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Faith: Episode 7
by | September 3, 2012 | 153 Comments

A strong episode, which plays out with tension and intensity in both its emotional and political threads. Best of all, we see our hero — the indifferent, rushes-headlong-into-death Psycho warrior — caught in the throes of conflict. Finally, a crack in his stoic outer shell! He bleeds! He cries! He’s human after all!

He may be the object of desire caught between enemies in this battle for power (the good guy covets his loyalty, and the big bad wants to add him to his collection of Specials), but I do love how this is one pawn who ain’t going down without a fight. Sigh. Don’t hate me because I’m so popular. *Flips mane of glory.*


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Choi Young leads Eun-soo and former king Chungjeong away as they come under attack. The ambushers are led by Hwasuin, so clearly baddies.

To their shock, those very warriors then turn around and defend them when the king’s men arrive — a calculated move designed to make Choi Young seem like a traitor, plotting against Gongmin.

Hwasuin tells him his two options: Go home a traitor, or come along with her. He’d prefer a third option to go home, but time’s ticking and men are dying. Eun-soo asks which side of the fight they’re on, but he doesn’t have a good response — that’s the big question.

She blurts, “Then let’s just slip away, like we don’t know about this!” It’s in her usual oversimplified and straight-to-the-point way… and he smiles. Good idea, doc.

He sends Eun-soo and Chungjeong ahead first (“Will you be okay, Youngie?” asks the child, which is adorable), then fights. His shield takes a beating, but not even Hwasuin’s fireballs are enough to stop him. He rejoins the other two and issues instructions for Eun-soo to accompany Chunjeong onward; he has things to take care of first.

She’s freaked and overwhelmed, but he tells her to not protest for once and just do as he says — as long as they continue onward and hide well, he’ll find them. What, do you have secret night vision too?

No, but apparently he does have some kind of superspeed that enables him to attack in a flash. Go, Young, go! (Hey, surely we’re on a first-name basis by this point, aren’t we?)

In the woods, Woodalchi’s No. 3 warrior Joo-seok comes upon a hunters’ campground. He’s been ordered here by boss Choong-seok to slip away and bring their leader back, in an effort to wriggle him out of this whole political standoff.

A hunter approaches and assures Joo-seok that he’s not an enemy. Joo-seok is suspicious, but he warily follows when the hunter mentions knowing how to find Choi Young. The latest word pegging Young as a plotter to enthrone Chungjeong, however, has him gaping in shock. By now the news has spread far and wide, and that can only mean bad things to come.

Advisor Jo indulges in a round of I told you so, telling Gongmin he knew Young was not to be trusted. His words add cracks to Gongmin’s already wavering faith, whispering all those doubts about how it explains how Young was able to accomplish everything single-handedly — because he was plotting with Ki Chul from the start. Can we just call him Iago now and be done with it?

Auntie Choi dashes through the palace to the healing ward, and asks Deoki whether the fast runner kid is awake yet. Thankfully Dae-man has been revived from his dust-poisoning, though still weak.

Princess Noguk summons him, so off he goes despite Deoki’s protests. He’s the sole witness to what occurred at Ki Chul’s home when Young barged in to retrieve Eun-soo, and confirms that they went to see Chungjeong on Ki Chul’s orders.

Noguk rattles off her questions in rapid-fire, barely giving Dae-man the chance to respond. Though I suppose if he has no immediate answer, she figures it’s not worth hearing. Dae-man exclaims that Young has not given his loyalty to Ki Chul, but nobody can explain why he followed his orders to see the former king.

Both Jang Bin and Aunt Choi offer up possible explanations — maybe he was threatened with the doctor’s life. Noguk dismisses them, however, saying she has no care to see things from Young’s point of view. It’s harsh, but she says bitterly, “Rather than siding with the wronged party, it’s far easier to scorn him, and more fun.”

Eun-soo follows Young’s instructions and takes shelter in an old cottage, where she tenses to hear someone’s approach. She grabs a dagger and swings, only to find that it’s Young.

Ha, he has a contradictory, two-fold criticism of her approach: First, that she stabbed without figuring out who it was, and second, that if she were gonna stab, she should’ve committed to it.

She instructs him to clean the blood from his face, and shoves him away from Chungjeong lest he wake “the boy.” Young takes issue with her speaking thusly of the former king but complies, while Chungjeong sleeps fitfully. It is rather sweet of Eun-soo to take on a maternal role to the boy, because he’s got enough people observing the proprieties and keeping their distance around him; what he lacks is that normal affection and closeness.

She realizes that he hasn’t slept in ages and joins him in sitting by the wall, which makes him fidget and relocate to a pillar across the room. So she gets right up and follows him to the pillar, ha. He has no idea what she means, but she pats her shoulder and tells him to lean.

He’s all, You’re saying a man should lean on a woman’s shoulder? like that’s some great sign of weakness. She retorts, “I’m saying the person who’s more tired should lean on the one who’s more refreshed. Why drag gender into it?” Love it.

She points out that he’s got a reputation for sleeping, and mimics his men’s voices in a mini one-woman show. She prattles on about the merits of sleep, and wouldn’t you know it, his head nods off and drops onto her shoulder, just like that. Eun-soo checks his pulse and his temperature. All’s well.

Joo-seok’s hunter guide leads him through the woods, on the path to catching up with Young. The hunter’s so familiar with this area that he picks up signs easily, headed in the right direction.

In the morning, Eun-soo checks on Chungjeong’s ear condition. It’s the tumors in his inner ear that are pressing on his nerves and causing him headaches. She gives him an aspirin for the pain, but Young presses her to do more. Eun-soo snipes that she’s sooooo sorry she didn’t raid a pharmaceutical stash when he kidnapped her — too bad he didn’t give her a little more warning.

Eun-soo distracts Chungjeong by sharing her “special technique” from the future of how to deal with pain, which is basically a gag routine that makes him smile.

Young senses a presence and shushes them suddenly. He heads outside to investigate, just as Joo-seok arrives and approaches stealthily.

I enjoy the cut where you see Joo-seok leaving the hunter behind and sneaking closer, then turning around to see the man in a headlock. Young’s all, “What’s with this guy?” Ha.

Hwasuin reports to Ki Chul that they lost Young, and he tells her good job: “If you’d caught him, it would have been no fun.” O…kay. That’s one way to make that glass half-full.

The hunter explains that he was told to track Young down and bring him to the local governor — he wants to hear Young’s side of the story for himself, to decide whether he was set up or not. Eun-soo worries that Chungjeong can’t travel for long stretches, but Young figures that they can’t keep running forever. Though he doesn’t know or trust the governor, he’ll have to meet him.

He tells Joo-seok to return to the palace and convey a message to the king. Joo-seok worries that it’ll be a bad idea, since he was sent here without the king’s knowledge, and Gongmin will not be pleased to hear that they’ve been doing things behind his back.

Young says the king won’t literally kill the messenger — “though I can’t say that with confidence,” haha. In fact, he leans in to tell Joo-seok something in advance, in case the king should in fact off him in rage: “I’m sorry.” Dude, not helping.

Palace. Mealtime is a hilariously tense affair, with the king and princess eyeing each other coldly and Gongmin telling Jang Bin to act as messenger; he literally has him relay his words to the princess who’s sitting right there.

Gongmin asks passive-aggressively if she prepared this vast spread for him despite not caring about it because she’s soooooo worried for Choi Young. They glare daggers at each other while talking to Jang Bin, until Gongmin’s temper bubbles over and he calls her crazy to want to go see Ki Chul.

Noguk declares, “I want to ask for a switch. The Woodalchi leader and the doctor, for me.” It’s a crazy proposition, but she argues that as the Yuan princess, Ki Chul won’t be able to mistreat her, no matter how boldly he behaves. She’s also prepared to offer more — perhaps in the way of money or soldiers.

