t know about korea but in japan, that’s pretty much how a lot of graduations go… you basically have representatives per class come and get the diploma.

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    loved the episode, but the kiss was rather anti-climatic imo. T_T

    thanks for the wonderful recap

    • 19.1 yeisha

      Oh yes, he is quiet the Machiavellian, isn’t he? I suspect that he is now aware that he is feeling something for Hani (though he doesn’t know what exactly it is – yet) and didn’t know how to deal with his jealousy over Duckie that he started lashing out on her. And he has always been able to read Hani like a book and knows exactly what to do to get a reaction from her, hence the deliberate kiss.

      Bad, bad, Seung-jo indeed. But like what Girlfriday said, the haughty face and cheeky “mehrong” post-kiss is totally adorable and telling – that he is not quiet as unaffected by it as he appears. Of course, our Hani is too dense and very much in her own lalaland to realize this but that’s also why we love her so much, right? :)

      • 19.1.1 facetious

        Or want to yell at her, hahah.

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    • 20.1 linkyo

      » I can say that many times I choose the dramas I watch depending on what you say about them.«

      Same here. Coz maybe, it’s just that I don’t want to waste hours for drama that I don’t know the quality of. And that sometimes, I just fast forward the drama I watched (coz some dramas are dragging and left me feeling disappointed after watching it), so I also mostly pick up a drama to watch based on recaps in DramaBeans. Heheheh

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    I have to say that the ‘kiss” was the only highlight for me and nothing else. I wish they put more into it. I dont know how much changes you can make per episode but I want more for Ha-Ni shes an amazing character! Everything she does and how she acts Im sure everygirl has been there!

    We want more!

    • 23.1 Ami

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      • 23.1.1 Sunny

        It’s a Pororo sweater (He’s actually a penguin)! It’s a Korean kid’s cartoon that’s really popular. Hahahhaa. http://www.pororo.net/en/

  24. 24 Leonardswench

    In our house, he’s still the Rat Bastard. (Il Ratto Bastardo, actually — not sure why we’re swearing in Italian at a Korean drama character in a Texas household, but hey?!?!?!)

    The girls loved the kiss, I was slightly disappointed, but it was still a good episode (although, it seemed to be edited strangely and might be the first of several cut-downs to slot the production in 16 episodes). Oh, Show, how I hate inconsistency and here we go.

  25. 25 Senstar

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  26. 26 facetious

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    • 26.1 anonymous

      but i actually think he looks really good!
      interesting, new, fresh
      and yes baek seung jo got perm HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • 26.1.1 facetious

        Really? I think it’s hilariously silly. XD

        It looks like he’s trying to be Yamashita Tomohisa (http://img2.ak.crunchyroll.com/i/spire4/07212008/7/5/8/9/7589c2115c9670_full.jpg) or Joe Cheng (http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y18/reg9688/62b5ee798b48675aa6172c06a35fd.jpg). lol.

        • linhee


          • facetious

            HAHAH So I’m not the only one! XD Personally, I think all Asian guys look blah with curly hair. Plus it Kim Hyun Joong look about 15. o.O

        • Hannah

          Haha, I don’t know, I kind of like all of the above with their curls – so cute!

        • Anonymous

          Oh, I knew it looked familiar! I could not remember where I’d seen it. As for my opinion, the jury’s still out. Will have to get a good quality version of the episode before I pass judgment.

        • noi

          right!!!! i think about yamapi too! lol <3
          i was like "whoaa noo what the hell" when yamapi changed his hairstyle in code blue 2. i'm already attached with his image in code blue 1. :'(
          anyway, khj looks fine in perm. in fact, he looks handsome. <3

    • 26.2 brookeeve

      Asian guys don’t look bad with hair that sticks out everywhere! I promise!

      • 26.2.1 facetious

        Oh, hair sticking out everywhere looks awesome on Asian guys, though my favorite hairstyle is straight, long, neat, and black. (http://blog.fooyoh.com/_data/pandakun/images/20070118/kimjungho1.jpg) Precisely why I really don’t like Seung Jo’s hair right now. 😛 Curly hair on Asian guys just doesn’t work for me. I almost couldn’t stand BOF because of Lee Min-Ho’s ridiculous perm that just made me cringe. >_< *braces self for backlash*

  27. 27 jackwon

    Thank you very much for the delightful recap, Girlfriday!

    Ep 6 did rush by, but I don’t think it was forced by the episode cut. Hyun Joong already said before premiere that the script has them in college by Ep. 6, so it’s the same so far. Still hoping the ratings improve enough for it to go back to 20 eps because this story takes a few years to tell and they (we!) need more time.

    Actually I have a feeling that, with the exception of the first ep’s set-up, PK has always had this jumpy but brisk pace, because SeungJo said “the past year”, but the show didn’t manage to communicate the passage of time very well, so it felt like they’d lived together for a month and then BAM college. Anyway, things seem a lot more interesting with the start of university, so maybe the writer just wanted to rush to the good stuff. (Just in time, too, since Baker King ended?)

    Hyun Joong’s new hair just takes some getting used to, but the jarring change is kind of the point since his character’s changing in this time of freedom/exploration, which is a first for SeungJo. I like it! ^^

    Now, the KISS. I was not disappointed at all because a) SeungJo is just playing with Hani and not serious about it, b) he’s so arrogant that he knows that even the slightest kiss from her huge crush will be unforgettable to her, c) the first kiss should be sweet and warm, not hot and heavy yet, and d) there are more kisses coming and they should get hotter each time. XD Hani’s expressions were perfect, but I also loved SeungJo’s so-damn-smug look, even adding “Merong~” (the Korean sound for a teasing ;-P)! Fine line, indeed! Love it!

  28. 28 TJ

    Ooo a guy who humiliates me in front of all my friends? Get me one of those pronto! SWOON. …not.

    And then he can call me stupid all of the time. Wow, fun!

    • 28.1 Laica

      Lol. He definitely has a long way to go to become worthy or Hani.

      • 28.1.1 facetious

        That kind of the whole plot, lol.

  29. 29 Carina

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    And Lee Shi Young! Yes, she’s lost weight, as someone said. I just saw her in Birth of a Rich Man a few months ago and her face was much rounder. SHE GOT EVEN PRETTIER. It’s not fair. How is this woman so pretty?! (Answer: plastic surgeon, I know, but still haha. I actually kind of like Lee Shi Young and she makes me hopeful because she’s a real life example of ugly duckling turned to swan, if you’ve seen her pre-surgery and pre-weight loss pics).

