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You’ve Fallen For Me: Episode 3
by | July 6, 2011 | 128 Comments

Who’s that guy, you ask? Why, no other than my new favorite character in this drama, as of today. It’s 26-year-old Lee Hyun-jin (who was great in the queer short Boy Meets Boy), completely stealing his scenes and doing so with some powerful charisma. Now this is a guy I want to root for, with an interesting backstory that should take him through some solid character development. We hope.


“나 가거든” (If I leave) as sung in today’s episode. [ Download ]

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EPISODE 3: “Champion”

In the club, Shin sings his song — about being unable to let go — while thinking about dance instructor crush Yoon-su, as well as his father. Kyu-won watches with new appreciation, although their usual bickering dynamic is back as she tells him that she got caught trying to cover for him in roll call. Now they’re both assigned to write essays in punishment.

Shin tells her to write his, and when she balks, he mutters, “Useless slave.”

Yoon-su perks him right up, though she reminds him that she doesn’t want him lurking around anymore. Shin is only here to say, “I met my father today. I just wanted to tell somebody” and Yoon-su understands that that’s good news, and tells him so.

The musical commemorating the school’s 100th anniversary heads into planning and posts audition notices. Seok-hyun is introduced to the other instructors on his production team, and the meeting is that special brand of awkward that’s laced with politeness to mask the pointed words. The instructors dislike that an outsider has been brought in to replace one of their own, and Seok-hyun doesn’t help the atmosphere by making a barb at Yoon-su about how they ought to keep pretending they aren’t acquainted in situations like this.

The teachers bristle when he confirms that he’ll be reworking the entire concept, but he says it won’t be impossible, since the story is simple: A girl loves a boy, but leaves him to go pursue her dream. When that comes to an end, she returns in disappointment. A clear reference to his failed romance with Yoon-su.

Seok-hyun’s sunbae Tae-joon — the one who wanted to direct the musical — calls him aside to warn him not to hurt her, which makes Seok-hyun guess that Tae-joon likes her. He retorts that she’s not the weakling she appears, and that she’s stronger than either of them. This friendly “advice” rubs Seok-hyun the wrong way, making him even more determined to see this production through.

Shin and Kyu-won are called before their professor, this time for the punishment essays. I love that the professor is more amused than offended and asks if they’re dating, or if it’s a one-sided affair. (Shin smirks, the assumption being that his isn’t the side in love.)

They’re told to read each other’s essays, and while hers may have been written in all earnestness, now it sounds silly in his sardonic voice: “I’m so so soooo sorry. I’m really really reeeeeally reflecting on my wrongs. Next time, I will really really really, never ever ever do this again.”

Kyu-won starts reading his, but stops short at mention of a “dumb girl” he blames for not properly explaining his absence. They start bickering, and the professor decides they haven’t been adequately punished yet. So they’re ordered to clean up the theater department’s prop room.

The room’s a mess, and Kyu-won sighs at the amount of work they’ll need to do by the end of the day. Shin agrees: “How will you do it all alone?” Invoking slave privileges, he settles back while she gets to work, and decides it’ll be fun to make her dress up in ridiculous costumes. He reminds her that if she didn’t want to be his slave, she could’ve just won that bet. Arg. She can’t argue with that.

He may treat her rudely for his amusement, but he does display concern when the situation calls for it, like when she trips on her costume and falls. Then the lights cut out briefly, and when they turn back on, he’s uncomfortably close to her face, which unnerves him.

Ha! I’d be mighty gratified if he’s the one who falls for her first, given his behavior. And really, that’s the way for this story to work, since it’s so much more satisfying to watch the cold jerk trying to deal with this spoiler emotion while she’s blissfully unaware, rather than having the klutzy girl fall for the cool, rude boy. And no, bringing up Playful Kiss isn’t an example of an exception; I’d say it illustrates the point rather nicely, in fact.

Shin orders her to have his bike’s tires pumped with air, since they went flat after she “cursed” him the other night, wishing the flat on him. That’s hilarious to her, and she giggles at the sweet feeling of justice. Next time can you curse him with something more humiliating, please?

Hee-joo sees Kyu-won with Shin’s bike, which gives her jealousy tingles. She asks how they know each other, even pulling out the ol’ “Don’t you know who I am?” chestnut. Gah. That question guarantees you automatic douche status, regardless of context or qualification. Hee-joo warns her to stay away from Shin, and that director Seok-hyun, for that matter (she wants that lead role and sniffs a threat).

Kyu-won delivers the bike to Catharsis and returns the keys to Shin inside, just as he’s being scouted by Seok-hyun for the musical. She’s not interested in auditioning until Shin smirks at the idea that she could be cast as the lead, and that gets her hackles up. I do believe that look below is one of my favorite in Kyu-won’s arsenal, the Pshh-You-Think-You’re-So-Great-But-I-Don’t-Really-Give-A-Damn.