Gongmin grabs her and demands, “How far must you go to make me pathetic? The king of a nation has just lost his most faithful retainer. Even if he turned his back on me, I can have nothing to say. But now even my queen must stab at my incompetence, abandoning me, and to act on her own?” He asks if he’s that pathetic: “Do you like him that much? Must you go that far for him?”

Noguk trembles a bit as she answers, “I thought that you would need him more than someone like me.”

Awwwww. It’s sweet, if only they were on the same page, like, ever. Gongmin doesn’t understand, so she explains, “You may not know, but I… I…”

And then a voice interrupts. Arrrrrgh. It’s Advisor Jo and company, being stopped by Woodalchi. They’re here to shine light on Choi Young’s betrayal, which has both Choong-seok and Gongmin leaping to his defense. Aw. If only they were in the defense together, instead of both trying to handle it alone and mucking it up.

Gongmin starts to make his excuse for Young, but Advisor Jo declares that they have confirmed reports that Young has been in secret communication with his men. Oh, crap crap crap.

The king’s council — who have been miffed at being pushed aside in favor of Woodalchi — are eager to convince Gongmin to cast them out, wanting to take up their place in his confidence. They accuse Woodalchi of holding the poor, naive king hostage.

Gongmin confronts them — is this true? Choong-seok can’t lie, and immediately bows.

Next thing you know, Ki Won is strutting into Woodalchi headquarters informing them that their leader is being considered a traitor, and the rest of them are to stay in confinement for the time being.

The hunter leads Young, Eun-soo, and Chungjeong to his governor’s estate. Eun-soo tends to the boy while Young speaks with the governor, telling him that the king will believe his explanation that it was a trap. That’s nice that you have such faith in the king, but I worry for you, Young-ah.

The governor seems a wise and friendly sort, and it’s enough to make Young suspicious. He asks for the man’s reasons for helping — is it because he actually does support the reinstatement of Chungjeong as king? Which would be a dangerous, treacherous thing.

The governor laughs, and says he’s a civil servant, and alludes to three important factors in maintaining that status quo. Young isn’t much interested in such abstracts, and the governor offers to tell him at a later date.

Eun-soo starts picking herbs for medicinal purposes, and identifies some plants for Young (mint, for instance, goes into moijtos, she recalls with a longing sigh). It’s too bad she doesn’t know exactly how to go about transforming the plants into medicine, and she wonders what you do with it. Juice it? Boil it?

He’s all, Aren’t you a doctor? She explains the modernity of not having to make the stuff, just getting to prescribe it, then plucks a flower and offers it to him. He stares at her blankly. She explains that it’s a gift, which he of course ignores.

Eun-soo instructs him to stand still while she checks something on his head… and sticks the flower in his hair. HA. She dies laughing, then says it’s just ’cause the flower smells nice and should cover up that blood smell. Suuuure, and it’s nothing to do with the symbology of flower-in-hair equaling crazy person?

They return to their quarters to rejoin Chungjeong, only to find the building stationed with guards. The governor assures Young that it’s for protection and ushers them away for refreshment. Uh, there’s something about Young’s uneasiness that makes me nervous in turn, but he goes along for now.

He has a reason to be suspicious, because inside the room sits Ki Chul with Chungjeong. The young boy trembles as Ki Chul lays out his carefully laid plans: that Young is on the hook for treason, and intends to reinstate Chungjeong as king. Thus Ki Chul will have to capture Young and deliver him to the king, being the loyal servant that he is.

Chungjeong cries that this is a trap, and Ki Chul confirms it plainly, saying that he concocted it so that he could take Choi Young for his own, and the doctor who would come as a package deal. He adds with a little sneer that it’s also ’cause he hasn’t quite taken to the new king, who needs to be taught some manners. Ki Chul asks if Chungjeong would like to be king again, offering to help him in the process.

Chungjeong tells Ki Chul that he may not know much, but he does know for sure that Young is not a traitor. Ki Chul starts to say that you never know what happens when push comes to shove, but Chungjeong says, “Youngie is too lazy, so he doesn’t do those things.” You know, he’s got a point there.

But he doesn’t mean it as a joke, arguing that plotting a huge rebellion would take tireless planning and work — something Young is intrinsically not suited for. Aw, poor naive ex-king, thinking logic has a place in politics. Ki Chul says as much, informing him that the truth of the matter doesn’t much matter. All he cares about is whether he should kill Young or save him.

This transpires as Young and Eun-soo sit down to eat with the governor. She stuffs her face happily, but he’s impatient to check on Chungjeong and tries to leave the table, only to be waylaid by the governor.

The governor asks what Young would do, hypothetically speaking, if Chungjeong were to ask him to make him king again. Young disregards the question entirely, saying he’ll pretend not to have heard it.

Chungjeong asks, does this mean Ki Chul will spare his life if Young kneels before him and begs forgiveness? Ki Chul says yes, it’s just that simple. But Chungjeong knows Young wouldn’t play along — he won’t beg for his life. Ki Chul offers to make a wager, arguing that everyone — Young included — ends up abandoning their people to save themselves.

Another set of what-ifs unfolds in this conversation as Ki Chul pulls out a small vial, saying that it’s a kind of poison that burns up your insides if you ingest it. He tells the boy to offer the vial to Young, telling him that if Young takes the poison, Ki Chul will spare Chungjeong. If Young dies, the rebellion dies, and Chungjeong is safe.

It’s like the Gift of the Magi, the reverse evil version, times two. Would you force the one you love to betray himself to save you? Just to test whether their faith is so great that they comply? Or, conversely, they betray you and prove that their faith is not so great after all? It’s like he’s the opposite of King Solomon, who solved contentious disputes with wisdom, which I’m pretty sure makes Ki Chul the evil twin. Isn’t there a Goryeo-era Saw movie he should be starring in?

The governor presses Young to answer his what-if scenario, not so nice and friendly after all. Young replies, “Then I would have to kill him.” Damn. Eek, those are entrapping words!

Young explains that he is the sitting king’s Woodalchi, and thus his job is to eliminate those who would harm the king.

Ki Chul says either one must die a traitor. He reasons that Young’s life is already as good as dead, so he may as well die saving Chungjeong. The boy asks if there’s any way to save Young… and gets back the answer that he must forfeit his own life, then. Remember: evil genius here making the rules!

Eun-soo tries to step in, telling Young of one way out: Send her with Chungjeong to heaven’s portal, where she can take the boy and get him surgery and chemotheraphy. He argues that the portal is likely still closed, but she argues that staying here means they all die.

She asks him to go with her, telling him that in her world, he can stop killing.

Joo-seok returns to the palace, only to be apprehended per the orders to keep Woodalchi in confinement. He fights back, aided by Dae-man, who uses his sling to take out soldiers from the rooftop. Aw, Dragonball’s all better now.

Young returns to find Chungjeong alone, shivering in bed. He’s sweating and his arms are covered in a rash. Oh no! He poisoned himself, didn’t he? The poor, sweet boy.

Young finds the empty vial in his hands and sniffs it. Chungjeong confirms that he took it, and one look at his chest shows it riddled with burns and sores. Worse yet, the poison results in a lingering, excruciating death.

Frantically, Young yells at Eun-soo to do something. She tells him there’s nothing she can do, but he orders her to bring water anyway.

While he cradles Chungjeong, the boy confides that Ki Chul told him how to save Young. Oh, that brings a tear to my eye. Ki Chul delivers this whole cynical diatribe on the selfish nature of man, and the one thing Chungjeong takes from it is: If I die, Young can live.