  30. 30 passionpink636@yahoo.com

    i haven’t watched a single episode. but that screen cap just made me think. Lee Shi-young is looking so beautiful :)

  31. 31 v

    oh… i just wanted to point out one more thing… it’s much clearer in ISWAK but still, you can see seungjo’s surprise after the kiss if you look closely at his eyes… it’s less than a second but i was proud khj could pull it off. he made it seem like even seungjo was surprised by his action and kiss but being the poker face he is, it was really really brief… i had to look at the scene several times to notice the change in the eyes. XD

    • 31.1 jackwon

      Ah, good point, I saw it, too. SeungJo’s face showed brief surprise (and maybe the stirring of some other emotions, but he doesn’t realize he likes her yet XD;). That’s why some people said the director should have showed it in slow-motion or extended those shots a bit more.

      *sigh* I fee like, it’s okay for the drama to be fluffy romance, but if you’re going to do that, then do it properly, like a guilty pleasure soap opera. lol. But the editing is still wonky. Some useless scenes go on too long, while some spazz-worthy scenes get cut short. Indulge your female audience, please! XD

      • 31.1.1 shin mi rae

        i think the surprise is not suppose to come from the fact that he actually kissed her. because the kiss was pre-meditated (at least minutes before he kissed her)… when he said “forget me… can you forget this…”. i think he was playing with her when he kissed her. but the joke is on him because he did not calculate that he will feel something when he kissed her. so who can forget who now … huh baek seung jo!

        • v

          XD… it’s interesting how we can interpret a same scene differently. that’s what i love about discussing dramas.. haha.
          for me, although i think the kiss was purposeful (aka. he intentionally kissed her to make sure she won’t forget him), i thought it was an impulse on his part (meaning it was not premeditated minutes ahead but rather a result provoked by her words and all the jealousy building up), hence the surprise. I don’t know if I make sense here.. What I basically mean is that altho he didn’t kiss her because he was overwhelmed by an attraction to her (altho perhaps subconsciously) but because he was provoked and with a clear goal in mind. regardless, i felt like he still did it on impulse and was surprised by his own actions.
          anyways…. maybe ur right so im going back to rewatch the scene with ur opinion in mind… that’s a good excuse to rewatch it right? haha.

          • jackwon

            Yeah, I actually meant it was surprise from both, so I agree with both of you.
            SeungJo hadn’t really planned to kiss Hani, just get close enough to make her uncomfortable, but he was provoked by her comment because he secretly likes her attention and doesn’t want her to forget him, so on impulse he kissed her. Yes, it was deliberate and teasing, but afterwards, he was genuinely surprised that he had even bothered to go to such lengths just to win the argument with Hani, and further surprised by the unintentional effect the kiss had on him aka FEELINGS lol.
            That’s just how I read his facial reaction, but again, the shot was way too brief (wtf editor?). -_-;

    • 31.2 Hannah

      lol @ ”look at the scene several times to notice” – the work ethic dramas induce in us! 😛

      • 31.2.1 v

        lol.. trust me. no work involved here. ^^

  32. 32 CHshe

    Yay… Round 6!!

    I almost fell of my bed watching the series of chicken jacket gag!! Much much better! LOL, OHN is indeed employee of the month for letting customer taking their change from the cash drawer… It was EPIC! I wonder how KHJ control himself from laughing?

    Wew, their first kiss aka the teasing kiss… I keep watching it for few times… ^^ It’s like watching the anime again only better… ah I feel butterflies in my stomach… My fingers are tingling and my mouth is getting dry… Oooh I love the teasing kiss ^^ Well done PK!
    It’s not forceful like ISWAK, its rather delicate and sweet… OHN is really lucky!!

    I’m loving BSJ new hair (I guess any hairdos will look good on him; except for the bald one I’d seen in one of their promos, that is a No-no, hahaha!!)

    • 32.1 Sunny

      Haha, me too. I actually teared up because I was laughing so hard. I would love to see the outtakes from those scenes! I was so impressed that KHJ acted his part really well! haha but then again, I think that just goes to show how low my expectations were of him. but yeah, I must still give him credit for massive improvement! :)

      I liked the sweetness of the kiss, too~. It worked well esp with Hani’s sweet character. Although I am excited for Hyunjoong to show a more aggressive sexual side, too~!! 😀

      • 32.1.1 CHshe

        Hehe tune in for more kisses^^

        KHJ does improve, a lot I think, he makes BSJ totally him!!
        I dont know much about acting, but the most difficult acting is to make ppl laugh, so hands down to JSM for making me LMAO and KHJ for his superb reaction, totally a match made in heaven hehe

  33. 33 jo

    thanks for the recap, girlfriday! i hear you, i feel like i’m my own PK cheering squad these days, willing my friends (and everyone else really) to watch it despite their initial disappointment over ep 1, silently cheering “you can do it, show! i know you can!”.

    i still love this drama so much that it hurts but at the same time i also really, really want it to do better. because i know that i can do better and we saw that on ep 5. sigh indeed.

    but i’m not giving up just yet. here’s to hoping that we’ll have a more cohesive and tight storyline in their college years.

    on a shallow note, i am totally loving seung jo’s crazy hair. it makes him less perfect and more edgy. a look that reminds me of this hot guy in art school that i used to have a crush on. 😛

  34. 34 secretflavors

    No matter what you guys say, I’ll be honest.
    I don’t like either of the characters’ acting or looks.
    Yeah yeah sure…Kim Hyun Joong is a flower-boy but I don’t see a charisma in him that the character Seung Jo demands.

    • 34.1 facetious

      Well, he’s not supposed to be a very charismatic person. He’s a social-life-less genius that doesn’t know the meaning of fun, and I think Kim Hyun Joong pulls that off alright.

      • 34.1.1 cjmfan

        i agree!

        PK fighting!

      • 34.1.2 Sunny

        yup yup

  35. 35 anonymous

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    • 35.1 CHshe

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      • 35.1.1 Annony


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  37. 37 Diadda

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    Java and Girlfriday I salute your perseverance in all things!

  38. 38 rahrahrah

    This show is so jumpy!
    I love it for its extreme cuteness, but I don’t understand a lot of the editing choices. Example: Hani’s broken leg was healed within two, three days? We saw it for about 40 seconds onscreen before she was completely healthy again.

