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Hyun Bin enters marines, splits with Song Hye-gyo
by | March 7, 2011 | 321 Comments

Well, I can’t say I’m surprised. Hyun Bin (Secret Garden) entered the marines yesterday-today (That’s what I call Korea’s yesterday, which is our today. Don’t get me started on the tomorrow-today, which is ass backwards and not unlike time travel), to begin his two-year mandatory military service. He was sent off with lots of fans and the accompanying media frenzy, and shed tears of gratitude as he said goodbye and entered the base. And then about eight hours later, news broke that he had split with girlfriend Song Hye-gyo (Full House, The World They Live In).

The two stars met on the 2008 drama The World They Live In, and have been dating for roughly two years. Speculation about their breakup has been circling the media for almost a year, since both of them have spent the better part of 2010 completely entrenched in a myriad of projects, many of which were filmed overseas (Hyun Bin’s Late Autumn in Seattle, Song Hye-gyo’s The Grandmasters in China). But they’ve stayed quiet about the relationship for some time, and it was announced that Song Hye-gyo would not be accompanying Hyun Bin to the marine base.

It turns out that they purposely waited until after he entered the army to make the announcement public, so as to keep the public’s focus on their respective projects rather than their relationship. Personally, I think it’s a smart move. They’ve been dodging breakup speculation for a while, and if this news had broken even one day earlier, Hyun Bin’s entire army sendoff would’ve been about this, and not a tearful-but-happy goodbye.

Statements released indicate a mutual breakup due to busy conflicting schedules, and outside stress and pressure concerning their relationship status. Yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and say that it’s not unwarranted. But hey, you’re Hyun Bin and Song Hye-gyo. Whadduya gonna do?

This doesn’t come as a shocker since everything about their diverging careers screamed we are broken up, and mostly what I’m taking away from all this is that Hyun Bin has got some seriously savvy management. He’s basically done every single thing right, just before his army duty. Hit drama? Check. Massive CF lineup? Check. Big sendoff? Check. Amicable split with girlfriend announced the day after so that every woman turns into a puddle of goo imagining how lonely and heartbroken he is, entering the army? Check.

We’ll miss ya, Binnie. See you in two.

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321 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Nokcha

    Well, I’m not surprised, but a little disappointed. Did like them as a celebrity couple

    • 1.1 Aidan


  2. Joy

    Lee Da Hae needs to sign up with his management/learn from him ASAP.

    • 2.1 Fasiris Fay

      that MIGHT help her >_>

    • 2.2 Bluefyre

      Haha! I agree with this statement 😀

    • 2.3 skyyy

      lol, perfect reply.

    • 2.4 siam

      hahaha OMO, so well said ! Thumbs up !

    • 2.5 mrskimchee


    • 2.6 swt

      i dont think so. because part of lee da hae problem was her own attitude.

    • 2.7 nozomi05

      so true! hehehe… lol

    • 2.8 nozomi05

      so true! hehehe… lol. Lee Da Hae needs a new management company.

    • 2.9 maria

      ooh catty. i likey. rawr. 😛

    • 2.10 tisyamey

      and she better do it quick! hahahahahaha…..

  3. Fasiris Fay

    awwww he looks like a boy!! wow that sheared hair really changes a man :(
    gonna miss him!

    • 3.1 Rina

      He looks so different! I miss his locks :)

  4. Cindy

    I KNEW IT!!!! Tears!!! I was a fan of their relationship!! Sigh…

    • 4.1 Santa's little helper

      I wasn’t ;(
      So no tears here 😀

      Now all he has to do is finish his duty and come back in 2 years and get together with Ha Ji Won & have beautiful babies >:D

      Not saying this because I liked SG but… seriously they look so GOOD together :)

      • 4.1.1 zoe

        Well i think BInnie n Song Hye-gyo’s babies would be cuter than Ha Ji Won n Hyun Bin’s babies. Dont get me wrong I love Ha Ji Won, amazing actress, one of favs! But u ve got to admit Song Hye Gyo is beautiful.

        • anna hae

          so you were saying that Ha Ji Won isn’t? IT’S subjective you know.

        • mamie

          I LOVE THEM. Been Support them also. SHK can always get other Korean man as good as HB, but HB will be difficult to get anyone even as equal as SHK. Its not like i dont like HJW, she just not HB match. That’s all. At least in my opinion. Peace…

          • Dis

            I completely disagree with your statement. HB & HJW are toally matched. SHY has had so many scandles with all of her acting partners. That doesn’t look good at all in the public eyes. She needs to be careful about it.

          • LOL

            lol don’t compare Ha Ji Won with SHK. Ha Ji Won is 123456789x better than Song Hye Kyo. she’s a true versatile actress and Korea’s sweetheart. and besides SHK acting skill just…. blah.

          • edi

            its true but if they love its other go on who cares with their openion

        • rep

          SHY is a not beautiful, just cute. That’s it. She is too short as well. Acting wise, she is suck.

      • 4.1.2 joo raim

        i’m totally agree with 4.1. if HB n HJW will be together in real life,i don’t mind if there is no SG 2. i will make a party celebration if the wedding bell really ringing :))

      • 4.1.3 joo raim

        i’m totally agree with 4.1. if HB n HJW really together,i don’t mind if there is no SG 2.i will make a party celebration when the wedding bell really ringing :))

        • fafa

          @ joo raim, yupp i just loved hyun bin and ha ji won … best actor and actress …. 😉

      • 4.1.4 Niki

        oh yeah! i totally ship Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin. They’re absolutely lovable in SG. And i love the way Hyun Bin handled his stardom. You know he put alot of thought into his actions based on the string of events before his enlistment.

        On the side note, I think SHG fits Bi more. ^^

        • joo raim

          HB~HJW n SHG~Bi : AWESOME
          what should i do? double party or Secret Full House Garden party….lol :)

          • mamie

            SHK~HB will absolutely back together before HB finish his MS. Face valuation, HJW just cant not be matched to HB.

      • 4.1.5 bloghopper

        ahh, how nice if he could get together with ha ji won, huhu. hopeless romantic me.

      • 4.1.6 Thaya

        Yes…remember HB and HJW have the natural beauty no plastic sugery … and no offense to other party… and i think all of the babies who entered this universe are all cute.. they are fresh and pure gift … no need to analyze.. i agree that HB and HJW looks so good and real together..both on screen and out screen..hey not to mention i’m secret garden and full house fan then HB-HJW and Bi-kyo shipper forever…yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

        • Lea

          Except that HJW is not naturally pretty.

