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City Hunter: Episode 6
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Show, I LUB YOU. So, so, much. How do you cram so much story in one hour? So much banter and flirty goodness? So much cheeky wit and badass fun? Were you made just for me? Do you feel the same way? … BEEP. Your message has been recorded. ‘K, call me!


Yoon-sung sees Nana stomping towards him, and tosses her a goofy grin with a request for her special just-so coffee that he can’t seem to get right without her. Apparently, the cream-and-sugar-to-coffee ratio is a mystery for MIT doctor.

But Nana’s in no mood for witty banter, as she’s just discovered that he bought her house from the guy who bought it at auction. What, you couldn’t even manage to keep her from finding that out? What the hell was the point of sending Ajusshi with all that untraceable cash?

She basically rips him a new one for throwing around his money and pitying her like she’s some charity case. He gets defensive, declaring that he’s free to buy a house with his money if he pleases.

He admits that it’s a rundown place, but finds it conveniently close to work. Nana: “So what, you’re going to live there?!” She’s crazy with disbelief and tells him that makes no sense, so before he knows it, he’s telling her to move her stuff out so that he can live there.

HA. You dolt.

And then, to further dig his grave, he asks if she didn’t really come here to ask if she could stay. He arrogantly tells her that this isn’t the best way to go about it (yeah, takes one to know one).

Nana whirls around and tells him that HE’s the one mistaken, if he thinks he’s going to use this house to play her. “That’ll never happen. I hate people who use money to play around with others, down to my bones.” She tells him that she’ll clear out of the house today.

He sighs and scratches his head, as though unfamiliar with why he’s got his foot shoved up his mouth.

He goes back to work, and Ki-joon rolly-chairs over to thank him for taking him home last night, and asks timidly if he did anything wrong… he can’t actually remember anything, though he does remember seeing Yoon-sung there with a woman.

He asks if it wasn’t Eun-ah (Nana’s partner and his judo instructor), and Yoon-sung scoffs realizing that this is all he wanted to confirm. He can’t resist the urge to shout that he DID make a lot of mistakes, a whole bunch of them, making Ki-joon nerd-scooch away in embarrassment.

Over at the prosecutor’s office, Young-ju questions the bus driver during Target No. 1’s prison transport about his attacker. He surmises that this attack and the attempt on Target No. 2’s life are related—the two men have been close friends for over twenty years. Score one for the smart prosecutor.

His assistant asks if he thinks the City Hunter is behind this, and Young-ju decides that makes no sense. Why turn in the senator to the prosecutor’s office, if your goal was to kill him in the first place? Two points. You’re kind of impressing me.

The assistant tells him that there were two suspects the night of Seo Yong-hak’s sniper shooting, and one had a distinct walk, perhaps having been injured in the escape. That triggers the bus driver’s memory: he didn’t think anything of it till now, but the man who attacked him definitely had a limp.

And so the search for Jin-pyo begins.

Yoon-sung checks out Nana’s building, surveying the city from the rooftop, because hey, what’s a City Hunter need other than a perch and a cityscape? He’s disheartened by the shoddy security (the lock, still busted since the break-in, and a metal gate that falls off at the touch). He hires someone to replace all the doors and windows with the most secure stuff he’s got, and the guy tells him to just drop off the key. Oh, the key.

He waits outside for Nana, practicing different ways to tell her that she can live there, like a big dork. She sneaks up on him, making him jump out of his skin. (And I chuckle to myself, remembering his equally girly reaction to a chainsaw not long ago.)

He asks for the key and she tells him that she’ll pack up her stuff and get out, and he can have the key. What he really means to say is that she needn’t leave, but he just keeps asking for the key instead, and follows her in. Creepy Right Hand Assassin shows up just in time to see the two of them head inside.

Yoon-sung watches her pack uncomfortably, trying to figure out how to tell her to stay. Oh, I dunno, you could… SAY THE WORDS. Instead he picks up her needlepoint that says “Flower Pretty Boy,” and smiles, wondering to himself, “Is this for me?” Pffft.

Oh, honey, let’s not try to dwell in the past, shall we?

They bicker like a couple of school kids – “Don’t touch my stuff!” What, do I need permission to touch your stupid stuff?” Are you going to follow that up with raspberries and a neener-neener?

She sneers that first impressions are right after all, and that she should’ve known that he was every bit the schmoozy playboy in the backseat, and chides herself for thinking he was better than that when he paid her hospital bill and helped the kids next door.

