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Miss Ripley: Episode 6
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The final side of the love square is formed, and almost instantly, Miri finds out how difficult it is to juggle all the lies in her life. Not just the two men, but Hee-joo, who knows too much. And wouldn’t you know it, everything starts to close in around her. It’s like watching her walk a tightrope. I’m seriously sweating bullets, half the time wanting to see her fall, but still gasping every time loses her footing and sighing with relief when she’s in the clear… for now.


Miri looks over at the man Myung-hoon described as the heir to the Mondo Group, and freezes at the sight of none other than Yoo-hyun, her Rotten Rope Roommie from the gosiwon, the energizer puppy that just will not stay down. She should really be thanking her lucky stars that he’s even been as persistent as he has.

She makes an excuse to Myung-hoon that she’s not feeling well, and heads home early, her head spinning with all this newfound information. She thinks back to all their interactions, where he had actually told very very tiny bits of the truth, and she had been dismissive and outright rude.

She almost laughs from the position this puts her in, and the irony that he’d turn out to be the golden goose. And then, armed with the internet, she begins her research on Project Puppy Recovery.

It turns out that Google isn’t much of a help when Yoo-hyun’s lived such a private life, and she finds herself still lacking any information on the guy. At work the next morning, Myung-hoon invites her to dinner and she feigns sick to get out of it; only when he mentions that he’s nervous about Mondo’s merger and dealing with Yoo-hyun, she perks up and realizes that it’s an opportunity to gather intel.

She quickly turns it around to say that she couldn’t desert him if he’s stressed – she’ll be at dinner. Damn. If she were an assassin, she’d be Two-second Tabby: ruthless, and turns on a dime.

Meanwhile Hee-joo finally decides to accept the job at Mondo, and Chul-jin takes her up to the office. She’s shocked to see her own design from the competition framed on the boss’ wall, and nervously bows to greet him as he enters.

Except mid-bow, she starts to recognize that voice… She looks up, and there’s Yoo-hyun smiling back at her, pleased as punch. But Hee-joo is not Miri, and she runs out in shock and disappointment.

Yoo-hyun follows after her and starts to explain that he wanted to meet her and convince her, as the Man Yoo-hyun, not the heir…

She cuts him off, noting that sure, he must have his reasons. “But… that means that the Yoo-hyun I’ve known isn’t your true face.” Aw, that kind of kills me. She’s so earnest that this is what hurts her, and what makes her feel foolish for liking him.

She also realizes how many times he’s kept up this façade in front of her, including talk of her father, which was really what sealed her decision to come here today. Damn, if you think about it from her perspective, Yoo-hyun and Miri actually have more in common than it seems. They both have no qualms in lying to get what they want, though of course the lie itself is vastly different. But it’s still misrepresenting yourself, if you think about it. Interesting.

She adds, voice trembling, “I thought you were different. So I was happy. But what is this?” He gets a little worked up in defense, asking if he ought to have stuck out a business card at her at first meeting. He says it’s true he wanted to recruit her, but he genuinely thought he’d met a good friend.

Chul-jin takes her out for coffee and defends his friend, admitting that if he didn’t know Yoo-hyun, he’d have called all this a rich fool’s game. But he tells her that Yoo-hyun paid his own way through school (I’m a little more impressed now), and that he’s always struggled to make something of himself by his own effort. While the school part is admirable, the latter’s got to be taken with a grain of salt, since he’s not exactly starting at Mondo as a bellhop or anything. Just sayin’. In any case, she reconsiders it.

Myung-hoon tells Miri some basic things about Yoo-hyun—that he lives apart from his parents, but has a trusting relationship with them, since they’ve already given him a third of the company and are open-minded enough to let him choose his own wife. I love that this is pretty much the equivalent of hippie free-love, in the realm of chaebols.

She takes it all in, her eyes growing wide to realize just HOW filthy rich this guy is. I mean, he’s basically been bow-tied and dropped on her doorstep, like a puppy just waiting to be adopted. After declining to go home with Myung-hoon, she stops in front of her apartment, looking up at Yoo-hyun’s window with a smile. Scary.

She makes breakfast for Hee-joo the next morning, suddenly all roses and sunshine. If I ever knew anyone who was so hot and cold, I’d check her into an asylum. It’s borderline multiple personalities, I swear.

Hee-joo is surprised, but totally falls for Miri’s sugary act, when she applauds her for taking the Mondo job and admits to feeling so bad about her losing her job at Hotel A that she was working up the nerve to ask them to rehire her. Wow. Just, wow.

Miri tests the waters and asks if she’s working with Chul-jin, and that other guy is in a different department. Hee-joo doesn’t blow Yoo-hyun’s cover, and just nods. Miri asks if Hee-joo likes him, citing the flowers and the baseball game, and Hee-joo smiles shyly, but is quick to deflect, and says that all he ever talks about is Miri. This couldn’t be easier if she tried.

She says that the foursome should go out to celebrate Hee-joo’s new job, and suggests another baseball game.

Hee-joo goes to work and tells Yoo-hyun, who beams that Miri’s finally giving him an opening. He stupidly calls the gift from Hee-joo his good luck charm (yeah, with the wrong girl), which makes me want to kick him in the shin.

She apologizes for her emotional reaction yesterday, and they start over today, as boss and employee. Oh, he ought to stop smiling at her like that. She’s going to get her little heart pulverized.

They go to a baseball game that night, and Hee-joo’s face falls to see Yoo-hyun and Miri making eyes at each other through the whole game. She turns to cheer with him; he’s already cheering with Miri. She gives him a drink; he shares it with Miri. Auuugh, my heart, it breaks.

They go out for drinks afterwards, and Miri lays on the one act that finally tips me over. I hate girls who do this: she demurely feigns being unable to handle her liquor, and then “bravely” downs her shot anyway, ensuring that she will appear most chaste and angelic. GAH.

It’s not just me, either, because Hee-joo’s eyes narrow too. She’s maybe not familiar enough with Miri to know her drinking habits, but this is totally false, and she knows it. It only gets worse as the night wears on, and Hee-joo starts downing shot after shot as she watches Miri blatantly flirt with Yoo-hyun.

The boys start asking her about her major at Tokyo University, and she starts to say National-, then ends up saying Japanese Literature. Chul-jin, in full-on investigation mode, corrects her that in Japan it’s not Japanese Lit, but National Lit (because when you’re in that country, you wouldn’t still call it American Lit, the way we do). Ruh-roh.

But Yoo-hyun recovers for her, because she clearly started to say “National-” and then switched because we’re now in Korea. Oh, trusting puppy. Chul-jin asks which campus she was on, and she starts to panic, looking over at Hee-joo, who smirks while downing another drink.

