Lee Hyun-woo gets Footloose
by | December 2, 2010 | 39 Comments

Child-actor-turned-budding-adolescent-actor Lee Hyun-woo is expanding his acting scope and taking to the stage for a musical production of Footloose, where he’ll play the leading role of Ren, famously played by Kevin Bacon in the original movie. The character’s a city boy who moves to a small town that has banned dancing and rock ‘n roll. Naturally, he shakes things up a little.

Lee Hyun-woo has been building up his resume playing child roles in a number of large-scale productions over the past several years, such as Legend, Great King Sejong, Return of Iljimae, and Queen Seon-deok. But you may remember him best as the cute and loyal Chan-doo in God of Study, where he showed some of his dance skills — which’ll no doubt serve him well in Footloose — as well as a warm, empathetic appeal.

Although just 17, Lee has been making more of an impression with every role, and I have found him adorable AND charismatic in his roles. A deadly combination for the noonas. He’s one to watch in the future, for sure.

Lee will also be seen in the baseball movie G-Love, which I mentioned in the past when it cast Kim Hye-sung alongside Jung Jae-yong.

Footloose will run from December 10 through February 6.

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39 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. j

    hes so adorable I looved him in God of Study.

    • 1.1 pabo ceo reom

      Although I didn’t finish the drama, he was my favorite kid in GoS.

  2. Nokcha

    Glad to see this kid making it. Sometimes as the child actors grow, they grow out of their sweet looks. He’s growing up nicely!

  3. Cheery

    He’s cute ^^

  4. suz

    cute cute! he kind of looks like someone….can’t put my finger on it though heh

    i just kind of am starting a fashion photoblog.
    check it out if you guys wantt :]

    • 4.1 Amg1

      He looks like the kid version of “Yoo Ah In (Moon Jae Shin)”!!

      • 4.1.1 memei

        Like Yoo Ah In? Okay, that’s it. Hide this kid. The noonas are coming.

        Expecto patronum! (Haha, to ward off all the noonas that will take his innocence away!)

  5. kerik

    Ah…Cheoro. The gorgeousness of them in Legend.

  6. leonardswench

    Awww … he’s so cute!!!

  7. aisuo415

    This article just made this noona very happy indeed.

  8. Stephanie

    Is Secret Garden starting a trend? That is one glittery sweater.

  9. hjkomo

    Lee Hyun Woo – three months older than Yoo Seung Ho.
    One’s a cutie you’d want to adopt, while the other…is cause for you to go straight to hell… 😉

    • 9.1 girlfriday

      Ahahahahaaa! That’s just WRONG!


      • 9.1.1 hjkomo

        Hmpf…are you watching Flames of Ambition???
        Yeah, I’m burning in a special circle of hell, but I’m sure I’m NOT ALONE. >.<

    • 9.2 Severine

      Hahahaha, this comment made my day! If that kind of thinking will send one to hell, then there’s probably an entire circle of hell just for dramabeans readers. 😉

    • 9.3 serenity56

      oh yeah… i actually have the same thought, oh my..

    • 9.4 belleza

      Best. Comment. Evar. Yoo Seung Ho winks back at you Hjkomo lol

  10. 10 Jenju

    I will not rob the cradle, I will not rob the cradle, I will not call myself Noona, I will not call myself Noona…

    *chants furiously*

  11. 11 Nhu

    xD I’m close enough in age to not feel like a noona for crushing. Yaaay!

  12. 12 lovepark

    I really like Lee Hyun-woo. I saw him in this kid show a while back that was about Hwarang warriors and reminded me of korean power rangers. He was like an elementary school kid, but now that I look back, a couple of the child actors in that are still acting (ie. Park Gun-tae, Kwak Jung-wook).
    I didn’t know Lee Hyun-woo was in G-love. One more reason to watch it!

  13. 13 shelly

    Ohmygosh. I love his so much ^^

  14. 14 camelotprincess

    in a few more years, this guy will be a noona-killer, says my crystal ball…

  15. 15 orangy911

    why……………does……..he have to be so young T_____T
    I hope he takes his time growing up and doesn’t try to act all tough and manly too soon…his cuteness is his charm~

  16. 16 Cam

    Ohh…………..GOSH!!! O_o

    I suddenly remember that this actor Lee Hyun Woo’s familiar face when I saw him as a little boy (he acts for childhood) in that drama “Lobbyist”, ofc!

    Wow…….Aigoo, I can’t believe that this actor is already grown up so fast, lolz.

    (Yea Yea, I agree with #14 Camelotprincess, heh!) =) =)

  17. 17 hanjiyoon

    Kyah, he’s so adorable. :3

  18. 18 jeankaycee

    wow! good for lee hyun-woo!
    he is one of the child actors that i like, hope he would nail the role of Ren in Footloose!

    he’s adorable in return of iljimae and god of study.

    best of luck to you, lee hyun woo!

  19. 19 asr

    @lovepark: oh yeah, I saw that too. That kid got my attention.

  20. 20 supah

    Guh. Why’s he so cute…

  21. 21 melaaaniee

    lol omgee, i actually didn’t regognize him by the picture and cos i didn’t know his real name, i was likee woaaaaah when i found out he was from GOS xD
    so glad to hear this news though!

  22. 22 Jomo

    OK, I am definitely headed for that circle, too.

    The moment I realized it was when I looked up Lee Hyun-woo’s age, realized he would be in my daughter’s classes, and didn’tblink in horror…

    Seriously, ladies, if it weren’t for you all, I would have been confessing all of these thoughts to a therapist…

    • 22.1 Severine

      Let it all out, girlfriend! haha. Just another perk of being a dramabeans reader–free therapy sessions.*

      *warning: results may vary, and in some cases may exacerbate your condition. Severe jail-bait fangirling has been reported in the past. If this occurs, please contact a qualified mental health professional immediately.*

  23. 23 okdubu

    “deadly combination for the noonas”


  24. 24 Roller

    He’s so cuteee.
    I love him in God of Study, totally hot (dance!) + cute (eye-smile!) = PERFECT! (Y)

  25. 25 lee kha

    tampan bgt..
    bgus deh blod nya.. lain kli lbih bnyk lgi ya informasi ttg lee hyun woo nya.. 🙂

  26. 27 MariePhils

    I love Lee-Hyun-woo since QSD and God of Study…excited to see him in a new drama… he looks like Ching Jang Wok of Smile Donghae and WBD and Bachelor’s Vegetable Shop…in the above foto.

  27. 28 hazelle

    im so proud of you…lee hyun woo!!!!!!! 🙂

  28. 29 jane

    omgeeee….. i love lee yhun woo hes so…”nollalmanhan”….and so sung “bihalmanhan”

  29. 30 wizard

    Does anybody know if the FOOTLOOSE production with Lee Hyun-Woo was only for the stage, or is it also available on DVD?

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