He finally gets so frustrated that he just sits down in protest and tells her to put her stuff back and stay here. She gets even angrier, “I don’t know if you’re trying to mess with me, or you’re just investing, but ever since I was seven, this house…”

He cuts her off, “I know. It’s the house with the table that your dad built, and the tablecloth that your mom made.” Finally, you’re getting through! But then he promptly shoots himself in the foot by yelling at her to stay. Sigh.

She plops her dog down in his lap, requesting that he feed her once a day until she finds a new place. “You want me to live with this dog?” She reminds him that he’s kicking her to the curb—he can at least do this much. And with that, she’s gone.

He sits there, totally dumbfounded and peeved at how this whole thing got spun around on him, leaving him holding the bag dog.

He chases after her, and pulls up just as she’s about to get on the bus. He calls out to her, and she just gets on the bus anyway. He drives alongside in what his becoming his signature move, but this time he makes his presence known, honking and yelling her name.

She puts her headphones on and ignores him, finally moving to the other side of the bus to get away from him. What Yoon-sung doesn’t realize is that Creepy Assassin has followed him the entire way.

He does notice that he’s picked up a tail when he follows Nana to the hospital. So he finds a random girl and turns on the charm to ask if she’d be interested in his friend, and sends her right to Creepy. He uses her as a distraction to slip away, while the girl rejects Creepy Stalker (gee, wonder why) and asks for Yoon-sung’s number instead. Heh.

He watches over Nana as she talks to Dad, laughing through her tears at life’s cruel sense of humor. Then he sees her take out his bullet necklace, as he instinctively clutches his bare neck. “I’m alive because of this person,” and she holds it in her hand for luck, “because I feel like I’m dying.”

Aaaaaack, it kills me that in being a real Hero, he can never be her hero.

She falls asleep on the ground next to Dad, and Yoon-sung tucks her in tenderly. He returns to Nana’s house, yelling at the dog, “Hey, you’re supposed to bark when a person enters! How can I entrust Nana to you, if you’re like this?” Oh my god, why are you being so cute right now?

He starts talking to Nana’s family photo, venting his frustration: “You don’t even listen till I’m done talking! And why are you so stubborn? … Makes me sorry.”

He waits for her to get to the office the next morning with coffee in hand, smiling. (What did you wake up with a new personality today? Because she’s still not going to talk to you, buddy.)

She whizzes right past him, so he stops her to complain about the shoddy state of her house, where nothing works, there’s no hot water, and the toilet has to be flushed by dunking a hand into the tank. That last task especially has his knickers in a twist.

Exasperated, she tells him to either lower his standards for the house, or raise the house to his standards. Either way, it doesn’t concern her. And off she goes, before he can even offer her morning coffee. I sort of love that she never gives him an inch.

Young-ju makes a breakthrough in his investigation, and has found the source of the latest Blue House hack. He walks in to the communications office and takes Ki-joon away for questioning, announcing that the origin of the hack was Ki-joon’s home. Well that explains why he didn’t try to stop it, if the hacker is who we suspect.

Everyone sees him get escorted out like a criminal, and it has the whole place buzzing with theories. Yoon-sung’s team leader speculates that he could be a CIA spy, and Nana’s team leader scoffs that he’s just tall, grouping Yoon-sung into the same category of “tall and weak” guys – a fact that everyone knows. HA. I love these Clark Kent moments of perceived geekdom. While it works in Yoon-sung’s favor to keep his cover intact, he’s not above a bruised ego for the hit to his manliness.

In a bit of meta, Yoon-sung’s sunbae points out that a geeky exterior is the perfect cover for a real spy. Oh, if only you knew. So is being a jackass, and a playboy. Nana’s partner Eun-ah jumps up to defend her office crush Ki-joon, which is probably ill-advised (the dude’s being investigated for terrorism) but cute anyway.

Yoon-sung presents Dad with the curious case of Target No. 2’s youngest son, who is currently applying for medical exemption from the army. Shik-joong has done the legwork of retrieving the medical evidence submitted – a series of knee x-rays from an old basketball injury.

He asks the class to spot the anomaly, and Yoon-sung sees it – it’s not the same person’s leg, from one x-ray to the other. It’s a classic case of switcheroo. Dad growls that a minister of defense has the gall to weasel his sons out of army duty, and Yoon-sung vows to find a way to expose him.

Nana is all nerves when she goes back on Seo Yong-hak’s security detail, and when a crazed supporter rushes the crowd in agitation, she mistakes him for an attacker and slams him to the ground.

While it was a mistake, I don’t understand everyone’s annoyance with her. The dude seemed belligerent, and there was just an attempt on your life, but whatever. Seo Yong-hak seems more understanding but his scary wife is another story.