But as he leaves, Shin mollifies her by saying, without mockery, “I’d like to hear you play the gayageum again.” Seok-hyun jumps in to play on her reaction, telling her that Shin was very much mocking her, adding that there’s scholarship money as well.

Kyu-won confers with Dad, admitting that Shin’s mockery is part of the reason she’s considering auditioning. But it’s his comment about wanting to hear her play that she replays in her mind as she practices, and ultimately drives her to decide in favor of tryouts. The Windflower girls are excited at Kyu-won’s decision — which will have to be kept secret from Grandpa — and, with ten days till the audition, they begin practicing.

Seok-hyun tracks down a former student, Ki-young (Lee Hyun-jin), intending to cast him as the lead. However, there are a few hitches in the plan: sunbae Tae-joon opposes the idea, Ki-young is on leave, and he’s declared himself through with acting. Oh, and there’s also his history of ruining multiple productions because of debilitating stage fright.

Ki-young immediately shoots down the offer, having shut down his dream of being a musical actor. But Seok-hyun doesn’t buy it, and says it’s plain as day he’s still got the bug, and tells him to audition. Clearly Ki-young’s convinced that he’s unfixable, while Seok-hyun believes him too talented to lose. He’s warned, though, that the kids won’t like the idea of Ki-young being cast — especially Hee-joo, who’s practically a lock for the lead. She’s supposedly “frighteningly talented” and won’t enjoy her moment being ruined.

Jun-hee shows up to offer Hee-joo a ride home from school on his scooter, and thanks to his sharper dressing choices today — he’s in Drummer Jun-hee mode, not Rumply Jun-hee — Hee-joo grudgingly agrees.

It doesn’t stop her from complaining the whole way home, though, with the slow-as-molasses scooter, the rain, and everything about the world that isn’t about her. Her pissiness doesn’t dampen his lovesick adoration, which tells us that he’s either way too nice or a missing a few IQ points. Despite his adorable boyishness, I’m gonna have to go with the latter on this score… (Really? Her?)

The rainy bike ride gives Hee-joo a fever, though, and the next morning she’s barely able to stand, despite her insistence on making the audition.

Seok-hyun can see that Ki-young isn’t going to come to the audition on his own, so he tells his friend Soo-myung to drag him here, by any means necessary. That he does with a few lies, and shoves him into the auditorium, to Seok-hyun’s satisfaction and the other judges’ surprise (they know his story and don’t expect him to come back).

Ki-young stoically declines to audition and turns to leave, ignoring Seok-hyun’s urging to go ahead and sing. Sunbae Tae-joon, on the other hand, has thought this a Very Bad Idea from the outset and orders the next auditionees to take the stage, and ushers the Windflower quartet in.

The girls make their greeting and settle down to play, but pause uncertainly when Seok-hyun continues to yell at Ki-young, provoking his temper, yelling that this is his last chance. And it’s not like Ki-young doesn’t want to sing himself, so for a few tense moments, he stands there fighting himself, clenching his fist.

The girls start to play their song, which is “나 가거든,” posted above, sung by Jo Sumi in the 2001-02 sageuk drama Empress Myeongseong. And after a few fraught moments, Ki-young begins to sing, almost against his own will:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Kyaaaaa. It’s pretty great — both his singing, and the intensity with which Lee Hyun-jin plays the moment, his eyes closed the entire time. Afterward, he walks out silently, and the girls marvel at his amazing voice. Kyu-won wonders if this is what performing is all about.

Hee-joo had insisted to her mother that she didn’t want her father pulling strings for her, but now that she’s missed her audition she grudgingly lets Mom call Tae-joon to ask for a makeup session. But Seok-hyun throws Tae-joon’s own words in his face, reminding him that nobody who misses the audition should be allowed into the production, and shuts that down.

When Jun-hee hears about her illness, he’s wracked with guilt and races to the hospital, where Hee-joo predictably blames him for everything. Not that he doesn’t disagree — he’s convinced that it’s his fault, and decides he has to make it right. Commence: Operation Harass Seok-hyun.

Seok-hyun isn’t persuaded by Jun-hee’s pleas to give Hee-joo another chance because he’s the reason she missed her audition. That makes Jun-hee exclaim, petulantly and with that youthful conviction that you’re the first person to feel feelings, ever, “You don’t know love!” Seok-hyun has to laugh at that and wishes him well with that, but maintains his stance.

So on to Plan B it is. Jun-hee calls in a favor with his bandmates, then collects Jun-hee from the hospital to give her that missed chance, no matter what. He takes her to school, where he’s set up a makeshift stage in an outdoor auditorium. The Stupid is already there, and he tells her to put on the show of her life.