They ask Hee-joo what Miri was like in school, and Hee-joo is getting too drunk and too angry to care…

Miri realizes that she’s on the ropes, and uses Hee-joo’s drunken state to feign concern, and suggests that she go on home. Hee-joo tries to insist that she’s fine, not wanting to leave Miri alone with her crush, but Miri is way too smooth for the likes of her. Before she knows it, Chul-jin is escorting her out, leaving Miri with her prey.

Miri and Yoo-hyun walk home, now on friendly terms, and he marvels at finally having gotten past the point of icy rejection. If you only knew why.

They approach their building, but Miri sees a figure perched right outside her door, and she comes to a halt. While Yoo-hyun’s faced the other way, she looks again, and sees Hirayama, staring right back at her. He face goes white.

Trying to think quickly, she tells Yoo-hyun she forgot to get ice cream for Hee-joo and says they should turn back. But he insists on going to get it himself, and leaves her there. She decides there’s nowhere to run, and confronts Hirayama.

He tells her that she’s come up in the world, and screams that he’s the one who made her the best. The best bar hostess? I know you’re a pimp, but that’s not something to be proud of, really. He threateningly mentions that a President Kang is eager to collect on her (whether that means money or more is still unclear).

So this much we now know: Hirayama is simply middle-management, and it’s not some obsessive vengeance streak, but a job that’s keeping him on her tail. Though he does carry a lot of personal resentment, making him perfect for the job, I suppose.

He starts to get violent, pushing her around and slapping her, which is pretty hard to watch, but she stands her ground and refuses to ever live like that again.

Hirayama: Since you’ve been walking around with books at your side, and going in and out of hotels, you don’t know see what you are, do you? You don’t know if this is Korea or Japan. I will tell you what you are. I will tell you EXACTLY, EXACTLY what you are! Get it together. You’re a bar girl. A bar girl.

Miri: Why? Why can’t I live like other people do? Because I’m an orphan? Because I don’t have the education? If I don’t have an education am I not even human? If I have nothing, can I be dismissed by everyone? That’s right. I did do that, then. I lived what I came up against, and earned what I came up against. I did do that. Why? To live. Because it’s all I could do. Because it’s the only thing I could do. But it’s different now. I won’t. I’ll never live that way again.

Aaaaack, now I’m back to feeling sympathetic for her.

Hirayama tells her that it’s not just the money. She has to meet President Kang. She shouts that she won’t. And this is when Hee-joo walks up and overhears them. Bitterly, mockingly, Miri asks what he’ll pay her to go see him then. She’s met with slap after slap, as she defiantly refuses. It’s hard not to root for her when she’s all fiery like that.

Hee-joo gasps to see Miri roughed up, not knowing the full situation, but realizing that she really doesn’t know the extent of Miri’s hardship. She goes home first, and sees Miri walk in dazed, and head to the bathroom to cry.

The next morning she asks Miri about that man, and Miri nearly bites her head off for even asking. She defensively says that it’s her business, and that he’s just someone she used to work with in Japan, and he’s still aggressively recruiting her. Well, it’s not untrue. She tells Hee-joo to mind her words around Yoo-hyun.

On her way out, she sees Yoo-hyun’s motorcycle and smiles her evil-plan-hatching smile. She struggles to push it over on its side, then rushes to have the security guard call Yoo-hyun. She’s now indebted to him, to his delight of course.

Myung-hoon goes to see Yoo-hyun, for the first of his now weekly meetings to report on Hotel A. He’s anticipating a difficult transition, now having to report to a boss of sorts, but Yoo-hyun surprises him with a request. He asks if they can be hyung and dongseng, instead of their titles along with all the requisite corporate hierarchy.

It’s something that’s not totally impossible, but highly improbable given their working situation, but Yoo-hyun asks so earnestly that Myung-hoon says that he’ll try. They shake on it, sealing the unlikely friendship. This is going to be really awkward down the line, but right now I find it adorable, even though I know it’s a doomed bromance.

Myung-hoon is starting to feel Miri’s distance and absence, noting that she’s been going home early. He tells her that his mother is awake, and asks her to go with him tonight to see her. She agrees, making him adorably happy, only to get a call from Yoo-hyun and dash out without so much as one look behind her.

Myung-hoon sees her leave and gets curious, especially when she doesn’t answer her phone all day.

She goes with Yoo-hyun to get his motorcycle fixed, and he lets her buy dinner since she feels so bad. He tells her that he recently found out that she’s an orphan and paid her way through school, and of course finds common ground with that.

She adds for good measure that people ought to make their own way in the world, regardless of who their parents are, and that she wouldn’t even accept help if she had parents who were chaebols. He smiles, totally smitten and thinking he’s found his soulmate. Chills.

She wipes some sauce from his lip, and he’s a total goner.

They walk home, happy and basking in flirty exchanges, while Myung-hoon drives up in front of Miri’s apartment. Oh, dear. Thankfully, Yoo-hyun remembers that he wanted to get her another tub of ice cream since Chul-jin ate up the last one, and turns to go back.

It’s right then that Myung-hoon and Miri lock eyes, and he sees the back of a man walking away from her. Damn, that’s a close call.

She runs over, frazzled, and wondering what he’s doing here. He asks why she hasn’t been answering her phone, and she pretends to just now realize that her phone has been off. She says she waited for his call all day and wondered why he hadn’t phoned, and that she really wanted to go.

He starts to tell her that he knows that Miri isn’t the first for him—he’s already been married before—but she feels like the first, to him. Aw, now he’s being a puppy too? I don’t know if my heart can take it.

He tells her that he feels like his locked up heart has reopened because of her, and asks what he’s supposed to do in this situation. He asks if she regrets their relationship.

She turns it around on him, of course, pretending to be hurt that this is all he thinks of her sincere love. She panics to see Yoo-hyun standing there, and leans in for a kiss, but Myung-hoon doesn’t reciprocate. She makes her exit, seemingly hurt and heartbroken in Myung-hoon’s eyes.

Myung-hoon calls all night but she doesn’t answer, and he shows up to work the next day to find that she’s called in sick. She’s sick all right, but not in the way you think. She’s landed in Jeju, because that’s where Yoo-hyun is going to be.

She calls Myung-hoon after she lands, confessing that she’s in Jeju, because she doesn’t know what she’s done to make him not trust her, to make him feel that way. She tells him that she was ill all night after he left like that, and tells him that she’s here to clear her head.

He buys it, even apologizing for being so harsh and making her feel that way. Wow. She never ceases to amaze me. In a totally scary way.

She goes to the hotel where Yoo-hyun, Hee-joo, and Chul-jin are staying, and runs into them in the lobby. She lies that she got sent to Jeju to pick up green tea for a picky VVIP, and I don’t know what’s more absurd—that flying to an island to get someone tea is perceived as a reasonable request in VVVVVVIPland, or that Yoo-hyun doesn’t see right through her.