Nana apologizes profusely and after that crap work day, she’s met with a text from Yoon-sung: “Clean up dog poop.” Hahaha. And you wonder why she hates you? The best part about this is his expression when he looks at the dog and comes up with the bright idea to get her here. He seems SO pleased with himself for such a genius plan. Pfft.

She comes over to find him lounging on the couch, as he points to the two little pieces of dog poop he refuses to pick up. She reminds him through clenched teeth that she asked him to take care of the dog while she finds another place. Yoon-sung: “Then you should’ve left me a dog that doesn’t poop.” LOL.

He can’t resist another dig, “You said the dog was smart. Is relieving yourself in the living room smart? I think she takes after her owner’s lack of patience.” [patience as a euphemism for “holding it”]

He tells her to take the dog with her then, and she can’t believe he’s being so unreasonable when he knows she has no place to go. Yoon-sung: “Then just live with me!”


His eyes dart back and forth as he realizes what he just blurted out. She reels for a second in shock and then gets awkward-angry, thinking he’s just messing with her again. Honey, you don’t even know the half of it. I wouldn’t put it past him to have placed that dog poop there.

He gathers his thoughts (I love that you can see the wheels turning in his head), and starts to complain about the myriad broken, rundown, annoying things about this house, and declares that he’s not getting a return on his investment. He tells her she can stay here rent-free if she cooks and cleans, and fixes the TV (very important, that), adding that when she saves enough money, she can buy the place back from him at the auction price. Smart boy.

It’s too good an offer to turn down, and Nana starts to consider it. But…

Yoon-sung: Ah, ’cause we’re a man and a woman? You’re good at judo, right? Let’s just say I make a move. I know exactly what you’ll do to me, so would I come after you? Am I stupid? Am I a glutton to be pummeled to death?
Nana: That’s true…
Yoon-sung: And more importantly, you’re a B-cup, aren’t you? I don’t ever see anyone under a C-cup as a woman. Besides, you think I’m a jerk. So there’s no reason you’d make a move. So what’s the problem?

Oh my god, she’s falling for his non-logic. On the one hand, I TOTALLY want her to fall for it so they can be roommies, but if I were her friend, I’d be shouting don’t fall for his size-ist lies! As it stands though, I’m firmly on the side of please, for the love of pink pants, be roommies with the playboy jerkwad!

She mulls it over in her room, and decides to accept the deal. His petty victory smile is so cute.

Nana: Okay, let’s live together. But I have a condition. You have to sign a No Bodily Contact Agreement.
Yoon-sung: How many times do I have to tell you that you’re not my type? You’ll never ever ever be my type.
Nana: It’s just precautionary. If you grab my hand, it’s… 50,000 won!

He gets up in her face, inching closer and backing her up against the wall.

Yoon-sung: Then what if I touch your shoulders?
Nana: 100,000 won.
Yoon-sung: If I put my arm around you?
Nana: 200,000 won?
Yoon-sung: What if I hug you?
Nana: 3… 300,000 won.
Yoon-sung: A peck?
Nana: 5… 500,000 won!

He leans in…

Yoon-sung: And if I kiss you?
Nana: 1,000,000 won! [A thousand bucks, give or take.]
Yoon-sung: Hahaha. A guy sure needs a lot of money to be with you. At 1,000,000 won per kiss, who would date you? Oh no, wait… you could just prolong one kiss for extra mileage…

RAWR. (I’m gonna need a moment…)

Yoon-sung goes home to pack a bag, and tells Ajusshi that he’s staying with Nana because she’s being followed by Chun’s Right Hand, Mr. Creepy. It’s technically true, but still Ajusshi worries about the whole setup—blowing his cover, being alone with her. He shakes an adorable fist at Yoon-sung, “If you even lay one finger on her…” So cute. Yoon-sung assures him that he’s got high standards, thank you very much.

Ajusshi insists on sending him with food to stock the fridge, and Yoon-sung whines that he’s not getting married (his word choice is that of a bride being married off, heh), but Ajusshi overrules him like a proper mom.

Shower Time!

Not to be nitpicky, but who wears a towel in the shower, while showering? Just sayin’.

Nana writes up their Roommate Contract while he showers, the first half of which is their No Bodily Contact Agreement, with the kinds of touching and penalty prices listed. Ha. You’re really just inviting him to violate that, but hey, I’m not complaining.

He pokes his head out of the bathroom to ask for something to wear since he forgot to pack pajamas. She complains and he counters, “If I had these looks AND preparedness, it’d be so tiring.” (Read: too perfect. Oy.)

He puts on her judo uniform and reaches for the belt that’s hanging on her wall, and she’s quick to snatch it out of his hands and get him a different one. He takes a look at the belt with her name embroidered on it, and notes that it means something to her.