    And they went to university the day after they graduated? Obviously there was a space in between, for everyone to glam up and get new hairstyles, so I’m wondering why the directors didn’t just address it with: One Month Later… or something. It’s confusing.

    That said, PK is as cute as ever.

    • 38.1 Diadda

      While I haven’t seen all the episodes I have seen the last two. The first 6 episodes while it might not be clear to everyone who hasn’t seen the other versions takes place over the course of 15-18 months.

      The show is designed to only show the most important snippets of, or romantic high points of the main couple. We are going to have more flashes forward in time, lots of them. And they most likely won’t give us notice for how much time passed.

    • 38.2 Laica

      I agree, they could have done a MUCH better job expressing the passage of time. Even if it was something as basic as stating how much time has passed at the bottom of the screen.

      • 38.2.1 facetious


    • 38.3 Hannah

      Yeah, it’s like growing up ff-ed or something idk – weirdest editing ever because everything else is so good!

  39. 39 asianromance

    Girlfriday, thanks for the recap! love the screencap of Seung-jo’s face when Ha-ni fell on him!

    I can’t believe a year has gone by already! It felt like only like 2 months! And the first episode was like 2 days! So that means episodes 2-5 were about months?! I can understand why episode 6 seems so rushed and fast- I know, in the US, usually there is a 2-3 month summer break between graduation and college. But don’t koreans not have that break? Like their academic year ends at the beginning of spring and then the next academic year year begins a week or two later?

    And yikes, Lee Shi-young looks more like a cougar professor with her being so much taller than JSM.

    • 39.1 ~Autumn~

      lol she does! i wonder how she ended up in the same class as SeungJo, i mean she’s obviously not a first-year…a repeat maybe?

      • 39.1.1 Nars

        Most college classes can be taken any year, its more about fulfilling requirements. I mean… I don’t know much about korean colleges, but the AP system in the US lets you bypass most GE’s. He could be in an advanced level course.

        Lol, that probably went into too much detail.

  40. 40 sunshine

    In my books, he’s rat bastard x10 and seems like he’s going to stay that way for a while.

    • 40.1 Nars

      Not to be all “blaming the poor girl who has a huge crush”-ey, but I wish she would develop a backbone. Dude is being a jerk. Consistently.

      • 40.1.1 Mars

        Nars, Mars! *snicker* Anyway, definitely agreed.

        She needs to get a clue. The wrist grab! I hate when heroines have their physical agency taken away. Yeah, sure, the kiss was cute but what led up to the kiss deserved a slap.

  41. 41 imaddictedtoyou

    omg!!! the kiss part was so funny and mean in the same time. he kissed her just to prove that she cant never ever get over him as easy as she said. if that kind of kiss ever happen to me and the guy say “Try to forget me now” i’ll be extremely pissed because i cant! damn it! hahahahhahahaahaha!

  42. 42 meteorflower

    thanks for the recap, keep it up

    my favorite part

    how can you be such an ass and so cute at the same time? It hurts my brain

    yes can’t figure it out also

  43. 43 arhe

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  44. 44 SadieStarr

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    come on..!!! &mean girl 2.0 is well intersting..but i hope she isnt toooo bitchy..if u kno what i mean.. like Yoo He Yi or something.

  45. 45 Bloop

    The thing is, that this is actually the start or realization of HIM liking HER. It’s like that in the manga…that’s why it’s called It Started With a Kiss. It’s actually a very important scene cause it shows the audience that the male lead also has feelings for the female lead. In the manga, the main guy actually falls for the main girl very early on…it’s just he doesn’t acknowledge it himself as of yet…he didn’t actually kiss her to make fun of her..he kisses her to make sure she doesn’t ever forget him…the boy knows how to keep her holding onto him and he totally uses it to his advantage…

    • 45.1 reverie

      everytime she want to gave up on him, he always make sure she can;t (meannie).

    • 45.2 rainyrainy

      yes exactly my thought about the kiss , he wanted her not to forget him and her love for him becoz he wants and needs her to be in love with him since he also loves her but still didn’t realize it yet

  46. 46 Laica

    Thanks for the recap!

    Despite its flaws, I look forward to this show every week and watch it raw, which is not something I usually do. I don’t know if it’s because I was a fan of ISWAK and so I know the story, or if it’s just the cuteness that has got me hooked.

    I love how it brings back that love-hate relationship we often had with our crushes as teenage girls. Like that feeling of liking someone against your better judgment, liking him even though he’s a jerk and he teases you, and yet being unable to get rid of the thrill that results from him noticing you and talking to you. Ha-ni portrays it all perfectly, often without words. I love her.

    • 46.1 Yan

      I watch it raw too but because it is close to the comic book & I don’t need subs to understand the plot!

  47. 47 wulan

    GF and JB, thanks so much for recapping the series, I really enjoy reading your insights.

    I just hope the ratings will go up now that BK has already finished.

  48. 48 Ladymoonstone143

    Thanks so much for the recap Girlfriday…

    I am loving PK so much and this episode rocks with the “kiss”. The kiss is just perfect because it is Ha Ni’s first…just a tender, sweet kiss…lol

    Looking forward to next week and I hope Ha Ni will not suffer too much in college…:((

    Thanks again…

  49. 49 dit

    Yeah, I agree with you. I thought episode 5 was really good in terms of build up, but episode 6 was pretty messy, like we’re back to episode 1 again. I hope that this is merely a one time dip, otherwise, I can’t stomach 10 episodes of episode 1 quality.

  50. 50 missmanderley

    hmmm how did Lee Siyoung manage to look so much older? maybe because of the weight loss… she looked totally teenagery when she was in BOF.

  51. 51 bjharm

    well I am glad would be girlfriend mark 2 has turned up, the first version was more of a joke than a danger, this one is very much a woman not a girl and thus much more dangerous.
    In the TW version the two high school girls teamed up when the third girl appeared. One of the funniest things I have ever seen was the pair of them coming up with a way to breakup the new girl and their crush..by using a ekky bug to scare her..and it falls down and guess who swallows it..I almost died laughing, I do hope they keep that scene in some manner in the Korean version.:-)

    • 51.1 CHshe

      Yeah I hope they keep that storyline too.. It will be EPIC if so ^^

  52. 52 Anonymous

    Seung-jo perm: still undecided…

    Seung-jo’s mom: best mother-in-law in kdrama land

    • 52.1 facetious

      Seung-jo perm: laughably ridiculous.

      Seung-jo’s mom: Absitively posolutely.