Young fumes at the mention of Ki Chul. Was he the one to poison him?

Chungjeong says with a hint of satisfaction (agonized satisfaction, mind you) that Ki Chul didn’t know one thing: that he was dying anyway. So he must have sensed his cancer was killing him, even though Eun-soo never said anything explicit about his prognosis.

“That’s why he told me to give this poison to you. But why would I do that?” He starts panting and asks, “Will I be able to go there? To heaven?”

Young fights back tears and assures him of course. Chungjeong asks him to describe it for him, so Young holds him close and describes once more the sights and sounds of 2012 Seoul, with its endless sea of lights: “So if you go there, even in the dark night, you will not lose your way.”

Chungjeong cries that he’s in so much pain. Young tells him he’ll end his hurting, and asks his permission. Oh no. Oh no.

Chungjeong asks him to stop the pain.

With one arm, Young reaches for the blade at his belt, and with the other he cradles the boy close. And in that one swift motion, he ends it. Ack!

Eun-soo runs in with water, and sees Young’s hand dripping with blood, clutching a knife. She gasps in horror, “Did you kill him? Is that what you are?”

Young wipes his tears before she sees them, and says in his clipped normal voice that they’ve been betrayed and must make haste out of here. Eun-soo stumbles in her shock — it looks like she’s trying to get away from him — and he pulls her to him, telling her fiercely, “Do as I say. Stay by my side. That’s how I can protect you. How many times do I have to tell you?”

But she yanks back and cries, “Get your hands off me! Get those dirty hands away.” Ouuuch. She doesn’t know the truth, and he’s just not the type to defend himself, is he?

He pleads for her not to leave — she’s in danger out of his reach — but she exits anyway, crying. He follows her out, and in her haste to gain distance, she trips down the stairs…

And lands in Ki Chul’s arms. Huh. Well that, I didn’t see coming.

Young growls Ki Chul’s name and draws his sword. But Chun Eum-ja jumps in front, engaging him in a swordfight. I’d say Young easily has the upper hand in the sword skills, but mostly he’s furious at the interruption, glaring all the while at Ki Chul, who is joined by Hwasuin.

Young lets the ki build up in his body, then knocks Eum-ja aside and hurls his shield at Hwasuin. But Ki Chul reacts, using his own supernatural powers to halt the shield in midair, freezing it over and shattering it into tiny bits.

Ki Chul asks after Chungjeong, which enrages Young even more. Eum-ja gets in his way again, and this time he just SLAMS his sword into his with a mighty swing. Damn, that’s hot.

But he’s outnumbered, and outmaneuvered as well — the governor’s guards surround him with swords drawn. Ki Chul instructs them to drag off the traitor.

Young watches as Hwasuin holds Eun-soo back. She’s crying, but remains where she is.

Young drops his sword, all fight gone, and gets shoved to his knees.


I thought this was the strongest episode thus far, and felt that the pieces were finally meshing together in a nicely cohesive way. We’re seeing the theme of faith really come to the fore, after being hinted at and tossed around in previous episodes.

(Production note: When the drama was first announced, it was Faith, or shin-eui, in just hangul. Then the producers added the hanja to clarify that the title meant heavenly doctor. Closer to airing, they swapped out those hanja for those meaning faith and loyalty instead. Thus she’s the heavenly doctor, but the drama’s really about faith.)

This question of loyalty, and winning each other’s “hearts” — in a time when you could die on the mere question of loyalty — is really the power play between Gongmin and Ki Chul, which I find fascinating. Yes, they do tend to talk in metaphors and roundabout ways so we’re still left wondering just exactly Ki Chul means to do with said loyalty — or if he’s just trying to win them ’cause it’s a challenge, and he’s a sick fuck — but the basic power struggle is an interesting one. A refreshing change from your typical sageuk, where the primary motivator is grabbing the throne. I’m sure Ki Chul wants that, too, but he gets so much sadistic pleasure out of the other stuff that I’m almost convinced the throne is incidental. It’s the icing on the cake, not the main dish.

It’s also why I continue to find Gongmin one of the most complex and compelling characters, even though (or perhaps because) he isn’t strictly the most likable. He’s weak and insecure and sporting a raging Napoleon complex — a reference to his inferiority complex, not to his height, although the actor’s short stature definitely enhances the point in a nice way. He’s riddled with doubts — and hey, it’s not without reason, since that’s what’s keeping him alive and the country from more political strife. And those struggles make for a rich character who promises lots of development over the course of the show.

I’ll be honest, though, in saying that I continue to feel faintly dissatisfied with the show as well, even with my expectations adjusted away from the fantasy/genre aspect of the plot (because it’s just not as fantasy as its premise supports, and I accept that). It’s funny that the show manages to simultaneously exceed my expectations and yet, also somehow disappoint them.

I’ve been trying to pinpoint the source, because I actually do quite enjoy the show and I feel like it has the makings of something really good — not just decent, but actually strong and rich. It’s like giving top-shelf ingredients and state-of-the-art tools to a mediocre cook — you get a taste of that quality base, but without the artist’s flash of inspiration and the skill to pull it all together, you tend to end up with just ingredients. On this I blame the director, because I am generally enjoying the writing and the acting.

And while I’m not sure I’ve narrowed in on the exact culprit of my malaise, I feel like I’m in the general vicinity in thinking it’s because Faith is actually trying to be a more conventional drama than it should be.

For instance, the romance. I actually like this pairing, both on a character level and an actor level, and I think they’ve got nice chemistry together. I enjoy watching their scenes, whether it’s bickering or something weightier. But I feel like the drama is shortchanging itself in making its loveline a strict paint-by-numbers affair. You’ve got these interesting characters and situations, and yet you fall back on the usual staples, like falling into each other’s arms “accidentally,” or having the hero gaze fondly on the heroine while she displays an act of kindness to another character. The head-on-shoulder, the horseback ride bickering, etc. I want to feel excited by their little interactions, but the director — again I blame him primarily, though this is also a writing thing — chooses to portray them in the most stock way. Bah.

This drama is working a fresh angle on a few familiar storylines, and I want its execution to match its freshness. I love when it throws us for a loop, when it manages a surprise. Like Eun-soo being afraid of Young and looking at him with horror, like he’s a monster — that was a strong moment, built up nicely over the course of the show, and culminating in a great confrontation. And when she loses faith in him, well, he just gives up. That gets me in the gut, makes me feel the Ooof of what it feels to lose that one last person — and to your twisted mortal enemy, no less.

I want more of that stuff, and less of the easy stock rom-com moments, please! ‘Cause when you’re working with such potentially great elements, why fall back on the same old stuff and guarantee yourself mediocrity, rather than reaching for better?

And while I’m requesting things, can we please have more infuriated Young? Because here’s the thing: Lee Min-ho is love. Love love love. I freely admit it. But I also recognize that he’s not quite doing it for me in Faith, which I noted before, and because I’m so used to him being stoic and restrained, now I’m starting to wonder if it’s less “restrained acting” and more “uh, can he do something else now?”

Yet when he breaks out and rages and cries and fights things, he’s suddenly alive. I wonder if that’s why he was so compelling in Boys Before Flowers — because that was a character that forced him to always be ON. He was pure emotion, and it was great. Which is why this episode was an awesome turning point for Young — I hope it only keeps building from here.


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  1. Ivoire

    Thank you!

    • 1.1 sally_b

      Double Thank You ~ ❤

    • 1.2 Ivoire

      There is so much I would like to say about this episode, soooo much!!!! It was packed with different scenes elliciting different emotions and the acting was just spot on for some as always: the king, the queen/princess, the young king/prince and many of the 2ndary and 3rtiary characters. LMH is getting better imho and I have loved KHS from the start in this drama, so she continues (in my eyes) to shine here. I am off to finish watching the episode partly subbed, read the recap and then comment. This is becoming good, starting to draw me in more, Yay!!!!!