          • Thaya

            She is far beyond beauty or pretty face and she is an amazing yeoja…

          • Liz

            and what about SHK? she’s the queen of plastic surgery. oh so ‘NATURALLY’ pretty. mwahahah puh-lease!

      • 4.1.7 gaye

        I agree with you… Fighting!

      • 4.1.8 Elllen

        I agree. Hyun Bin & Ha ji won look good together. Sizzling chemistry. More HB/HJW, please. See you in 2years, Hyun Bin. Will miss you! I just have to watch Secret garden again while missing you!

        I’m not surprised SHK/HB is over.
        Reminds me of one Kdrama actor who broke up with his gf before going into military service then hook up with another actress when he came out who was his lead partner in a drama before going in.

        • BOGCHI

          Who was this? Lee Dong Gun?

      • 4.1.9 yay

        I completely agree!!! a girl can only wish..dream….

      • 4.1.10 Dems

        agreed. HYUN BIN & HA JI WON ftw! 😉

      • 4.1.11 fafa

        agree with you…not because of SG but they match each other, they will be a perfect couple

      • 4.1.12 shakira

        yah!youre right ha ji won and hyun bin forever!!

        • shakira

          [”.]yah!youre right ha ji won and hyun bin forever!![”,]

      • 4.1.13 hahyun

        yah , i agree with you !

      • 4.1.14 Ara

        Totally agree :)

  5. Bella

    LOL, savvy management but also not the savviest considering Hyun Bin lied through his teeth in Taxi. Of course acting all defensive and beligerent (almost) when it came down to the Q and A of his relationship status with his ex didn’t help kill the break-up rumors as well. I guess this just goes to prove that you can’t trust official statements through management companies that insist that you two are “happily dating away.”

    • 5.1 jojo

      Maybe it’s a PR move to take the pressure off both of them for the next two years…

    • 5.2 ck1Oz

      The aricle said they broke up early in the year.Wasn’t Taxi filmed straight after SG…maybe they haven’t broken up by then.

      I saw that episode.Did he act defensive?I thought he was nonchalent…casual like answering it.

      After saying that…I am pretty sad.I always support my favourites having a special someone in their life.

      Nooo…who’s he gonna call on when they’re allowed to call home during training then?

      What’s the use of all the fame when you need someone when you’re in the Marines for 2 years :-(

      • 5.2.1 elsie

        I did see that episode of Taxi and he said he had a girlfriend. Maybe he’s dating someone else?

        • tamu

          Ha Ji Won… based on his senior JDG and KSY…

          He’s learning from the experience

      • 5.2.2 adj

        don’t worry, he will call me 😉

        • ck1Oz

          First in the Q huh?

          Booking your spot!

        • gaye

          Hi there… can he call both of us?

      • 5.2.3 walkingfree

        He could call his mom and dad in that new house he bought last year. :)

    • 5.3 SpongeBob

      Exactly!! Never trust any official statements, always take it with a pinch of salt. Actors and actresses are by nature good liar, otherwise how can they be convincing to watch?

      • 5.3.1 Birdie

        So true. We , the public , only get to hear and see what they want us to hear and see. We will never know exactly the truth. Aren’t celebrities very careful with their images?

        • SpongeBob

          Fans are mostly blind and very forgiving. They don ‘t care too much about the actor or actress’ integrity and ethics.

          • Celexa

            Fans should be forgiving…

            I judge them on their acting and service to community… the rest of their lives are private… I don’t need or want to know every personal detail.

      • 5.3.2 hanzziii

        nahhhhhh!!!! not all of them,hyun bin is excluded from your list…..

    • 5.4 chong

      savvy mgmt yes & i’d totally understand where binnie & the mgmts are coming from. but…uhhhh. is it weird that i kinda pity Song? she is left all alone fending the impending interviews while binnie is in the army?

      • 5.4.1 Rina

        I can see your perspective, since he’s in the military for 2 years, he won’t be asked all these questions about their relationship (except for his peers in the military).
        All the media spotlight will be on Song Hye-gyo, people will be asking her why they broke up, how long have they been broken up, etc.

        • mimosa

          Is there a female military camp that SHG could escape to too, so as to ward off all those pesky queries about her breakup?

          But if we love BOTH of them, isn’t it better only one need to take the heat, instead of two ? LOL

          Btw…. I personally love the natural beauty of HJW. Her teeth are uncapped and her nose and eyes untouched by any knive. And she had that alluring x factor which is decidedly captivating, more so to guys ! heheh. An aside – she’s so uncannily resembles her actor brother, esp the eyes, don’t u think ?

      • 5.4.2 SpongeBob

        She seldom attends interviews, nevertheless she can handle the press very well. Frankly, I do not think generation Y really care much about what other have to say and she herself looks quite confident and at ease with herself, why do we need to worry about it?

        I have seen couple of her interviews, she definitely has the maturity and wisdom beyond her age, and most importantly the adaptability skills to different environment.

        It is just a matter of opportunity, and with good preparation i.e improve on her acting skill and English pronunciation, she is likely to hit it big in the next two to three years.

        Eventually, I believe they will reunite, and perhaps tied the knot.

        • Kadict

          I’m tired with their love affair and if they come to reunite after the next 2 yrs then what the excuses to make again since the same situation has to happen- no time, schedule tight, pressure from media They’re in the same industry and belong to the public so all of these things have to happen.

          Besides, before Binnie went to the military, he endured a lot of interviews and pressure alone without support. Now, it’s her turn which is fair enough. Moreover, I read from many news on the premier of his movies, none of the cheerful support shows out to him at all. To live in the couple life in the future, this has to be thought of a lot. Happy we’re together, Hard time you’re alone.

          I cheers him up with someone else who does support him when he’s successful or failure both in his careers and his personal life.

        • rep

          No reunite with each other because they are totally different people. HB & HJW will unite forever.

          • fafa

            @ rep …. i agree…. hb & hjw will be a perfect couple….. 😛

    • 5.5 kain

      Spazzing monotonous repetitive same old emo wailing again is so not getting me any sympathy for yr gal kiss her ass– nice!

    • 5.6 JAMBO42

      Well, what if he didn’t mean SHK?

  6. Ambie

    awww Binnie!!! well we’ll see him DEC 2012!

    • 6.1 gingeranna

      Oh yes and I just hope that the world won’t finish, so I will see his next drama :)

      • 6.1.1 ilikehim

        LMAO. Every time someone mentions something about 2012..i think of the end of the world..

        • gaye

          hahaha… that’s true but we have to welcome HB from the military first before end of the world.

      • 6.1.2 shin mi rae

        rofl. you are funny.. lets wish the world will not end so we can welcome binnie back.