Hee-joo protests that there’s nobody around to see her perform anyway, but Seok-hyun speaks up to indicate that he’s here. So Hee-joo takes the mic and belts out a song like a star.

As he watches, Seok-hyun concedes, “It’s love.”

That goes a long way to earning Hee-joo’s favor, not that she has a lot of it to give. She warns Jun-hee that this puny little gesture is hardly going to change things, but that’s mostly her saving (bitch)face. Once she’s out of sight, she’s able to smile freely and thinks to herself that now she can say she has no regrets if she fails the audition, because she’s just had the performance of her life.

Audition results are posted, and the Windflower girls have all made the cut. As has Ki-young…and Hee-joo. That provokes a few upperclassmen to grumble since they all know she’d missed audition day, but Hee-joo puts them in their place (and possibly lower) with her usual haughtiness. I’m not sure if I dislike her more for her snobbiness, which is plentiful, or like her for her sassy setdowns, which are amusing in a smartassy way.

To Shin’s surprise, the Stupid boys are called to the auditorium along with the musical participants, who are divided between actors (who sing) and musical performers (who play instruments).

Cutely, Bo-woon seethes to see Jun-hee approaching Hee-joo cheerily, although she interprets reality in a bit of a skewed way, saying that Hee-joo is setting her sights on Jun-hee. Kyu-won asks skeptically, “Does that seem like flirting to you?” Bo-woon, bitter: “Of course!” Hee.

Shin wonders why he’s here, having no interest in the musical. Another instructor speaks up to say she recommended him and his band — and it’s that cougar-like professor who keeps trying to flirt with Shin.

No matter: Shin rejects this plan flatly… Or at least he means to, until Yoon-su walks in. A second shocker arrives when Seok-hyun asks Kyu-won to stand on the other side of the room — with the actors, not the performers.

She’s puzzled, not understanding why he’d request that, and is about to press the matter when she notices Shin staring at Yoon-su…who’s staring at Seok-hyun…who happens to be talking to her. Ahh, it’s the K-drama merry-go-round of Meaningful Glances!


I like the light-hearted feel of this drama; it’s not the most meaty of stories, but what’s there is presented with a refreshing lightness. It’s sweet and breezy, but has a plot with a solid trajectory. Like Mary Stayed Out All Night could have been, if it had had a brain. Or Playful Kiss, if it had had a narrative throughline instead of just sketches slapped together.

I confess that it was really Lee Hyun-jin’s appearance as Ki-young that perked me up, because he injected some welcome intensity into the drama. Oh, we’ve got Angsty Backstories and Tense Staring already with the director and failed ballerina’s dead romance, but I’m not so much interested in them. Or at least, not in the downer half of that pair; Seok-hyun on his own is a delight. Especially when he’s being cute and charming and slightly immature (though not immature enough to be irritating. Just enough to be amusing).

But the portrayal of Ki-young injected such a nice burst of energy into the musical plot that now I have a reason for wanting the production to pull through and be a success. Kyu-won and Shin will be fine — she’ll have some grandpa clashes and he’ll be indifferent with a dash of mooning loverboy — but it’s Ki-young who’s got the stakes and the drama. I know he’s not the lead, but surely he’s gonna be one someday, right?


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  1. soserious


    to be honest, i didn’t think he was that handsome in that short film, but i was definitely checking him out this time around keke.

    • 1.1 kay

      lee hyun jin! i love you. lol i know what you mean, maybe it was the baseball cap hiding away his good looks. i had to do a double take when i saw him in family honor and fine windy day.

      • 1.1.1 birdscout

        Lee Hyun-jin was appealing as Coral in Assorted Gems!

        • kay

          i actually watched that drama for him, but ended up not liking his character. all he did was study and his relationship with his wife was so lackluster other than that ridiculous fight they had on their honeymoon. and in fine windy day and family honor, he was such a possessive stalker who wouldn’t leave those much older women alone that it got to the point of being annoying. at least he’s not the one to fall in love with the professor this time!

          • birdscout

            I agree that his role in Assorted Gems was pretty anemic and that stupid fight on his honeymoon was ridiculous, but I really enjoyed the drama as a whole. I found the actor pretty charming and nice to look at:) Oh, and it just clicked that the actress who played Ruby is in this drama, too.

          • kay

            i also really enjoyed that drama as a whole except i can’t believe who ruby ended up with! but i guess realistically, not everyone ends up with their prince charming. i think lee hyun jin is one of those actors that don’t really jump out to you in photos, but once he’s onscreen he’s really charismatic. plus he has that adorable eye smile.