She rushes to the bathroom to avoid awkward questions, and in her haste, she sits down on the toilet without looking. “If you’re going to use the toilet, put the seat down after!” Ha.

She comes out of the shower all sparkly and clean, and his reaction to the pretty is just priceless.

They toss and turn for a while and go to sleep, and Nana has a nightmare about her parents’ accident, where she arrived on the scene to see her mom’s lifeless body clutching that judo belt now hanging on her wall.

She wakes up in tears, jolted by the traumatic memories. She tells her mom that she’s sorry, as if blaming herself. It’s probably her youthful guilt thinking that if they were on their way to pick her up or something, that it’s her fault, though it remains to be seen why she feels guilty.

The next morning, Nana sneaks out of the apartment peeking around corners and creeping around like a cat burglar. Yoon-sung sneaks up behind her to see what she’s doing, and she bites his head off for coming out at the same time, with no concern for what all her neighbors will think.

He doesn’t think anyone cares, but Nana is adamant that they stay rumor-free, and instructs him that she’ll exit one way, and that he’ll count to twenty, then exit the other way. Yoon-sung: “You’ve clearly done this before. Who is it?” Hahaha. He watches her leave, the very picture of unstealthiness, and laughs to himself.

Yoon-sung goes to see Ki-joon in prison and tells him to just reveal the truth instead of taking the heat—he knows that Ki-joon’s younger brother lost his leg due to faulty army boots, and that he was the one to attempt the amateur hacking job.

Ki-joon just tells him that he can always find another job (oh really, with government hacking on your record?) while his little brother’s life is over. Yoon-sung sighs that life is made up of choices, and leaves. He runs into Ki-joon’s brother on his way, and tells him not to drag his brother down with him, and to do the right thing. Aw.

Yoon-sung purposely acts like a scaredypants during his shooting lesson that day, which I find endlessly amusing. First Daughter Da-hae prances over with Nana and Eun-ah in tow, deciding that she’s all of a sudden interested in learning how to shoot.

She pouts and annoys Yoon-sung until he finally caves, and shows her how to fire the gun with his arms around her. Nana’s eyes grow wide with jealousy. Heh. Love it.

Ajusshi Shik-joong reports the arrival of a Mr. Hudson of Mars, the U.S. military arms dealer, and his pickup by Seo Yong-hak’s secretary. He convenes with Seo at a hotel for a private meeting, and Shik-joong alerts Yoon-sung.

At the same time, Young-ju and his ex Sae-hee enter the same hotel to attend a friend’s child’s 100th day party, and Sae-hee is grateful and surprised that Young-ju is keeping appointments now: “When we lived together, if you flaked it was the norm, and if you kept your dates I was grateful.” Too bad he sees Seo Yong-hak and Hudson in the lobby and ditches her on the spot. She sighs, totally unsurprised, and wondering why she got her hopes up.

Young-ju stops them just as they get onto the elevator, asking Target No. 2 what he’s doing here, if he’s supposedly laid up in the hospital, evading Young-ju’s requests to question him. Then he turns to Hudson and throws his prosecutor’s weight around, declaring that his company won’t be doing any illegal arms deals. I don’t think you can stop him, but I like that you try. (Also, why is the American’s English worse than Young-ju’s? Bah.)

Meanwhile Yoon-sung saunters into the hotel and sets up next door, while Shik-joong bugs the conversation via coffeepot. They watch the video feed as Seo Yong-hak tells Hudson that he has evidence to prove that Mars’s combat planes are faulty, and the ones sold to Russia, India, and the Czech Republic have recorded crashes. He declares that they can’t buy faulty weapons and fighter jets—doubly so if/when he becomes President.

Hudson starts to get up but Seo tells him not to be hasty. He backpedals and agrees to the arms deal, while managing to slash the price in his favor, increasing his personal commission for brokering the deal… basically two seconds after declaring them death traps. You are SO busted.

To even further dig his own grave, he adds that when he becomes President they’ll strike a long-term contract, and increase military spending, but then, “We’ll only purchase top-grade quality arms when I’m President. Because I’m someone who loves Korea.” Pwahaha.

Yoon-sung and Shik-joong both stare slack-jawed, only now realizing the extent of his evil, and decide that Dad should be told and D-day planned soon, now that they have the deal recorded. Shik-joong runs off to catch a date with the home shopping channel (HA), leaving Yoon-sung to collect the bugs himself.

Yoon-sung heads down to the bar and runs into Sae-hee, who skipped the party to do a little drinky. She’s a little sloshed, so when she gets up to leave, she spills a drink all over him, and feels so bad that she insists on going upstairs with him to wash his shirt.