    • 6.2 ohemgee

      oh lordy! dec 2012?!!!!

      we will be sorely missed, but never forgotten! i plan to re-watch his entire body of work by then! 😉

      i’m neither surprised nor upset about the breakup. all’s well that ends well, i say!

      good luck to you binnie!

  7. MJP

    I wish both of them well.

    • 7.1 QD

      hear! hear!

  8. hbshky0

    wish him the best of luck!

    i’ll miss him TT^TT

  9. Biscuit

    This makes me go aww while still mumbling bits of yays to myself.

    Not that I’m happy that a couple has broken up… but…

    The Binnie is AVAILABLE.

    • 9.1 Jomo

      Exactly my feelings!

    • 9.2 Zoe


      I <3 this!!!!! hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! Nice turn of phrase…

    • 9.3 Zoe

      “while still mumbling bits of yays to myself”

    • 9.4 kappy

      True, true, true!

  10. 10 Arhazivory

    Bye Bye Binnie. And I agree…his management is really good.

  11. 11 MsRetta

    Best of everything Hyun Bin….

    Seems like a smart move. He seems to have a good head on his shoulders. It will be two years and so so much can happen.Feelings change and so do people. I’d like to think its less about savvy management moves and more about common sense, in both their personal lives.

    In any case HB……..take care….look forward to your return.

    • 11.1 saraha

      I like your sentiments. Savvy management can do so much, but what really shines through is when a celeb/public personality has common sense and a good head on their shoulders. It shows in interviews on and off-screen and BTS takes. I think Hyun Bin has got that going for him, which will really enable his career after he leaves the military.

      I wasn’t suprised by the break-up. It seems that they’ve been spending a lot of time apart in the past few months…

    • 11.2 Fishy

      I feel soooo sad about not being able to see HB in 2 years and about his break-up with Song Hye-gyo…='(

      I absolutely loved the couple (I’m a big fan of them in The World They Lived In and I was sooo happy when I heard they were actually dating in real life)

      But I totally agree that the break-up makes sense (HB probably doesn’t want SHG to wait for him when he can’t really promise her anything…but who knows what will happen in 2 years?)

      Wish them the best.

      • 11.2.1 gaye

        I agree… 2 years is so long. HB is doing his own thing while SHK waits for him? For a girl who’s so pretty and talented, every guy would want to date her. Good move for Hyun Bin oppa. That only shows he’s selfless and willing to let go despite the fact that he knows the uncertainty of life when he comes back. I love Hyun Bin oppa so much.

        • he's just not that into you

          No, if a man wants a woman he will hold on to her. He won’t let her go for another man to grab her.

          He doesn’t want SHK anymore or vice versa.

          • saraha

            I kind of agree. I think it’s more than HB letting SHG go for her own good or whatever…

            Primarily, I think their relationship hasn’t been going well the past few months. They had been spending A LOT of time apart. If they can’t work on their relationship while he’s out of the army, what’s the guarantee that they can work on it while he’s inside?

            Then again, I don’t know them personally, so I can’t talk like I know their situation.
            (And I don’t understand people saying that HB will never find a girl as good as SHG or that Ha Ji Won is a better match. Guys, do you actually KNOW these people PERSONALLY? If not, then you can only take your comments so far.)

          • rep

            I agree with you 100%.

      • 11.2.2 mimosa

        Am quite ignorant about this korean military thingy……are they not allowed any sort of home leaves whatsoever in their 2 years ‘incarceration’?

        Will he be like totally cloistered in the army base, almost like in the nunnery and not allowed ANY outside contacts or communications?

        If the above is not the case, i really don’t see what’s the problem with a gf waiting for the guy enlisted.

        • jojo

          I’m sure they get “leave” after basic training and other times. Kang-in made an appearance at a SuJu concert last summer after he finished his basic training. Which reminds me, the strains of SuJu KRYs “Let’s Not” have been floating in my mind these last few days.

          • mimosa

            Tx lots, jojo ! Again….. one of the reasons i love this site is cuz the commentators care to respond to most queries posed here ^^ Kamsahamnida :)

      • 11.2.3 edi

        me to i love this couple.I watch some of hyun bin ang SHY pics together they look so so inlove

  12. 12 Mac B.

    Not to sound terribly superficial…but seeing these pictures, I’m deeply mourning the loss of his hair :( Bye-Bye lovely Kim Joo Won hair :( In all seriousness, though, I wish Hyun Bin best of luck in the marines! looking forward to his return in two years.

  13. 13 elle loves kdrama

    Sadly, I am not very surprised by the news about their break up… On a different note, the pictures of his send off were so emotional. You can really tell how touched he is by the love from his fans.
    Good luck Binnie! See you in 2 years!

  14. 14 Bluefyre

    Yay! I’ve been waiting for this post.

    I am SO gonna miss him! But at least we got Secret Garden (and more), two movies, a ton of CFs, and two special songs to watch/listen to over and over again until Dec. 2012. Sad about the break up (eh..not really^^ I prefer him with HJW now. Am I fickle or what? 😉 ), but at least he can really concentrate on what’s in front of him.
    (I need to take my own advice. lol)

    Best wishes, Binnie! See you soon!

  15. 15 dkm

    Wow, he stands out in the crowd. Yum!

  16. 16 djes

    I’m not surprised either..

    ah well, good luck for both of them!

  17. 17 Lucas

    thanks jb,

    Trying to win fans heart for the coming two years !.

    something not right with the prostation – to netizen !.

    • 17.1 Lucas

      Oh sorry, thanks girlfriday

  18. 18 abcz

    it’s saddening..they are such a lovely couple but its time to say goodbye..sigh

  19. 19 danna

    whoa…that took me by surprise…..i admit i’ve been thinking that they’ve been broken up for a while now because of the rumors and the fact they’ve been so mum about their relationship…but i’m still surprised that they decided to release it like this…very smart move on his part indeed…lol
    on another note i will miss him so very much!….i stayed up till late last night just so i could catch the first pics showing his leaving……i definitely teared up a little seeing him emotional despite the fact that i’ve been complaining about the Binnie overexposure post SG….lo

  20. 20 show2007

    Binnie, wish you the best and in you back in 21 months. His mgmt company did a good job but it is also common sense that the two will break up eventually – imagine their busy schedules, they probably only see each other couple hours per month. Are you telling me this is what you call having a relationship? Anyway, wish them both the best!

  21. 21 Ugh

    No comment on the relationship because that is no one’s business but their own.

    All I want to say is: You have to giggle at how tall he is compared to the rest of the Marine enlistees. Love it! :)

    • 21.1 CPW

      i was going to comment on that..0)
      binnie is so much taller and better looking…;0)

  22. 22 come2noona

    Gonna miss you Binnie!

