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Dream High 2 finalizes its cast
by | December 6, 2011 | 94 Comments

girlfriday: So Dream High 2 finally has its cast! I can’t say I know any of them other than Kang Sora, but I loved her in Sunny. She’s simultaneously badass and cute. I love it.

javabeans: She was bubbly in Dr. Champ, too, as the girl who got all handsy with Jung Kyeo-woon.

girlfriday: Yeah she ran around calling him Buttocks!

javabeans: I suppose she’s the “actor”-actor of the bunch, while the rest look like they’re idols.

girlfriday: Yeah, along with T-ara’s Ji-yeon who confirmed earlier, we’ve got Jung Jin-woon (2AM) and Hyorin (SISTAR). That makes her the Kim Soo-hyun of Dream High 2, or what I’m going to call it from now on: Dream Higher.

javabeans: Not Dream Again?

girlfriday: Dream Bigger?

javabeans: Dream On?

girlfriday: Ha. I think that one’s got a slightly different ring to it. But I’d watch that drama.

javabeans: That would be funny if they were all unsuccessful and/or has-beens.

girlfriday: Like the D-list idols.

javabeans: The ones who refuse to give up on their dreams, because that’s what all the dramas tell you to do, only… in this case, maybe they’d be better off. But it would have to be a black comedy, because otherwise that’s just depressing.

girlfriday: Yeah not so much uplifting, dream big dreams, like the franchise.

javabeans: I totally understand the need to go with idols in this case, although it would be nice if they picked idols who have acting talent. Like, Kim Soo-hyun was far and away the best actor of his bunch, but if you had six of him, it would take away from the performance aspect, which was sizable. I don’t know anybody other than Ji-yeon in this bunch, though.

girlfriday: Yeah me neither. I can understand that it’s a hard balance to strike, because yeah, in this kind of drama you need the dancers and the singers. But there are musical actors and well, lots of choices in that pool.

javabeans: Dancer and singer stunt casting is great for the Pil-sook and Jason roles, but you need stronger people playing Baek-hee and Jin-gook, for instance. In that respect Eunjung was a lot stronger than Taecyeon. I was okay with Suzy and Taec — I went with it, but only ‘cause we had no choice. But could you imagine how the drama could’ve rocked if those roles went to Kim Soo-hyun-level actors?

girlfriday: The love triangle would’ve been much more heart-stomping.

javabeans: You mean, instead of just waiting for the inevitable shift in the tide? Yeah. Although that’s one drama where the romance didn’t even matter to me, ‘cause I loved the hopes-and-dreams stuff. The misfits banding together, challenging the hotshots.

girlfriday: Yeah that’s really the heart of this series (and franchise, we hope).

javabeans: Ha, don’tcha love that in a post about Dream Higher, we’re just talking about Dream High?

girlfriday: Heh. So we like to live in the past.

javabeans: Well, if the powers that be have it their way, we’ll be doing this post again next year, reminiscing on #2 while waiting for #3. Or, as I’ll be calling it…

girlfriday: Dream Higher Still Again and Again?

javabeans: Dream Even Higherer.

girlfriday: That’s not even a word! We’re done now.

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94 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ace

    just read this @akp. hope the story’s as good as the first one. and the music too. wishing for cameos by the original characters, both students of Kirin and teachers!

    • 1.1 Ace

      also wish that they’ll release a better ost (more songs) this time around including the score. there were some music from last time that I wanted to be released officially but i’m still dreaming on

      • 1.1.1 mnstpdu08

        Ditto. I’m still waiting for the song that IU and KSH covered.

  2. Nadia

    Meh. Not interested in this cast 🙁 They should have casted good looking idols.

    • 2.1 pauper

      Well well, aren’t we shallow.

      I’ll take capable idols over good-looking idols every time. Their talent make them attractive in my eyes.

    • 2.2 Margie

      Yes, the dude in the top right corner is looking kinda fugly with the overdone makeup and extremely awkward facial expression, but I think the girls are beautiful.

      If you think they’re not good-looking then I’d hate to know what you think of the average person since apparently you’ve got some rather high standards. Just sayin’.