In any case, Hee-joo is deflated enough for the four of them. If she doesn’t believe that Miri is outright lying (though I wouldn’t put it past her to start suspecting, especially after the diploma incident), she’s at least crushed to see her steal Yoo-hyun away.

They go on a picturesque tour of Jeju and frolic in the ocean like a couple of lovebirds, and stop to watch the sunset. He tells her that his mother used to vacation here, and that he loved it when it was cloudy and windy, because it meant that planes wouldn’t fly and he’d get to stay here longer with her.

Miri tells him that she was the opposite—she hated cloudy days because then the boats that were headed to Korea wouldn’t be able to go. She’d climb up a mountain on days like that, wondering if she just climbed higher, she might see Korea, where the mother who abandoned her might be.

She cries, and though I know she’s totally manipulating him, it’s another of her classic blurry real/fake moments. She probably did do that as a child, and she really did spend her youth hoping and waiting that her mother would come and save her from her nightmare.

She tells him that they’re actually quite similar, “We’re both like orphans, lost our mothers and miss them.”

He watches her cry and tenderly moves the hair out of her face. He pulls her into a hug as the sun sets.

She goes to her room, pleased at her progress, and when Yoo-hyun comes knocking on her door to return her hat, she invites him in to ask for help with her suitcase zipper, and they make moon eyes over tea.

The doorbell rings and she opens the door… to find Myung-hoon smiling at her, having flown to Jeju to see her.



Now THAT’s a believable use of this plot device—the old caught-in-a-hotel-room-together scenario, to increase tension and play with our expectations. She’s clearly out to seduce both men, so it’s completely a red-handed catch, despite the fact that it’s actually an innocent scenario. (Case in point: though I love City Hunter more, its use of this in the last episode left a lot to be desired. Namely logic.)

Though I’m sure Miri will find a way out of this by the skin of her teeth, I find I’m torn again—I totally want her to get away with it for now. Is that sick? I don’t know. I guess I’m so invested in how far she takes this that I want to see it through. It’s morbid fascination, for sure.

Every time she hurts Hee-joo I want her to die a slow and painful death. But then when she fights and claws her way out of hell and sticks to her morally flawed guns, I find I’m rooting for her again.

It doesn’t help that both men are such willing puppies for the slaughter, all cute and cuddly and totally vulnerable. It’s hard not to wish that at least one of them gets to end up happy with her, though that seems not only ill-fated, but unjust.

I’m anticipating Hee-joo’s changes as she starts to see more of Miri’s dark side, and gets more and more taken from her because of Miri. Perhaps it’ll spark a change in her and she’ll turn the tables, once she’s holding all the cards. Yoo-hyun seems to be the linchpin in that—the one thing she’s not okay losing to Miri, which means trouble ahead. Aw, yeah.


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  1. Spastic

    thank you for the recap!

  2. sb

    Since there are only so many adjectives I can use to describe Miri’s calculating machinations…

    Is it shallow to harbor a small crush on Chul Jin? My glint of light amidst all this dark, heh.

    Thankfully, this episode didn’t make my skin crawl as much as yesterday’s. Whew. Yesterday, I deemed Miri complete evil incarnate, and the expressions she had on her face as the wheels turned in her head made me involuntarily shudder. Today she seemed a tiiiny bit human again, which was a relief. I didn’t know if I wanted to continue watching if I couldn’t root for her at all, but looking forward to how this evolves.

    Thank you for the recap!

    • 2.1 merlyunho

      lol. you’re not shallow, dear, not at all. i, too, find chul jin quite hot ever since he picked up yoohyun from the airport at first episode. i was like, “damn, i can take watching yoochun flaunting his hotness and charm throughout the drama but i don’t know if i could take him having a bromance with this hot of a friend.” lol. yeah, i think it’s a bit shallow, kekeke

      • 2.1.1 sb

        Glad to know I’m not alone! 😀

      • 2.1.2 b1

        me too .. lol .. and i’ll ship the bromance if there would be —

      • 2.1.3 Jenni

        I am totally hoping Chul-jin and Heejoo hook up 😀

        • Lidia

          ditto! 🙂

      • 2.1.4 M

        hi girls
        CHUL JIN IS HOT!
        he was hot in MIDAS
        i was so excited to see him in this
        i hope he gets a lead role soon
        im watching this drama with my mom and she’s just like, omfg i hope miri’s character dies
        but i like this drama because it’s fast paced.. 😀

    • 2.2 Lemon

      I find Chuljin hot too! And it’s kinda refreshing, since he’s the only guy not suckered in by Miri’s lies. He’s also firmly on Heejoo’s side. Yay!

      • 2.2.1 sb

        Hee Joo is adorable. I wish she would just turn Miri in!

        Hee Joo should avoid the drama of Yoo Chun and Miri and just hook up with Chul Jin already. 😛

        • Lemon

          Actually I’d like Miri to piss Heejoo off a little more, and then let Heejoo totally gain the trust of the Mondo company before Heejoo outs Miri. That’ll bring greater satisfaction! Muahaha I’m evil like that..

          I just hope Miri doesn’t betray Heejoo, or even worse, frame her.

          • sb

            I wouldn’t put it past this psychotic conniving woman, but I will be rooting for Hee Joo to outsmart and expose Miri’s truckload of trickery and lies!

        • Tha

          It wouldnt surprise me one bit if Chul Jin turns out be Hee Joo’s savior. But I would like to see if Yoo-hyun would fall for her after the facts…And if the bromance holds up if they both in love with the same girl. Im rooting Hee Joo all the way!!!

        • imogene_af

          I think Chul Jin has a wittle crush on Hee Joo to be honest. If I were her, I’d hook up with him.

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  4. mynameis............


  5. lemonicricket

    I swear I’m ageing prematurely watching this lol. SO TENSE o.o

    • 5.1 Chocobo

      I know, right? Edge of your seat, and not even any explosions! I love that the tension and conflict is purely psychological.

    • 5.2 Radhika

      LOL same here!!!
      yesterday i was watching ep 3 and 4 at like 2am in the morning .. n it was all dark n i started getting all creeped out and scared! haha wow its hard to believe ppl like miri exist! … just scary….

  6. Tera

    Who would’ve thought this drama would turn out so brilliant
    I love it when a kdrama isnt a total LOGIC FAIL
    Just the recap is creeping me out.
    Plus, what kind of unholy alliance have you made GIRL FRIDAY? You always get to recap the awesomer episodes. 😀

    • 6.1 diorama

      I know how you feel – this drama’s promos didn’t do justice to the thrill ride it is. And God help me, I kind of love Miri, just for being backstabbing and two-faced and far more complex than the average kdrama heroine. Kudos to the writer for making her go all the way with her lies and still making us root for her.