    Work hard
    Keep healthy
    Stay safe

    …and that goes to all of you.

  23. 23 LeMonS

    I am so going to miss him.

    Look how short everyone looks around him. I thought he was standing on something at first. Poor boys.

  24. 24 Haj


    • 24.1 Bernadette

      There are many korean actors who are much taller than him, like JJH,PL,JWS,CSW,SDY, IJH and many others.

      • 24.1.1 mimosa

        Binnie is a 6 footer. For asians, any taller than 6 feet is like a bit out of proportion….. just sayin’

    • 24.2 Anne

      Nope, the other are really short…LOL

  25. 25 peanut butter

    You know, it’s sort of funny to see how much taller Binnie is compared to the people around him in the last photo. Done on purpose? Hmm, then again, the bald guy in the same photo sticks out, too.

    Anyways, it’s not that much of a surprise that they’re broken up seeing as they do have ridiculously busy schedules. Oh boo. They were such a cute looking couple, too!

  26. 26 punch

    what?! Binnie will return in 2013! *sigh*

  27. 27 ck1Oz

    God.How young do the kids look?

    Poor boys cold and wet spring training.

    We will miss you Hyun Bin.Stay safe and healthy that’s all I wish.

  28. 28 beautac

    Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo are good looking couple, same age, reaching same goal together. Yes, they are cute couple that I like very much. It will become part of their life story.

  29. 29 Kc

    Awww sad to hear that they amicably split (they always write this). And a nice move from HB’s team! Im sure the guy is heartbroken but Im sure SHG is hitting herself agreeing to this split. I will be waiting patiently for his release!

  30. 30 nixxochick

    he’s single! and i’ll be waiting when he returns :)

  31. 31 maxxx2303

    I always believed that thier relationship will never last and it came true.

    I think it must be SHK decision who wants to focus on her acting career more than his. Ha..Ha..

    Well he still have HJW as his friend.

  32. 32 Yoori

    Sad, since they look so cute together but amen about how savvy his management is! HB and SHK are both A list stars so its hard to keep a stable relationship when the entire country and world is eyeing your every move. I wonder if it would work if .. say imagine they’re both not so high profiled celebs?

    I’ve got to say, SHK’s exs and rumored bfs has always been high profile stars! Girls got it goin’!


  33. 33 mockerfab4

    I heart this man. Such a class act. To make sure people keep their focus on what a huge commitment the military is and not about a relationship. I’ll miss you oppa!

  34. 34 dee

    no.no.no.no…………(holding on his legs)

    i miss him already. hope for his safety and health through out his 2 years service.

  35. 35 saranga

    the breakup doesn’t come as a surprise… he’s been vague about her in various interviews and i think we would have been more surprised if they actually HADN’T broken up haha

    still i think his agency could have waited a bit longer to announce the split. it’s even plainer now how calculated it was. obviously announcing the breakup back in january wouldn’t have brought hyun bin any good, and i agree it was a smart move to conceal this information from the public.

    but to announce it within hours of his enlistment?? they couldn’t have waited a few days?? i don’t know, to me… it just looks… haha. on the other hand, i think most people already suspected it so maybe it was better to give up the ruse as quickly as possible… gah i’m mixed!

    • 35.1 Celexa

      On the other hand, if they had waited too long into HBin’s military service… it would have appeared as SKG couldn’t wait for him and given him a “dear john” dump. gah.. so many ways to take this.. either way it’s always best to get it done at the right time and this was the right time.

  36. 36 amielee

    i will def miss him…

  37. 37 Jane

    The Ji Won/Binnie shippers must be over the moon now.

  38. 38 mae86m

    Loved the ending comments girlfriday… so true! I actually thought of Gong Yoo’s send off too after reading this article and seeing the photos included. Some similarities there.

    • 38.1 nikkyp28

      so very true… I was reminded of the same thing. LOL
      I wish Binnie well with the marines and hope to see him in 2013. I’ll be re-watching MNIKSS and SG and some of his latest movies while waiting….LOL

  39. 39 SpongeBob

    I like the way they handle the press. It is called forthright and clear cut!!

  40. 40 Blueangel

    Good news-Binnie is single Bad news he won’t be attainable till 2 years later.
    Smart move avoiding all rumors of breakup till army enlistment so that everyone is focused on their work not their break up. I don’t pay much attention to celeb hook ups or break ups even if i read them. but i’m glad things ended piecefully even if things didn’t totally work out.
    2 lonnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg years what to do till then??

    • 40.1 shin mi rae

      really guys, it means we have two years to prepare for the return of the BINNIE. hit the gym, visit your friendly neighborhood dermatologist – plastic surgeons, go to your witch doctor on standby for a love potion, study korean….. two years ladies… i bet there will be one long line at the gate upon his exit… shall we start signing a priority list now???? hey gf and jb, you can make a contest for the BINNIE’s priority list. whoever gets to answer the most number of binnie questions correctly gets to be at the head of the line.

      • 40.1.1 Momolito

        I know he will be my inspiration at the gym!!

        • kappy

          Ooo, working out for Hyun Bin. I like that. That would make me do a few more sit ups, push ups, leg lifts, etc…

      • 40.1.2 x0mi07

        Already saving up for my trip to meet him when he finishes his service!=P

  41. 41 pbandj

    To be honest, this was all for Hyun Bin’s benefit. Not really at all for Song Hye Gyo. She could’ve said they were broken up at any point. It’s not like she was at all in the spotlight. Although I love Hyun Bin, I give credit to her and how she is the one who had to endure all the questioning while it’s not any benefit to her to keep it a secret.

    Anyways, I hope things start going better for Song Hye Gyo. The whole Lee Byung Hun fiasco and now this. Fighting to them both!

    • 41.1 pencils

      I think she’s even levelled headed in this whole thing…
      So damn calm.
      Now if the reporters just stop bugging her….

    • 41.2 kaysee

      You make a good point. I really respect them both for how they’ve handled all the speculations surrounding, first, the possibility of their break-up, and now, its confirmation. Song Hye Gyo is known to be a very private person. I feel the Korean media will respect that and not pester her too much about the relationship, at least I hope they won’t.

      I can’t deny tho that I’m not sadden to hear they’ve broken up. They were such a pretty couple.

    • 41.3 ruthie

      now, thinking about it…i feel sad for kyo. she have to deal with these messes in public ALONE! its should be hyun bin and her because they’re both in that relationship? kinda unfair. anyways, best of luck to SHK…fighting!

    • 41.4 he's just not that into you

      Right on, I like her much more in how she handled this situation.