      • 1.1.2 Cazine

        It was definitely the baseball cap. I barely recognized him in this picture. I would have recognized the one who played Seoki because Min-soo looked so much older than he did and that stood out to me.

    • 1.2 Beng

      I love KHJ – actually first time i met or saw him and fell hopelessly in love.

      DB, would you be so kind to make his song downloadable? I just want to hear him sing over and over again!!!

      I hope we will get to see more of him in episode 4.

      • 1.2.1 Beng

        i’m seeing several love triangles here


        Whew! i will think about the squares later on…

        • izzie

          … The Attack of the Acronyms… XP


    • 1.3 Hazel

      watch Heartstrings Episode 3 English Subbed here: http://www.kimchidramas.net/2011/07/heartstrings-episode-3.html

  2. Carinne

    Ki-young stole the show today. I was floored when he sang. The anticipation… while he channeled Dokko Jin “Mind Control Time,” then… Wow!

  3. Ace

    Whee! I was actually waiting for CH recaps…but save the best for last, right?

    Thanks for the recaps! Love OST part.2. 😉

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    Thanks JB. I’m liking the nice breezy tone of this drama too.

  7. eb

    thanks for the recap! i’m also really hoping kyuwon doesn’t fall for shin first. i feel like he needs to suffer a little before they become a campus couple.

    also, i’m glad they introduced a new character, kiyoung, because i feel like someone needs to be a musical rival to shin (if not a romantic rival…though i’m also kind of hoping that kyuwon becomes good friends with kiyoung since i wouldn’t mind seeing a jealous shin).

    • 7.1 zgznoona

      Hasn’t she already started. Those faces she makes when listening to him singing. are worrisome.

      • 7.1.1 kdheart

        That’s true. But still, I, too, am hoping for Shin to fall deeper first. And I’m wishfully thinking that it will happen through Ki-Young, a potential Kyu-Won admirer. My fingers are crossed. 🙂

        • cee

          I’m hoping for the same thing too! When Ki Young appeared, I was so excited because I was trying to figure out who could be the one to have a crush on Kyu-Won!<33 Shin needs to get jealous!

  8. monsterlover

    that guy is the guy from the jewel family and his older sister in that drama is the love interest of lee shin
    one of the many reasons why i am watching this haha XD
    and also you’re beautiful couple reunited 🙂

  9. jeeves

    i love,love this drama— i truly am enjoying the characters as they evolve—looking forward to tomorrows ep. komawo for the recap— 🙂

  10. 10 stars4u

    Jun-hee and Ki-young are my favorite characters!!!

  11. 11 la dee dah

    Thanks for the fast recap!

    It seems interesting so far to me, and I’m liking the music, both the traditional and the current. But I keep thinking Dream High: College Years, even though there are enough differences. And Ki-young seems to be the Sam Dong, the musical genius who appears in a later episode and has some affliction (in this case, stage fright)!

  12. 12 Carinne

    It may be just me, I somehow feel this show is similar to a Thai movie called First Love a.k.a A Little Thing Called Love to some degrees. Well, I won’t go any deeper, you had to have seen it to feel a connection. There’s reason why the director wants us to see Shin catch Kyu-won’s serendipity aegyo and beam his grin every time or what have you. Denial is a strong driving force to cosmic love connections, sometimes.

    • 12.1 tammy

      Wow !!! I’m Thai citizen. Didn’t know that crazy little thing called love is quite popular outside Thailand ^ ^ At first, I hesitated regarding the connection between Heartstring and the movie but after thinking for seconds, I guess I see your point (; P’chone and Num Lee Shin and Gyu-won Yeah !! there are some connections and I hope Lee Shin will feel the same as P’chone (;

      • 12.1.1 izzie

        I’m yet to watch Crazy Little Thing…

        Hello Stranger is also quite popular over here at our rock. 🙂 Simple, funny movie. Love it! 😉

        • tammy

          Really !! Hello Stranger is really entertaining for me also. Ter (lead actor) is my favorite He is a funny guy and is also the scriptwriter of this movie. If you like this kind of movie, I can recommend some Thai movies for you.

          Season Change

          BTS (Bangkok Traffic Love Story) — This is what I call a life of office ladies who soon turns 30 but stay single. Dang ! this movie is the copy version of my life(and also other ladies around my age working in BKK )



          Dear Galieo

          • izzie

            Wow! Thanks for the recommendations, tammy! 🙂 Will check these out.

  13. 13 orange

    thanks,dramabeans,been waiting for your recap,i really like this drama.

  14. 14 snow

    lol the seok hyun and yoon su angst reminded me of the one in dr champ as well – though with a different slant to it.

    • 14.1 zgznoona

      I think Suk-hyun and Yoon-soo are more abusived with eachother , no?

