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Extensions for Gaksital and The Chaser
by | July 3, 2012 | 43 Comments

Extensions ahoy! Guess we’re just going to be neck-deep in overlapping dramas for a while. Eek! We’ll have to reserve some extra time in the fourth dimension and eat all our wheaties to make it out of this alive. KBS has confirmed a 4-episode extension for its Wednesday-Thursday epic action-adventure drama Gaksital (Bridal Mask), bringing the new total episode count to 28. It’ll now conclude its run on August 30 and push Nice Guy’s premiere to September 5.

Gaksital was the Wednesday-Thursday ratings leader right out of the gate, and has maintained its lead, now at the 14-15% range. Because it’s doing well and was originally conceived as a 30-episode drama, it makes sense that KBS would push for an extension. I do think that it’s a drama with a rich enough world to sustain an extension — there are certainly plenty of characters (one might even say too many), and I still want to spend a lot more downtime with each of the main characters to fill out their stories and their motivations.

And perhaps they’ll take the four extra episodes and give us an even more satisfying build-up to Kang-to’s growth and transformation into a hero for the people. It will! It can! It might? *whimper* I think the tapestry of the Occupation era and the portrayal of a 1930s Korea is endlessly fascinating, and if the hero’s journey steps it up a notch, I could be persuaded that an extension is worth it. Make a believer outta me, GAKSITAAAAAAAAAL!

Meanwhile, SBS is also considering an extension for its Monday-Tuesday revenge drama The Chaser, but this extension won’t be as long — it’s just 2 episodes, one of which would be a special. So basically just one extra regular episode, and they’re still undecided on the matter. Hey, if a drama needs one extra episode to give me a satisfying conclusion, I’m all aboard that ship.

There are rumors that the extension has more to do with the Olympics broadcasting schedule (though I don’t know why that wouldn’t be the opposite then — being preempted for the games). But in any case, Chaser is performing well in its timeslot. Though the 64-episode Light and Shadow has led the ratings for a good portion of its run, The Chaser is pulling in 13% ratings in second place. More importantly, Light and Shadow ends today, which means a new leader might emerge in its absence starting next week.

I’m still really behind on this one, but the daddy revenge plot is really gripping. It’s dark and tautly written from the get-go, and leads Kim Sang-joong and Sohn Hyun-joo are amazing. (Kim Sang-joong is a rising politician who commits murder to secure his political future, and the victim is Sohn Hyun-joo’s teenage daughter. The hero goes from loving, doting father and cop to harrowed man hellbent on revenge, as Kim Sang-joong continues to rise in power.) Great stuff, if you’re into dark revenge thrillers. This is no fluffy bunny pretending to be a bear.

The Chaser airs Monday-Tuesday on SBS and Gaksital airs Wednesday-Thursday on KBS.

Via Star News, Joy News


43 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Noa


    I have complete faith that they can pull it off ^^

  2. dany

    I don’t watch The Chaser, I watch Gaksital only, but , hmmm, I don’t know, I guess we’ll wait and see if an extension is so necessary to the story.

  3. Stardust

    More Joo Won? GAKSITAAAAAAAL!!

  4. Bluedelacour

    I just can say more Joo Won … good for me and the fans yeah!

  5. Ivoire

    Thank you for the news!

  6. Arhazivory

    I really want to watch The Chaser, but I’m waiting until subs are completely out because its the kind of plot I love and the kind that will kill me if I have to wait long for subtitles. And of course:


    • 6.1 Noonajumma

      The Chaser is worth the wait. Gripping or intense may even be an understatement. Great story, great writing, and it’s got some of the best Korean actors doing some amazing work. My mother who rarely watches anything other than the news and documentary on TV is completely hooked on this show, raving and cursing like a lunatic at every turn of events. The kicker is that though it is a work of fiction, much of the events and characters are close representation of the historic and current state of Korean politics and business. It’s good stuff.

      • 6.1.1 Ivoire

        Hi Noonajumma and thank you for your recommendation about the Chaser. I’m sold :-)! I will put it on my list of dramas to watch.

      • 6.1.2 ilikemangos

        Oh. cant believe it slipped my radar!
        I’ll have to watch it after all these dramas i’m watching currently.
        Ah. why is 2012 the year of so many good/decent dramas?!

      • 6.1.3 jabberwocky

        thanx Noonajumma for that bit of info. i love a good revenge drama, and like Ivoire said, im sold. im putting this on my next to watch list as soon as this madness mess called workload subdued. =)

      • 6.1.4 MsB

        Where can you watch? I’ve looked for it and have not found it yet.

  7. ashura

    If that means more happiness for Kang-to because his inevitable tragic ending, I am all for the extension! Especially when the drama is not even halfway through – meaning more time to plan its ending!

  8. Moka

    That’s one huge Joo Won Lee Kang To Gaksital poster.

    Gaksital. Call!

  9. Lise

    I guess gaksital is subbed cuz of pretty boy and since The Chaser has none of that its gonna b a long wait for subs ; (

  10. 10 mary

    Waah that ahjusshi… it’s Badass Daddy from City Hunter! <3 <3 <3

    • 10.1 cv

      I believe he’s also the baddie in Chaser. lol

      • 10.1.1 mary

        Oh goodie!!! I pray to the Subbing Gods to please show Chaser some love too.