    • 41.5 pugz

      For those who think its unfair that Hyun Bin is benefiting from the timing of all this, please remember he’s been forced to fend off in public all the relationship related pestering by the media over the past few months (unfortunately that is the price of the being in the spotlight) while she’s been able to stay relatively quiet about it. There is no reason to think that she’ll have to deal with the “messes in public alone” if she does not choose to be interviewed or have a press conference. In a situation like this, there really is no good time for breaking the news. I doubt that the timing benefits him more given that some people are already eager to imply he is leaving the mess for her to deal with. Wouldn’t his savvy management be able to foresee this if they are so calculating? Also, he is not immune to defamation and hater by being in the marines. Anyways, I respect their MUTUAL decision to make the announcement after his enlistment and wish them both the best.

      • 41.5.1 AbaTeka

        I absolutely agree! The timing doesn’t benefits him. In fact, who are being blamed for the break up? Who has the sympathy of the public? If they would have done it earlier, HB will not be blamed alone particularly in the timing issue. He has not benefited from it just because they press cannot bombard him. SHG has mutually agreed to it, not just because of HB’s career and SG thing. AS I’ve said, netizen’s sympathy is with whom? IT is with her! Surely her next project will be a HIT with all the sympathy she is receiving.

        I just hope that netizens will not blame HJW because of this break up issue. I don’t think they broke up just this year and because of HER.

        Lastly, 2 people who are meant with each other, they will definitely end up together.

        • Kadict

          Totally agree with 41.5 & 41.5.1. I think the managements of both Binnie and SHK have made the secret agreements and plans for all the issues to the sake of both benefits. Personally, I think this is quite a drama they play to promote and to gain the public interest of Binnie and SHK. People always sympatize the poor lovers, and want to guess for the ending.

          I am happy that HJW finishes her part beutifully and does not have any further issue or concern relating to their relationship. Otherwise, she will be one who affects and looses the most in this game playing by them. She’s just used to support and promote, hope there’ll be none to use or to throw any garbage of this game story on her furthermore.

    • 41.6 ????????

      Can you elaborate on the Lee Byung Hun fiasco? I think I missed it. Why did they break up? Was he a bad guy?

      I think these two were apart for a long time. I guess they had to admit it sometime and this was the time.

    • 41.7 x0mi07

      Ermmm… not really, the press has already made such a big issue about SHK not going to Hyun Bin’s send-off so it makes sense to announce it immediately that they’ve broken up already.

  42. 42 Christy

    Bye Binnie see you in 2013!

  43. 43 J-star

    look, i’m not even surprised. i knew they’re gonna break up, don’t get me wrong i support them, but based on their busy schedules, the relationship is going to be tough for them.

  44. 44 Infiniti512

    Ah but arent these standard moves in entertainment? How many breakups have been announced on, before, or right after enlistment? And the conflicting schedule answer is the standard in all breakups….”we grew apart”.

    They are both smart with their careers, and keeping their relationship private. I think they handled it all perfectly. Good luck Bin!

  45. 45 asianromance

    You’re totally right about them being smart abt timing their break-up announcement – now people won’t gawk and talk abt their breakup if the two happen to be in the same neighborhood together. (now if they can lend their PR team to Lee Da Hae, it would be nice. i really want to see LDH bounce back). However, I do worry that SHK may have to deal with more questions.

    I wasn’t too fond of the couple (nooo HB, stay single forever so I can pretend I have a chance with you!), but I actually seriously thought that SHK and HB were going to make it to marriage and that he would propose to her before heading off to the marines.

  46. 46 pipao

    im gonna miss him… see u in 2 sparky suit binnie!!♥

  47. 47 Daniela

    Chale, 2 years. I was really touched by the pictures. He looked sad and moved. Yeah, Binnie, we love you,we will be waiting for you.

  48. 48 pv

    Awww….Any break up is hard. Poor Oppa. I’m gonna miss him. See you in two yrs Hyun Bin Oppa!! =) Fighting!!

  49. 49 theedie

    I really loved those two as a couple, so I’m really sad about this breakup. I’m hoping these two years in the military gives him time to think about the love of his life and realizes it’s her. Of course the mature person in me is saying “oh, that’s good that it was an amicable split and best wishes on all their future endeavors”, but the deluded fangirl in me is saying “twoo wuv conquers all!!!!!!”. *sigh*

  50. 50 Suprized!

    I was a little afraid of reading the article because the Dramabeans site has been so snarky about all thnigs Hyun Bin since the notorious Secret Garden incident.

    Nice neutral write-up.

    A relief reading it.

    • 50.1 skyyy

      They weren’t being snarky. They were mostly making fun of all the products/magazines suddenly raging for CF/photoshoot requests from Hyun Bin after the SG craze.

    • 50.2 jandoe

      can’t help but agree. still love this site but for awhile i personally felt it became a little discomforting to read SG-related stuff here.

      so yes, thanks GF for this neutral write-up!

      • 50.2.1 Jomo

        During and post SG in SK, ALL the stories, CFs, talk shows, entertainment news, were centered on HB. Everyone chased the money attached to him – the latest hot commodity.

        It was pretty much wall to wall SG, HJW and HB.

        We were not as aware about what was being aired and printed during this time as they were.

        The comments JB/GF make reflect how they feel about the Korean media, not the stars. They don’t dislike the man.

    • 50.3 Sean

      …..same observation here…

    • 50.4 Sarah

      I’m a new fan of Hyun Bin, so I apologize in advance if this is a silly question–what is this incident that keeps on being mentioned?


  51. 51 rox1982


    I really like them as a couple. But that’s bound to happen, as is usually the case to other stars who went in the military.

    I wish them both well.

  52. 52 drillllllll

    I went to different korean sites and Song Hye Kyo getting some criticism on the net which is totally unfair in my opinion. They are saying that SHK dated lots of actors
    and…what’s kinda said is that…she lost her dad when she was little so…they are assuming that’s why she must have problems with men.

    It’s kinda unfair if you were Song Hye Kyo fan.. after sam soon..all of hyun bin’s projects bombed his ratings were so low…people couldn’t understand why he got parts

    He received most of interest for being song hye kyo’s bf…

    On taxi he said he was dating but…they’ve been broken up but…he lied because he didn’t wanna lose CF’s he denied breaking up…before all the CFs were done
    Part of the this kinda thing is actually his agency..jang dong gun’s connection to media they print many lies…
    like yesterday..they said 10000 fans came at hyun bin’s entrance to military but the marines said 700 people showed up.