      • 14.1.1 snow

        he does seem pretty free with his snarks. bit like a grown-up version of shin.

  15. 15 Shirley

    Lee Hyun Jin’s also the hottie from Glory Family/Family Honor huh?? I’m waiting for the halfway mark before I sit down and watch…I’m too emotionally involved with City Hunter and Lie to Me to invest in anything else.

  16. 16 L

    I want Jun-hee to end up with Bo-woon… but that’s not gonna happen is it.. *sigh*

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      We are having the same wish/fear.
      I hope my puppy ends up with Bo-woon as well.

    • 16.2 Lierre

      THIS. I dun like that bulimic chick. I’m rooting for Jun-hee & Bo-woon.

  17. 17 Beng

    i was already getting bored with the drama until KY came out. I hope that Kyu-won will be the one to cure his stage fright and make Shin jealous in the process.

    I also really really really wish that PSH will also show her dancing prowess. She’s way way way way better than Woo-ri’s character i think =)

    This girl (PSH), is quite talented! Her casting in this drama is perfect!!!

    More songs duets between her and KY (LHJ) PLEASE!!! =)

    • 17.1 almontel

      i ditto your requests…yes…you’re 100% correct when you mentioned that PSH’s dancing prowess is definitely up there compared to HJ and Shin Hye sings a lot better too!!!

      i’m really really looking forward to making Shin jealous when she befriends this new cute guy…ke keke..

  18. 18 danni

    So, I vote for more Ki-young because he had the best scene in the entire episode.

  19. 19 FunnyBunny

    “I’d be mighty gratified if he’s the one who falls for her first, given his behavior. And really, that’s the way for this story to work, since it’s so much more satisfying to watch the cold jerk trying to deal with this spoiler emotion while she’s blissfully unaware, rather than having the klutzy girl fall for the cool, rude boy. And no, bringing up Playful Kiss isn’t an example of an exception; I’d say it illustrates the point rather nicely, in fact.”

    Amen sister!
    Honestly I think/hope the love part will play out as you said. I’d say Best Love is a good example of that exact set up-in contrast to the Playful Kiss example.

    It’s so much more gratifying to watch the “cool guy” get knocked down a few pegs because he’s head over heels for the “clumsy girl” Rather than the other way around. Ha-ni’s puppy crush for Seung-jo was so nauseating I considered banging my head against the wall for an hour instead of watching altogether.

    Luckily Kyu-won’s got enough moxy that it pretty much levels the playing field between her and Shin-which only makes me love her more!

    So glad I decided to stick with this drama, and that you’re still recapping it!

  20. 20 milagre

    Hi girls, I’m wondering which is going to be the relation between Ki-young & Kyu-won. I can see them linked in the characters chart posted on wiki drama, but I don’t know how to read korean so can’t determine in which way they are connected. Anybody?

  21. 21 Schmazel

    The Windflower girls’ playing and Ki Young’s singing was really beautiful. 😀

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    i love the addition of ki young, but it’s still kyuwon and shin that’s doing it for me. lovin’ this drama so far.

  23. 23 sunandmoon

    The plot is a bit lackluster, with cliched youth-drama plots and caricatures — but Kyu-won and Seok-hyun are so very watchable. They seem very real and are easy to relate with somehow. I can’t help thinking that if they fell for each other it would be totally inappropriate yet fascinating.

  24. 24 Ani

    I… I… I’m in love now. It’s a tentative kind of love, but it’s also budding. I don’t know for how long it’ll grow or how long I can define it as love, but it’s there. And this here episode is to blame. But mostly because that song was really really nice to hear. I love music, and that there song was something else…. Yeah I’ve fallen for you You’ve Fallen for Me. Just don’t go breaking my heart, and I hope you wouldn’t even if you tried. XD

  25. 25 tonia

    It’s like I was watching a different drama from you guys. It seems you liked this episode? For me it was like all over the place. It was jumping from one plot line to the next without resolving any immediate issues. I mean I have a better backstory for the supporting characters than for the leads. This drama is giving me a heartache coz it could have been an interesting drama if the script writer wasn’t high on crack when she was writing this drama. Almost everything in this drama was somewhat disconnected and you guys seem fine with it.

    I can’t comment on the new guy yet as it is too early for me to comment on anything about him. It’s just for me this drama if the writer isn’t changed ASAP will go directly to the dumpster. Coz the acting I am okay with it already but the writing leaves so much to be desired. MBC please fire Miss Writer, soon.

    • 25.1 churasan

      I have to agree with you. The drama needs to focus on the main leads’ story which really seemed to be lacking in this episode. I can’t really tell who the second leads are either…. For example, is KW’s rival gonna be YS (since Shin likes her) or HJ (for the lead role) – as both seem to get equal screen time. I really think they could do without YS failed ballerina storyline. Her character is boring and doesn’t do anything for the drama.

