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Operation Proposal: Episode 5
by | February 24, 2012 | 59 Comments

Love confessions all abound in this episode! Everyone’s got to step up their game, boys and girls alike! Baek-ho finally sees the first hints of the repercussions of time travel. He’s learning that he’s got to earn those trips back in time and make it worthwhile or the reality he returns to is sadder than what he left behind.


Our boys meticulously search through the pile of fallen buttons in an empty sewing room. Because of course, that button looks different from the other ones.

Growing tired, Chan-wook asks why it’s so important that they find it. Baek-ho barks back that it’s not just any button, but it’s the black box of their high school memories. Chan-wook, “Then isn’t it… meaningless if it’s not the same one?” Getting more confused and losing patience at their friend’s coded persistence, they leave.

Back at the classroom, the girls are baffled to see the boys’ bloodied faces, and they ask what kept them. Chae-ri reminds them about their longstanding promise to bury a time capsule together on their graduation day and Yi-seul asks where Baek-ho is.
Chan-wook puts his hand over Tae-nam’s mouth before he can innocently spill the beans.

The girls are confused that he’s in the sewing room and Tae-nam blurts, “A button—” Thankfully, Chan-wook quickly recovers by saying Baek-ho tore a button off from the fight.

Baek-ho sits by himself, contemplating some more about how he cast his feelings and heart by the wayside. If he couldn’t find a simple button, how did he expect to chase after Yi-seul’s heart?

He jumps out of his seat when Yi-seul arrives to find him, quick to stash the jar of miscellaneous buttons out of sight. He uses the excuse that he’s ‘appreciating the classrooms he’s never been in’ before he graduates from school, and Yi-seul delightfully plays along, handing him his time capsule envelope.

She teases that he can go on ‘appreciating,’ adding, “Mr. Pervert.” Which is when he realizes where his hands are on the dress form. HAHAHA!!

He flusters red, stammering that it’s a misunderstanding – clearly he’s not a perv, and she laughs. And then her eyes find a missing hole in his uniform, and it registers that the news the button is gone is actually true. Yi-seul slaps on a brave face, joking that the boys looked totally uncool fighting earlier. Before Baek-ho can explain himself, she quickly tells him to meet them later and leaves.

Jin-won runs into Yi-seul on her way out, and greets her happily. He came to see his old colleagues and students, who are all graduating thanks to Jin-won’s inspiring words.

Hearing the news that the entire gang is attending Sky University, he jokes that they are really glued at the hip and asks if they ever get sick of each other. Yi-seul calls him out, hinting that it sounds like he’s jealous, and he admits that he is. Seeing them makes him wonder why he never invested time to form a close-knit group of friends like them. They’ll see him on campus since he’s a sports consultant there now.

In the locker room, Baek-ho reads over a piece of his cast where Yi-seul had left a note that said she believed in his brute strength. His thoughts wander to what Yi-seul might put in the time capsule – that dreaded second button if he gave it to her properly. He places the cast piece inside his envelope and punches the locker door in frustration.

The boys are in line to take their graduation photos and I’m thoroughly amused that they don’t care that they’ve got bruised faces for photos they’ll be immortalized in. Tae-nam is adorably buffing his homerun ball that he plans on putting in his own time capsule.

Chan-wook mentions that he saw a glimpse of Yi-seul and a letter which sparks Baek-ho’s curiosity. But when he asks what it looks like, his head starts to throb. And when he slips away into the stairwell, his hand disappears for a second.

Aha, so there ARE magical side effects to this whole time-space jump. It was about time that there were some time lapse consequences to altering the past to fix the future.

It occurs to him that if his present self, er his 2012 self, never read that letter because Yi-seul placed it in the time capsule, then this entire journey, everything he’d worked for would be for naught.

Yi-seul meets with Jin-won in his office. He mentions that the envelope he picked up (she dropped it by accident) isn’t that substantial to put in a time capsule and she admits it’s a letter. It’s not that hard for Jin-won to clue in that it’s a love letter and he finds it strange that she’d bury it instead of delivering it.

She thinks it’s simply not meant to be – she missed her chance to deliver it three years ago, and she had something else in mind to store in the time capsule. But she felt that this second chance wasn’t the right time either.