    • 52.1 Thaya

      Yes…*thumps to your comment* that’s kind of biased i think..but that’s how entertainment world is supposed to be and it makes no different to the korean sphere too…what i can wish now is Bikyo..kekekekeke oh HB-HJW horray…

    • 52.2 tamu

      “On taxi he said he was dating but…they’ve been broken up but…he lied because he didn’t wanna lose CF’s he denied breaking up…before all the CFs were done
      Part of the this kinda thing is actually his agency..jang dong gun’s connection to media they print many lies…
      like yesterday..they said 10000 fans came at hyun bin’s entrance to military but the marines said 700 people showed up.”

      He-he… you are so right…

    • 52.3 ruthie

      oh man! thats kinda mean of them to say that about kyo! poor her…now after the announcement all this messy things needs to be brought up. SHK fighting!

    • 52.4 mamie

      From the beginning till the end its only HB and his management who said they were on and now they were off. HB also talked. SHK almost never say a words. Now she has to face the whole break up matter by her self? What a mean guy!!! I love HB less now. If he already keep quite why dont he keep it quite till another 2 years? while he can be chased, and followed by reporter who want to ask why they brook up? Mean!!!! SHK fighting!

      • 52.4.1 he's just not that into you

        I completely agree with you.

      • 52.4.2 mookie

        It was a statement released by both their management August 5th 2009. In that report by SportChosun SHK’s management was approached first and admitted to it, the reporter said then they went to HB’s management for a confirmation, and got that as well.

        And as far as I know, this breakup statement is also approved by both management. I doubt with SHK’s status as a power player in the industry, if she doesn’t want it to be released, it can see the light.

        So, in fewer words, calm down and be rational. You can like ppl less or so forth, but what you’ve stated r untruths.

      • 52.4.3 kain

        Go suck your mothers milk n then come back!
        shk deserves the shit because of fans like u. shut your bloody fuckup.

    • 52.5 kain

      Some stupid pple r so bloody naive! go suck your mothers milk n then come back!
      shk deserves the shit because of fans like u. shut your bloody fuckup.

    • 52.6 mimosa

      It’s not that they reported 10K fans turned up ! The article came out about a couple of days BEFORE Binnie was enlisted on the 7th, and the media SPECULATED that they expect about 10,000 fans to descend at the army base Pahong to send off their fav man ! Do read more carefully….?

      About the “lying” in that Taxi Show….. i believe the management team did come up with an explanation for this too ? Talk about splittng hair…. and SHG is not even complaining, LOL.

      Anyway….. all these are so much like a storm in the proverbial teacup? Hopefully the 2 celebs concerned do not get to read all these petty trifles which could somehow appear like so much mindless viciousness, heheh.

    • 52.7 kain

      O man ain’t thrse is fair..Gettin criticism & bashing for yr goddess gud 4 u, she ain’t that great u knw Rem retribution shall don upon u blaming a gud man…SOAB!

  53. 53 Toya

    There is just something about the giant winter coat that is just so…. I dunno. Makes it look like he borrowed his Dad’s for good luck.

    • 53.1 mimosa

      Hahaha….. it struck me too about that giant winter coat !! Toya….you do have a discerning eye, that’s what i can say, haha…still giggling.

      His crew hair cut is pretty ok….but i guess his personal dresser slip up here somewhat eh ? haha.

  54. 54 R

    Bye Binnie! See you in two years…

  55. 55 su

    this was a good article db….good luck to him in the marines…booya!!!!

  56. 56 Nana

    The comments in here are so MATURE !! Completely different from those who wish for Secret Garden sequel in real life over allkpop.

    SHK is getting all the unwanted attention here, while HB is in the favor. Not fair ~~~ Look at those tearful eyes, I’m pretty sure it was hard on him too.

  57. 57 fp

    Stay healthy Binnie! Fighting – will see you in two years time.

    And about the split-up, err, there goes the saying “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”… rumors of their split has been brewing since last year, so I’m not surprised. It’s just a matter of proper timing, and I think their management did a good and pretty calculated timing on the split-up announcement.

    Breakups/splits is not a feast – I hope the media will take it easy on these two.

  58. 58 prita

    Waaa . . . I’m still surprised despite all the rumours that has been floating around. Really thought they could work out their busy schedules and made it till the end. Is it possible it’s just a publicity stunt to give them (especially SHK, since HB will be in the marines) some peace and quiet and get people to focus on her work and not her relationship (at least for the next two years) *wishful thinking

  59. 59 sora

    This breaks my heart, but then again why do I get the feeling this could be a publicity stunt as in they are only broken up since he’s going off in the army and they have conflicting schedules. I wouldn’t be surprised if they get back together in the near future.

    Aja aja Hwaiting!!!!

  60. 60 Tenshii

    no more Song Hye Kyo and what about Ha Ji Won? hahahaha XD they were so cute in Secret Garden.

  61. 61 miso

    I’m sad it didn’t work out for them, but with the added pressures of being a celebrity in the spotlight, it makes having a relationship even harder. Perhaps they will reconnect again after his military service, but i’m sure they will stay amicable

  62. 62 mizweng

    soooo sad with the break up and the military thing… waughhhhhhhh poor dears….

  63. 63 err

    what’s up with SHK? never have any long lasting relationships? i think something is wrong lol

    • 63.1 ruthie

      that is uncalled for! how can u judge someone u havent met and known…very immature comment!

    • 63.2 mamie

      No body can really tell for sure if SHK really ever have relationship with anyone. How can U so sure to say what you said just because you dont like her? That is mean

  64. 64 bishbash

    and i thought binnie said SHK very closely resembled his ideal in some recent interview?

    will miss ya binnie anyways!

  65. 65 angelica

    i feel sad every break up hurts ..i like them as a couple but i know that as a fan we don’t have any say in their private life…

  66. 66 Sara

    I am sad knowing the breakup and both probably going through a major heartbreak but who knows what will happen in the future. It would be an unselfish thing Hyun Bin’s could do for Hye Kyo’s sake in letting her go and not let her wait for him for two years . After all she’s a beautiful woman and have no shortage of hopeful suitors. If they still have feelings for each other , maybe they’ll get together again. It is a matter of fate.

  67. 67 Pinklishan

    N0thing in this world lasts f0rever. Even relati0nships.

    Good luck to both of them.

  68. 68 Vanessa

    Women, always the victim(to be blame) when things go wrong

    in actual fact, it takes two hands to clap –

    ha! ha! ha ! from nakanishi.!.

  69. 69 Ladymoonstone143

    Owsss…bye bye Binnie,,will definitely miss you…

  70. 70 GREAT!!!

    She’s on to her next co -star. It seems to be a habit with her. I like Hyun Bin, but there’s definitely life after the military and life after Song what’s her name. I wish him the best of everything.