      • 52.1.1 Jenny

        “Absitively posolutely”

        Lol love it!

        • facetious

          😀 Yeah, pretty fantabuously splenderifous term. ^_^

    • 52.2 Hannah

      I know right, it’s like the greatest love story ever between a mother-in-law and daughter ♥~~

      • 52.2.1 reverie

        ha..ha.ha.. first time ever, love your comment

  53. 53 Ashley

    That was possibly the most enjoyable hour of television I had spent in a LONG time, and reading this recap has helped me live the experience again. I’m so sad that online viewers don’t count for anything in terms of ratings, because this show would be doing MUCH better if they did.

    By the way, the mother is the BEST character, hands down. Ha Ni cannot move out of that house because I would CRY if we saw less of the mother.

    • 53.1 anicasreign

      Ditto! I want more angst from SJ when she leaves. The mom should really lay it on him thick. Let’s see KHJ’s suffer in silence face. =P

  54. 54 Flower Pot

    Thanks so much girlfriday and javabeans for your recaps… You truly make my PK viewing experience more enjoyable and i’m glad you are enjoying the series as much as we do despite its shortcomings…

    Personally, i think that PK is not bereft of conflicts altogether… It might be small conflicts but it is present in the story… After all, what can be more pressing in the reality based life of Seung Jo and Ha Ni during their transition from teenager to adults than than that of how ones future can be like or where life is heading after high school or how one will go through parent angst and when one’s teenage crush will blossom into full on true love?

    Watching PK and more specifically Hani and Seung Jo sometimes reminds me of my own struggles as a high school kid going into adulthood… of a time when my future seems murky and unsure and of how when i get to college that is the only time that slowly i felt the rest of my life taking shape right before my very eyes just like what’s happening to them right now…

    The only difference is i don’t have a champion like Mama Baek by my side… She is truly a winner in every sense of the word as Ha Ni’s guardian angel come to life and man DO I LOVE HER!

    Seriously Junpyo’s omma from BOF should learn a thing or two from her!

    Ha Ni’s determination really knows no bounds and i guess it is that sunny attitude that is rubbing off on Seung Jo in every way possible… I guess the greatest praise that he had ever given her ever since he first knew of his existence was
    that speech he gave out during the graduation wherein he indirectly admitted that her words influenced him…

    I found myself laughing out loud not one too many times over in this episode…

    That jacket of Ha Ni’s and the story sorrounding it was hilarious!

    As for her imagination? I so feel ya girl! Because if my crush was as Hot as Seung Jo? I will be dozing off to dreamland with him in it too for most of my waking days…

    The storytelling for PK is laidback and languid at most but i don’t find myself getting bored… Far from it…

    Instead, i look forward to every change in Seung Jo’s facial expression that gives me a hint about his warming feelings towards Ha Ni and i also anticipate Ha Ni’s look of surprise whenever Seung Jo does something totally unexpected…

    One thing is for sure though… Seung Jo might be all cold but man… HE DOES COLD SO HOTLY!

    That pama and crazy hairstyle change can not do anything to ruin his good looks and if curly hair does not make anyone less hotter? Then it’s a testament that he is HOT in every sense of the word… (Again, hate to compare but does the name Goo Junpyo ring a bell?)

    (Someone on viikii said HJ looks like an Asian Peter Pan with that hair and i am so loving that description!)

    As Yoon Hae Ra comes into the picture, i can totally feel for Ha Ni… Her rival is not out of the ordinary and even if a girl is not insecure but if competition is like that? Man, it would really make you feel inferior at one point or the other…

    I literally went dun dun dun dun when her demeanor changed towards Ha Ni from their first meeting when she was so pleasant and when she suddenly became beeyatchy when she knew that Ha Ni was competition for Seung Jo… If that look that she threw Ha Ni at the end is not a declaration of war i don’t know what is…)

    Oh, Ha Ni believe me… Your hell has just started because Hae Ra will make your heart ache like it had never ached before in the past… But don’t despair… In the end, as the beatitudes say… blessed are those who are patient for they will inherit the earth…

    Well… I’m just saying…

    I have saved the best part for last but OMONAAAAAAAAA… that kiss was merely a lip press but why did it feel so HOT to me?

    i guess it’s the circumstance sorrounding it… the build up of the tension plus Ha Ni’s mouth saying something else when her heart feels other wise and Seung Jo’s angry reaction towards it… (hehehe! You just can’t let her forget you, right, Baek Seung Jo?)

    I literally jumped up and down with giddiness from my seat during that part and i literally felt my world stop turning…

    Perhaps it is because i imagine how it would feel like to be in Ha Ni’s shoes that’s why my reactions are a tad too over the top…hahaha!

    (I swear my heart raced so much i felt as if it was me that he was leaning over on!)

    And that last part when he said Merong instead of sticking his tongue out?

    OH SOOOOOOOOOO MANLY! I love that twist… it made him look mature and sooooooo much more crush-able right at that very moment…

    (One more thing… i never thought i’d find more reasons to love Hyun Joong but can i just get this out in the open? His speaking voice is soooooo darned sexy it makes me want to jump him!)

    As the story of PK progress, HaNi and Seung Jo’s problems slowly grow along with them… Ratings be damned but honestly, i am loving this show too much to even give a frickin A!

    Let the next episode begin MBC! Thursdays can’t come soon enough and though i hate you for just giving us 16 episodes from 20, i still love you for giving me this drama that now feeds my addiction like its crack!

    • 54.1 hahaha

      love reading your comments!
      into details and… just love it! :)

    • 54.2 CHshe

      I’m sooo agree with you… we’re on the same page on every level…

      I would say that I grew up enjoying INK (the J-dorama, manga n anime), ISWAK and now I get to watch again with PK… I dont know why, I still anticipate into watching this show, knowing what’s going to happen next…

      It has that fulfillment feeling in your stomach and I keep getting hungry for more… Especially when the 2 leads are extremely adorable.

      PK Fighting!

    • 54.3 anicasreign

      Probably one of the best reviews I’ve read to date. I agree with everything you said. I feel the exact same way. SJ’s already so in love, but because of his high IQ his emotions are pretty much null and void. HaNi is truly a savior to him and I’m starting to see that he’s slowly grasping that fact. He’s just so darn cold it burns me from the inside out. WOO!
      PK fighting!