  3. jazza

    I love the conversation!! ♥

    I’m going to watch Dream High 2 because of Jinwoon & Jiyeon. ^^

  4. charm

    Hyorin and Jinwoon actually look like they have the talent to pull this off. They’re both very strong singers/performers and I have high hopes for them. Jinwoon has been in a couple MVs too, so I really hope it works!

    • 4.1 Meghan

      I loved Jinwoon in G.NA’s “Black & White” MV. Very cute. 🙂

  5. mali

    i know this shoudn’t be here but just read the news that 1N2D will be having a special episode that the 5 remaining cast will invite their star friends!!!Uhm Tae Woong is inviting Lee Sun Gyun!!!BROMANCE!!!LSG is inviting his Lee Bum Soo i believe!!!

  6. matchaflan

    Jin Woon acted in a couple of MVs, like G.NA’s “Black and White”, 8ight'”Goodbye my love” with Kim So Eun, and so on, if you want to check it out. I found him to be cutely awkward in his acting (not wooden but maybe too theatrical, in the Taecyeon’s brand of theatrical acting lol). So…yeah, a little worried there. Hyorin is a fantastic performer and has natural charms, I’m sure even if her acting is not polished you’d come to like her character (unless they make her into a bitch!). I’ve always been on the fence about Jiyeon – I don’t think she was expressive enough. Anw, this is somewhat an odd mix of cast. Surely they will have more? ‘cos the 1st season has 6 main characters! I’m also excited to know who the teachers will be, besides JYP & the new principle.

    • 6.1 Meghan

      MV acting is always different to Drama acting though, as you’re trying to express emotions in 3 minutes as opposed to 16 episodes, and it’s always more “theatrical” because of that.

    • 6.2 daisy

      I love how you are doubting Jiyeon the most. When she was trained to be an actress first before finally debuting in T-ara. She has acted in 3 shared main role dramas, 1 main role movie, and she has acted in various dramas back when she was a child actress. I dont think you need to worry about her. Honestly out of every idol casted Jiyeon is the one i have the most confidence in. She may not be the best actress, but im pretty sure she can pull it off.

      I hope they cast other guys in the drama too though 3 girls 1 guy? hmmm….

  7. Unnursvana

    I like this cast, sure not the epic-bias-cast (Wooyoung, IU and Eunjung) that I got last year, but I can life with that.

    This year I only get one bias (Jiyeon) and I think that is fair. I would watch it ether way, even if there was no bias of mine in this drama because I loved the first season of Dream High so, so much.

    I am trying not to get my hopes up for this. I hope it will have a good story like last time though.

  8. vis

    So the cast is finalized, 3 girls and a boy? We need two more guys to balance that out 😛 Where’s our eyecandy?!

    • 8.1 Rovi

      if they wnt eyecandy, there’s tons of rookie groups out there, or else, they could just ask from SM…

      just sayin’…

      • 8.1.1 Elaine

        Apparently they did want to cast SM idols but they were all too busy with their schedules.

      • 8.1.2 Barbee

        Apparently SM decided to make their own idol drama thing by themselves, even though they said that their idols were too busy. Shifty…

        • Rovi

          yeah, the Korean “Hana Kimi”, ryt???

      • 8.1.3 mnstpdu08

        I don’t think they need SM. I don’t get why they didn’t use more idols from JYP.

    • 8.2 Alvina

      maybe Jinwoon is our Suzy and Sora and Jiyeon are going to compete for him?

      Maybe they’re going to be progressive and have a homosexual couple a la Life is Beautiful… *thinks on it* nahhh.

      I’m sure there are other actors that simply have not been announced yet. I’m looking forward to a pilsook/jason of S2 though.

    • 8.3 Meghan

      I’m sure there’s more characters to be announced.

  9. nuri

    I’ve read this news earlier but still need to hear what you guys think (rambling?) about it.

    Btw, no battle this time?