    • 70.1 pencils

      Wow. Marvels at the ability to bash somebody while wishing all the best to another person….ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

      Great skill you have there.

      • 70.1.1 GREAT!!!

        thank you.

        • pencils

          BWHAHA…you actually came back just to say thank you at 7am in the morning?
          No comment.

    • 70.2 walkingfree

      Couldn’t agree more. Well said.

    • 70.3 shin mi rae

      they are probably both hurting. come on ladies, no bashing. just keep loving the BINNIE.

      • 70.3.1 pencils

        I meant that sarcastically if you didn’t catch it…Can’t believe that it could all be said in the same sentence about people (and their private biz) people that we don’t even know personally…

        • ruthie

          i totally agreed with u! man, this people thinks they know these people so well then they have the guts to bash on them…

    • 70.4 May

      LOL at your comment. but definitely well said!!!!

  71. 71 j

    This is so sad …
    They are my favourite couple.
    It must be so hard for both of them especially Hye Kyo.
    From what I heard, it was really tough year for her carreer. She spent months working in China, and two of her movies got cancelled. One of them due to copyright, and the other , they cut out her scenes for unknown reason T.T
    They already hadn’t got much time to spend with each other . Hyun Bin is too busy as well and his popularity is skyrocket this year thanks to Secret Garden. He didn’t have time to stay by Hye Kyo when she had difficult time . This girl looks weak from the outside, but she is indeed a strong girl.
    And the worst reason is the attack from media ( crazzzzzy media), netizens and antifans . I heard that Hye Kyo received lots of blackmails from antifans, mostly from over obsessed Secret Garden fans. They threatened her and told her to break up with Hyun Bin so he could have a chance with Ha Ji Won .Wtf. Those fans are so crazy and cruel.
    Poor both of them. Gosh , cant they leave them alone?

    But , in my opinion, their break up is actually not a bad thing either.
    All the pressure from media and netizen will be lessen b/c Hyun Bin entered the marine.
    And you never know what happened 2 years later right?
    They might just have a short break adn go back and marry each other 2 yrs later.

    You know sometimes when you love someone so much. You don’t want them to wait for you for yrs and suffer from all the unwanted attentions.
    There was a fortuneteller said that this two will end up will the end as how the drama The World you live in. The couple in the drama broke up few times but they still end up marry each other in the end.
    Because they love each other so much.

    I wish them both the best.
    I hope that two year later, we will heard the marriage announcement between this two ~
    I believe that true love is existed in this world~

    • 71.1 mamie

      Agreed all the way with U

    • 71.2 Dis

      You’re a delusional fan of SHY. They are not a lover any more. BTW, SHY’s private life shows not good examples until now. She hooked up w/ all of her co-stars & made headlines. Shame on her.

    • 71.3 rep

      No!! They will not be together after 2 years. Period. Wake up Song fans!!1

    • 71.4 Liz

      lol we cant complain. tbh, HB & HJW chemistry is undeniable. so absolutely most people want them to be together. :p

  72. 72 shin mi rae

    now i feel horrible, just horrible. i am such a bad person to feel……. ecstatically happy… our binnie is a free man. binnie, come to noona. i promise to be a genius and a chaebol after two years and will be waiting upon your return to us….

    by the way, am i the only one who cried over his tearful farewell upon entering the military camp??? teary-eyed binnie, half smile with just enough dimples, and then the kneel and bow…. cant help it. i cried a bucket of tears.

    song hye kyo, i love you girl. i wish you the best. and thanks for taking good care of our binnie for the past year.

    • 72.1 gaye

      I did cry too girl! Feel so damn sad, now that we know he wouldn’t be expecting anybody special to visit him. That was a very wise decision, a very practical thing to do. SHK can do her own thing now and waiting for HB’s return for HJW. Who knows? The SeGa legacy continues… oh my gosh! So happy to just imagine…

  73. 73 pepermintjen19

    I’m still shocked…to think that they perfectly fit to each other….hope they are both fine….

  74. 74 jyyjc

    i knew it. i had a gut feeling that they were broken up and that sooner or later it was going to be revealed.

    • 74.1 nozomi05

      me too… i felt that they weren’t together anymore especially when i read that Song Hye Kho and Hyun Bin would be too busy with their activities, especially that SHK was not in Korea. How can they be dating if they don’t see each other even a few times…

  75. 75 Hannah Davidson

    If it was possible, imagine the children Song Seung-heon and Hyun Bin would have together.


  76. 76 Sawda

    Aww thats sad, i wish him all the best

  77. 77 Annie

    It looked sure they will break up since it was already announced before. But m happy that hyun bin can start with lovely ha ji won.they look cute really.no problem hyun bin oppa,I am there for u.fighting^_*

  78. 78 Net-chan

    I’ll miss him! Let’s hope he’ll manage well in the Marines! Good luck to him ^^ (he’s seems to be sooo tall in the last pictures! Well, compared with the others haha).

  79. 79 Annie

    It looked sure they will break up since it was already announced before. But m happy that hyun bin can start with lovely ha ji won.they look cute really.no problem hyun bin oppa,I am there for u.fighting^_* by the way I wanted to know when will lee dong wook will be raleased from army?are lee dong wook and lee da hAe still dating? I like them as a couple.

  80. 80 gaye

    Thanks GF! Now I’m satisfied reading your article about our Binnie. For your hard work… Thank you!
    I went like crazy reading all SG/Hyun Bin write-ups, but still can’t manage to stay away from this site. Simply because I heart Dramabeans, for real!

  81. 81 pohonphee

    Oh Binnie Oppa!!! Gajima sobs

    Gonna miss you much, stay safe and healthy, see you in 2012.

    Aja! Aja! Fighting!

  82. 82 rafaell

    sad news for beautiful couple.

    agree, handled very well! His Mgt company has savvy Big Boss in Jang Donggun! I’m happy that my fave Shin Minah shares same mgt company. Minah looks more confident now in her interview. still shy but no longer looking awkward in her interviews.

  83. 83 michi

    take care, binnie!!
    looking forward to your return in 2013!

  84. 84 Saima

    I think Korean stars are a breath of fresh air….they don’t seem to take their stardom for granted and are really down to earth….unlike most of Hollywood or Bollywood stars!! it seems Hyun Bin received loadsa love for SG and is really overwhelmed coz of it!

    And, major props to his ex for not announcing their break-up back in Jan..that just indicates she’s not petty/craving for attn. and perhaps them possibly getting back together after his return?!

  85. 85 Samarra

    Today is women’s day !! power to the women !!