      Also, I am in love with the OST: the instrumental pieces and ALi’s song, “Carry On.” I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her voice and her singing…

    • 1.3 Ivoire

      Ah, and I forgot to mention the hotness and cuteness that is LMH *sighs* Thank you drama for the close-ups that allowed us to see his beautiful (growing up) face. (That’s because I was going to mention it later, in my longer analysis).

      Rashell and Slfowie (I think?) and Kakashi (and maybe Maya), I was thinking about you guys the whole time I was watching this episode. Soooo much to talk about, and dissect and swoon over… Wouldn’t you guys agree? I will be back later :-)!!!! This is going to sound silly (OK, maybe not so silly), but I am glad and I found it interesting that while I was watching this episode, I found myself saying to myself:”I wonder what Rashell, and Slfowie (sp?) and Kakashi will think of this, or say about this scene?” 🙂

      So neat to know that I have buddies here with whom I can go gaga and talk ad nauseam and analyze (almost) every second of a drama. Thank goodness for blogs about Asian dramas… OK, (really) off to read now :-)… This is such a good way to get away from reality and end the day *Sighs*!!!!

      • 1.3.1 slfowie

        Hi Ivoire
        have not watched this and last weeks episode yet just been recapping. but i am going to have a faith marathon during the weekend. But this show is really puling his/her self together.
        I have been looking at the pictures above and i love the way they look. LMH…. 😀
        When LMH cries.. GOD i want to cry with him I am pretty sure its not coz i totally adore him. But every time he has tears in hims eyes in BOF or CH even PT i had tears in mine to. Its like seeing Seung Gi smile in TK2H every time he smiled i had this insane need to smile with him.. Is that the same with any of you guy?
        The scene with the ex-king nearly about killed me, reading it was hard not sure how i am going to watch it.
        It’s just me but i really don’t want there to be another potential romantic interest for the couple… Well i would not mind the evils falling for them but getting their heart gutted out but that is just me.. 😉
        And JB thank you for the recap

      • 1.3.2 Rashell

        Hey Ivoire!

        I’ve loved these last two episodes as a Lee Min Ho fan. I feel like we’re finally seeing that there is a more emotional core to our seemingly unemotional hero. And Min Ho is showcasing that beautifully. I was particularly impressed when he went from tears flowing at the deathbed of the little king to complete stone face in the next second.

        He’s so handsome which definitely helps, but I really think he’s an excellent actor as well especially when he’s expressing deep emotional moments. He’s at his best when he’s riding the edge of losing his grip on his emotions and he fabulous when he really lets his feelings loose. I hope we get to see more of that side of both Choi Young and Min Ho as the drama goes on.

    • 1.4 kappy

      Hi Ivoire. Wow, is this the third or fourth time you’re first here? Too good. Thanks for your comments.

      And JB, thanks so much for the recap! And so speedy! Love it.

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    Thanks JB!:)

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    Thank you, now I can watch the drama and know what’s going on… The subs are not done yet.

    • 3.1 Maru

      Ooof… what can I say?

      The last 5-7 minutes were the best. The moment Eun Soo saw him as a murderer and nothing more, the look on his face… can I say that I think it hurt him a little?

      And then the look on his face in the end when he was already in his knees. I think THAT was the moment when he tries to look for reassurance in her and she just look the other way, it was in that last glance is when I saw him giving up… when he understands she doesn’t believe him anymore. Arg, it was amazing!

      Also, yes, I agree with you JB. The directing is what’s off in this drama. Writing and acting is necessary when you’re telling a story… and so is the directing, cinematography and editing, all these thing help to tie everything together and… I don’t know. It’s like, I don’t want The Lord of the Rings, but in a story like Faith, how you shoot a scene is key to have that EPIC feel and that is JUST.NOT.HERE. I just think the director is lazy to think of different ways to portray a, for example, a fighting scene. I don’t think this fights are any different from fights in other dramas but then, why they can’t be compare? Why this sword fights don’t excite me that much?

      The only pretext I can find for this is that they started filming too late -_-

      I have never seen a drama from this director before so I can’t compare.

  4. jcay

    Thank you.

  5. Lemon


    • 5.1 Lemon

      What I don’t get, is that wasn’t it obvious that Choi Young killed Chungjeong to end the torturous pain? (Or was that obvious only to us..) What was Eun Soo thinking – that he killed the boy for fun??

      • 5.1.1 ravens_nest

        I think she’s far more horrified by killing in general. Even if she knows with her mind that it’s a mercy killing, in her heart killing is fundamentally wrong. Assisted Suicide in not widely accepted in modern times.

        Plus the first time she met him he quite succinctly cut open some stranger’s neck to test her. Why are we expecting her to have a noble and pure “knight” view of him when her first impression of him was kidnapping and attempted murder? :/

        She’s got a lot to get over and it’s not all unjustified.

        • Tinkiebell

          So, true…

          I mean think about it from her point of view. She was kidnapped against her will (duh, I mean let’s face it, CY is hot and all that but generally speaking, who’s looking forward to being kidnapped? nobody). So yeah, she was kidnapped against her will from the year 2012, an era full of comfort to the 10th century of Goryeo, an era full of political uncertainties, where one needs to constantly walk on eggshells in order to keep one’s head intact.

          And who was her kidnapper? Yeah, that’s right. Choi Young was her kidnapper. And many people seemed to forget this, but yeah, ES’s first impression of CY: The guy who kidnapped her.

          But despite this, she was able to come to a point where she trusted her kidnapper, blindly. She had seen him kill people, but the guys that he killed so far had always been the bad guys. She had never seen him kill one single innocent person before. This is why she was able to justify the trust that she felt for the guy who kidnapped her.

          That was until this episode. Where she saw him being capable to kill not only the baddies, but on top of that, to kill someone he’s personally close with. And so the feeling of trust and confident that she’d always felt for him, was shaken. And who could blame her for that?

          She’s conflicted. Not only because she’s seen the side of CY she had never seen before, but what she saw has also shaken her core foundation of being a doctor.

          She’s a doctor that comes from a modern time where you have to swear by the hippocratic oath before you can even be called a doctor. The hippocratic oath is all about this profession’s ethical standards…

          Here’s one of the points of the original oath:

          “I will not use the knife, not even on sufferers from stone, but will withdraw in favor of such men as are engaged in this work.”

          She had already broken this oath when she drew CY’s sword and stabbed him, and this was why she was very adamant in saving his live, aside from the fact that she also realized he’s her only ticket out of that godforsaken era.

          So yeah, as much as I feel sad for CY, but we need to understand that ES is pretty much in shock right now. And we need to give her a break, she just needs some time to digest the whole situation…

          All in all I just think that this episode doesn’t only set a great stepping stone on CY’s character development, but also on that of ES’s.

          • shadow

            i agree too, lets see it on the modern way will you see someone kill kid just cause he want to save him from pain a hero no , even if you understand him would really you see him a normal person that you can trust or even be close to him 10 cm ,i dont think soo . its hard cause you think even if you was in his place you will never kill someone you love for that no matter how pain he fell or even if he going to die soon and ES is doctor how lived and saw many people in pain she can never understand what he did that easy no matter what .yes Cy IS A hero an nobel person for doing that cause the era that he live in but if he was in modern drama you will never forgive him about what he did and that when ES came a stranger from another time will even another world and what she did is compelety perfect she does what she should do and anything also will be just wrong and i wasn’t going to believe its now i know they doing a great jop on this story .