Jin-won tells her the reason why he loves baseball – you get at least three chances at bat. He suggests giving the guy another chance. Good man, Jin-won. What if all three chances fall flat? Then the ball’s in her court and then it’s her turn to play offense.

The advice starts to slowly sink in and the gears start churning in Yi-seul’s head. She quickly thanks Jin-won and heads out.

A TV show is being filmed on their graduation day and it’s a program where guests have the opportunity to confess anything from the roof. The first kid confesses to his Mom that he lied about leaving early to school to study but believed it would preserve his sideburns. Odd, but the crowd gets a good laugh.

It’s the second confession that surprises everyone (and the host) of fright and anticipation. Jin-ju takes the megaphone, nervous. Chan-wook cheers her on (so cute) and she musters up the courage to squeak:

“I was scared of the world, and I thought the world was scared of me too. But there was one person who didn’t avoid me, who talked to me and always smiled at me. Even though I wanted to quit school, I kept coming to see that person. That person is graduating today and I wanted to tell him before he left – I was able to endure this school because of you. Thanks to you, I now have a dream. Stay healthy and be happy, sunbae.”

With tears brimming in her eyes, Jin-ju sings into the megaphone. She’s got a beautiful pure voice that carries wonderfully throughout the campus. Chan-wook and Chae-ri smile at her hidden talent.

As she sings, Yi-seul and Baek-ho run through the halls, missing each other by mere seconds in true Korean drama fashion. Yi-seul finds a replacement for her love letter (the movie coupon Baek-go gave her), stuffing the love letter in a book. Baek-ho finally finds her in their classroom, and pulls her out.

He thinks to himself, “I finally found her,” and tells his 2012 self that he has to read that letter.

How adorable that Tae-nam needs a lift before he makes his public love declaration to Chae-ri. He shouts that he hit a homerun (cue the baseball) and is trying to grow taller (shows carton of milk). “Yoo Chae-ri! I love you! Thanks for being born into this world!”

He tops it off with a huge homemade banner that reads, “I’ll become a better man for you!” Chae-ri buries her head in embarrassment, but can’t help but crack a smile. For Baek-ho, he’s left envious and impressed at Tae-nam’s confidence.

The kids bury their time capsule and wonder when they’ll get to open it again. Chan-wook muses what their future selves will be like (Baek-ho stays silent) and they promise not to go digging for it on their own.

Yi-seul comments that she thought she knew everything about Baek-ho but honestly has no idea what he buried. She concludes that’s what being an adult is like – having secrets from each other. I think you’ve already got a HUGE secret you’re hiding from him.

Baek-ho assures her that she already knows everything there is to know, and always will. Yi-seul pipes, “I got it! You put in your lucky underwear!” You know, like that sweaty, gross piece of clothing you swear has an effect on your game. Um, ew.

At the snack shop, Chan-wook places a hand of encouragement on Jin-ju’s shoulder, complimenting her on her singing. He tells her that he doesn’t know who this guy is, but that he’ll scold him if he doesn’t accept her. Chan-wook, you’re so pretty but so dense.

Looking back at some nostalgic photos, Yi-seul confides in Baek-ho that it’s the end of her involvement in baseball. She’ll have to craft her own path from now on, since she can never play on the field. The realization that she too has nothing in her school memories but baseball has a slight gloomy twinge to it.

A lightbulb goes off in Baek-ho’s head and he rushes out. Chan-wook and Tae-nam soon follow him after they receive ‘mysterious’ text messages. And of course, Tae-nam is a little less smooth in the I-have-to-go-but-don’t-think-there’s-anything-up act.

The girls exchange confused but sad looks at being suddenly ditched by their guy friends. It gets late, but before they head out, snack shop ajusshi hands them a clue from the boys: Follow the arrow.

Their smiles widen with each arrow they find, and the final one leads them into the dark baseball field. The lights flicker on and the entire baseball team march and sing in formation for them. They cheer and chant the girls’ names and I swear I’m not crying.

Giving Yi-seul a bat, they play a pretend game and the baseball team hosts their own ‘graduation’ for the special ladies of their team. They acknowledge Chae-ri for her energetic cheers, and Yi-seul’s dedication as their team manager.

Baek-ho hands her a gift and when she opens it, out tumbles a little red button. So she calls after him and sees his second button missing from his uniform. Aw.