  10. 10 Rovi

    so questions and notes:
    -Kang Sora, as in Kang Sora currently of WGM Kang Sora-WGM-wifey-of-Leeteuk-who-guested-in-season-1-episode-13???
    -Dream High formula (S1: season 1, S2: season 2):
    1) T-ARA-like: S1: Ham Eunjung, S2: Park Jiyeon
    2) JYP idols: S1: Bae Suzy (Miss A) & TaecWoo (2PM), S2: Jung Jinwoon (2AM)
    3) random(?) singer: S1: Lee Ji-eun (IU) S2: Kim Hyorin (who auditioned BTW for JYP but failed, just found)
    4) Genuine Actor/ess: S1: Kim Soo-hyun S2: Park Kang Sora
    -if they’re gonna guest another star at a real life show:
    1) SuKiRa – already done, and of course, EunTeuk are already down after 5 years, so it would be MinWook there
    2) Kangshimjang – used at “Greatest Love”
    3) SeBaQui – also used at “Greatest Love”
    some suggestions:
    1) ShimShimTaPa
    2) Star King
    3) Running Man
    4) 1 Night 2 Days
    5) Happy Together
    6) We Got Married -> last resort…
    and if they’re gonna guest SM stars:
    1) SuJu – nada, they did that with EunTeuk
    2) SHINee – major major approve
    3) SNSD – got some qualms with this one…
    4) DBSK/JYJ – just pick one, please?!
    -major-major LOL/slash/haha at pun titles rejected due to unattractiveness and fail of major content:
    1) Dream Again?
    2) Dream Bigger?
    3) Dream On? -> presonally LOL’ed at this…
    4) Dream Higher Still Again and Again? -> fail attempt 1
    5) Dream Even Higherer. -> more fail attempt 2

    • 10.1 Rovi

      oh, edit at my formula for getting people to act in “Dream High”:

      1) T-ARA people: S1: Eunjung, S2: Jiyeon
      2) JYP idols: S1: Suzy & TaecWoo, S2: Jung Jinwoon
      3) people who auditioned at JYP but failed: S1: IU, S2: Hyorin
      4) Genuine Actor/ess: S1: Kim Soo-hyun S2: Park Kang Sora
      5) cameo guests: S1: fellow bandmates (Khun, Chan, and-someone-from-Miss-A-who-cameo’d-in-the-flash-mob-dance) and SM guys, S2: ???

      • 10.1.1 noi

        5) cameo guests: S1: fellow bandmates (Khun, Chan, and-someone-from-Miss-A-who-cameo’d-in-the-flash-mob-dance) and SM guys, S2: ???

        S2 will probably consist of JYP trainees

        • Rovi

          yeah, I think so too. and other people from SM still…or this time from YG.

  11. 11 Lemon

    Yay, Hyorin! I love that girl and had been hoping to see her name confirmed since the rumours came out. Her acting skills are yet untested, but she’s a wonderful singer and has a very natural charm on stage, so she’s at least got that part down pat? I still remember watching her performance of Mariah Carey’s “Whenever You Call” with K.Will, or when she sang Boohwal’s “Heeya” on Immortal Song 2. Hope they don’t sic her with a bitchy role.

    • 11.1 Alvina

      Huiya has to be one of my favorites. She did that song beautifully. I, too, hope she’s not stuck with a bitchy role because, inevitably, that colors my vision of the actor when it is done right haha. 😀

  12. 12 dapinaymrs

    Oh, good! This is out! I’ve been waiting for updates on DH2.
    I’m starting on a clean slate and despite everybody’s biases on the cast’s acting and singing skills, I’m excited to watch this series.
    Since Soo Hyun is up for a saeguk in January ’12, does that mean it will be hard for him to do a cameo for DH2?
    Aww… I want closure!

    • 12.1 Meghan

      I would assume that Kim Soohyun won’t be making a cameo. Taec and Suzy have already said they would want to make cameos though. Eunjung is also filming a Sageuk as well, so she probably wouldn’t be able to. Possibly Wooyoung and IU though?

      I’d be happy with any cameos from the original cast though. 🙂

      • 12.1.1 dapinaymrs

        Can’t they just show Sam Dong and Hye Mi holding hands when they go to Kirin for a visit at one of their showcases? For like 5 minutes with a one-liner? Ok, if that’s too long, 2 minutes??
        CA-ME-Os! CA-ME-Os!

  13. 13 cv

    NOT A bad cast. 😀 We’ll just have to wait and see.