    • 54.4 Ladymoonstone143

      Enjoyed reading your comments…can’t express my feelings more than what you wrote. today is Monday…2 more days and PK time again..:)

  55. 55 sansukini

    thanx for the recap. I’m not watching PK right now but i’m so enjoying your recaps. Sadly, i think this is as far as I go with PK. I really can’t find the will to watch this after I’ve seen the first episode.

    I loove ISWAK and yah the story seemed slow sometimes but I found a lot of enjoyable moments there. One of which is my favorite scene in ISWAK, when they kissed. I must have rewatched that scene over and over because I love how they both reacted over the kiss. i still find a lot of similarities between this and ISWAK so I’m not really tempted yet to watch this, and i’m really enjoying MGIAG and SKKS right now so maybe later when i don’t have anything to watch, I might see PK> But for now, I’m satisfied with just reading the recaps.

    • 55.1 Jenny

      Honestly? I went over to youtube right after watching this episode to see what the big deal was with the TW kiss and I was really disappointed. The TW kiss was so awkward. The PK kiss was actually quite sweet in comparison.

      Plus, how am I supposed to like the TW lead male? His hair looks like an ahjumma’s. Sooo NOT sexy!

      • 55.1.1 hahaha

        me too! I got to youtube it out and was really disappointed. Especially when the boy sticked out his tougue!!??!!

        • justkat

          Hehe…me too. I was expecting alot of er..movement..but it was really just lips touching too.

          Maybe because it was out of context…but I didn’t see why that kiss was so memorable.

  56. 56 Dara

    While listening to the Air Supply, “… I know I’ll be the one to lose if I ‘m so wrong…don’t be afraid to put your heart on the line…”

    OK, PK, I did put out my left and almost my right foot to jump off you ship, I came back in because of ep5 and now ep6 totally sealed the deal, I’ll be with you all the way!

    I loved both 5-6 eps, entertaining and lots of laugh too. Ha-ni’s chicken gag had me cracked so hard. But what I loved most was SJ, I found KHJ’s SJ very interesting and want to see how he will develop his character to the end.

    Ha-ni was good and cute but then I became bored, no significant change whereas SJ just kept changing and getting better. I like KHJ’s SJ more now and I think he’s starting to hold his own, good diversions from the original too. I hope he will not give up and try harder (my permed Peter Pan).

    Little things I didn’t like was the editings, some scenes should stay longer, some should cut it shorter and the lighting too, is it only me? I found some scene a bit too dark and hard to see. I feel the director is trying to do too many things at once, beauty as ‘Goong’, cool as ‘BOF’, crazy comic feels as J-manga. Well, gotta trust the man and hope at the end it will work and hold its own. (Request again, Mr. director cut short those dreaming scenes, make it precise!)

    Thanks you quys, GF and JB.

  57. 57 mellowyel

    okay, so this show may win me over with cuteness. i may start watching it only to get warm fuzzy feelings inside. is this shallow of me?

  58. 58 princess sarah

    the kiss… was… argghh.. so lovely!! :)) i love it when guys get jealous especially seung jo. hahahah!! XD made my day soo much. :)

  59. 59 Jenny

    For me that kiss was a huge let down, I kind of expected to be as passionate as in the tw version where they are fighting(that was really intense acting from Joe and Ariel). Now it was cute kiss though but it didn’t make mo squeel.

    • 59.1 bjharm

      I have a felling you not going to get much in the way of heavy drama [acting] in this version. The lead guy could not deliver it for a start, so they being smart keeping it very light.

  60. 60 princess sarah

    oh by the way, seung jo’s permed hair made say “what the?”.. somehow he looks good with it. XD

  61. 61 luraaa

    Wow. One look at Seung Jo aka KHJ and this is the first thought that came to my mind: MOTOHARU YANO?! What on earth are you doing here in Itazura na Kiss?

    Okay, that didn’t make sense. Yano’s a Bokura Ga Ita character, a manga that never seems to run out of conflicts that it’s turning out to be a classic Kdrama.

    I’m still not sold on this show and I prefer just reading the awesome recaps which is more enjoyable for me.

    • 61.1 CHshe

      U should watch this episode ^^
      Especially the chicken jacket gag part, LMAO
      It wont be a waste of your time

  62. 62 angskeet

    WTF!!! Why did they give him a effin perm! it looks like my dog Chu Chu’s hair..Come on! leave the man alone and let his hair be. Am I the only one who thinks his perm sucks?

  63. 63 dennreed22

    Thanks for the recap. I watched the old Japanese live action and the anime. I love the anime better.

    It is a good thing that they stay faithful to the storyline and I like both lead characters; the mom, oh how I love the mom and Ha-ni’s dad.

    Could someone please tell the production team that whoever advised them to give Seung jo a perm like that, really made a BIG MISTAKE. It absolutely made him look like a handsome dork. It didn’t give him a mature look that they hope to give him. The girls’ gradual transformation is all right.

  64. 64 angskeet

    I AM DEFINITELY RANTING ON KIM HYUN JOONG’S PERM!!! cause it sucks. we love asian’s straight hair not some ugly ass perm

    • 64.1 Jenny

      What’s with the nasty haircut?

      THIS is how Kim Hyun Joong does the sexy perm>>>>>>



      I would jump sexy perm any day!

      • 64.1.1 Annony

        Those are actually my fave pics of him.
        Love him with toussled hair, probably wht I loved him in WGM so much, with long(ish) hair. Fodder for you to just reach out and move it away from his face.

      • 64.1.2 Annony

        Btw, I’m an asian with curly hair! I did the straightening but found after a while I loved my textures better than the sleek. XD It gives me more character, spunk.


  65. 65 Q

    Good looking people get away with so much; seriously, if BSJ wasn’t hot, I would just hate him for being a meanie :<. It's like he has the EQ of a four year old and the only way for him to express his feelings is to pull her hair and call her names. And his hair is … Yea … Better than the first BOF haircut anyway. Thanks for the caps!

    • 65.1 Alyssa

      hehe yup hyun joong can get away with it but i love it! i don’t think he’s as mean as joe from the taiwanese version though! not trying to compare cause i love both guys! <3

    • 65.2 Ashley

      I agree. If he wasn’t so darn pretty we’d all be screaming at him to get over himself, and at least he didn’t grow his hair out to be frighteningly feminine again.

      • 65.2.1 Q

        We’re just shallow like that ~_~ sigh.

      • 65.2.2 Annony

        I happen to like his long hair! Color and length at the end of WGM (or I like it long but tied up) but not the color and style of the beginning of BoF. That was cringe worthy.