      There’s so much potential in the cast and in this drama’s concept. But they need to pull it together fast before people start losing interest.

      • 25.1.1 Biscuit

        One of the things I enjoy in a drama and adds a touch of realism in youth dramas is that it’s fine if there’s no set of who main leads are or their “love rivals”. Are they necessary enough to be established in the beginning, or rather enjoy the anticipation of finding out how relationships will turn in these youth’s lives?

        Which is why I loved Dream High so much. Exactly who ends up with who isn’t the main focus atm.

  26. 26 nonski

    thanks for the recaps!

    • 26.1 nonski

      ok done reading…

      first, i’m with you that Shin should fall with Kyu Woon first.
      how i would wish him looking at her longingly during practice and such without her knowing…

      second, Ki Young was marvelous. I’d like him to be a rival to Shin in terms of talent and popularity. But most of all I would want him to fall with Kyu Woon too, jealousy perks up things. And it would up a notch if he is gonna be good friends with Kyu Woon.

      overall, Show isn’t as engaging as it had intended to be… please put up some effort! i’m kinda liking this show tho, so i’m putting my hopes in it… pretty please!

  27. 27 almontel

    thanks for the recap…i love the banter between Shin and Kyuwon, she’s already fallen for him and he’s still hung up on the older gal…aiyo………..
    like everyone else, i too wish that Shin was the first to fall for her instead of the other way around, and i thought the ‘jolt in the dark’ was a start for him to notice her upclose…ke ke ke…cute how those cartoon eyes just appeared out of the dark…
    that guy who sang was good, and yes, i still love YongHwa’s voice…nothing beats his Ep2 song Because I miss you…i hope they’d release the OST on that one…
    can’t wait tomorrow!!!

    • 27.1 nonski

      i already got that song… you can google it, various sites are giving out free dl.

  28. 28 Trina

    well…. i do hope LHJ and PSH will sing and dance together to make LS really jealous.. that will be totally DAEBAK.. thank you for recapping this great drama… ^^

  29. 29 tinysunbl

    Lee Hyun Jin FOR THE WIN! I seriously have had a crush on him for years, since Boy Meets Boy, then Family’s Honor, then Assorted Gems. He should be taking the lead by now…tsk tsk

    DPs need to stop casting idols who can’t act in lead roles and leave room for real talent to blossom (I’m speaking in general here, nothing against any idol)

    • 29.1 zgznoona

      Hahaha, thought you were talking about Buddha-face here.

    • 29.2 chewyish

      while I agree that Lee Hyun Jin is a great actor I’m mildly offended by the term “real talent”
      have a I been watching fake talent on my screen this whole time then?
      that is such an elitist term to use. Lee Hyun Jin is a talented actor but this doesn’t make his talent anymore “real” than an idol’s talent.
      I just hate that word….

      • 29.2.1 catcher

        Somehow your comment itched me, in a good way though. I have to admit Lee Hyun Jin’s appearance did perk up the episode a little bit, as new appearance is supposed to do, but to use the word “real talent” compared to other casts’ somehow put the later’s mediocre, which I highly doubt if it’s fair.
        *sigh* I know Yonghwa’s performance hasn’t been over the top for us to fall in love with, but he deserves a chance right? At least it wasn’t as bad as what he did in You’re beautiful. *sigh*. I pray as hell that his character will grow more as the drama develops, otherwise he’s gonna be overshadowed by Hyun Jin’s chacracter. At least the later guy got more experiecne in acting. *sulk*
        However, we can’t control whom the viewers are supporting right? We all have the right to like/love any characters, but I guess we could do it in a amicable way, which interpretively means giving every single character a fair chance by not comparing their acting ability.
        Okay, I’m done ranting. Please excuse my limited engrish. I love db’s caps as always.

  30. 30 Cherry

    i think i am in love with KY… and for some reason even though PSH and YK have great chemistry togehter, she look more compatable with LHJ. maybe its b/c PSH just seem to be compatable with all her male costars – i dont know but YK will have to take the backseat for me – again, only this time its not the writer’s fault its the casting director’s fault for choosing swoon worthy LHJ. sigh but it could also be becuase LHJ is such a good actor that he plays the second male lead very well – you know the comforting pillow role/type (even though he has yet to interact with K), where as the lead is usually an ass but a charming ass with lovable qualities.

  31. 31 Cherry

    i just squealed when i saw your pic on top!!!! its Yoo Ah in!! Right??? i can’t have mistaken those lips and that small face!!!! I LOVE HIM TOO, he unlike most guys look hot in SS with long hair, and adorable in, the man who can’t get maried!!!!