  14. 14 K

    Hmmmm. I’m going to be bias here because I honestly like Jin Woon. He’s one of the very few idols out there that I like. He can sing, he writes songs, plus he’s not afraid of being ugly (I think). So I’m really looking forward to see him act.

    I probably have to watch Dream High 1 first though. So I know how much to expect for this. 🙂

  15. 15 djes

    I will watch for Jinwoon. I watched DH for Taecyeon and expected the worst, but apparently it was way better than my expectation. ( yes bad acting and all, but it’s entertaining )
    So I hope JYP has more in mind to “share” to the writer, so this ‘sequel’ will be better.
    I still keep my expectation low, but hey, I’m shallow, I watch this for the pretty faces. ( and why no other male character than Jinwoon’s ? )

    • 15.1 aznative

      RE: Taecyeon — He’s not too bad in Boku to star no 99 nichi, but so far he hasn’t gotten a lot of screen time.

      • 15.1.1 Alice20

        no…he’s pretty bad. The guy has a lot of talent, just..in OTHER areas.

      • 15.1.2 djes

        I’m watching the dorama, and ranted about his screen time. He’s like shows up only 10 mins in every episode…and Kim Taehee with the Japanese actor are equally bad. I wonder why I still watch it..

        And even though I like him, yes, he’s still pretty bad in acting.

  16. 16 Steamy Bun

    lol I love your idea for “Dream On”! I would watch that.

  17. 17 cutenoona

    the casts really meh..
    but with jinwoon in it, i hope they have good ost cuz i like 2am’s a “can’t let you go even if i die” from dream high season 1

  18. 18 cutenoona

    the casts really meh..
    but with jinwoon in it, i hope they have good ost cuz i like 2am’s song “can’t let you go even if i die” from dream high season 1

  19. 19 Ani

    The misfits banding together, challenging the hotshots.

    And that is why, after all is said and done, I always go back to j-dorama to get my fill of Yankees (young delinquents) who try to prove everyone wrong; that they are better than what people make them out as.

    I need to actual watch Dream High, instead of just clips of my favorite scenes that I got from reading the recaps. Hahaha.

    • 19.1 JoAnne

      Ani, I’m just watching it now – I think it was just finishing up on air when I was first starting to watch dramas last Spring – and I have no idea why I waited so long. I heart this so, so, SO much. Every single person, even Baek-Hee at this point. I just love them all and want them to come to my house so I can feed them dinner and tell them they’re great kids and wonderful teachers and I love them.

      • 19.1.1 dapinaymrs

        “and I have no idea why I waited so long”
        I had that same thought when I watched Dream High last November. I had Sungkyunkwan hang-over for like 2 months and all of the other spring dramas weren’t as addictive. Was even a bit uninterested when I started to watch DH. If it weren’t for Pilsuk’s audition song, I wouldn’t have continued watching. And then that dang twist in the love triangle!
        Hell yeah, the boy can sing AND gets the girl!…But I don’t see them together at the end….
        Oh wait, sorry…this is DH2…I got carried away.
        Bad hang-over. @_@

    • 19.2 Alvina

      J-drama does the “misfit in society” thing perfectly. They have it down to an artform now haha.

  20. 20 neener


    had a good laugh!

    haven’t watch the first one…and not sure if I’m interested in watching the second one….

  21. 21 U.K.Chick

    Wait… Why aren’t there more guys to perv at….urm I mean admire. That’s just unfair :(.

  22. 22 Hipployta

    Hey…I like Sora, Hyorin, and Jinwoon…and since I like Eunjung I’ll give Jiyeon the chance. Plus she was cute on the episode of WGM she was on.

  23. 23 Jomo

    As long as the script is as self-aware as the last one:

    Suzy/EJ: “This is my angry/sad/excited face.”

    Plus, we more musical numbers. They were awfully stingy with the ones from DH. I don’t mean big production numbers – I understand those take a lot more time – but small moments with just one or two kids performing.

    Those scenes end up being more memorable.