          • Maru

            I guess not everyone in dramaland is Mok Dan =P

      • 5.1.2 Hagar

        Well he said RIGHT BEFORE THAT that he would kill him if he asked him to make him a king again so I can see why she would have doubts.

        • kappy

          All excellent reasons why ES would be experiencing some major distrust in Choi Young at the moment, but Hagar’s reply that his revealing that he would kill him if he asked him to make him king is fresh in her mind topped it off, I think.

          I wish she would consider the fact that this poison was a particularly cruel one that burned its victim from the inside out slowly, excrutiatingly, and that Choi Young cared for him too much to see him suffer in such an agonizing, inhumane way.

          Having said that, if I put myself in her place (which is a doozy of a place to be, both literally and figuratively) I may very well have reacted the same way.

          • Itoshi

            Not to mention that if what Jang Bin assumption on ES is right, Chungjeong would be the first of her patient to die right? I mean, even if she’s not the direct cause but still, she goes into plastic surgery is because she is afraid that her patients might die? And now, CY has made her patient die with all the turmoils, conflicts she’s feeling, plus her own sets of values, i think her reaction is spot-on.

            And i agree that this is also a character-building for ES. She could never be a great doctor if she doesn’t face and overcome this (the fact that people die no matter how much you try to help)

      • 5.1.3 Lemon

        Thanks ravens_nest and hagar, now I understand why she was so appalled.

        And yes, I agree that assisted suicide (even euthanasia, which is painless) is illegal in many countries, so I understand why she reacted the way she did.

        I think it’s because I know Choi Young is the hero of the show and a good guy, so sometimes I can’t see things from Eun Soo’s perspective.

        Thank you again for your replies. 🙂

      • 5.1.4 moroccandancer

        No. Remember, the governer asked CY what he would do if the boy asked him to help him become king again? CY’s answer was that he would be forced to kill him. Of course we know that’s not why he did it, but remember, ES left the room, albeit for just a moment. CY’s response had to have crossed her mind when she saw CY standing over the dead child with a knife in his hand.

  6. Maymay

    Thank you!

  7. otchosais

    waaahhh!!! GC you F*CK!!! GO TO HELL!!!

    and I am wanting to say goodbye to the POLICE SHIELD,,, 🙁
    he will always remain in my heart..

    how many times he protected CY and our OTP 🙂

    • 7.1 dustdevil

      I know! I was so sad about the tragic loss of the police shield. It was my second favorite inanimate object, after Eun-soo’s blue purse, that seems to magically appear in scenes. I have my fingers crossed that it will make it through the series.

      • 7.1.1 LoveIt


      • 7.1.2 otchosais

        How WISE CY is for bringing that shield in his time… but may GC saw that that shield do many things for CY already so he destroyed it! ggrrr!!!

        I want GC to commit suicide! hmp!

        • biankoy

          Suicide is not enough. He should have a slow agonizing, horrifyingly painful death. Double the pain that poor boy king had experience. Maybe if we borrowed that wooden box of nails torture device from Gaksital, cut it in half squeeze inside and rock it back and forth every time a nail pierces his skin. I know I’m pretty livid here. But I liked that kid!! I was kinda hoping Eunsoo would channel Dr. Jin and perform one absolutely ridiculous miracle and cure the boy. But no, Ki Chul has to be such a buzzkill. oh and yeah, that Police Shield was pretty bad-ass. And I liked it too.

      • 7.1.3 kappy

        Oh, how funny how we’re mourning the loss of a police shield. Can’t help it – it was close to our hearts because it was close to and protecting his (and others).

        And yes, that blue purse! Had to track its travel from modern to olden times. It came via the cloth with the tools, right? How thoughtful of Choi Young to include it, though how would he know a woman’s bag is of great importance to that woman? Well, I guess the same way a man’s stuff would be important to a man? Okay. I’m am also interested if it makes it through the series. 😉

    • 7.2 mav

      R.I.P police shield, you shall be missed, I must start look for another item to base a drinking game on.. 🙁

  8. darby

    Thanks! I always wait for your recaps. Now i can watch it while not knowing what they are saying. Still 74% on viki. 🙂

  9. sally_b

    @Javabeans – re: “It’s funny that the show manages to simultaneously exceed my expectations and yet, also somehow disappoint them. ”

    SPOT. ON.

    I’ve accepted now that I had anticipated “sweeping epic”….ala…oh say..Chuno —dunno why I thought that. Maybe the early release photos of costuming and such. Basically, I ‘gave myself the impression'(?) that the show would have more of a movie theatre quality to it.

    There-in lies my disappointment. HOWEVER! after enough episodes of…how shall I say…*sameness* in presentation …I’m not entirely opposed to what I’m seeing.

    It’s not what I had expected, yet it’s not over-jarring in what I will call *the Dr. Jin Way* …..where you can’t even raise an arm to scratch your head because that’s more effort than the show deserves.

    I’ll probably watch all the way to the end unless it becomes EVIL person centric….which ALWAYS (without fail) kills a Kdrama for me. Even if the villians are robust…it still makes me feel like I’m wasting time watching them.
    MORE ROM in my ROM-com please. 😉

    • 9.1 diorama

      Yup yup yup. This is exactly how I feel. I enjoy each episode but afterwards I always think…”That could have been better.” The storytelling is SO PLAIN, it’s like the director doesn’t understand, like he thinks he’s got a different story than the one he’s telling. It’s a total mismatch between content and delivery. Yaargh.

  10. 10 Rashell

    This episode was wonderful and definitely an episode showcasing the H for a change. LMH was wonderful in showing his emotion at losing the young former king and in making the terrible decision to ease his suffering. And yet it was amazing how he could snap right back into his gruff stoic facade when Eun Soo came in. He does feel. He just buries it so deep no one else gets to see it.

    It kind of broke my heart for him when it was obvious that she no longer trusted him. He didn’t fight it at all and just accepted that loss of faith. So sad that he’s still that beaten down inside. And to see him give up to KiChul was awful too. I’m defintely hoping that fiery emotional Choi Young appears next episode.

    And how HOT is Lee Min Ho during all these fight scenes? He’s beautiful!

    • 10.1 Ivoire

      Hi Rashell, if you have time, please read what I wrote earlier :-)…

    • 10.2 momosa

      There’s a feeling of lingering sadness for CY everytime an episode ends, at least for me.

      I find KiChul antics annoying, his evilness is so fabricated (by director/writer), so unreal & idiotic. I’m sure it can be better/intelligently written though this is a fantasy drama. The ‘fire apple’, ‘killer flute’ and ‘electric hand’ or the time travel, if anything, are fairly acceptable but to write every plot or to end every episode bending towards the victories baddies is plainly frustrating.

      And there is too much or equal screen time for KiChul & his minions…why?

      • 10.2.1 dramabliss

        Is it only me that sees in KiChul the Sageuk equivalent of the John Meyer/Kim Bong-gu character in King2Hearts?

        • kappy

          Oh my goodness, that is what I was thinking! Every time KiChul goes for his spa/pampering time I remember all those (unnecessary) bath tub scenes with Kim Bong Gu. Yuck!

          • Rashell

            OMG…You guys are right! How did I miss this as a K2H fan? But thanks for the reminders of the Bong Gu bath scenes, just when my eyes had almost unseen them. Now they’re right back. lol

  11. 11 Dara

    Well, I’m sorry, I still want more from LMH because at times I felt bored. It’s not indifferent in a hot way but eh..flat. I’m not sure how but I went gu gu ga ga over this kind of hero before and he didn’t have to utter a word, or it could be the directing? I only read recap for now, thanks JB ^^

    • 11.1 Carole McDonnell

      I think that’s the trouble with still-water-runs-deep types. They often seem boring. And lovers and friends (and viewers) are expected to take it on “faith” that there is so much more going on underneath. But now all that wonderfulness and angst is covered. Ryan Gosling in Drive had that eerie quietness uncommunicativeness thing happening. I think in real life these are the guys who make women’s life so hard. It’s like pulling teeth to make them reveal themselves. But they are up against the “all that glitters is not gold” types. I’m thinking LMH is communicating his inner angst well…but then again I have some silent friends and relatives so maybe I’ve been trained to look past the boring.

