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Lee Je-hoon and Han Seok-kyu as student-teacher pair
by | August 9, 2012 | 31 Comments

Well, you can’t go wrong with this pair of actors, no matter what they’re playing. Lee Je-hoon (Fashion King, Introduction to Architecture) and Han Seok-kyu (Tree With Deep Roots) have been cast in a new film, My Pavarotti, about a has-been teacher who meets an unlikely musical genius. It sounds to me like a Stand and Deliver meets Mr. Holland’s Opus. Or yunno, [inspirational teacher movie here] crossed with [inspirational music movie here].

Han Seok-kyu plays a once-promising singer who went nowhere in his career, and now he bides his time teaching music at a high school in the countryside. He’s basically just given up and living aimlessly. But one day he meets Lee Je-hoon’s character, a gangster high school student with a genius talent for singing. What an odd combo. I sincerely hope he talks like a rough-and-tumble kid, and has to be taught how to enunciate. Like My Fair Lady but for punk high schoolers who want to sing opera. There’s a montage sequence just dying to be made!

What’s more is that this gangster kid actually dreams of singing like Pavarotti, which confuses the hell out of me. I didn’t know any gangsters like that at my high school, but hey, more power to you. Teach on the other hand, has no interest in his students, zero interest in teaching, and is an all-around prickly bastard. Obviously some deep-seated issues we’ll be working out during the film. OR he stays a bastard and that’s the twist. It could happen.

Lee Je-hoon’s character sounds like a great mix of traits and circumstances: his family is dirt poor so he joined a gang to help earn some money while going to school, but he loves to sing more than anything else, and dreams of one day becoming a singer like Pavarotti. Only he thinks it’s Paparotti, which would explain my confusion over the Korean title of this movie, pronounced My Paparotti, which I thought was just bad spelling. He’ll have a lot to overcome to realize his dream, including his strong regional accent. YES! My Fair Lady for the win!

The film has begun shooting and plans to release early next year.

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31 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Mystisith

    Lee Je-hoon! The one and only reason why I watched FK till the end… The story pushes all the right buttons for me so yes, send me the genius and his reluctant mentor.

    • 1.1 mary

      Haha now I know why you are too sensitive about Fashion King, it’s like your personal Dr Jin!

      The paparotti gangster storyline could be true. Don’t gangsters always get distracted while arguing about the wrong things (like Shin Mina vs Yoon Eun Hye or Batman vs Robin) instead if watching over the goods/kidnappee?

  2. true2u

    Han Seok-kyu? enough said!!!!! goes on my MUST WATCH list!!!!!

  3. hangooksonya

    Kang Sora is also in it!!!
    love line?~

  4. lenrasoon

    Han Seok-kyu! omg i’m definitely going to watch this.

    and the plot seems interesting too.

  5. JoAnne

    “Yes! My Fair Lady for the win!”

    I love you.

  6. queencircles

    han seok-kyu and lee je-hoon. great pair! I’d love to see it!

  7. Miky

    I’m in with the movie,the cast is awesome..Loved Lee Je Hoon in Fashion King and hope to see more of him…
    About the plot,nothing new why is it always a genious,normal people are so boring?

  8. jomo

    Ooh! I like.
    It’ll be interesting to see how they rough him to be gangster like.

    I saw LJH first in The Front Line, and not having any hair did dampen his pretty boy looks.

    Man is he pretty, though.
    Those lips are so….
    able to sing Pavarotti.

    • 8.1 momogi

      “Those lips are so….
      able to sing Pavarotti.”

      you good with your words 🙂

  9. Ivoire

    Thank you for the news!

  10. 10 sPark*

    Han Seok Kyu + Lee Je Hoon <3 I find it amusing how he's an 84er, but he is still able to get high school roles. His choices of movie roles are generally very good, so I'm looking forward to them. He's been so busy lately especially with (I believe) 3 movies. I wish him all the luck in the army later this year 🙁

  11. 11 Cynthia

    If I can ever forgive Lee Je-hoon for being in the excremental Fashion King, I just might venture a look-see for this – and having Kang Sora is a huge plus (forgetting DH2 and just remembering her luminous turn in Sunny).