  7. mynameis............

    ahahahha…im the type that don’t really want to watch/read this type of genre for dramas…i can’t stand the suspense…but somehow this drama has a certain pull for me…i feel like i don’t watch to watch because i’m scared for the protagonist but somehow watches it anyway because I feel like i’m going to miss something EPIC every episode…Miri’s this kind of opportunistic girl who’ll do anything to make her life turn completely 180 degrees…Kind of creepy…

    anyways, kudos to girlfriday!!!

  8. daisy

    Awesome episode! I love the shot of them on the beach. Miri may be a manipulative bitch, but I honestly feel sorry for her most of the time. I like the suspense of this drama, I feel so nervous while watching it. It’s different!

    • 8.1 Rika

      I feel quite sick in my stomach as I watch her… I get that this kind of a triumph over difficulty or oversome obstacles storiy, but I still feel sick….about it..

      I guess that’s a testament to the writers and to Lee Da Hae’s performance but still…

      I’m waiting for hyejung to stretch her legs… I’m a fan and know she do wonders… I hope they let her have her pie…

      • 8.1.1 daisy

        I agree about the “sick to my stomach” part…LDH is absolutely amazing in this, I’m quickly becoming a fan of hers.

  9. Ani

    *starts chanting* Heejoo! Heejoo! Heejoo! Heejoo!

    For the rest of this series I will continue cheering for Heejoo. Although I feel sorry for the circumstances Miri had to put up with during her childhood, I really don’t feel sorry for her considering what she’s doing now. X/

    • 9.1 dls

      joins the chant: Heejoo! Heejoo! Heejoo!!
      somebody wakes up the boys… don’t get screwed up…

    • 9.2 Soua

      What is she doing? Playing around with boys’ hearts… what’s wrong with that? 😀

      kekeke Kidding.

      But I do hope Heejoo grows up and realize she has to grow a back bone. You have to fight for what you want… and I think that’s a lesson Miri will part on Heejoo…

      But I soooo hope Miri turns around to love and care for Heejol. 🙁

    • 9.3 Maho

      All right! Team Hee Joo!!!

      I’ve got no sympathy for Miri, yeah her life was terrible but that doesn’t justify her current actions. I’m eagerly awaiting the moment when Heejoo brings her down.

      • 9.3.1 sb

        Same here. Can’t wait!

    • 9.4 nonski

      yep yep… i would like to see the day when Yoo Chun drools over Hee Joo when she’s already Chul Jin’s bwahahaha….

      just my wish tho.

      thanks for the recaps!

      and i’m for Hee Joo till the end of this drama.

      • 9.4.1 Ani

        Ohmanohmanohman! That is an awesome idea. Realizing who you truly love after neglecting her, only to find that your best friend is the one courting her??? ARGH! LOVE IT. I love it when people have to suffer a little when it comes to love because it serves them right for not noticing that special someone that has always been there by their side. Do you hear us writers? Make it happen please!!!!!

  10. 10 moomooye

    I’m digging how the writer is revealing Miri’s past piece by piece, because every time the disdain for her scheming ways starts to build up, it gets squashed back because I start feeling sympathetic. Honestly, if I were in her shoes and grew up in that kind of environment, I don’t think I would be able to be a good person either. Realistically speaking, it would be very hard to have an optimistic view on life if you went through that.

  11. 11 cherry blossom in the rain

    Miss Ripley???i dont think so..she must be Miss Racist..

    • 11.1 Ani

      Uh, you mean Classist?

      • 11.1.1 cherry blossom in the rain

        No its really racist…
        a person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others..

        • jane088

          bet you’re one of those filipinos who are SO FULL OF THEMSELVES.. right??

        • Ani

          Soooo… I read parts of Miss Ripley, meaning I scan the recaps to get to the parts that seem interesting to me. Soooooo, uh, I feel as if I’m missing something. Why is Miss Ripley Miss Racist instead?

        • sb

          Huh?? That would only make sense if Miri avoided Yoo hyun’s advances in the beginning because she knew he was half Japanese, taking that as reason alone to shun him. But she shut him down because she thought he was some poor nobody, someone of no use to her plans to advance up in the world.

          But notwithstanding any of this, even if that were the case, it’s not the main point of this drama.

          • Ani

            I was starting to think cherryblossomintherain was referring to Hirayama and how the Japanese are the “bad guys”. I still don’t see how this is racist. They just as easily show Miri being “bad” and she’s Korean. Yeah, cherry you’re going to have to explain ’cause you must have a legit reason for saying that. Hopefully.

    • 11.2 jane088

      guys.. this gurl (i supposed) is a LDH hater.. thats why she’s saying MISS RIPLEY IS MISS RACIST because of the “MOCKING OF THE FILIPINO ACCENT” incident in a tv show..

      @cherry blossom in the rain – if you don’t have any plans of commenting regarding the article.. will you please SHUT UP or might as well GET OUT OF HERE AND STOP TROLLING!!

      • 11.2.1 Ani

        I was thinking troll at first, but than I figured that’s the meanie in me coming out (that, and too much RayWilliamJohnson). Heh. Well jane008, please feel free to kick some cherry buttocks. (Although, please don’t have cherry sour your feelings towards all Filipinos. My mom’s besty is one and I don’t think I can call myself her daughter if I don’t say that much.) Other than that, go jane008.

        • jane088

          lol i’m filipino btw.. seriously some of my countrymen are getting annoying already and its getting down on my nerves!!! plus this issue is freaking OLD.. i don’t why they CAN”T MOVE ON!!!

      • 11.2.2 sb

        Doh. Thanks for clearing that up. For a moment I thought I was missing something, and was about to question my deductive skills.

      • 11.2.3 Rachel

        I understand LDH haters. Well, she is a drama queen playing drama queen in the drama. Thus acting Miri shouldn’t be hard yet I find her acting awkward. She tries to appear pretty to hard than really act with all her heart. At this rate, she could be an Yeo Bae Woo (actress) but will never be a Bae Woo (real actor).

        • jane088

          how would ya know that she’s a drama queen?? do you met her in real life?? o_O

          oh well.. HATERS will ALWAYS HATE… lol 😛

          • Rachel

            Excuse me, I never labeled myself as a hater. I merely stated why haters hate her. And how do you know if I’m a hater? Have you met me in real life?

            Certainly you didn’t read what she wrote after the wardrobe malfunction incident. Read that and tell me she’s not a drama queen.