  86. 86 mamie

    I love HB, but always love SHK more. I hope she will stay calm and overcome the media with classy elegance way as she is

  87. 87 noi

    what is the world without hyun bin and rain? *sigh

  88. 88 naquia

    Did they really date??? hmmm…..anyway take care n stay healthy in the Marines Binnie!

  89. 89 JJH2

    BETTER NOT BE HA JI WON THE 3RD PARTY in the split, reaction by public will tarnish both HYUN BIN n JI WON. Bin dumped SONG for his SECRET GARDEN co-star kissing with bedscenes similar to WORLDS WITHIN n did he fell for her? JI WON knowing SONG is his GF n yet she steal her away. NETCITIZENS will pity SONG more n condemned BIN and JI WON turning this into messy scandalous cheating affair. HOw did HJW climbed up to b famous n popular fleshing thru scandalous way before her debut. It was SGARDEN that lead to their relationship downfall with the HB-HJW shipping now N they are screaming “HURRAY” binkyo IS DEAD LONG LIVE BINHA??? GONE WITH THE WIND FOR HB N HJW RESPECT!!

    • 89.1 Dandelion

      I am so happy didn’t watch secret garden.

    • 89.2 Jenny

      It was not Ha Ji Won! They had remained silent for a year which you can hint as something to do with breaking up already. If it had to do anything with Ji Won would Hyun Bin be so stupid to leave his recently found love for two years????
      Ha Ji Won NEVER EVER used scandals to gain success. In fact she is among the actresses with low profile and highly anticipated talents. Many of her costars have praised her personality and her sense of humanity.
      Song Hye Kyo is a beautiful actress and i admit it. But she is famous for her styles and beauty. Her acting is usually criticized.
      Dont blame anyone when a relationship ends. If the relationship is weak and feeble, it is always bound to break apart. As for the shipping, well it happened the same when there was “What Happened in Bali” with Jo In Sung and the same thing repeated with Jang Geun Seok and Kim Jae Won in “Hwang Jin Yi”. If there really is love, than Binha will definitely happen, or else, like every on screen couples, they will remain only in fan videos.

      • 89.2.1 mimosa

        Waaa….very well said ! Hope sensible heads prevail, eh?

    • 89.3 rep

      JJH2. You’re a foolish person writing w/o any facts. Go study further and come back and write truths. BTW, SHK was the person moving a relationship to another relationship. Shs shows only scandals with so many actors with poor acting skills.

    • 89.4 Liz

      WTF. you are seriously a joke for blaming HJW! we can’t help IF Hyun Bin really falls for Ha Ji Won. and to make it perfectly clear, HJW never made any scandals with her co star before, and KOREA really loves her because she’s the definition of true talent and beauty unlike SHK. kthxbye!

    • 89.5 Hyun Bin

      Hye girl. I broke up Song because she has been not committed to me while she was filming the movie on 2010. Also, your writing is all falses. I love HJW dearly because she is the top-notched and respected actress by all KET world. Moreover, HJW has an excellent character. I do not like Song who has so many scandals. That is NO NO.

  90. 90 hitsugaya

    Amicable split with girlfriend announced the day after so that every woman turns into a puddle of goo imagining how lonely and heartbroken he is, entering the army? <– hilarious! hahah

  91. 91 @.@


  92. 92 rouby

    I will be miss him so much,,,, so sad, (-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩__-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩)
    Don’t tears again oppa,,,, wish u health in army….. Good luck…….

  93. 93 iamyournoona

    Ngl, my heart broke hearing the news that they’ve split up. I was and still is a hardcore song hye kyo and binnie shipper. The only thing that’s keeping me from being a sad panda for the entire week is the prospect of seeing lee dong wook oppa discharged in 3 months. Still.. I’ll miss you binnie..stay tough. Two years is a lot of quality time apart for you and song hye kyo to realize that u guys are meant to be together.

  94. 94 nozomi05

    I am sad that they broke up.

    No matter how I wish I’d end up with my “fave” actor, I do still wish that they have good and stable relationships since the entertainment industry is a crazy place to be in.

    Maybe they’d get back together after he finishes his enlistment.

  95. 95 jinjoo

    i think their management made a good decision in not announcing the breakup before he left for his service…i’m quite sadden though with their split, they seem like a great match (made in heaven) both successful in their careers, very attractive couple & all that…well that’s probab what they call in most Kdramas…fate or destiny. Their relationship wasn’t meant to be so that goes another room for us fans to be in the queue for his freedom LOL. Yday we’re talking about SSH having no partner, now it’s HB who’d be looking when he comes back! We’ll miss you Binnie ssi & take care! See you in 2012!
    I think i like his chopped hair better than the usual hairstyle he wears! :) jongmal

  96. 96 joo raim

    do we need someon to blame?! BLAME SHG~HB’s MANAGEMENT. i read it a year ago that HB~SHG broke up but their management said it’s JUST RUMORS cuz they had a STRONG RELATIONSHIP.that rumors become true story now. if they were broke up it’s not HJW’s part but because they had WEAK RELATIONSHIP. we must also remember that HB couldn’t be the lead actor of SG if jang hyuk didn’t dropped the scene

  97. 97 jinjoo

    another thing, help me here anyone :) since i’ve nvr been in a relationship, with the reason of their b/up, being busy with their careers etc. does this really mean a great impact in one’s relationship? i really think if i luv that certain person that i can probab persevere and have our relationship kept intact? maybe it’s easier said than done but am still trying to figure out there must be some kind of other serious reason/s for breaking up? again, i’m too naive perhaps in this kind of situation so if you have your views i’d welcome it!

  98. 98 Qwenli

    I am seriously starting to NOT like Song Hye gyo now. She has the charm to get any man she wants but she falls in love too easily. Next time, have a low profile relationship ok?

    • 98.1 mamie

      Do U have any proof that SHK easily love any man? DOn’t be so mean. She never said anything even with HB is always HB and his management who always say the words. I am seriously starting NOT TO LIKE HYUN BIN NOW. HE’S NOT AS MAN AS i THINK HE iS.

  99. 99 Jenny

    Should i say i’m happy to hear this?
    Okay i will even if that makes me a sinner!!

  100. 100 müge

    I loved an article of dramabeans after a long time, please don’t be offended.

    till SG, I was not content with these OLD copule (ohh feels good) and since SG I’m dying for HB-HJW. please pay attention! not only their characters on the drama but themselves. especially, I died every time I saw their off-screen chemistry. and I’ve been praying for that break-up every night (yes, I’m insane). now, I’ve more hopes than before.

    maybe it’s a childish fan view but I find SHG too cold and irritating.

    ohhh anyway, I’m so happy

    (now, many knives are being sharped for me, hah?)

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