They gather together for a group photo. The flash goes off and our hero gets hurled back into the present. It’s Valentine’s Day 2012 (again!) and we see in Yi-seul’s room that the red button is joined by Baek-ho’s signed ball.

The journey back jars Baek-ho’s time-space orientation once again. He’s in the game, but he’s the umpire and the catcher looks at him to make the call. Baek-ho calls the play as a strike and boos stream from the small crowd of spectators.

Then a kid in the bleachers yells, “Hey Ump! How is that a strike? Are you blind?!” He calls Baek-ho out by name, telling him to stop scuffing up the field. It must not be his first time haggling him and the catcher mutters that the crazy kid’s back.

Wrapping up the game, Baek-ho ponders that the umpire is the closest spectator to the sport, but Baek-ho is yet again, one step further from playing the game. Had baseball abandoned him or did he abandon it? Now he feels further from getting what he want – both in baseball and Yi-seul.

Baek-ho turns around to see the same kid throwing eggs at him. In an angry and pained voice, the boy tells him that Baek-ho has no right to baseball if he was just going to end up being an umpire. Fighting tears, he accuses him as a thief for prematurely ending someone else’s dreams.

All Baek-ho can do is take the abuse silently, and I’m thinking this kid’s big bro never got to reach his potential because of Baek-ho. The boy runs off when Yi-seul steps in, and she yells at Baek-ho for his dull acceptance at being cursed at.

Oh man, this is one sad reality that Baek-ho’s stepped into. Poor Chan-wook is a depressed drunkard with his scenarios passed over as duds.

In his drunken stupor, he blubbers that the kid might look like a weird monster, but he’s better than most people. Is this philosophical drunk Chan-wook? “Can’t a monster live in the Han River? Can’t brides become vampires?”

For a second I thought that Tae-nam and Chae-ri finally got married and had a kid, but it turns out that she’s a single mom no thanks to a deadbeat fling from college. Everyone thinks that her child takes after Tae-nam and Chae-ri calls him shameless that Tae-nam actually likes hearing it.

He contends that love is meant to be shared, but she remains firm on her fierce pride so she’ll never marry Tae-nam. Aww.

Looking over at the heartbreaking state of his friends, Baek-ho recalls that fateful day in college baseball – a rogue pitch hit the hitter. On the elbow. Come on, show. REALLY?! AGAIN?!?!

That ended the big bro’s baseball career and Baek-ho hadn’t been able to stand on the pitcher’s mound since. He wonders where it started going downhill, and how he ended up in this miserable present, as his friends console each other or are passed out from drinking.

Baek-ho carries an inebriated Yi-seul on his back. She mumbles that he’s an idiot for not fighting back – the injury he caused was accident, after all – why couldn’t he just say so?

Yi-seul murmurs that there’s something that she regrets: that she couldn’t pull him out and place him back onto the pitcher’s mound. If she had another chance, she would have done things differently. A lone tear running from the corner of her eye, she continues that she’s going to tell that crazy kid that his brother wasn’t the only one who lost baseball – so did Baek-ho!

Baek-ho thinks aloud, “If I had another chance to stand on that mound, would I not have lost you?” But Yi-seul doesn’t respond because she’s fast asleep.

Dad and soon-to-be son-in-law share a drink at home. Dad regales Jin-won with how frightening Yi-seul’s grandfather is. Jin-won shares that he met the legendary figure in baseball once before, which surprises Dad. If Grandpa had any idea that Jin-won would marry his granddaughter, he’d have gone through a training month of hell.

Jin-won’s stern face pretty much says it all when Baek-ho staggers into the house with Yi-seul on his back. It’s hard to tell whether he’s jealous or if he and Baek-ho shared some bad blood in the time gap. Jin-won steps in to carry Yi-seul to her room himself, and Baek-ho stops for a moment.

Dad invites Baek-ho for a drink but he excuses himself, citing that he’s already had too much to drink. But it looks like Dad wanted to give you some words of advice, buddy! No? Okay, fine.

Baek-ho throws angry practice punches in the park, until a voice peeps, “144 kph. Not bad.” Baek-ho is ecstatically excited to see the Conductor and immediately blurts out, “You came! You came again!”