          • jane088

            @Rachel excuse me too darling.. but when did i stated that you’re a hater? i was juz referring to LDH’s haters duh… lol you’re so funny 😀 please make up your mind darling..

            i don’t care about the wardrobe malfunction.. she juz saying what she feels and if thats the reason for you to call her a DRAMA QUEEN then GOOD FOR YOU..

            and i’m so sorry im too busy with my own life to be able to meet with you..

            and i’m not interested of getting to know you..

            PEACE OUT!! 😀

          • Rachel

            *relief sigh* oh my thank goodness, you’re not interested in me. I was worried you were going to say otherwise 🙂
            And thank you for taking your precious time to reply to my comment, your highness. It is such an honor.

          • jane088

            you’re welcome my dear.. i was so worried that your gonna hate me for saying that.. im so glad that we both feel the same way dear… 😀

          • jj

            if you love LDH so much go effing marry her you dumbass bimbo.

            you’re also “one of those filipinos who are SO FULL OF THEMSELVES”

            LDH is a f-ing drama queen.. you don’t have to meet a person to know one.. the way she talks and presents herself clearly shows it..

        • Tera

          are we watching the same drama 😮
          I’m seeing a Go hyun Jung 2.0 worthy of a daesang?
          Her acting is Brilliant and you have to give her props for that even if you dont like her.
          To hate her personality is one thing but you cant fault her acting thats for sure

          • hookedonmonix

            I’m not watching this one (yet) so I don’t know how well she’s acting in it, but I have to say, despite really liking her on one level, I’ve simultaneously been put off by her acting in the past. I hope that when I do watch (when its done broadcasting,) I’m pleasantly surprised. Your post gives me hope.

          • Rachel

            Go Hyun Jung??? Wow…I just hope no Go Hyun Jung fans will read your comment. I highly recommend spending some valuable time at “naver.” If you naver LDH you will see that vast majority of Koreans agree with my insight in regard to her acting.

          • jane088

            ooh RACHEL… we get it!!! YOU DON”T LIKE LDH AND HER ACTING. no matter how much LDH try.. you won’t like and will ever be… right?!

          • jj

            are you serious comparing her Go Hyun Jung.. Go Hyun Jung is born with talent..

            when i watched LDH act in My Girl she was cute in her character.. but watching Ms. Ripley shows she overacts with only her facial expressions.
            she shows nervousness and uncertainty quiet well with all the eye twitching.. but above that not really great caliber.

        • muchoo

          I just saw a movie with a tittle ” RACHEL THE DRAMA QUEEN. So interesting, she is a very good actress. LDH is no match with this actress. I love the actress so much, just like MIRI here.

          • mardie


          • Rachel

            People, calm down please. This is not a LDH fan page. Not everyone has to love her. How is one suppose to “rant and/or rave” when s/he gets bashed as soon as it is done so? I can freely express how I feel toward her acting in a civil manner. And hey, muchoo, you truly believe I’m a drama queen? Go ahead and read the article and the comments: http://www.allkpop.com/2011/03/lee-da-hae-vents-about-her-wardrobe-mishap-at-the-seoul-arts-and-culture-awards

          • jj

            hey at least she has a movie out.. what have you been doing?

            the truth hurts.. i guess it hurt you badly..

        • jane088

          @jj lol.. im not gonna stoop down to your level ya know?? lol 😀

    • 11.3 cherry blossom in the rain

      hahaha…well,,its how you take my comment..i dont need to please everyone…i have the right to post whats on my mind..hahaha..but the overflowing reaction either good, bad or neutral make me giggle..with just one statement..so many reactions..I won…Mehhhrooonggg!!!

      • 11.3.1 jane088

        nah i don’t think so… you’re just a SORE LOOSER

      • 11.3.2 CreamPuffs

        I think your comment would have been more calmly received and would have sparked more peaceful discussion if you explained why you think the main character or the drama is racist.

        • Ani

          Well said CreamPuffs. Well said.

  12. 12 Kaleido

    I actually love Miri. She’s just so different from the stand kdrama heroine. Heck, I love all the cast. And I thought I was firmly in the Myung Hoon camp but this episode! GAH!

    Thanks for the recap!

    • 12.1 Kaleido

      Also, did Miri lose her perm hair? I liked the perm hair. : (

      • 12.1.1 Lemon

        Haha I didn’t like her perm…

  13. 13 YerVang

    And it keeps getting better 😉

  14. 14 Molly

    I get chills reading the recaps alone. Like you and javabeans have said, I’m torn between wanting to root for her and then wanting her to atone for the sins she’s committed against all the people around her. This drama is so unique though – the suspense, the anti-heroine, the adorable male leads…I can’t wait to see how it ends. Even though the foreshadowing first scenes of Episode 1 keep coming to mind…

  15. 15 hanneebuff

    I am scared that when Hee Joo will start tapping on her ‘dark side’, Yoo Hyun will immediately say that she’s being the evil one when in fact, it’s Miri who is the real opportunist. 🙁 I really, really want to bash Yoo Hyun’s head to make him see Miri’s true colors (if only he wasn’t soo good looking.)

    But right now, I’m gonna watch this for the sake of seeing Miri make excuses for her actions (though I am really hating her)

  16. 16 Mia

    I like Miri.

    It seems to me that they played up Heejoo being the more standard Kdrama heroine – innocent, kind, loveable, and a “cute” clutz that is a danger to everyone within 2 miles.

    To me it Miri is that dark side we all have, multiplied by a thousand. For good reason. She has suffered so much that it would be ridiculous for her to come out of it wishing well on the world and not extremely focused (perhaps to the point of ingrained subconsciousness) on survival.

    I like her. I like both men too. I just like – and admire – this drama.

    (Though JB is right, this Carmen music is giving me a “do-you-get-what-our-character-is-doing-!!!!!! bruise.)

    • 16.1 Maho

      Yeah in these types of drama’s the main lead is the seductive, scheming lying or whatever you may call her and the second female lead is the typical nice girl heroine. But unlike the typical heroine Hee Joo will put more of a fight than if she were the main character.

    • 16.2 DP

      Miri and Hee Jo kinda reminds me of the characters in All About Eve Drama.

      I have soft spot for those who experience unfortunate childhood.

      Besides I don’t think Hee Jo will be able to accomplish better compared to Miri if she experience all the hardship that Miri had.

  17. 17 Anna

    oh the suspense. LOVE IT. especially at the end, I yelled at my screen “oh shitttttt Yoohyun HIDE HIDEE!!!”

    gracias girlfriday.. I wonder if you’re related to Rebecca Black? hehe

    • 17.1 sb

      I was cringing and squinting through my fingers because I didn’t know if Yoo hyun was going to come up behind her or not.

  18. 18 Nana

    *sign* Men are so easy.