UMMMMMM… *debating whether to cry foul at the badly-plotted maneuver to get them upstairs and nekkid, or applaud the girl for her gumption*

At the same time, Young-ju runs into Nana, who’s here to prep the banquet hall’s security for Seo Yong-hak’s press conference tomorrow. He heads out to search for Sae-hee, and sees her walk into the elevator with Yoon-sung and head to the nineteenth floor. Uh-oh.

Seo Yong-hak sends Nana up to his room to fetch a document, and she rushes up, forgetting what the room number was. She takes a chance and knocks on a door, and of course, Yoon-sung opens it, in nothing but a bathrobe.

Sae-hee comes out to see who it is, and Nana gasps to see her there.

To make the square complete, Young-ju then arrives on the floor and sees Nana, so he walks up…



This episode relied a bit more on coincidences than I’d like, but otherwise, it was chock full o’ bantery goodness, which I can’t get enough of. Yoon-sung is so badass, and yet… such a doofus when it comes to Nana. It’s so endearing.

So about the Young-ju Daddy Long Legs situation: the reason I was hoping he wasn’t Daddy Long Legs is because the whole “Ajusshi” sending secret packages without revealing his identity, then pretending not to know her as he tries to date her? Is squicky. I find it more than a little creepy. What I do like is the fact that he knows about his father’s involvement in her parents’ accident and that he’s keeping that from her—that’s great dramatic tension. What I don’t see is why he and the vet are pretending he doesn’t know her. If he were just a benevolent caregiver it’d be fine, but he’s trying to date her, which is SO not fine. I don’t know why; maybe it’s just a personal preference, but that part really bugs me.

Other than that, the way the romantic tension weaves in and out of the foursome is great, especially when each pairing is rife with secrets and guilt and heroism, and I find that the various ways to keep Nana and Yoon-sung apart work for me. Though sometimes I just want him to toss caution aside and just kiss her already. But it’s not the hero’s way. I adore their classic rom-com banter that gives the darker storylines a nice balance.

What I love are these mini-arcs, each about a different Target (a man of power, more largely representing The Man) abusing his privilege and using government for personal gain. It sets up such delicious satisfaction in watching each get socially crucified for their particular sins, each of which is narratively designed for maximum gratification. The social welfare senator pads his own pockets; the war veteran minister of defense cheats the system to keep his sons from serving in the army and sends his country’s troops to war with faulty arms. In one sense we know it’s pat and a little too neat, but it feels like a comic book that way—the lines are broad, but the message pops. And damn if it isn’t satisfying to watch them get their just deserts.

The structure of the mini-arcs keeps us grounded with the hero as well, because we feel like he’s actually accomplishing things along the way. He’s knocking down one target at a time, one social problem at a time, which keeps the plot moving but also allows us to trust in his sense of justice and ability to deliver on the Big Plan. I hate waiting around for heroes who spend lots and lots of time… planning. There’s nothing that saps more confidence than a hero who talks a big game, and then spends fifteen episodes circling his prey. This way we get invested in one target at a time, and the characters’ lives get further entwined as Yoon-sung actively begins his hero’s journey.


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    because a lot of people were saying it strayed a lot from

    the manga. I love how LMH is so eyecandy-ish

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    This week’s episodes were the best so far!!!!

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    I like CH a lot because of the story. The flow’s smooth and it’s all-around satisfying. I’m not watching this just for LMH but he sure is a sweet bonus. Really, really, really like!!!

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      • 21.1.1 bananabee

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      1. You can give me 1 million won later (or not) but you can kiss me now.

      2. We can use the shower together and conserve the water.

      3. You can just wear that towel to bed. Want me to scooch over?

      Tsk, tsk.

      • 22.1.1 olsen


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    I don’t think Mr Prosecutor tries to date her when he decided to become her Daddy Long Legs. I believe it was out of guilt.

    But over time and over the years, many things can happen. He may have started to fall for her.. after all, she made him fall over her shoulders during their first encounter.. As to his relationship with the vet, I’m curious.

    By the way, Lee Min Ho is sizzling hawt 🙂

    • 23.1 MsScorpion

      “I don’t think Mr Prosecutor tries to date her when he decided to become her Daddy Long Legs”

      I think so too coz she was too young when the accident happened it was 10 years ago. I think he was sending her those letters out of guilt, even before he became a prosecutor.

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    Oh! can’t wait for the next epsiode. thanks for the recap GF! 🙂

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    • 24.2 Jomo

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      I don’t think it is a question of how long it takes to write the recap, but a decision to post them later.
      With so much going on out there in K-drama land, they are giving us, the viewers, time to watched the shows.
      Waiting makes sense because you are then able to invite a larger audience to comment, and keeps the traffic to the site more evenly distributed over the week.