Clearly unamused, the Conductor replies, “I hear that as ‘Can I go back?’ and ‘Can you send me back?'” He notes that there’s no autographed balls her for him to barter a trip for (“No pay, no trip”), and hilariously, Baek-ho offers to sign one himself.

But no thanks, says the Conductor – he’d rather get a signed ball from a baseball player, not an ump. Baek-ho says to name his price, and an idea pops into the Conductor’s head. He instructs Baek-ho to throw a pitch, magically summoning a bat into his hands.

Baek-ho revs up, but the painful memories flood into his brain as the image of the Conductor transforms into the injured baseball player. Baek-ho chokes up, unable to throw the ball, and falls to his knees. Baek-ho: “I can’t. I can’t do it.”

The Conductor observes how difficult it is for him and tells him it’s his last chance – if he’s not confident, then Baek-ho should just give up.

He resolves that this trip will be free for the first and last time. His condition, however, is that should Baek-ho come back empty handed, he can expect that he’ll never appear to him again. Does he still want to go back? Baek-ho agrees.

Baek-ho lifts his head to find the Conductor vanished, and another vial left for him on a bench. He uncorks it, downs the time lapse juice, and mutters the incantation once more. Time warp!

This time, the first thing Baek-ho hears is Jin-won calling softly, “Yi-seul,” and he looks over to see Jin-won bent on one knee. Jin-won takes Yi-seul’s hand in his, placing it over his heart. He looks directly in her eyes and says, “You’re…in here.” HAHA – are we getting Lovers in Paris up in here?

They look at each other lovingly, and Jin-won pulls in for the kiss…. Baek-ho: “NOOOO!!!!”



Whooo boy you’ve got to step it up now! I love that as passive as Baek-ho is, Jin-won is just as aggressive. They both know what they want, but one guy makes it happen while the other is constantly telling us, the audience, in voiceover all the chances he missed trying to capture the girl’s heart. Here’s a solution – you TELL her. She might want a clue. It helps.

That’s what makes Jin-won a worthy opponent – he’s just not your ordinary nice guy who happens to like the same girl. He makes sure that she knows she’s appreciated, that she can be a partner in his life, not just a friend. And Lee Hyun-jin is absolutely killing it. It was a nice touch that he wasn’t comfortable with another man carrying his fiancée home, even if that other man is her best friend.

This episode, I really have to hand it to the women. Did anyone else’s heart break at Jin-ju’s heartfelt confession? It’s the first time we’ve ever heard her speak and it was so powerful that she did so in front of a crowd, facing the fear of public speaking and the possibility of unrequited love. So far, Chan-wook is just trying to be a good friend to her, but I can’t wait until he finally registers that his side glances may be more than just mere curiosity. That’s right, buddy – I’ve seen them! And by the by, does anyone else think that he resembles Choi Siwon from Super Junior?

I love that Baek-ho found another way to show Yi-seul that he cares, since he lost the button that she originally wanted. If you think about it, his baseball uniform button is actually more significant – baseball is an integral part of their lives and by giving her his, he’s sharing that love for the sport on a deeper level than just pitcher and team manager. Our hero is starting to learn that there’s more than just one way to convey his feelings. But right now, the rival is ttttthhhhiiiiissss close from kissing your dream girl. Yeah, what do you plan to do now?

Lastly, I love how the bond of friendship is dealt with in this series. For this gang, simply growing up together and attending the same school is superficial compared to what really matters – being each other’s best friends. That means there are times they encourage or challenge each other. The best part is that they’ve got so much heart and that love is reciprocal. The girls prepared a time capsule and the boys put on their own graduation ceremony. They really try to bring out the best in each other and are stripped of any pretenses.

Though there’s some romantic tensions floating around, one thing’s clear – they’ll always be there for one another.


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  1. Chung

    my first first??

    • 1.1 ~Feather~


    • 1.2 Jo

      That kid does look like Siwon!

  2. JoAnne

    I definitely like this show but geezum crow, Baek Ho, MAN UP already, if that’s what you really want.

    Although I’m not convinced they should end up together. Really liking Ji Won and thinking what Baek Ho is supposed to get from all this time travel is a life he really wants…and the understanding that it might not actually be Yi Seul.

  3. jomo

    Thanks for the recap!
    YES, definitely Siwon – looking! And that girl’s voice is heavenly!