    • 18.1 jenknight18

      if you’re beautiful… yes real life men are that easy to manipulate.. just do the puffy eyes,, virginal walk.. and the innocent awww shocks and their dead rolling.. not caring if you’ll turn out to be bitchy later.. they’ll justify it by saying true love looks beyond a person’s flaws..

      • 18.1.1 jenknight18

        but then again .. not all men.. although still .. those who’ll not fall for that scheme are rare kind

        • Rachel

          Ah I beg to differ. I say all men. All of them, every single one of them.

        • orenji13

          which either be married.. or gay..

          It left us with only the rotten and shallow men -__-

          • DP

            wuahahahah….that’s funny.

          • jenknight18

            you were reading my mind! are we in the same community?? kekekeke

  19. 19 jane088

    ahhhhhhhhhh…this drama is making me CRAAAZZYYY!!!

    seiously!!! anyone wants to come to a mental institution with me??? lol kidding 😛

    first i was hating her, next thing i knew – i was damn crying (slapping scene) then i’m giggling (YUTAKA and MIRI date) ughhh…

    • 19.1 jj

      go by yourself you crazy bitch

      • 19.1.1 Soua

        Whao, that is un-called for!!!!

  20. 20 Amg1

    GF Thank you for your hard work!!!! : 0 }

    I am completely sold out on Miri’s character, it is seldom that I feel such passion for an anti-heroine, and Miri is going beyond all my expectations…..

    Most of us have been in situations where are moral fiber is put to the test, to the point of having to choose what is “wrong or right,” in the case of Miri I am also conflicted, because in one hand she is on the “Highway To Hell,” but deep inside I want her to succeed,.

    The scene’s where she is “beat by the pimp,” and the one where she is at the beach reminiscing her painful childhood they bring me to tears, even when I know she is”Bad To the Bone,” I feel a deep empathy for Miri as a character.

    All I can say is that LDH has won my heart all over again, I do believed that the Miri character may be the best work of her career, and once and for all I hope all her detractors, may giver her the respect that she truly deserves as an actress!!!!!!

    LDH FTW!!!!!!!!!!! : 0 }

  21. 21 Niam

    Since am in NYC, I stayed until midnite to read.

    Anyhow, Ms. Scary is creeping me out…… I was laughing @ the way Hee-joo was looking @ her while all four of them drinking. This drama plot (4gt abt the music) pulled me in.

    Miri is some piece of work. Her mind doesn’t stop plotting or lying.

  22. 22 crazedlu

    miri.. dang, she’s GOOD. and by good, i mean bad, and by bad, i mean dun dun DUUNNN! doom is coming. i know it. poor hee joo. oh man, oh man. she’s gonna turn, isn’t she? gah! if she wasn’t so smitten by yoo hyun. :'( but it’s so hard not to be.

    i can’t wait for the end!!

  23. 23 tomobuddy

    Gomawo …
    Thank you so much for the recap

  24. 24 b

    Miri is broken but not irreparable. Her only crimes so far have been theft, fraud, and forgery, and possibly even prostitution (It’s unclear if she had actually become a prostitute). There are far worse crimes than what she had committed. Yes, she’s a schemer, but to call her evil at this point is going a little overboard.

    Ok, this is something that had not occured to me to Google until now:
    “Is prostitution legal in Japan?”

    One of the search results gave wikipedia’s answer:
    While the Anti-Prostitution Law of 1956 states that “No person may either do prostitution or become the customer of it,” various loopholes, liberal interpretations of the law, and loose enforcement have allowed the sex industry to prosper and earn an estimated 2.3 trillion yen a year.
    In Japan, the “sex industry” is not synonymous with prostitution. Since Japanese law defines prostitution as “intercourse with an unspecified person in exchange for payment,” most sex clubs only offer non-coital services to remain legal. This has led Joan Sinclair, the author of Pink Box, to observe that the sex industry in Japan ironically “offer[s] absolutely everything imaginable but sex.”

    If she had merely been a bar girl, she had not violated the Anti-Prostitution Law.

    Ah, I almost forgot she committed arson in Japan. Yeah, that’s major.

    • 24.1 Mia

      Wait wait wait….you mentioned prostitution as a crime….she committed?

      From what I can see you could be referring to only two incidents:

      1. Her life in Japan.

      I would never call that prostitution. It seemed like she was desperately trying to escape it throughout her life there. She also seemed to suffer sever consequences at attempting to escape – just a very small bit of what we see from the slapping and suggested non-consensual sex dealings we see in this episode.

      2. Her relationship with the boss.

      He wanted it. She didn’t take money. So seducing and consensual it is.

      I think if you are forced into the situation of bar hostess against your will that would never count as “their/her” crime.

      • 24.1.1 b

        I never said she was a prostitute. In the show it was never fully clear to what extent she entertained men, or what level of coercion she received from Hirayama or his bosses. If she was forced to do so, then that’s white slavery and she’s absolved of any wrongdoing. But as far as the show would tell us, she was only a bar girl. That was it. Perhaps the writers are leaving it up to our imagination how far she went due to the suggestive nature of the subject. Also, I was enumerating the possible crimes she has committed in an attempt to clear her of the “evil” label. It was a clumsy attempt, I admit 😀

  25. 25 MissB

    I love miri, as long as she’s not doing anyone physical injury i’m fine with her mind games. Heejoo is such a tipical kdrama herione that i’m tired of her kind, I’m ready for Miri’s type of heroine. And who can fault her, she’s just spreading the love around and making both men happy, just a regular santa, don’t be messing with the girl’s good deed. As long as both men are happy, hey miri, do you. I just wish I have the physical and mental capability to do what she’s doing

  26. 26 mel

    I absolutely hate Miri. I do not even feel an ounce of sympathy for her anymore. Instead I really feel for Heejoo, and how unjustified she must feel in this situation. The lying, scheming ‘miss perfect’ getting all the attention and stealing away her crush. What’s more, her scheming wouldn’t have succeeded if it wasn’t for Heejoo’s diploma. I can’t wait till Heejoo bites back. on the other hand, as much as I love Yoochun, I am so thoroughly irritated by Yoohyun! Shallow much? guhhhhh.

    • 26.1 sb

      Haha I feel you about Yoo-hyun. It’s one thing if he saw her first in that red gown and went ga-ga, but it’s a bit of a stretch that he was mesmerized by her magnetic hold of her beauty when he bumped into her at the gosiwon, spilling leftover ramyun all over her. And that he persisted his advances despite her nasty rude rejections, which should have left a sour taste in his mouth.

      • 26.1.1 Mia

        It’s okay, on rereading the post (yours) I was quite sure that you we’re using the “her crimes” and “prostitution” a bit too close together – unintentionally.

        I was initially a bit confused though. And therefore wanted to write the reply just to make sure others wouldn’t think she committed any sexual “crimes” with her own will and choice.