  12. 12 SH

    Thank you so much, JB! I love this episode :mrgreen:

    I think you capture my sentiments exactly with regard to what is not working with this show. I’m addicted to this drama but also realizing that it has flaws, which mainly lie in the directing aspect. Maybe it’s the lighting, editing, or something, but the last six episodes were really choppy which kind of dampened my viewing experience. At last, Ep. 7 met my expectations. And we finally got to see the real Lee Min-Ho’s acting skills!

    With that being said, I think this drama is really clever with its use of the central theme “faith.” If this were set in a modern time period, I would not buy into that main theme because for me modernity and blinding loyalty just don’t seem to go together. Since the show is based on an historical and precarious past where rules were stricter and ways of life were simpler, using faith as a central axis of the story seems believable for me.

    Really looking forward to seeing how these relationships evolve. Also, hoping we don’t get Ki-Chul & Eun-Soo love story; no traditional love triangle please.

  13. 13 21

    Thanks for the recap. I was really excited with this show and I totally agree with you in that I am quite let down by it. I don’t know if it’s because we are not seeing enough of the leads or its not mystical enough. There is just something in there making it doesn’t seems to flow enough? Anyway I will probably continue to watch this but I really want it to be better because it does have the potential.

  14. 14 Lyna

    Reading the recap especially the scene of Chungjeong and Young literally got me bawling like a baby.

    Scene / moments like that pack up a big punch and in a good way …

    • 14.1 mary

      The young king’s death also had me crying too… poor king. This is the most cruel thing Ki Chul has done so far.

      Although I doubt that he actually wanted the boy to kill himself. He was just probably doing a psycho-loyalty experiment, expecting to get Young and a more manipulable king. Instead he got a sacrifice and a very pissed-off Woodalchi General.

      Watch out Ki Chul!

      • 14.1.1 green panda

        This was just wrong on so many levels. Poor kid and Iceman is EVIL and selfish. I hope he dies a slow and painful death.

  15. 15 lin

    t’s also why I continue to find Gongmin one of the most complex and compelling characters, even though (or perhaps because) he isn’t strictly the most likable.

    I agree the King (and my Queen to a lesser degree) is the more complex and fascinating character of the drama. The whole drama could be about him and his loyalty struggles, inferiority complex, and rise to greatness, and I would still tune in because goddamn if that isn’t one of the better written and acted portions of the drama. The King isn’t always likable like you said, but I find him to be the most real and human with all his doubts, confusion, inferiority, loyalty, love, and being his own worst enemy. He can make me go from wanting to throttle him, to giving him a hug in the blink of an eye. I find all his issues relatable, and I find it fascinating to watch someone who has potential for greatness but deems themselves as less, rise to what they will be remembered as. I just like that we see even great rulers/men were once little boys full of insecurities too.

    LMH is not doing it for me in this drama. He has brought nothing new to his acting game and has yet to give me anything meaty to grasp onto and feel something for Choi Young. You know that….something that draws you to a character is lacking in this performance. Also I feel like I have seen LMH play this character before. Choi Young feels like his City Hunter’s Yoon Sung and he shouldn’t because they are vastly different. However there is this one note quality to LMH’s acting that always leaves me feeling like each new character is a re-hatch of previous role just with a new name and different setting (his mannerisms, the way he carries the character, etc). I mean LMH is a good actor and I mainly enjoy his dramas and performances, but I find him a bit overrated and not as good as his fans think he is.

    As always thank you for the recap and insights that you give.

    • 15.1 mav

      While I totally agree with you on the King department, because OMG I can see that insecurity and vulnerability in his eyes, the desperation all of it! I have to disagree on the LMH part.

      I must confess that I’m a fan, but I’m not the type of fan who sees no evil in what the object of my interest does. In the earlier episodes of Faith I kind of had the same doubts about Lee Min Ho’s acting but as the things have progressed I am starting to both like and feel for his character. And as I think about it the distance to which we/ I was being held by the character is well the distance that this careless-gave up on life guy lets everyone around him feel. At the beginning of the drama he had only to worry about delivering the King, Keeping his honor and well being freed so he can spend his days doing nothing … cause if he isn’t a warrior he is nothing, but at the same time he doesn’t want to be a warrior anymore. But as things move forward the and the passion and determination come slowly back to him we are also beginning to give a crap about him…

      And on the LMH front I thinks its got more to do with him playing epic hero back to back that anything else, the type of detached cold outside fluffy inside hero. Because Choi Young reminded me nothing of Gu Jun Pyo or Jeo Jin Ho. The first was all emotion and little though, the second had this kind of seriousness thoughtfulness that still seemed approachable, while he still had a temper… And the temper is just k-drama staple that apparently no male lead can escape from.

      • 15.1.1 Kdramas

        Lee Min Ho doesn’t play the same characters at all. Even though he has played “superheroes” back to back, CY and Yoon Sung are nothing a like, other than the fact that they fight. He doesn’t play them the same either. IMO, if he played CY’s silent but deadly a little more like he played YS we probably would have enjoyed him more from the beginning. But he seems to be doing what he is told for this character.

        • mav

          I went back and watch some scenes from city hunter and really its sooooooooo different i mean God they don’t even fight the same!

          • Kdramas

            Right, for some reason it seems some aren’t seeing this character for what it is.

            I don’t think it’s his fault that some don’t get this character. Is he supposed to play stoic? This is a very important question because he has already played that in CH and very well. Thats why I am not sure that’s what they were going for here. Because he has already played that well and if that’s what this character called for, I see no reason why he couldn’t pull it off.

    • 15.2 avocado

      agree with you..in this drama Ryu Deok Hwan has proved his acting skill..eventhough his scene not much (yeah..he is not the first lead off course) but he can manage it very well…
      Lee Min Ho as CY..I still not get touch with his acting..when his mentor dies, when his woman dies, when the little king dies..I can’t connect with his emotion..but still I love him…aww..who can reject The Lee Min Hoot..he is not bad actually…and his acting skill can be enhanced….in many important skill..I shout to give spirit in silence..come on LMH you can do it boy..your expression can be better…..wkwkw…(remind me with one of Taiwanese actor which I loove..but unfortunately his acting is wayy too minor for lead like he is…And I think LMH is more more better..so I have not shout every time..kekeke)
      I don’t want to compare both of them..I loovee both actors ..and I think life is fair…good looking, talent, height (hehehe..) has been distributed equally…

      • 15.2.1 lin

        This, the way you described LMH is how I feel about his acting. I am not saying LMH is a bad actor. He is not a bad actor, at all. He is a good actor. I enjoy his roles and performances, and for certain roles he has really pulled me to him (BOF, CH). However imho in his acting can also be very limited (one note). For me there is sometimes that missing element that has me screaming at my screen come on LMH give a little more…I know you have it in you. It’s hard to explain but like his scenes with his other woolchi (?) members, especially that in the last ep where he asks the guy to send the message to he king, those scene always feel flat to me, like not leading man (for this specific drama) material. What I mean is LMH is the lead actor and headliner of the drama. If any character and actor should have me salivating back for more it should be him, and he’s not 🙁 Yes the writing and directing has to do with it, but it’s also his acting. I have seen many actors take bad writing and directing and still give me something in their performance that blows me away and keeps me tuned in, even when all sanity is begging me to abandon ship.