    This show really touches me each week. I am always tearing up for one character or another.

    I liked that this alternate reality they created was a little “It’s a Wonderful Life” bad.Things don’t always turn out the right way if you meddle, right?

    JW still makes me very very nervous. He’s cute and smart and a gentleman and aggressive. Back Hoe isn’t a worthy opponent!

    This is the first week, during the second half of this episode, where it occurred to me that winning YS is NOT the main issue for BH. She wasn’t the sole purpose of his existence before, and he ignored he as he lived his inward-turned life the first time.
    In other words, he was a real boy with real problems.
    Now that he keeps going back, he still has to work out his problems and win the girl. Not easy to do!

    Sooooo, I’m thinking he needs to combine these two tasks better. Communicate more to YS. TELL her he lost the button right away. Apologize right away and move forward instead of regretting. See what SHE thinks about his predicaments, don’t hide them.

    I can’t wait for 6!

  4. nuri

    Now you pointed out, yes, Chan Wook looks like Siwon but maybe dorky Siwon?

    I can’t wait for the time Baek Ho realize Jin ju is in the background. Maybe some encouragement for her to confess her feeling? Also, I got this weird feeling that maybe this back to the past trip wasn’t only for Baek Ho, but also Jin Ju.

    • 4.1 Roggy

      Omg that never occured to me. I wonder where she is in that alternate reality. Wonder if shes a pop star?

    • 4.2 JoAnne

      ….Baek Ho and Jin Ju?

      Did we just get a bit of a spoiler? I wouldn’t have seen THAT coming, LOL…but it could be interesting.

      • 4.2.1 nuri

        No, I mean, she’s returning back to the past with baek ho. To confess her feeling to chan wook.

    • 4.3 jomo

      Why wouldn’t it be Chan Wook who finally sees JinJu as a girl, since she loves him? I like that he is already asking her to write songs for his movies.
      I’m guessing that eventually that pair makes it big together – he directing her first music video starring her.

      • 4.3.1 nuri

        Jomo, is that episode6? So that the conversation that make Jin Ju so happy? *I watched it raw

        About baek ho seeing Jin Ju: I just want everybody besides Chan Wook realizing that Jin Ju is always around. Not only Baek Ho, but all four of them. Since Baek Ho is the key player, I think once Baek Ho realizes she has feeling with Chan Wook, just then the ball will roll.

        • jomo

          Oh, I understand now. I agree. She seems already to have come a long way in 5 or 6 episodes.

    • 4.4 belleza

      Jin Ju *kinda* reminds me of Nobuta. There isn’t that same goofball Akira/Nobuta vibe, but the same breaking out of the shell that resonates. It’s the most pleasant surprise of the show!

      • 4.4.1 JoAnne


  5. cookie128

    Love your recap!
    One thing I am worried about is that it seems that the plot writer is getting a bit confused himself. I don’t see the connection btw BH managing to give YS his button with the outcome of Chae-ri turning into a single mom, Tae-nam a cook, and BH failed to play baseball..again!?
    The plot even doesn’t show the effect of the button..
    Hope things picks up in coming episode.
    ps. The kiss in ep6 is just wonderfully beyond words.

    • 5.1 smileychedder

      I HAD THE SAME THOUGHTS EXACTLY! :O this time that he traveled back wasn’t as long so i figured nothing but good could come out of it… but then everyone’s life turned out all messed up… i mean admittedly we didn’t see chan wook’s new future from the previous travel back, but chae ri’s pregnancy and tae nam’s new cook job were just totally out of the blue… also whatever happened to the snack shop man and jin ju? O_o such huge plot inconsistancies

    • 5.2 belleza

      “I don’t see the connection btw BH managing to give YS his button with the outcome of Chae-ri turning into a single mom, Tae-nam a cook, and BH failed to play baseball..again!?”

      The great theme of this adaptation of ProDai is the tension between your original dreams and personal disappointment. And it makes sense given each person’s circumstances. Each person finally is serious about pursuing their dreams. And . . . well, it leads to struggle and misery, as if it often does when you embark on that journey.

      1) Chae-ri decides to seriously pursue being an actress. So what happens? In this round, she actually gets into the entertainment world and becomes starstruck . . . leading to a disastrous end. Next time, she’ll get farther.