        • sb

          I think you mean b’s post, not mine. Only a one-letter difference but for a two-letter pseudonym, the loss of 50% of my moniker haha.

          • b

            Haha. I should go back to my old name to avoid confusion in the future

    • 26.2 wootwoot

      I’m with you all the WAY!!!! At first, I felt a little sorry for Miri because she had been physically taken in place of Heejoo and all these crappy things happened to her… , but seriously, she’s the epitome of demonic *itch!!!! I bet if you knew a girl in real life who had an ounce of Miri’s manipulative character, you’d hate her like they do in the Mean Girls 😛
      To be honest, she has this whole I am the victim- complex where she thinks, since she was put in this stink hole ever since she was little, it’s okay for her to do all these bad things to her friend and guys around her… but I don’t see how that’s logically sound, and how she can make herself believe in it with full conviction. If she had taken one glance around her, there are people in worse situation who have made themselves better without the use of all those trickery and evil. To be honest, I don’t want the writer to make Miri’s character and her actions seem justified or make her seem like just another”victim” in the end. Because if there was someone like that (he hem… the woman who supposedly was the inspiration of this story) I feel like people might really buy into, oh it’s okay if they get second chances,,, they were just victim too…when it is not okay! she made her choices and she needs to face the consequences that follow her decisions in life!

      • 26.2.1 Soua

        But she is a victim of circumstances, and she’s fighting back. You have to admire her for that. 🙂

        Now if she was rich, had a perfect life, and still acted that way, it’s a different story.

        I’m sorry, but If I had a life like hers… hell yeah I’ll take my opportunities when I see them. 🙂

        • Birdie

          She did have choices. Is it alright to lie and cheat our way through life because life is tough? Poverty justifies thefts and lies and fraud??

          • Soua

            As a matter of fact… It does. 🙂 If you were so poor, you had to steal to feed your family… would you be condemned? Poverty is trying to survive and to live, through any means possible. I’m sorry, but in reality, you wouldn’t just let opportunity slip by.

            Miri’s character has faced so many things you and I haven’t… that at this point she’s a little psycho. Cheat and lies and fraud all together.

            If you had nothing, what would you do to reach the top?

            I do wonder how Miri would have been had only fate been kinder.

          • b

            I think Miri saw herself trapped in her situation, especially after trying her best to land a legit job only to be sexually assaulted by a slimy company president. Being deported to Japan and to her former life is not an option. She saw her only way to survive is to lie, cheat, and steal. Then her survival instincts gave way to desire security, which gave way to try to acquire more security, by any means possible. And that can be seen as greed by many people. To Miri, she’s just trying to live.

          • Mia

            Go Soua!

            Agree with you completely.

          • mardie

            i agree with soua+b. yes, she did have choices. and she did grab them, but then only to be experiencing the same kind of thing she did back in japan. she was pushed to a corner(having to go back to japan if she dont get job), when she saw the opportutinity, and she grab it. not like she planned it from day 1 while she still in japan.
            having wished for some kind of security since she was a child, she got greedy when she saw better 1 (myung hoon), than a mucb better 1(in her eyes, yoo hyun).
            for me, those kinda justify her actions (a bit). tho it doesnt make what she did, right morally.
            it’s just that she’s not totally evil…

            just my two cents…doesnt have to be right. 😀

  27. 27 Cynthia

    This is one of the few Kdramas that I want to watch with my hands over my eyes but peeking out through fingers – how tense is this writing?!

    Miri is like a black-widow spider, enticing her mates onto the web, taking what she needs from the males before she kills them. (And that blood-red Carmen gown w/all that black hair of hers teams nicely with my spider analogy :)!)

    Our two male leads don’t deserve the fate that’s headed their way – particularly MY’s character. I’m taking it he’s gonna get burned regardless of story development – both men tell the eventual outcome in the first minute of the first episode.

    At this stage, I feel more sympathy for Mickey’s character and what’s going to happen to him – maybe because he seems to be so pure and idealistic? And LDH is going to play him like no-body’s business.
    (I’m still convinced that StepMommy wants to get into Jr.’s pants.)

    One last thought – how much you wanna bet Miri’s sleazy, bitch-slapping PimpDaddy is going to wind up DOA – Miri is scared poo-less because of his intrusion into her new life. She’s desperate and he’s cornering her. One would think he’d realize that you don’t corner a feral cat and expect to come out unscathed – apparently, his love/lust for her is blinding.

  28. 28 pencils

    Miri is SUCH an interesting character…For the muscles & gender she is lacking, she makes up for with brains. Both guys would not have been smitten with her had she not 1)helped myung hoon to advert so many problems & become his most trusted aid both at work & more personally (but we all know that ‘trust’ will come back & haunt him for a long time 2)knowing what sort of character/woman yoo hyun likes & milk that for all it’s worth. A girl with a tokyo university certificate but with no brains or ambition would not have gone as far as miri had.

    Talking about ambition, know that yoo hyun has become that firestarter that lit the fire under hee joo’s butt, I’m really interested to she what kind of tricks of her own can she play in this very manipulative game. Even Risk the board game pales in comparison 😛 Great scriptwriter you have here…

    • 28.1 JLemonade

      Agree with you. Miri has brains and is smart in her moves.

  29. 29 anna

    ugh, love makes people stupid and blind. does Yoo Hyun not even question a bit why she is suddenly so freaking nice to him, she was being such a bitch to him before EVERY SINGLE TIME? now it’s suddenly wiping off the sauce on your mouth and smiling at you all prettily. if someone does that to me in real life i would think they’re up to something. first thing i always ask is ‘you want to borrow money or something?’

    • 29.1 Soua

      You ever been in love? 😀 My crush use to ignore me everyday.. and when he finally said hi, I almost died out of happiness… 😀

      • 29.1.1 anna

        yes, but it doesn’t make me foolish, or at least like YH. yeah, i understand that it should make you happy, but i would at least want to know why.. i mean why is he suddenly being all nice. people just don’t change overnight.

        • Soua

          hehhe… there in lies the differences between us girls and guys… Guys, can be that blind.. and I’ve seen things like this happen in real life.

          Tsk, tsk, tsk. Even worse in real life… and still the guy stays so in love with the girl.

          • wootwoot

            Seriously, he must have had only the nicest people around him when he grew up… or at least never been burned by people and always trusting…. if he were my son, I would not feel confident putting him out in the cold & cruel business world.

  30. 30 Soua

    Heejoo is so adorable… and I feel sorry for her… but could you guys imagine how she would turn out had she been the one who was sent to Japan? O-o I don’t think with her fragile self she would even survive! Tsk, tsk, tsk.. typical k-drama clutsy cute dim witted heroine… Become your own hero and I’ll love you more, k? Stand up and fight back k?