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  33. 33 girlatsea

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    I’m actually really liking this drama, I ended up watching it with the crappy subs because I just couldn’t wait. But I have to agree that this episode was kind of all over the place. I think it’s getting there though. The first four episodes of every drama ever are always kind of lacking (exception: City Hunter). So it’ll get better. Right?

    I just hope the next episode makes up for the lack of Shin/Kyu Woon action in this episode.

    I’ve never seen Lee Hyun-jin in anything (started watching Assorted Gems, gave up after 30 min) but I like him already!

    • 33.1 morgen

      thank U for the recap=) Same here..despite the story plot that still going here and there(and never mind with the rating), I also ended up following HS because it’s really good for relaxing my emotion esp after watching CH..Plus, the good point is so far HS has great OST and the musical content of this drama is not just an “easy made” one..enjoyable with nice quality.

      Now, what make me curious is that why the side characters has many slot and their stories seem purposely reveal easily so it looks like they are grabbing attention viewers..On opposite way, the main leads relationship and their stories seem limited and hidden.. After watching episode 2 with the introduction story of lee shin dad, I thought in next episode lee shin background, past connection with kyu won family, and the “slavery” things will be show more but then the side characters stories seem dominated again..maybe without even realized love is actually had been growing naturally between lee shin and kyu won..Hopefully, this kind of plot is a well designed strategy by the PD/writer that and they will give some surprises about the main leads..wondering of some surprises in episode 4..

    • 33.2 princess_lol_xD

      omg~~~~ u noe i watched CITY HUNTER!!! and can i say its the BEST!!! i started watchin hearstrings today cause i wanted to wait for city hunter to finish but i cant wait~~~


      soz for bein so random and stuff xP

  34. 34 diablita

    il try but i have no feeling with this drama. -_-

  35. 35 Superfangirl

    This writer clearly had a plan in mind with this story. With so many relevant side characters and so many interactions there is great potential conflicts in the future but the bread and butter of the series is with the back and forth between the main leads. I say that they are already in a relationship even though they don’t know it. Does Shin really need a slave?? Does Kyu won really need to obey all of his orders and stare at him like that.

  36. 36 kris

    Could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE save the file name in English as with Korean characters, it cann’t be download.


  37. 37 b.m

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  38. 38 mysterious

    i gotta say jung yong hwa is looking mighty fine in this drama. the dark hair is really sexy. and park shin hye as always is a delight, as well as the character seok hyun.

    • 38.1 mysterious

      and love the eyes in the dark. hilarious!

  39. 39 Caitlyn

    I’m with everyone else, Ki-young is a very welcome addition to the show. I don’t know if I want him to be a love interest for Kyu Won, because then he’d just be disappointed in the end when she gets with Shin. But i’d like them to become good friends. I hope he gets to sing a few more songs. A duet with Kyu Won would be awesome.

  40. 40 Taber

    I was only reading the recaps, but I will start to watch because I love him in Family Honor, great kisser!!!!

  41. 41 Star

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  42. 42 strangedoll

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  43. 43 YY

    JUst saw the preview for ep 4. Action is heating up!!!! I like this show, it’s so refreshing, and what can I say, I’m a sucker for the perennial triangle love affair; Shin and his crush on the older woman reminds me a lot of BOF, can’t wait to see him fall out of love and start developing feelings for PSH. He’s still wooden and devoid of expression, but who cares! Just wonder who’s going to fall for who first. This ep PSH is acting less cute, and that’s good. Too much cute can get distracting.

    • 43.1 Jomo

      YH’s face didn’t get much of a work-out in this episode.

      You would think that while he forced his slave to change into various costumes, we would at least get a devilish smirk, or a modicum of a victorious sneer.

      It will be difficult to tell when he falls for her, when he falls for her. Unless he brings the bike.

      The bike got all pumped up today by KY, and I could see how happy Bike was to see her.

      But I am not being fair. I did like the really really really reading apology out loud scene. He did give her a good disgusted face.

      This reminds me of the beginning of Dream High, or the start of a Tetris game. All the pieces seem to be falling randomly from the sky.
      Some are fitting nicely. I like the parent-child stories. We will be able to see a lot of good interaction with them.
      Some disappeared quickly. (Well is HJ BULIMIC or not?)
      Some showed up magically at the right time and made everything make work: Thank you KY. YOU are the reason Shin will eventually let Y go, and you are who KW will fall in like with only to break all our hearts!

      I agree that about half of this show was people running around and unnecessarily so. But, the music performances continue to be great.