    • 15.3 avocado

      well I must add that I feel the emotion in angry CY better than sad CY…when he get angry and eyes with fury…my eyes widen and that is uri LMH should act..(with clap off course..hehehe) but when he shed tears..eventhough is good but still lack off something..such as eat good food but still need little salt addition…

      • 15.3.1 lin

        Yes, to all of this. When he gets angry and is fighting and stuff I am right there with him. It’s like damn boy, that is what I want to see all the time….but then it ends. It’s like you said, good, but could be better.

  16. 16 mav

    Thank you JB!

    “it’s funny that the show manages to simultaneously exceed my expectations and yet, also somehow disappoint them.” AMEN!
    and the thing is that last week episodes and this one allowed me to see all the possible epicness that this show could be, because there is a plot- and actual honest to God plot!- and a variety of characters that draw you in, as you mentioned the King and his battle with doubt and insecurity a Queen that so far seems to have balls of still, in everything expect her relationship with Gongmin. And then you have Choi Young who seemed to impenetrable but is now showing us emotion, real emotion, raw and desperate while at the same time battling to keep the status Quo of his persona. And the Doc who has been the air of fresh air and well faith that all the others lack, even though she is uncommitted to everything else, expect for money. The characters have epic written into them and while I see it in the actors, everything else falls short.

    ” It’s like giving top-shelf ingredients and state-of-the-art tools to a mediocre cook “, that was the perfect way of explaining it… cause every wednesday when I watch Arang there is this constant voice int he back of my head asking me “Why the hell couldn’t Faith a PD like this one!”

    • 16.1 mav

      oops *have a PD like this one*

      • 16.1.1 Shukmeister

        Mav ~
        I agree with you on F versus A.

        I feel somehow more invested in the characters in Arang, even though there is a better chance for an ‘epic’ feel to Faith’s storyline.

        Here’s to hoping this episode is the start of something great.

  17. 17 LoveIt

    I TOTALLY agree that the problem with this show is the director. The director, the director, the director, and did I say the director? lol

    I knew that the drama was going to be good this episode, and I agree that I see what this drama could possibly be. But if the director is not doing his job, then we will not get it. Like I noted last week with the week fight scenes with fire girl. Her “power” is so underwhelming. I feel like I could make these special effects in my backyard. Just…

    I have never had a problem with Lee Min Ho’s acting, so I knew these prior episodes he was giving exactly what the DIRECTOR requested of him. Why? Because he played stoic fearless fighter soooo much better in City Hunter. So the way he delivered his character had to have been what he was told the character needed.

    Anyway, I love this show, and with a better director this show could have been pure awesomeness. I will be back later after I rematch the show to comment more.

    • 17.1 LoveIt

      I thought it was hilarious that the young King called CY lazy, because that is how I have seen this character. Lazy and sleeping all the time. I think that tells you a lot about the character. He was and has been very lazy, moreso than stoic.

      The King and Queen have awesome chemistry. They annoy me, and I find their tactics quite childish (and these are the people who are supposed to lead the country and its people? Really?), but when he pulled her close and let his jealousy show, and her near confession of love for him, it was just pure hotness.

  18. 18 Belinda

    Oh my ! I totally get what your are saying here. king 2 hearts was like this , uneven till about half way through until all the main characters were forced to show what they were truly made of and then stole our hearts . So maybe we are still setting up the story line , but still loving it .

  19. 19 Awe

    speedy recap!!! thank you!

    recently re-watched Secret Garden and i realized that Faith has what it takes to be as great as Secret Garden however, Faith is missing ‘timing’. Secret Garden was fast paced, smooth scene transitions and very few ‘lingering’ moments.

    If the editors and director would work together and add more scenes & add more to the scenes by stripping away the obvious and paring down the repetitive, i think Faith could be a stellar drama. (sry for run on sentence there). dont get me wrong, Faith is a good drama and i’m enjoying it…i…concur with javabeans that something is ‘off’.

  20. 20 watchumlots

    I am likin’ this drama series not simply because of pretty boys and romance, but because this series has tangled:

    * time travel,
    * political intrigue,
    * evil do-ers more evil than Snidley Whiplash,
    * magic-fantasy x-men powers,
    * slightly more than a smidgen of contorted history, AND;
    * an unlikely romance between a pretty-boy goryeo warrior
    and a ditzy, shrill, plastic surgeon from 2012.

    Now that’s DRAMA baby!!!

  21. 21 redfox

    flower in hair = Flower Boy, duh! not crazy person this time.

  22. 22 Awe

    oops—me thinks i posted a episode seven question on episode 6 page—sorry.


    prolly asking the obvious here…

    but with little king’s neck slit and left for dead, does Ki Chul win Gongnim’s bet? because heh-i don’t think heavenly doctor is gonna cure little king within the 7 day time frame.

  23. 23 Next episode...

    So I’m definitely upset at the dang doctor…she’s getting on my true nerves…as she should know by now to think twice and be conscious about trusting others and not always talking back to LMH’s character…she definitely does not think twice before her own actions..and obvious LMH is going to put the poor boy at ease…what does the damn doctor want to do watch him SUFFER?! Like seriously she can’t even save him…and I feel she truely has no faith in LMH’s character after he’s saved her countless of times…tsk..tsk…I really hope her character comes around…cus I’m sitting here yelling at her character through the computer…lol…but this was a great episode…and totally love LMH strong well to fight!! Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s episode hopefully some of the mess will be cleared up!! ANd for the dang doctor Have some Dang FAITH!!…lol

  24. 24 dany

    I really liked the last minutes of the episodes, with Young showing a lot of emotion and revealing his character better. I keep hearing that the series is not that good, and I agree, but then many people blame it on Lee Min ho, and there I have to disagree. I am not a fan actually, but I don’t feel he is a bad actor and I don’t think he is the problem of this show. Anyway, good episode, thank you for the recap.

  25. 25 starfield

    Thank you JB for the great recap & comment!

    This really is a strong episode- there were so many things that I dig! But mostly that I’ve finally begun to care about CY, and CY/ES as a couple.

    For some reason, CY’s back story did nothing for me, except for *logically* explaining why he’s come to have that don’t-care-if-I-die attitude. It wasn’t until the previous episode, when Chungjeong was introduced, that I saw how warm and human he can be in front of someone that he currently still cares about, a lot. And as tragically as Chungjeong’s death was (;__;), it allowed us to see that warrior CY can indeed feel vulnerable, and so deeply sad…

    On the CY/ES front, I LOVE it every time she sniped at him (“what’s gender got to do with it.?” “Oh yeah, why didn’t I raid the pharmacy before you kidnapped me?”) and he just had nothing to retort with because she made perfect sense xD But but, what really made their relationship fascinating is in the final scene like JB described, when she lost faith in him, he lost will to fight and just gave up.

    It’s sweet really. How much he already in a way, relies on her as a source of energy/motivation without knowing. The way he kept staring at her when he was surrounded, and when she turned away, he was totally deflated, and smiled that bitter, self-mocking smile. Awwww…..

    Looking forward to the next episode with much excitement <3 !!!

    • 25.1 shadow

      yes he really fall for her ‘ she save his life more then once, she make him more in debt with her ,she give him more and more and dont take anything from him, and she care about him so much not like everyone around him that just want to use him and dont care what happen to him and she give him the most important thing a reason to live she order him to live asking him to not leave her alone and trust him and no one elso there . so he really without knowing just looking for her and what she see him and when she see him like that he just give up as “for what i really want to live ,from the start i didnt care so why i have to try hard now” and i understand him so well and feel so sad but in the same time i understand ES too , this two really have a long way to go to make there lovie line isnt going to be easy test and that what will make it soooo really and yes their love have to Challenge not just time but the beliefes and faith .