  66. 66 Faith

    I just hope that it will remain a 20 epsiode serial and not reduced to 16 episodes due to low ratings.

    Love it so, darn cute and adorable to the core.

  67. 67 last_thread

    i kind of expected the quick time leaps cos the taiwan version did it too. within episodes even. one minute they were in school and suddenly! hey look, its summer vacation. and just as quickly, school’s back in session. but yeah, i figured theyd either be cutting a lot of things out or just moving more quickly, especially since this is 16 episodes (itd be like this even when it was thought to be 20) episodes…

    heheh.. i know we’re not doing the comparison thing anymore, lol. sorry:)

  68. 68 Athene121

    Don’t forget — Seung Jo still needs to figure out what he’s going to do with his life and career, so there is still that arch. And he needs to grow up and accept his feelings for Hani! Those two major arc storylines can be just one intertwined thread pushing the plot towards the future destination. C’mon Seung Jo — you can do it! Poor robot. He’s just an extraordinary person wishing to be ordinary. That’s got to be as hard to accomplish as for someone ordinary to become extraordinary. Or maybe not so hard. :)

  69. 69 sarangf

    PK is very real.i feel like i meet again with my high school self.everything happened so far in the show i experience it at least once, dont you?. that why i love this show.

  70. 70 Lala

    And again another reason why I love this version. The kiss was perfect for the scene..I hated that one in taiwan version because it was too forceful..

    • 70.1 CHshe

      100% Agree!!

    • 70.2 Mia

      Yeap! 100% agree!
      It’s just right for the first, young kiss.

  71. 71 Athene121

    Also, I was trying to figure out why the kiss set up was bothering me (and, no, t’s not because the TW version was better or anything).

    I think it’s because of poor editing. I wasn’t sure *why* Seung Jo even grabbed her outside and then kissed her. But now I think it’s becauiytse he was jealous of Duckie and Hani. So since he was in troubled mood after Duckie’s song, he decides to pick on Hani. And then even takes it further and kisses her to make sure she’ll *never* think of anyone else other than him. So it was all about Duckie and jealousy! :)
    Ok, I think I’m ok with the kiss now.
    Btw… Duckie? Yeah, I’ll just go with that.

    • 71.1 CHshe

      IMO its not about jealousy at all…

      The Duckie play part in helping to initiate the insulting scene by BSJ which then lead to photo revelation by OHN…

      At this point BSJ seemed to have lost his battle against OHN, so he leans in, testing, further intrigue by OHN declaration to forget him, he goes further for the ultimate move which would shut OHN down… the teasing kiss…

      In his logic senses perhaps, the kiss wont matter to him, but from his reaction, little does he know, he felt something but being a jerk as he always been, he kept his posture and continue being mean to OHN

      But that’s me ^^

      • 71.1.1 anicasreign


      • 71.1.2 linkyo

        for me, and this is a very assuming thinking (and a quite angsty and a lil bit darkening Seung Joo’s character), that actually, Seung Joo didn’t intend to kiss Ha-Ni at the first time. But because Ha Ni vowed to forget him, that’s why he’s kinda “insulted” as in…. He is the ever perfect guy in school, where he get everybody’s attention without doing anything. So here, there’s this girl who he knows to be head-over-heal toward him (and that’s normally what every girls at the school did) but she VOWED TO FORGET HIM? Heh, I think his pride was kinda insulted. Hence, he kissed her to prove himself that “I will get her reaction as what it should be–Nobody can every forget me”.

  72. 72 Purpleclouds

    The show is cooking pretty good. I wished it was 25 eps. Isn’t he so bad/good! She’s so cute! Again, I really like this show.

  73. 73 roxyelias

    the story is really going strong !!!!!!!!!!!! i can´t wait to see the jelous :)

  74. 74 Faith

    It was announced to be a 20 episode serial isn’t it? I hope it will still be 20 episodes.

  75. 75 sorcente

    i like the perm hair.. because from the beginning i didnt like the straight girlish hair.. so it’s a good change.

    also i was actually scared by the new female rival! i mean she looks so confident :O

    by the way i just dont have any interest in hani’s friends’ stories.. i push myself not to have any prejudice and keep on watching but no 😀 i barely watch it for Hani.

    and whats making me reallllly angry that whenever the friend of hani begins to shout ” HANIIII, OH HA NIIII” to take the attention of BSJ! what the???? i mean are you a 4 year old kid???? wwe dont even do that in middle school! arrrghhhh i hope she stops doing that because she ruins and breaks into small pieces the reputation of Hani i think….

    anyways good episode :)

  76. 76 DiOnIsSa

    Hi :)

    Thank you, girlfriday for wonderful recap! Always like reading them! And, Dramabeans, I totally in love with you! LOL)))))

    Bloop and Athene 121, guys, I’m completely with you. I really enjoyed ep. 6 cuz namely here the story itself has fully begun!
    The name of the manga/anime/TW/JP and Korean version is “Playful kiss”, that means that the story of main characters relationship began namely after the kiss shown us in the last episode! What I want to say was almost clearly expressed by Bloop! This kiss is extremely important cuz it was the 1st time when BS’s actions were not entirely dictated by the “pampering” if we can say so… That was the 1st time when he almost completely acted under the influence of his emotions and feelings rather than mind! He was really hooked by her words about forgetting him forever and get angry cux deep inside his soul he doesn’t want her to forget him! It means that there are alreade feelings to her inside of him! SO, GAME ON!!! The story finally recieved the plot and some sort of tension (though, tiny). The main thing now is to show it properly! Mr. Director, I’m relying on you!

    As for the new girl, I just wanna tell that she’s not that evil like she may seemed to you! Further, you’ll see, why I was telling that (if only koreans won’t change her character somehow…)

    As for the directing of this episode, I can agree that there were shortcomings, especially, after the day of graduation when they went to Uni the following day! Or I didn’t get something…HEY!!! But what about the holiday?! I know, it doesn’t affect the plot, however, looks a bit incorrect…And I don’t like BS’s curl hair! I just think that it doesn’t suit his character!

    Duckie, oh, duckie, you really make our SG jealous))) I love you for that and, at the same time, I’m sorry for you! You try so hard but it won’t work, anyways…But, don’t be worry, you’ll be happy then! His performance really made my day! Second Best scene after the kiss one!