      I don’t think I would ever sleep if I had to watch, read recaps and comment on all the shows I am watching now!

      • 24.2.1 mary

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      • 24.2.2 k-soup

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    You’re right, and so would I, only I don’t see the whole “as he tries to date her” part (yet). Young-ju started interacting with NAna only very recently, so I see him in that still-getting-to-know-you stage right now. I would say he cares for her, and cared for her for years as Daddy Long Legs, but only now that he’s really interacting with her is he starting to feel some romantic interest. My point being, I would find the whole Young-ju/DLL aspect creepy too, if Young-ju had had romantic intentions all along. I just don’t think that’s the case, I’d guess his intentions were to help Nana/watch over her from afar out of guilt and/or a sense of responsibility due to his father’s involvement in her parent’s accident.

    ok, anway, thanks for the recap loved it!!

    • 25.1 mey

      i agree with you. i also don’t think that he meant to have romantic interest in the same nana he’s been corresponding with because he didn’t even know how she looked like in person. he was attracted to nana even before he found out. nevertheless, he definitely started being dll probably because of his guilt.

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    i find minho is getting very comfortable with his role here..so proud of him!
    nana’s character is a bit boring for me..it’s nothing new…..lucky fo her, with yoon sung, together, they both is so adorable

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    “RAWR. (I’m gonna need a moment…)”

    girlfriday, this has got to be one f your best recaps ever. So funny, I was laughing aloud. Thanks!

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      Actually I want both to be up on the same day, but if i had the choice, I would definitely chose best love.

      That makes me wonder why JB & GF don’t switch turns,
      What i mean is when they’re recapping two dramas that show on the same day, why do they stick to JB odd ep. & GF even ep.?

      That just means that JB will recap both episodes on the same day while GF just waits recap free till the next day when she’s the one recapping 2 episodes.

      I’m just suggesting if it’s possible that they switch,
      JB odd ep of Best Love and even ep of City Hunter while GF recaps the rest.


      • 31.1.1 Divyrus

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        But you are right, there are only 2 weeks left till best love ends and things really are getting serious there.
        Well, after two weeks, CH recap will be up the very next day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      • 31.1.3 girlfriday

        Hahaha. You guys crack me up. “while GF just waits recap free till the next day”… IF ONLY.

        Does your boss pay you to stay at home and watch dramas? ‘Cause mine’s totally unreasonable, and refuses to do so.

        Guys, I swear, the recap gets put up the second I’m done writing it. I lose sleep to get it up when I do, because I adore the show. I promise, I’m not sadistically holding onto the recap and not posting it on purpose. Despite the Evil League of Evil points I’d score by doing that. 😉

        • Celexa

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          Which drama addicts will have to wait for their next “fix”?

          *evil laughter in the background*

          Addicts of the world… We are at their mercy!!!

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          • Celexa

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            one can dream, right?

            Thank you!

          • mary

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        • Daniela

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          Its a common comment, but It’s always honest: Thank you for the recaps, Javabeans and Girlfriday!

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          AND: “please, for the love of pink pants, be roommies with the playboy jerkwad!”

          It’s a good thing I read these in private because I literally fall over laughing.

          Thank you again.

        • MsScorpion

          I totally appreciate all your efforts and I can only say that you I don’t think you are the type to try and get evil points with all your k-drama & dramabeans loyal fans.

          Though i can totally see you doing that with a certain JB 😉

          • MsScorpion

            Also wanna say that when I suggested the switching turns thing it was totally for your benefit first before ours.

            I’m not saying that to urge you to recap faster coz I’m sure that your doing your best.

            Obviously I delivered my suggestion in a way that gives the impression that you don’t do anything else.

            What I said was coz i was concerned that you would have the burden to recap 2 episodes (1 for CH & 1 for BL) on the same day, and I didn’t like the idea of that kind of pressure on either you or JB from all those asking you to put the recaps faster.

            All I wanna say is I know your doing your best and I’m forever grateful for your hard work.

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    I have to say I loved the part when they kept tossing and turning at the same time and then they finally slept facing each other, the split screen made me feel as if they fell asleep after staring into each other’s eyes. Just love it.

  34. 34 Dreamypj

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    • 34.1 Divyrus

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      Then just 2 days more…!

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    O happy day! This is my favorite K-drama convention!

    I an so looking forward to the day that LMH peels out several million won, drops them on the bed next to PMY, and says,”If I run out of cash, just run me a tab,baby…

    I am glad they have the prez daughter to kick KNN’s reluctant ass into gear. For the love of pink pants, IT’S LEE MIN HO, you know it. You want it. You can have it. WE CAN’T.