    • 23.1 Natalie

      Oh I absolutely agree. One of my absolute favorite moments of the drama was the duets between Jason/Hye Mi (they were my crack couple because they were so hilariously cocky and sure of themselves) and Pil Suk/Sam Dong (especially them! their voices were beautiful together). I knew IU was great acapella, but was wonderful to hear Soo Hyun rock it as well. And the expressions on Hye Mi and Jason’s face to the Pil Suk/Sam Dong duet were priceless!

      • 23.1.1 Jomo

        Yes! That is exactly what I meant!

  24. 24 Alyssia

    I think they casted Hyorin and Jinwoon for their amazing voice. I love Hyorin voice, it is probably one of the best of all the idols these days but i never really see them act. I don’t they even have any acting experience.

    If LSG could be a better dancer, he would been perfect for male lead role. He got acting chops and has an amazing voice. Too bad he lacks in dancing but he’s not bad. He’s probably too busy to do dramas.:)

    If anything, i’ll just ignore the acting and look at their beauty. Sure is an eye candy cast. Jinwoon sure is hot, i’m warming up to this pairing already.

  25. 25 Stephanie

    hmm, looks like they don’t have dancers. Hyorin is famous for her hot bod and voice. She probably has one of the strongest voices among idols her age. Jinwook is from 2am, so he’s a singer too.

    • 25.1 pigtookie

      all of the idols are competent dancers, though not of taecyeon/wooyoung caliber perhaps.

  26. 26 Natalie

    I’m hoping that Jinwoon and Hyorin can act. Singing wise, I have faith, they both have amazing voices. Jiyeon’s pretty decent in terms of acting, and I loved Kang Sora in Sunny too, she and Min Hyorin were total scene stealers in it.

  27. 27 Yannie

    I am actually excited about this! I love Kang Sora she is so awesome. I hope we get some strong friendships here between the girls. I am so tired of the catty fights between female roles. Why can’t we be friends huh. Everyone likes a rivalry but come one we love good friendships too. I think I loved sunny way too much lol

  28. 28 Alvina

    I love love LOVE Kang Sora. I was working my old school jean jacket the other day, thinking I was her from “Sunny”. 😀
    haha, if she’s going to pull out the same acting chops, I wish much success for her.

    I wonder if anyone from S1 is making a cameo? Puppy as a successful star? haha.

    Honestly, though, I hope there are other actors that capture my attention other than these 4. I know all of them from various programs (Immortal Song2, Maknae Rebellion, Heroes, etc) but I’m always on the lookout for new faces!

  29. 29 blueangel

    GF and JB you make me laugh!
    the cast looks good. I just want the old cast to make a guess appearance, like the adorable MILKY couple!

  30. 30 Fasiris Fay

    Dream even higher hahahahah! Not so sure about this one…

  31. 31 danna

    They are doing the exact same thing to me as last year….didn;t like any of the cast except Kim Soo Hyun and was pretty excited about him at that…and it’s the same this year with Kang Sora….just coming off of with a crush on her since Sunny and she’s the only one that I’m interested in here

  32. 32 Cam

    I reaaally miss Kim Soo Hyun cuz’ he’s not in this drama, but he’s already currently in other drama with Jung Il Woo 🙂 [ I will re-watch that 1st drama ‘Dream High’ when I will have time ] Keke!

    Ah…JI YEEOOON ~ ~ ~ <3 I like her but I don't understand why, haha! I will be looking forward to this because of her!

  33. 33 Raine

    I’m watching the first one now and I’m already apprehensive about 2nd seasons in dramas/doramas. But hopefully this Dream Higherer will go higherer

  34. 34 pigtookie

    It’s funny, there’s so many parallels in the casting between seasons 1 and 2. The obvious ones are 2PM/2AM and TARA, but hyorin and IU,
    their roles in the main cast is the strongest female vocal, and are casted right when they are rising hot to fame for their talented vocals (IU’s adored by Korea for the last couple years, and Hyorin really gained a following for her stint in Immortal Song). Dream High’s casting team really hit the mark for selecting promising candidates. i love what they did with IU’s character, so i’m confident the writers will be able to work with hyorin’s sparse acting experience.

    I will miss the original cast though, I adored all of them, though i’ll be watching this for jiyeon and jinwoon.