      2) Tae-nam’s school fight and resolve to tell Chae-ri shows his evolving willingness to be a mature and responsible adult. In a sense, Chae-ri starts to trust him as a man and not just a love sick geek. However, that sense of trust does not lead to love, and in a way they enter a parasitic relationship of convenience. Next time, their relationship may have more amorous feelings.

      3) Chan Wook . . . well, if you’ve been a starving, unpublished writer, you know how he feels. The endless cycles of rejection, self-doubt, etc. Hey, he had a comfortable life as a cameraman, but he wanted to follow his dream, right?

    • 5.3 Kim Yoonmi

      Writer is a female… most of the writers for these dramas are female. The directors tend to be male…

      As for Chaeri becoming a single mom and Taenam a cook, it’s more of the butterfly effect. They played the whole Dae Jang Geum Persimmon thing so it looks like he would become a cook and with the push that Chan Wook made with the career thing (i.e. giving the tips to everyone about the life direction they should go in) that changed everything up.

      I also think the rooftop confession thing went differently the first time around, probably Tae Nam didn’t get to do it the same way and Jinju didn’t confess at all. The whole not putting in the letter into the envelop also probably went differently, because she put in the movie ticket stub instead. Which means she put her bets that she could confess.

      Those little things caused a butterfly effect of sorts. Chae-ri who would have become a cheerleader didn’t become one. Tae Nam who was going to stick to baseball, tried to find a new profession. And so on… but because being out in the real world is hard work, and they kinda work as a group cheering each other on, I think they failed. Remember that the default of our Main lead is a lazy ass who can’t say anything and tends not to do anything for himself if he can help it. As he works harder, so do the other characters. Not because he’s the linchpin or anything, it’s because when they ALL try harder, they work together to also work harder–and it shows.

      Chan Wook plain gave up–so did the entire group. It wasn’t just try and then failed, but just plain gave up like a coward. So did the entire group give up.

      • 5.3.1 Kim Yoonmi

        Sorry, Baekho… not Chanwook.

      • 5.3.2 Belle

        Nice “Butterfly Effect” analysis.

    • 5.4 aoiaheen

      “I don’t see the connection btw BH managing to give YS his button with the outcome of Chae-ri turning into a single mom, Tae-nam a cook, and BH failed to play baseball..again!?”

      Yeah me too. I’ve read through the explanations but still can’t get it. If Chae-Ri had to become a single mother, she should have done so after the second trip where BH actually throws those cards out. In the button trip, he didn’t interact with them in anyway. Or rather, they didn’t show what he did “differently” to make such drastic changes in his friends life.

      I think somewhere the writing went a little wrong, but i don’t really mind. I’m still loving it.

      • 5.4.1 Cookie128

        I buy that!There is simply no tips indicating why others life will change that way. The only thing that is different with BH travalling back this time is that he managed to give that button. Others? Their life should have gone on just as before.

        • JoAnne

          Nope, the ripple effect comes into play. A change in my life will make a change in yours, and if we’re connected closely enough, it could be big.

          • Cookie128

            But at least show some tips on how BH’s life change affect others life..the story hasn’t even told how BH’s life has been changed due to his success in giving the button..

  6. Taber

    I love that Varsity Jacket, remind me of my High School days 🙂

  7. Emy Shin

    Thank you for the recaps! This is the only drama I’m following at the moment, and I can’t wait to watch this ep with subs myself. 🙂

  8. belleza

    The sequence starting from Jin-ju’s unexpected admission to Baek Ho taking Yi Seul’s hand and running out of the classroom marks one of the most truly romantic sequences I’ve ever seen in K-drama. That whole sequence underlines the great lesson of this story: Be brave, take a chance, run forth in life as if each day was the last.

    Even though the show does superficially plot points (i.e. the 2nd button) from the original, I really feel it’s Episode 5 that has the show clearly becoming its own story. If anything, this feels like I’m watching an adaptation of an Adachi coming-of-age story.

  9. nna

    totally envy their friendship!!

    yeahhh chanwook really resembles siwon, from the first episode I even wonder if he’s siwon at the moment.lol
    anw, thanks for the recap i enjoy it! cant wait for your 6th ep recap:)

  10. 10 Kim Yoonmi

    No one caught the Dae Jang Geum Persimmon thing? *sighs* Second time I catch it and it had significance to the plotline and no one seems to *get* it.