        *visits local shaman*

  11. 11 Eternal

    Sigh, but I was so so looking forward to Nice Guy 🙁

    ah well, more kang-to ahhhh

  12. 12 leonardswench

    For once, because it nearly never happens, I think these two shows, their respective storylines and writers/writing teams, deserve extensions and can make them work without that serious A&&-dragging that dogs most k-drama extensions.

    I think a lot of fans will catch up to The Chaser — especially if it ends like we all know it should and they are in the mood for something besides romantic fluff. 🙂

  13. 13 aramint

    ooohhh… I just wanna thank you for that gorgeous poster of Joo Won…ngeeee… ^^

  14. 14 Noelle

    I’ve never heard of the Chaser… where have I been? It sounds interesting so I might check it out.

  15. 15 Cam


    BANZAI !!

    BANZAI !!

    BANZAI !!

    I really enjoy watching Joo Won’s acting performance & he’s really something! <3 <3

    • 15.1 Jewels

      Koreans (especially over 40) hate hearing “Banzai” in that context. It’s like “Heil Hitler” to Jews.

  16. 16 Pitch

    Yesssssssssssssssss, I´m so in love with Gaksital, I would watch a 100 episodes 😀

  17. 17 beggar1015

    Could someone help me please? So far I have been able to find only one (1!) episode of The Chaser with English subtitles. I’ve searched my usual sources and I’ve come up empty. This makes me wish more and more for that handy universal translator from the world of Star Trek.

    • 17.1 MsB

      Yes, I’ve looked for it endlessly and have not found it on any of my usual sites! I do so love my revenge dramas!

  18. 18 crazedlu

    yesss. come on, gaksital writers!

  19. 19 linda

    Oh Kim sang-joong, Daddy from city hunter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Subbers please make it happen.

  20. 20 chichiri

    Ok, that first photo was just.. overkill. Haha. I spent more time staring at it than reading the article. LOL

  21. 21 red

    Yay for gakistal!! But Joo Wons going to have another week of no sleep.

  22. 22 Yue

    That means that Nice Guys will be pushed back. Here I was waiting for Song Joong Ki and Lee Kwang So reunited somehow… Well, I’m mostly looking forward to Song Joong Ki, but, who isn’t?

    • 22.1 KimHayan

      30 episodes? Oh, well. I’ll turn into an adult around September because my mom will let me watch a melodrama involving revenge if I turn 18. Anyway, I can wait for I’ve got a feeling that Song Joong Ki is physically working out to become a bad boy in “Nice Guy”.

  23. 23 booboo

    Why do I hv the feelings that tonight Kang-to’s gonna ‘die’ just so he can continue as Gaksital?

  24. 24 Arivle

    OMG!!! extension yessss!!! I’m sooo loving Gaksital. I think the writers can pull it off…I have faith in you PD!!…btw Shunji reminds me of Two Face from Batman..scary but good.

  25. 25 yays!

    Yay! I’m loving it everything about the drama, it’s certainly my favourite one showing on KBS right now. Plus I see so little of PKW elsewhere…

  26. 26 MEalways

    I really have a headache (good one, though) because now I’m watching Gaksital + the Chaser + Big + Ghost + 2Days 1 Night… continuously on every weekend (2 episodes/slot).

    I love ‘The Chaser’ because, yes, it’s so dark and really gripping (how can you sacrifice a teenager for your election?, very disturbing; married but want to kill each other yet manipulating each other spouse to live as they want, makes me questioning the term ‘married for status’; what if you just average people vs people with power?) + the casts themselves are very good, especially the main casts. Love them…

    But really, really, really, really give me headache.

    Why dramabeans don’t recap this drama?
    Or can you point me to your personal blog that reviews this drama?

    I love ‘Ghost’. I love how it started with ‘Face-Off’ and then goes to its own signature. While ‘Face-Off’ really showing white/good vs black/bad, ‘Ghost’ covers lots of grey area, and involves other to have double standard/double identity (how can I explain it better? Kang Mi?)

    On lighter points I have ‘Big’ and ‘2D1N’, much MORE lighter… ‘King Beeeeeeeee…..’ + Mari (how can you step up like that, Suzy? I’ve been watching you since Dream High 1, and I love where you are going to….).

    How not to love all the casts of 2D1N?
    I wish that Seung Woo get cast in new drama (the last I saw him was Iris), following the more than good dramas cast by Tae Woong (EM) & Joo Won (BM).

    Or maybe a drama that have these three exceptional actors? (Bambi eyes, yes, please…. ooooooohhhh… wonder who will be the bad / good guys or all are in between good & evil… ).

    Now summer dramas have different meaning to me
    (compare to summer movies)


  27. 27 sherry

    for those The Chaser lovers you can go to the darksmurf site and cheer them on or whoever can help please do !!


    I think they are doing the subs but just a bit slower . Let’s cheer them on

  28. 28 MariePhils

    With good storylines…and great lead actors in Gaksital, I can see this drama winning an award in KBS and Baeksang

  29. 29 Liza

    The chaser really worth every second of your time spent.
    With great plot and great casts the drama really pumps up your adrenalin.

  30. 30 fodfran

    Gaksital is my favorite drama among those being broadcasted right now, so I wouldn’t mind an extension as long as they don’t drag things out.

    But to be honest, I have no interest in the chaser and have no real intention of watching it. The thought of extending it is actually frustrating to me because it will mean that Lee Min Ho’s Faith will be pushed back another week

  31. 31 Soran

    Extensions? Well… More Gaksital!!! Yay!
    But… the extensions better not ruin the drama when I am enjoying it so much.

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