    • 34.1 Meghan

      IU was one of the unexpected treasures of DH 1 for me, even though she had no acting experience, she was very good as Pil Suk, I’m hoping for someone to surprise me like that again with this cast.

      • 34.1.1 mnstpdu08

        OMG. I totally agree! No one talks about her, but I absolutely loved her. I thought she did a great job – I couldn’t find anything to fault with.

  35. 35 Melissa

    omg jinwoon! i love him!!! he’s so handsome and he’s a great singer.

  36. 36 Chels

    I’m actually kind of excited for this. I think Jiyeon has some real acting potential, Jinwoon is just adorable (he’s the maknae in 2AM by quite a few years and his eye-smile makes me want to pinch his cheeks), and although I highly doubt Hyorin is going to amaze us with a shining performance I watched her on Immortal Song 2 and she’s got some pipes. And Kang Sora is, of course, awesome. Since they have Hyorin (aka “Korea’s Beyonce”) and Jinwoon is from a ballad group I’m expecting a lot from the singing.

  37. 37 bobo

    OMG! HYORIN!! the best idol singer and one of the best .. just singers LOL xD

  38. 38 crazedlu

    ehh. maybe it’s because i loved the first one, despite having suzy and taec in roles too advanced for them, that i’m iffy about this. i’m sure it’ll be cute and good enough, but it doesn’t seem to have the same “root for me” factor as the first one.

    i guess we’ll see.

  39. 39 Cilllayeo

    Omgg hyorin!! I love her, she’s sooo freaking talented. Her voice gives me chills. I’m just wondering how they’re going to make her look more highschool student-ish because she barely looks her age :/

  40. 40 Alice20

    Stop makin me laugh out loud in a library. Stop it! lol

  41. 41 Ti

    So does that make Kang Sora the Go Hye Mi of dream high 2? And Jin Won the Song Sam Dong?

  42. 42 i3ee

    Haven’t seen the first Dream High, but I’ll definitely be tuning in for this one ’cause of Kang Sora. LOVE her in “Sunny” and love her even more after watching “WGM”…maybe her virtual husband, Leeteuk will make a cameo.

  43. 43 Brenda

    Interesting, very interesting, i think i was going to watch this either way despite the cast because i loved the first season but i think Kang Sora has definitely hooked me for season 2! I haven’t actually seen Jiyeon act but considering she’s considered an actor/idol? – i’m going to be optimistic for some good acting.
    Also Jinwoon and Hyorin just guarantee me some epic vocals for this series which is definitely a good thing imo 🙂
    Now for me to go and watch Sunny… 8D

  44. 44 JY

    To those who think that Jinwoon is ugly..
    have you ever seen him in real life :3 His looks match up to many other idols, any day

  45. 45 sugarpunch

    Hi! frankly, Sistar”s Hyorin has the best voice out of the bunch.. she never fails to blow me away with her voice. well, if you like husky;)

  46. 46 JD

    Yayaayay, Kang Sora!!! Too bad Sunny was kinda eh, because I really loved her badass character.

  47. 47 Vidya

    Woo. I absolutely love love Kang Sora. And yes, i have the feeling that she is gonna be the KSH of dream high 2. I’m okay with the others. I can pull through if their acting is bad… I guess.

  48. 48 sara

    i don’t like the cast.there were better ones to cast.why these ones?

  49. 49 starfighter

    I could never really get into Dream High because of Suzys horrible acting, I somehow got through the whole thing, but is was difficult…

    But what really turned me off was the hate that Eunjung got for doing amazing job! Her character was by far the most interesting– even though she never really got a satisfactory resolution– and she did a great job playing the role. However, some people STILL hate her! I hope Jiyeon doesn’t play an antagonist too, I’d hate to see that happen to another T-ara member. The only saving grace is that Eunjung got more recognition for being an actress (Coffee House was kind of underrated ^^).

  50. 50 Net-chan

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG I laughed so hard when I read the “Dream On” title!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks jb, that was nice to laugh in the library where EVERYONE is studying hard… 😛

    I love Hyorin’s voice, but I don’t know how she’ll do as an actress. Jiyeon is not too bad, she was cute in God of Study. I don’t know the other guy…

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