      I am so glad they.are.putting.on.a.show! I have a feeling it’s gonna make me sob sob sob by the time we get there.
      Let’s see…Do you think any of the fathers will end up performing? Hmmmmm……

      • 43.1.1 YY

        Well, our unflinching hero did manage a very fine Easter Island Stonehead moment when he climbed onto that tower in the first ep and gazed into the Great Beyond. I must say I was rather disappointed at the lack of a similar Moment in this ep. I notice they keep on making him strum his guitar. Guitar is indeed a beautiful specimen, and overshadows Bike in that respect. But Bike can move. Guitar cannot move. So… .so…..gee, I have no idea what point I’m trying to make here. That vacant-face thing must be rubbing off on my head as well.

        • Jomo

          I heard Guitar was asking for more money for having “to carry YH” through all their scenes. What a prima donna!

          At least Bike is humble; he gets only extra pay and literally is carrying YH. Sheesh!

          • Silver

            Pfft, step aside Bike and Guitar. Episode 4 brings Coffee. Now, Coffee is full of subtle meanings. Unlike Guitar, it is warm. Unlike Bike, it communicates. Plus the PD worked on Coffee House before so he has experience directing Coffee 😛

        • izzie

          about the guitar…. good guitarists are known to get lost in emotion when they play. when they feel the piece, it shows on the face. (e.g. Carlos Santana) I’m totally at a loss (and at awe) at how the Man of Still achieved the poker-guitar-playing-face, considering that he’s actually a guitarista.

          Man of Still, indeed!

          • Jomo

            That proves just how good he is, after all.
            He was acting like a person who is acting like a person who isn’t acting. See? I am also in awe.

            Carlos Santana is wonderful, too.

        • izzie

          so sad that Camera only had a short cameo. tsk. tsk. considering that it’s more effective in capturing emotions.

  44. 44 Locturne

    There was too much Hee-Joo/drummer in this episode. The drummer is cute but in small doses. And there’s only so much I can take of the girl’s constantly annoyed/stuck-up expression. -_-

    • 44.1 skelly

      I haven’t seen this ep yet (waiting for Dramafever) but…HeeJoo is supposed to be talented? Based on the horrendously bad dancing in previous eps (looked like the Dallas Cowgirls) I thought that one of the storylines would be how she was getting by with no talent because of Daddy’s position…frankly, I think that would be a much more interesting storyline.

  45. 45 Silver

    I’m totally jumping on the LHJ love bandwagon here. I hope to see more of him in the show, a LOT more. What I am curious about is whether or not the one singing was really him or if he was lip synching someone else’s singing. Not that I mind much either way, because it’s a wonderful voice, whoever’s it is, but still, it would be way cooler if he was the one doing the actual singing.

    To me, this episode of HS meant a lot of adjustment from last week’s episodes, based maybe on viewers’ and critics’ opinions. We saw a lot less of PSH’s forced cutesy, more effort in conveying actual emotion from JYH(not sure if the effort paid off completely but y’know), and more MinHyuk screen time. Okay, so maybe that was the natural development of the story but somehow I feel like this is all stuff catering to general demand/opinion. It’s not a bad thing, just saying. But I am a little scared that if it is the case of bending to popular opinion, they are a little too prone to altering the original concept to fit an audience, and that worries me because too much flexibility from the production crew never served a drama well, far as I can remember anyway.

    I’m hooked either way, and I will stick with it to the end, even though this third episode was a little less than I had expected. I just hope they don’t go the way of writer changes and all that stuff due to low ratings.

  46. 46 izzie

    “Don’t you know who I am?”

    I know only one kdrama character that can successfully pull this off – deliver the line and still be loved – Dokko Jin. 🙂

    • 46.1 Jomo

      But everyone DID know who DJ is…

  47. 47 Athena 7

    Thanks Javabeans..waited for the recap the whole day today..I watch the drama raw twice..I hope the story doesn’t become to complicated..I am getting tired of the cuteness of the drummerboy and the anorexic girl…Lets see if I can watch this drama till the end…if only because of PSH ,JYH and SCU…thanks again.

  48. 48 Chloe

    I’m liking this drama. It is indeed light, sweet, and breezy with a “plot with solid trajectory”. Most importantly, I think it has heart.

  49. 49 ocean

    I’m TOTALLY with you on the Ki-young front, javabeans!!! I was grinning like a total fangirl though all his scenes and felt kinda robbed when he left the screen 🙁 And I can see him bringing some wanted debth to the drama, though all in all I’m liking it so far.

    Thanks for the awesome recap and for sharing your thoughts, it was great as always 🙂

    Now drama, bring on the Hyun-jin goodness!!! 😀

  50. 50 Banu

    I loved his voice + lovely music *__* These is gonna be a love triangle ..XD
    Well or male lead likes his Noona” teacher so our lead girl can have a guy too right..XD

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