    Oh, just a little bit about the kiss…The scene was great and so close to anime version! It was mean but, at the same time, very tender and sweet kiss! And actors did great in performance here, so, I give them 5 stars! They could show a sense of eyes! And BSJ was so hot and tender here, oh my…)))) SORRY, SORRY AND SORRY FOR THE LAST COMPARISON EVER WITH ISWAK! but I didn’t like that kiss cuz I didn’t felt a lot of feelings there, it was just rude and dry…(just my opinion)

    Looking forward for the next episode and for the next recap, of course :)

    And, I still love the Mom, best Mom ever!!!!!

  77. 77 Dory

    I like sj’s perm, makes him look mature. As for the rival, reminds me of those girls at uni… Definitely not a good sign for hani.

  78. 78 justine

    it’s irritatingly cute how Ju-ri shouts Ha-ni’s name to get Seung-jo’s attention.

  79. 79 ednacutie

    thanks for the recap JB and GF! the ‘perm’ debate had me cracking up! LOL! and the kiss..*SIGH* brings back the memories…one of the reasons why a lot of us are hooked on kdramas! 😀

  80. 80 cha

    will they be married in the series like the taiwan version?

  81. 81 Dara

    I actually liked the kiss in all version I saw. All were good in their own and according to the story, it supposes to be a tease not a hot kiss. I think KHJ pulled that well.

    Hope they won’t cut it less than 16 eps, want to keep the Korean DVD along side with other versions.

  82. 82 Mona

    “She looks up at him, horrified, as he smiles devilishly like the bastard that he is. Haha.”

    I LOVE this line! It reminds of my boyfriend, he’s such a bastard but in a really good way 😉

  83. 83 bumpkin

    Thanks for the recap GF! As for the perm, I still have to think about it if I like it or not.

    I looove SJ’s anger in this episode.

    I find that SJ turns to anger to mask the other feelings that he doesn’t like or cannot understand. It’s like trying to suppress a faucet with your hand. SJ, you can only do that for some time. Eventually you will lose. (and finally realize that you actually like the girl you claim to hate!!!)

    I know we are not supposed to compare the versions but I’m sorry. TW version wins the kiss scene for me.

    And so the wait for the new episodes begins…. Thanks again GF for your recap!

  84. 84 shin mi rae

    i love adorable ha-ni since episode 1. i never thought it is possible to love her more but after episode 6, i love her even more. she reminds me of how it was and how good it felt… one look, one smile, one word, one sentence… all those little things from your crush that can send you to seventh heaven or brings your world to a crushing end..

    in that scene when ha-ni was so happy because baek sung jo chooses to go to Parang University – her dance of joy, her giddish giggling reaction up and down the sofa – sung jo min just scored a perfect 10 for me. her acting is so perfect that at the end of the scene i thought “that is me”.. then again that is all girls who were at that age reacting to a little bit of something our crush did. why is it perfect? because i little bit more giggle or dance or jump and it would have been painfully irritating.

    and jb.. you are so right about the morning after… the awkwardness, the uncertainty, the happiness……. are the writers and PD females??? how can they know all these things to a T????

    how about that kiss… i love how they encapsulate the story behind the first kiss… ha-ni was angry enough to tell sung jo that she will forget him… well how was that for a reply… a kiss to forget him by….

    im loving this drama. very few dramas get the emotions right….. made me miss those days when we were young and untainted…..

    • 84.1 justkat

      I’ve been agreeing w/all your comments.

      • 84.1.1 shin mi rae


        im so loving this drama. im so loving the exchange here.

  85. 85 ccricket

    Gah, I hoped that he was able to go to the interview and still chose to go to Parang U. Tch.

    More than the kiss, I loved the parts when Hani had her hoodie zipped up. Kills me. First time that the show made me really laugh.

  86. 86 dramas4ever

    In some ways I wish the 2nd new girl wasn’t so hot, urgh… I am cringing for Oh Ha-Ni. I don’t mean to compare ISWAK but Tiffany Wu seems so harmless compared to this new one, I loved all the comedy that occurred between them all. I can’t imagine this new girl being a part of it. :(

  87. 87 justkat

    Thank you.

    The kiss was sweet…very kdrama kiss…but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

    The hair…yamapi?…though I think KHJ’s looks better…Pi’s hair looked so greezy.

    Loved the randomness of the chicken hoodie scenes and the look on BSJ’s face when confronted the second time. hehe…he’s being stalked by a chicken…kinda scary really.

    Best mom ever! I loved her objection at the graduation.

    Noone has yet mentioned the random “glee” moment in the classroom when the girls were singing. I don’t know why, but I just loved it. It just felt so fun. OHN has the best girlfriends.

    • 87.1 shin mi rae

      you made me LOL with the “being stalked by a chicken” comment.

      all those chicken hoodies comment made me LOL. and it was midnight where i was…. i sounded like a crazy person laughing in the dead of the night.

  88. 88 sunshine

    lol for GF and JB’s comments about Seung Jo’s hair. I don’t realized it at first but many people said that his hair look like Yamapi’s hair in Buzzer Beat. Even though I don’t really like Seung Jo new hair but at least the hair style is not really worse like Goo Jun Pyo’s hairstyle :)

  89. 89 Ami

    *Gah, how can you be such an ass and so cute at the same time? It hurts my brain.*

    I know I’m probably biased coz I’m a KHJ fan.. but I’d like to think I totally get what you’re saying there. My worst fears about PK is that KHJ is gonna play Seung Jo so well I’m gonna be hating him by the end of the drama (like I hate his predecessors in the anime, j-version and TW-version) but so far I’m liking the k-version very much and KHJ plays Seung Jo with just the right mix to make me raise my fists several times at the monitor when he’s in his meaneuvering moods while still exclaiming “OMO..why r u so cute??” LOL

    I like the kiss too. I don’t want it to be more intense than the one delivered (like asked for by many netizens). It’s Seung Jo’s first kiss, he of the Robot Boy fame from your ep 5 recap.. so it’ll look weird if he’s suddenly lingering and nibbling like a pro, or zooms in for the kill and kisses her forcefully.. eeep. Forceful kisses bruise virginally tender lips, ok. Which also shows that even though BSJ is verbally mean towards Hani, he’s not physically abusive. I thought it’s sweet how he invades her space for many minutes, looks at her lips, touches them briefly with his and then leaves with a cynical parting remark. Trademark Baek Seung Jos style.. LOL

    I thought the impromptu karaoke session in the classroom was epic. Such a fun drama! Korean viewers are missing out on a tonne of saccharine when they decided to dump this show for some plot-heavy alternatives. Their loss.