    Thanks for the recap. Thanks for loving the show!

    • 35.1 MsScorpion

      “I an so looking forward to the day that LMH peels out several million won, drops them on the bed next to PMY, and says,”If I run out of cash, just run me a tab,baby…”

      Best thinking ever….

      • 35.1.1 Linda

        I laughed out loud when i read that! Jomo said what we were all hoping for 😀

        • bittercandy

          Yeah, except I would prefer him saying that in Pink airy boxers 😛 Pink pants is bad for him down there… if ya know what i mean 😉

          • Divyrus

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            “For the love of pink pants”


          • Jomo

            Pink skin is good, too.
            Ooh! Who said that?

      • 35.1.2 ...

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    • 35.2 Messi

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    • 35.3 xtooline

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      Brilliant!! Any chance the drama writers read this blog?

  36. 36 appie

    Call me crazy, but actually want them to tone down the romance .__.;

    I actually dislike Nana’s character, she’s a BLUE HOUSE bodyguard, not just any bodyguard but BLUE HOUSE, and she couldn’t sense someone stalking her house in last episode? What the heck! I had little issues with the show at the beginning but thought nah just leave it, it’s minor, but they’ve starting to frustrate me, e.g. Nana’s character.

    • 36.1 mary

      If LMH was walking me home, I wouldn’t notice a stalker even if he wore a tutu and recited the analects of Confucius.

      • 36.1.1 Celexa

        Mary…. you cracked me up with the truth in your post! 😀

      • 36.1.2 appie

        LOL! But still, LMH might be hot, I still want a badass heroine, saving HERSELF. Nana’s is all cute and girly, not that I dislike cute & girly heroines, its just unrealistic characterisation of a Blue House bodyguard.
        Her job is to access every scene yet she couldn’t raise little suspicion when her door was unlocked? Seriously? It’s always hot LMH saving the day, helping her pay for this n that & then she’s always crying in a drop of hat, wasn’t she suppose to be tough? ._.

    • 36.2 bananabee

      I actually dislike Nana’s character, she’s a BLUE HOUSE bodyguard, not just any bodyguard but BLUE HOUSE, and she couldn’t sense someone stalking her house in last episode?

      I agree, this has definitely bugged me a bit too. Despite Nana being female lead that’s pretty badass compared to normal kdrama females… Well I can’t just picture her as a Blue House bodyguard at all lol.

      Anyway, I’ve learned to put that bit aside (i.e. ignore it haha) and just go with the flow 😀

      • 36.2.1 appie

        ROFL. I’m trying, seriously. But after few episodes its like wth -__-;;

        • appie

          And call me a weirdo, I’m more interested in the revenge part of the story than the romance, which is actually making my eyes roll, very unusual cos I’m a romcom fanatic.

          There’s something about CH I don’t like, maybe because I’m comparing it to the awesomeness of Iljimae, in all fairness both drama share some similarities e.g. death of their father who had been killed unjustly, split from biological family, seek the truth behind father’s death & unravel government corruption and doesn’t believe in killing as revenge. But I think Iljimae does better job of balancing romance, angst, thrill and some comedy.

          Seriously you need to watch Iljimae to understand what I’m ranting on about, LMH might be hot but Lee Junki carries charisma, coolness & touch of dorkyness<3

          • dany

            And how about Lee Jun Ki’s “Time between dog and wolf”? It was a great thriller, it had romance too, but the action-thriller part was intense and credible.

  37. 37 mems

    Oh, LMH, why so hot in that blue shirt? Why so hot in anything? Why? So? Hot?

    Loving City Hunter so far…the plot coincidences don’t bother me so much because it’s stuff I’m rooting for…like them living together. I literally squeed in that scene. I’m such a sucker for living-together-with-contracts when they’re done well. 😀

    • 37.1 Maymay

      I totally agree!! He looks so so so HOT in that blue shirt and black pant. Drooling like crazy!!! The boy sure look good in anything…why can’t my boyfriend look like him???

      • 37.1.1 drama fever

        LMH looks good with anything. But I think I like best without anything…*WINK*

  38. 38 phantomsong

    I was never partial to Lee Min Ho before (I absolutely hated BOF and his perm really irritated me). But now it takes me forever to watch one episode of City Hunter because I have to stop every few minutes to giggle.

    I’m really liking that they can balance both action and romance. It’s a nice switch from all the fluffy romance dramas. It also makes up for Best Love, which I am hating.

    Thanks for the recap!

  39. 39 NN

    Thks for recapping this. I was in two minds about watching it – the way the drama was originally publicised didn’t interest me but the leads did. Your recaps got me hooked and now I’m totally invested.