    No wonder Miri is compare to a rose… beautiful but with thorns… Ah, she’s so broken inside… I hope she is saved… if not, she will shatter to pieces the way the rose in the Beauty and The Beast did. 🙁

  31. 31 pepper

    oh dear..I don’t think I can watch anymore. This is one of those dramas that I want to watch backwards. it’s like watching a horror movie when i cover my eyes so as not to see the scary part and just open them when everything is ok whewww…

    Would Mickey be smart enough to see Miri for what she is or he’s gonna be dumb like MH, I guess Micky will have to play his part haissst too much.

    I’ll still buy the DVD and hope for a good ending.

    • 31.1 JLemonade

      I think Yoo hyun will make Miri realize her mistakes and correct her, save her from all the misdeeds that she has done out of his undying love for her. Yoo Hyun has the ability and willpower to do this once Miri is convinced of his love towards her. Miri may need to repent first before she can be accepted by her friends and the society at large.

      That’s my pt of view.

  32. 32 YBisTOP

    Can someone please explain this drama to me.

    Miri falls for mting-hoon…because of love or because of money? Skimming through the recaps, I can see that she is only using both myung-hoon and Mickey because she doesn’t want to live like how she did before she met them..correct me if I’m wrong.

    • 32.1 sb

      No love. All for money. With both. She’s moving on to Yoo hyun after she realizes who he is, because he’s the bigger catch.

      • 32.1.1 sb

        By money, I mean worldly advancement and not just cold hard cash.

    • 32.2 myra

      She doesn’t have feelings for Myung-hoon. She’s manipulating both guys right now to get what she wants.

    • 32.3 Soua

      She slept with him… that must mean something, eh? 🙂 I’m thinking she has feelings, but she’s pushing them aside to reach her ultimate goal: being so rich and so high that no one can bring her down.

      Who knows? We will find out more as the story unfolds…

      But like jb and gf have pointed out, there’s a blurry line between Miri’s truths and lies. She blends both so perfectly well together… we may not know. 😀 We may think she’s after the money, but who knows… maybe she does have some feelings for him… After all, at the beginning of the story with the rain and all… 😀

      Oh, but it’s not only about money and greed. This girl want’s security and that’s beyond money. If it was solely for money, she would still be a bar girl and get money from those pimps… but it’s not just the money. It’s about power and security.

  33. 33 anna

    i really wish and hope that heejoo up her game soon, but please writers, do not make her turn into the stereotypical crazy, evil secondary female lead. i want this to be a fair battle of wits and not a cheap catfight.

    • 33.1 wootwoot

      I think she will up her game… and from what’ i’ve seen so far, she’s not as nice as everyone makes her to be. I can sense she has claws of her own– The way she retaliated to Miri’s scorn about not being fit to work at Mundo by agreeing to work through Chul Jin and the look she gave Miri when they were drinking after the baseball game… I believe this girl can go even further than Miri, if all the right buttons are pushed.. since she did legitimately graduate from a prestigious university and holds the biggest secret that can bring Miri down in an instant

  34. 34 Tha

    Im rooting for Hee Joo. I just hope her dark side doesnt go past Miri. But then again, that could be awesome to see!!! Aja Aja Hee Joo!!!

  35. 35 Mia

    I just watched the episode and therefore the slapping scene….man that’s hard to stomach.

    I can understand how people could dislike her character, but after that scene I’ll never lay judgement on her actions. It’s just so awful what she experienced as “childhood” – I can’t even imagine.

  36. 36 laya

    Thank you for the recap! I found myself holding my breath till I’d got to the end.

  37. 37 Tweety

    I love Park YooChun in this drama! I hope they can end up together 🙁

  38. 38 sunshine

    I actually can’t bring myself to watch this drama even thought it sounds AMAZING. It reminds me a lot of Women in the Sun in the way that one female character is incredibly selfish and manipulative (even though she has understandable reasons) while the other female character is just getting the shaft over and over again. My blood actually BOILED when I watched Women in the Sun because of my anger and, dare I say it, hatred of the manipulative character. She was so well-developed and many viewers were angry at her yet sympathetic towards her at the same time, but I was just upset at the injustice of the situation. The same applies for Miss Ripley. I love that Miri’s character is ready to go to the end with her plans, but at this point, all I want to see is her fall. However, with a drama clocking in at a minimum of 16 episodes, I would have to wait a few hours before that happens.

    • 38.1 myra

      Yes! Finally someone saw the similarity between WITS and Ripley (although I have to say, the earlier was absolutely well-written than the latter).

  39. 39 Noelle

    This reminds me of Dexter in the way that you root for him even though he kills people. I’m on her side even if she is deliberately ruining lives to get what she wants. I want to see her succeed.

  40. 40 JLemonade

    I admire Miri, she’s got the guts, and she is smart in everything she does to survive. I doubt Heejoo can be like Miri, she is just fortunate that she was not sent for adoption to Japan. Heejoo should be thankful to Miri and just be forgiving or else she was the one who would be the bar girl and got slapped by the cruel man. Miri actually has a pure heart when she was young and protecting Heejoo from the adoption. Only because of her difficult childhood and her job as bar hostess made her be like this. She detested working in a bar, that shows she still sane and wants to live like a normal person. Please Writer make Miri succeed in the end and forget all the hardship she went through.
    Go Miri…. Go girl….

  41. 41 xanderlee

    Damn! Why is this drama going to be more and more addicting? I don’t like the previous episode but this one is pretty good!

    I like how the author makes the viewers feeling sixes and sevens on whether hate or root Miri’s character. When the right time comes in which I want to see Miri’s falling, this sympathy is growing that I can’t stand of imagining how malformed Miri’s past life is. She deserves for a better life too. Yes, I can’t blame her. But why? Why? why?
    ^^ Can’t wait for the next.

  42. 42 ck1Oz

    Thank you for the recap.

    I have a sick feeling in my stomach but oh boy…what a drama.

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      Anyways, that’s the only drama I could think of. 😀

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    thank you GF!!

  45. 45 mox2

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    I am rooting for Yuhyun and Heeju all the way.
    He is going to do sth I am sure n HJ, u stand up n take your man back from that b*tch

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      But I thought the baseball game and ride home made for some awesome chemistry between the Hee Joo and Yoo-hyun!!!

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      I feel for her most. Because Im thinking she’ll be the one to lose hope in love. And may never recover to find it. And then being left to be cold.

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    Her scheming is pure evil…but when that Japanese guy was beating her up…my heart bleeds for her. She knows what life is without resorting to be a bar girl but then she doesn’t have anything except the will to survive with cunning determination. Which will ultimately lead her to a much darker side to do what it takes not to go back to her old life.

    Next week will be a nail biting one for sure…:))

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