    Last time was My Princess… and it played rather large.

    Oh well, saying it now. The whole Tae Nam thing was a play at Dae Jang Geum. I expect his profession to change again so he’s closer to Chaeri.

    • 10.1 smileychedder

      I GET IT NOW 😀 how he recognized the persimmons in the dish that the snack shop person brought out… so they snack shop person must have encouraged him to be a cook :OO IT MAKES MORE SENSE NOW

      • 10.1.1 Cookie128

        But he should have had that talent before no matter BH is travailing back or not. He is not a cook when BH is not travelling back, so why would he become one when BH travels back? BH did nothing with the travel this time except giving that button to YS.

  11. 11 A_Donuts

    I really like this show and i considering watching it but… if it’s a sad ending for Baek-ho that’ll turn me off. I love endings when the guy and girl end up together!

  12. 12 Czak

    I like the plot of this story. The ‘if I could turn back time’ scenario. Wouldn’t we all want to turn back the hands of time to the greatest regret we have…
    Having said that, the thing that gets me about this drama is how insanely stupid and a coward our hero is. He is like the anti-hero in all drama land. Doesnt he realize that he had way more league and advantage to his rival, cause first they are bestfriends, 2nd he loves her, 3rd she loves him back and lastly he freakin’ time travels!!!
    How many chances can destiny send you, for you to realize that just comin out with the truth, confessin Your freaken feelings, is the right way!
    There are always missed opportunities in love. You really can know the right time!
    but if it’s to the extent that he had returned 3 times through space and time continuum to just confess to the girl but was not able to cause he thinks he had to prevent a certain scenario and still gauging the right timing, the this just tell you one thing. She is not for you and you’re a coward!
    Grow some effing b*lls!!!!
    This is why I love shut up flower boy!

    Sorry for the language!

    • 12.1 smileychedder

      haha agreed 😛 i mean seriously… if i could go back in time i would do things right and get them right the first time
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    Baek Ho needs to fix his present life and regain confidence and mature… he is still a boy…

    Baek Ho tries to fix things in the past and while there he discover new things or see things in a new light.

    I get that it can be frustrating and gets repetitive but It’s not like they are fighting saying ”I don’t like you” and being apart for some stupid reason…

    He can’t just go back and says ”I like you” and then that is it, they will stay forever together – love isn’t everything, people! So after this, what happens? Do things work out? Do they stay together until the future?
    Do their feelings change after time?

    Because Baek Ho needs to find himself… needs to regain his confidence and Yi Seul needs to stop running away (I mean giving up in her first love without even trying and marrying another guy). But maybe she is marrying the other guy because even though she likes Baek Ho she seems no future between them? Or don’t think Baek Ho is the man for her to trust, depend on and marry?

    • 14.1 Lizzie

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      See that he matured? And really loves her?

      This kinda reminds me of In time with you.

      Both friends that loves each other but can’t confess afraid of losing their special friendship…. afraid of losing each other.

      Yey! It’s not easy to give up a friendship of many years!

      • 14.1.1 belleza

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        The one recurring motif we’ve seen is that she and his baseball dreams are inextricably linked. He gives up, but it breaks HER heart.

    • 14.2 belleza

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      • 14.2.1 jomo

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        He seems to be the one that takes advantage of what doesn’t work between YS and BH.
        I guess he is smart, and if he really loves YS, should use any of his powers to win her, still…I don’t trust him.

        On the other hand, his presence in her life is what is motivating BH to go back and win her.
        Without JW, the pair would have just gone on parallel lives but never intersecting. They still wouldn’t have ended up together based on how they relate.

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      I had read that the Japanese one was repetitive and I am guessing it is because the poor guy keeps getting and wasting chances to confess.

      BUT, when you are there with him in the moment(s), and life is happening to him while he is trying to get closer to his girl, you understand how difficult it really is to change the way you relate to a person. The two are stuck in what was comfortable for them, even if it wasn’t satisfying.
      Their feelings for each other keep getting buried by layers of near misses. It doesn’t get easier over time to say your real feelings, because it takes more effort to peel off the layers.

      I gotta stop before I confuse myself more…

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