  40. 40 Mynameis..

    Wah..my postpaid bill s bey0nd my limit..im spending to0 much tym stalkng dramabeans thru my phone waiting for recaps..heck!i dont give a damn..a piece of lee min ho’s royal hotness and I dont mind paying extra..i was laughing and smiling lyk crazy wyl reading ths..they are just so cute together!*sighs.sighs.sighs.

  41. 41 Ladymoonstone143

    “Shower Time!

    Not to be nitpicky, but who wears a towel in the shower, while showering? Just sayin’.”

    I hear you GF. Never heard of anyone brushing their teeth in the shower with towel on…..lol Have to write to the director about being consistent and be true to the actual scene. We need a retake of that LMH fascinating shower scene….lol I can type this down but can never say it out loud or else hubby will cut off the internet connection…:)))

  42. 42 Celexa

    What a beautiful Sunday morning Wake Up!!

  43. 43 hpn88

    This drama is just pitch perfect. Well paced, good acting (but lets be honest LMH is carrying this ship) and writing that makes sense in a thriller for the first time since Story of a Man! I’m in heaven!!!!

    • 43.1 Celexa

      LMH was my man even when all the naysayers were quibbling about the “City Hunter” story line.

      I’ve loved LMH’s screen presence and charisma since BOF!

      Once I move to Korea and become his personal English tutor… he’ll be ready for Hollywood in no time!!

      • 43.1.1 zara

        Well, i’m really sorry but he is already taking classes from me. try other actor when u go to korea.

  44. 44 gauri

    I’m officially hooked with City Hunter. i adore everything about this drama now a days.

    • 44.1 gauri

      and i’m sorry about my pre-show ranting.

      • 44.1.1 Celexa

        gauri… see my post above 🙂

        as long as you’ve crossed over to Team Min Ho, you’ve redeemed yourself in my eyes! 🙂

        • gauri

          Yesssssssss! I AM ON TEAM MINHO!

  45. 45 angeline ong

    wow. even though,i’ve watched this epi yesterday but i just LOVE to read your recaps. you are so witty and funny. i love the way you describe the scenes and characters!! good job, girlfriday!! i also enjoy reading your predictions and personal views. this drama is getting more and more exciting. i love the idea of them co-habittating! Min ho always appear as a playboy to na na. i just can’t help but to shout aloud laughing when i see him being “caught” in bathrobes!! my maid looked at me as if i m insane. but who cares. if only i m as pretty as na na and as lucky as her to have a gorgeous hunk like MIN HOT. if only…..

  46. 46 Birdie

    Cuteness overload makes one crave for some cool action. Don’t understand why Mr Creepy can’t just get LYS’s car license plate and figure out who he is this way.

    Am I the only one not liking how the writers cheapen NN character by pricing the level of skinship? She seems to be mercenary. She knows LYS is very rich. Surely a few thousand dollars is nothing to him. Make the penalty into a few judo moves with increasing level of pain will be a better deterrent. Please writers ,give NN character more depth and cool kickass-ness.

    Too many coincidences = lazy writing.

    More Lee Jin Pyo please.

    • 46.1 Martin

      So you mean she should raise her skinship price?

      • 46.1.1 Birdie

        No . The NN character is being written in such a way that she is so desperate for money that she thinks of her body or bits of it in terms of money. The writers are making this character weak-where is her self esteem and pride ?

    • 46.2 Jane

      It’s only a bit of fun. And maybe it’s written this way because in the future Na Na will end up owing YS some money since the pricing goes both ways. We can’t have her mistakenly hug him and have to get three kicks to the groin in response.

      • 46.2.1 Jomo

        Exactly, it’ll end up going the other way, she will initiate something and he’ll try to collect. Maybe offer to pay her back in kind, rather than cash…

    • 46.3 mary


      You’re right. It’s not realistic. At all.

      It should be LMH asking for a price for every interaction. So I can save my money and get in line already.

  47. 47 atriniriggie

    OMG !!!!!!
    I really wasn’t sure how I would feel about Lee Min Ho acting as a womanizing under cover assassin because he such a pretty boy…..
    But my God I buy it am totally sold on this character…. I want more of him…… yea !!!!!!

  48. 48 Francesca

    I love this episode! Me want moaaarrrr cuteness and asses-kicking!

  49. 49 Alexio

    I lub ya, GF

  50. 50 momosan

    “Nana’s eyes grow wide with jealousy. Heh. Love it.”

    Well, that and both she and the instructor who just saw him half-assing through his own set like a big geeky wuss, see him instruct her properly and professionally.

    So he’s adding to the “something doesn’t add up here” department.

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