    What course is Seung Jo pursuing? Does it say anywhere on the college acceptance letter? That lecture room doesn’t have a medical department feel to it. Is he not gonna be a doctor like his predecessors before him?

    Looking at Hani’s love rival.. maybe we’re not gonna have the Chris character in the k-version, esp with the shortened length of this drama. I think Yoon He-ra can deliver to us all the love conflicts we need in PK.. 😛

    • 89.1 CHshe

      Aww really I was looking forward for Chris arrival ^^
      The thought of OHN and Hae Ra spying was really intriguing… Oh about BSJ’s course, based on the application form it was shown empty, but he will be joining in Medical Department soon, after Eun-jo incident…

  90. 90 lavenderskye

    To put it simply, I love this drama! I do not care one bit about the low ratings, it won’t deter me from watching it.

    JSM & KHJ have such great chemistry and they’re so “adorable” together! So sad that they cut it down to 16 eps, but I’m still looking forward to seeing their university lives. (Btw, I haven’t read the manga (manhwa) or seen any other version, so I have nothing to compare it to…which is a good thing I think)

  91. 91 fromdblock

    the best episode so far… (because of the “playful kiss”! HAHA XD)…

    i’m just falling inlove with this drama more and more… and i commend F4 Jihoo for his acting…he’s just getting better and better 😉 (i always forget his real name, mianhae…)

    one thing though, i don’t think the ending was a good cliffhanger… just an opinion ^^

  92. 92 mojaslatka

    Is it because I haven’t seen the other versions except few epi from TW which didn’t interest me, that I really really enjoy this drama? I totally loved it especially this episode. This episode maybe a bit flat when it comes to the plot but I think this is importamt as a base for the development of the story. New school, new level, new challenges. And KHJ’s facial expressions here totally won over over. I really really doubted him when he was named as cast but now,I am really happy he is Seong Jo. But with the chicken-hood scenes especially the 2nd one, I loved his shocked,scared, confused expression seeing the chicken hood handing his chicken.HAHAHAHA.

    And the kiss, I loved it more than the famous TW one(sorry for comparing). PK’s one was genuinely playful but but it ended as a trigger for Seong Jo to give out a shocked expression(realization of reacting from emotion and not from brain) and it will also trigger for him to realize more of his feelings towards Ha ni.

    I love his mom so much. I wish all mother in law to be are like her.

    As always, JB and GF, thank you for giving us the joy in recapping this series. My salutes to you.

  93. 93 anonymous

    thanks for the recap GF! i enjoy many things in this episode, when seung jo told hani about parang (aww so sweet), the random glee moment (super!), the chicken hood (lol), the second-time chicken hood (lol^2!), the random head messager gift (where did that come from??!!), the wedding imagination (comeon, we’ve all been there), the perm (hotness alert!)… and the kiss…. @FlowerPot: I almost did a Tom Cruise too! LOL !

  94. 94 Khris

    i dont like seung-jo’s permed hair. :(

    • 94.1 facetious


      *high five*

  95. 95 shin mi rae

    so much talk about the permed hair….

    @ jb. i remember when you wrote about Brilliant Inheritance some time ago about Lee Seung Gi’s character. You wrote that you like the way the director uses his hair as a metaphor, how it went from curled messed up hair to straight and fixed, like how his life went from messed up to having directions. this time, baek seung jo’s hair maybe a metaphor on his “humanization”. like you said, he was a robot devoid of emotions. he himself said he does not know what fun is or how it feels to like someone or something. like his life, from being straight and limp to messed up and fun.

    did i ever say i love this drama???? can’t wait for wednesday.

  96. 96 wulanastasiaz

    i don’t like to seeing lee siyoung’s skeleton sexy body.. she’s too skinny.. and looks old too..

  97. 97 vie

    I agree with some posters here. Because I watched the Taiwanese version I thought that kiss was much more powerful – in that SeungJo’s character didn’t realize what he was doing – it was something he had done impulsively…reacting to his own emotions. And on Joe Cheng’s face – you could see his own confusion in kissing her and childish reaction.

    In this version – he’s doing on purpose…the intention of kissing her really makes it much less romantic.

  98. 98 Anonymous

    the meaner girl is ridiculously pretty i might i enjoy her meaness unlike other mean characters in the past . Seungjo hasn’t won me over yet , i know his supposed to be cold and mean but what about the tiny moments all mean guys have that the audience have to go .. OH ! his not THAT bad . i think this show is good in it’s own way , i wish it had better ratings . i LOVED crazy hair boy in this episode , first time . he should take the satoori down a notch it makes it harder for me to like him .

  99. 99 yoomirae

    the meaner girl is ridiculously pretty i might i enjoy her meaness unlike other mean characters in the past . Seungjo hasn’t won me over yet , i know his supposed to be cold and mean but what about the tiny moments all mean guys have that the audience have to go .. OH ! his not THAT bad . i think this show is good in it’s own way , i wish it had better ratings . i LOVED crazy hair boy in this episode , first time . he should take the satoori down a notch it makes it harder for me to like him .

  100. 100 odess

    “You walk a dangerously fine line between rat bastard and swoon-worthy dreamboat, but I suppose we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

    Oh yes, we wouldn’t have it any other way. For the exact same reason that we love our mean and brooding Byronic heroes… remember Rochester, Mr. Darcy, Heathcliff? In fact, the dynamic between Hani and Seung-jo reminds me of Jane Eyre, though Jane and Rochester were not as easy on the eyes as our SJ and HN, but the interaction is very similar – girl is forced to live in boy’s house so he is already in the position of power, boy is aware of girl’s feelings for him and boy uses it to his advantage all the time.

    Though SJ is not quiet as devious or as manipulative as Rochester (and his antics are more like a Gilbert Blythe hair-pulling variety :P), the alley kiss reminds me of the part when Rochester told Jane that he is getting married to someone else, thus forcing Jane to admit her feelings for him only to be told later that he it was her that he wanted to marry and not the other woman. The same deliberate taunting that SJ did to HN in that kiss and the “try to forget me now” remark at the end.

    And holy smokes, did I just really compare Playful Kiss to Jane Eyre?!!! I must be more addicted to this drama than I thought. Yikes.

    Thanks JB and GF! I really enjoyed the discussion about Seung-jo’s bedhead, by the way. *silly grin*

    • 100.1 Annony

      that comparison just kick-started my addled brain. thank you for that, now I can focus on my writing assignment. For real.

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