  12. 12 ksquish

    hmm… i’ll watch it though it kind of seems to be a direct copy of the french movie Les Choristes… but I do love that movie so hopefully this one will be good!

  13. 13 canxi

    Music-centric plot + Lee Je Hoon?? Yes, please! 😀

    I love him, he’s next to be going off to the military… in December, I think. Sad sad sad )’:

  14. 14 AnotherFan

    Ahh, I literally squeed out loud in the office on this piece of news. This sounds wonderful. I don’t know how to catch a Korean movie though (I am in the U.S.). Any suggestions?

  15. 15 evebay39

    I’d say possibly Fingers/Beat My Heart Skipped (gangster wants to play piano) and For Horowitz, although it all depends how they play the teacher. Casting is more than enough to guarantee a watch I think.

  16. 16 Suzi Q

    Fashion King was excruciating to watch except for Lee Je Hoon’s performance. He was good in Architecture 101.

    Luciano Pavarroti was one of my favorite opera singers. He was World famous personae with an amazing voice and talent is a hard shoe to fill.

    Didn’t know Lee Je Joon could sing opera or is he going to lip sych? Love both actors and will definitely watch.

  17. 17 Yue

    This souds promising, it’s either that or I’m just a sucker for inspirational movies LOL. Gangster singing Opera? Yup, you got me interested there.

  18. 18 Mikee

    Isn’t this a true story ? The man Je-Joon is portraying was a guest in StarKing.

    • 18.1 Amy

      I remember this guy. Looked plain. Then out of his mouth came an amazingly operatic voice. People were crying in the aisles, haha.

    • 18.2 cranky

      Was thinking of the guy in Star King too, though if I remembered correctly, he wasn’t a gangster? He dropped out of music school to work as a delivery boy cos his mom/dad was sick… at least that’s what I remember.
      His boss at the restaurant he was working at is very supportive and sent him to Star King so that he could sing.

  19. 19 Jeanne

    Han Seok-kyu is one of my favorite actors in the K-ent. I became a fan after watching ‘Tree with Deep Roots’, which I consider one of the best historical dramas I’ve seen. And I’m glad that he would soon be gracing the big screen. The story seems interesting and I can’t wait to see the movie.

    • 19.1 bd

      You need to watch the film “Forbidden Quest.”

      The subject matter is a bit on thr risque side, but a top-notch script and wonderful acting by Han Seok-kyu and Lee Beom-soo (what a pair).

      HSK also did a lite comedy (for his kids) – “Quiz King/Mr. Housewife” which is a charming.

      Basically, HSK can do no wrong in my book.

      Lee Je-hoon was good in “Into to Architecture” – so this should be a good pairing (btw, Suzy was pretty good in it as well).

  20. 20 Arhazivory

    King Sejong~ <3

    The plot sounds interesting and heartwarming too.

  21. 21 Yee

    awesome plot! I love lee je hoon!

  22. 22 cheekbones

    Lee Je-hoon plays a high schooler again ? 😀 How old is he ? In his late twenties, right ? He’s enlisting later this year.

  23. 23 Lemon

    OMG i love these 2!!

    Premise doesn’t really sound interesting though – not my type of movie. I’ll watch the trailer when it comes out and see. 🙂

  24. 24 UJ

    Lee Je Hoon is hot ♡

  25. 25 MsGB

    Man did I cry at the end of Mr. Holland’s Opus. I was like “Mr. Hoollllaaaand, Nooooo!!!!”

    Anyway, I knew a couple thugs in high school but only one did I talk too. He was a freakin math genius but he never let anybody know except me. I hate math and the only reason I passed algebra is cause of him. We lost touch after graduation. I’ve always wondered what happened to him.

    • 25.1 Biggie

      Hmm interesting…

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