  26. 26 momosa

    The king & queen just need to bed each other to ease their frustration. It might not wipe away everything but hey, it sure helps. All these long & round the bush, stormed into the room talks are not going to help. So, please, kiss her or rip her clothes or something, dang!

    • 26.1 jomo

      Second this!
      Looking forward to their first kiss more than Young and ES.

      • 26.1.1 Itoshi

        Yes, can we have it Kim Boong Do x Choi Hee Jin (makeout)style ? ;P

    • 26.2 Itoshi

      I’m third. For God’s sake I feel like knocking their heads together and put them in a room with each other for like a week. Maybe that’s what they need. A honeymoon.

      I love it that they are King and Queen but their problem is just like the common people-communication problem. All those unsaid words HNNNG owh that sexual tension cuts like a knife!

      • 26.2.1 Kiara

        Lol I dont think they need a week, just 5mins ALONE will do it. I want to kick Advisor Jo where it hurts for interupting them. I think our little princess was about to make a confession.

  27. 27 crazedlu

    i don’t know.. young seems a lot like the marriage between gu junpyo and lee yoonsung to me. i wanna love the dude, i do, but still, i only see pretty boy playing cool character. i’d rather see pretty boy BE cool character. at least this episode seemed better than the rest.

  28. 28 ravens_nest

    I agree that this show’s biggest pitfall is the pedestrian directing. I watch each episode now and imagine how much better it’d be being directed by Kim Byung Soo of Queen In Hyun’s Man.

    I’m fine with Lee Min Ho as, like JB said, this episode we can see him finally starting to settle a little into his character when Young is angry or passionate. He’s still iffy in the scenes when he’s supposed to display authority but I think he’ll get it in a few more episodes.

    The writing is finally tightening up more and we are really getting a meaty story here. And the characters are truly being fleshed out now. (+1 for the cute little handkerchief scene with the brother and sister villains that somehow made them likable if only for a moment.)

    By far my favorite parts of this episode were the two interactions between our couples.

    Gongmin and No Guk-

    I have not made it a secret how much I adore these two. They are fantastic. How much love for that hilariously juvenile dinner table scene? OMG! I was rolling. And then it escalated into a real fight exposing real emotions? Mwah. I loved seeing the King abandon his composure to show real and visible passion for her, for their relationship, while she was there to actually see it. And then that annoying SOB had to walk in right when they were opening up and TALKING to each other. Arrgggghh!!! I almost flipped my laptop into a wall.

    Choi Young and Yoo Eun Soo-

    I do love them too. Perhaps in a different way than I love the romance between the royals. As we saw they are a more run-of-the-mill rom-com couple. Or at least they were until this episode. While I didn’t have as much of a problem with their lighter romance, I also felt there was some tension missing. This episode delivered nicely on that front. Finally there is something they have to overcome to move forward as a couple.

    It’s not some lame first love or disapproving mom keeping them apart but rather it’s a fundamental difference in who they both are as people and that’s fantastic. Eun Soo is having a hard time reconciling with Young being someone whose job is to kill people. As someone with soldier family members, I am not disparaging being one but it is something that can be difficult to accept if you aren’t used to it or if you are fundamentally a healer. Eun Soo is both those things. Not to mention every time he kills she must be reminded of when he kidnapped her and cut open a man’s jugular in front of her. Her fear is real and it’s justified.

    Eun Soo has done a good job of coping and remaining bubbly so we laugh when she calls him “psycho” but I can never really forget how traumatizing her kidnapping probably was. I love that the writer is not brushing over the kidnapping like it’s not important. She sits and wonders if her mom is grieving for her, she constantly longs to go home, she cringes every time she sees killing. These are important parts of her character because up until the last couple episode Eun Soo has remained mostly comic relief. Finally we’re seeing some rounding of her character as she struggles between her fear and doctor nature and the heart that slowly falling for Choi Young, a ruthless soldier.

    • 28.1 mtoh

      Like I said before my favorite couple is definitely Your Highness.
      I love how Queen is playing, even when she doesn’t know it. Her fight for CY and ES, for King’s good opened door for them. King now sees that he has the Queen but he doesn’t have No Guk, that’s great. Love his jealousy behind strong and prepared words, but in the end it all comes to the question ‘What he has what I don’t’.
      Keep searching you two!

    • 28.2 Itoshi

      Agreed. Jo Ill Shin is the BIGGEST COCKBLOCK ever hmmph

  29. 29 xyz

    Apologies if someone else has mentioned this but I thought CY gave up at the end because Lady Microwave’s hand was heating up over ES’s shoulder. The air was shimmering. It was the only thing he could do to protect her.

    • 29.1 ravens_nest

      Well, he gave up his sword because of that but there was a point after when he tries to catch Eun Soo’s eye and she turns away still reeling from the mercy killing of the former king. Then Young looks down in shock and gives a little half-incredulous and half-defeated laugh. I believe that’s the loss of faith JB is talking about.

      • 29.1.1 Lizz25

        and those “laugh” is killing me…. the feeling of loosing the “one and only” person who’s still have trust in you… it hurts so much….

        *the only thing that can moved my heart from the whole-one-episode, actually…*

      • 29.1.2 jl

        It could also be that when he was on his knees, Eun Soo felt horrible because she knew he did it bcause of her. So she turned her head away because it hurt her to see him brought low. His incredulous laugh at the end I took to mean that he could not believe he gave up so easily. It was the exact moment he realized that he was falling in love!

    • 29.2 kappy

      LOL…Lady Microwave. I like that name. And I agree.. I thought he gave up at the end initially for this reason, to protect her. Her turning away after making eye contact with her cut him like a knife. The person he’d been trying so hard to protect and keep his promise to is forsaking him? How alone he must feel.

      But I dare say he did not see the tear streaming down her face seeing him like that. Her crying, I’m sure, included her feeling bad she could not support him because of his choice to kill the young former king.

  30. 30 Lizz25

    oohhh…. come on dramaaa…..
    could u gimme something more…..??? I was so excited in the first and second episode…. but now, so sorry to say…I am getting bored… more and more….
    I don’t know, whether it because of the slow-plot… or flat-male-character… or too much evil winning…. or too little space for romance *ooh… so sorry for my broken English*

    honestly, “faith”…. I keep watching you just because of the unexpectedly ADORABLE lead-female and the handsome creature Lee Min Ho…..
    and story-line… and the DIRECTOR….. u just give me nothing but HEADACHE….. *sighs*

  31. 31 Lilly

    wake me when its over…..szzzzzzzzzzz……….

  32. 32 Sudi

    Im waiting how the story would turn out so the wavering faith among the protagonist characters changes into the unbreakable bond which will be an EPIC! And of course waiting for Evil TriO to show their hidden cards one by one and tantalize us with their power underneath their sleeves….And Eager to see the ACtuaL. Choi Young Whom he had buried inside of him for ages…
    Thanks for recap

  33. 33 soonie

    yes, the directing/producing…just meh meh and more meh.

  34. 34 Suzi Q

    The child who played King Chung jeong is such a talented young actor.Really enjoyed his performance and was brought to tears.

    It seems like the main characters are always misunderstanding each other.It seems like the King Gongmin and Queen Noguk are never in the same wavelength.They are the two most interesting characters in this drama and hopefully their misunderstanding of each other will be rectified in the near future. More love scenes with those two together!

    Eun Soo’s impression of Choi Young is that he is always killing people.When he mercy kills the former young king, it reinforces her bias opinion and lost of faith in him. Eun Soo is suppose to be a smart doctor, but my eyes starts to rolls when she acts like an idiot especially when she puts a flower in Choi Young’s hair or falling into Ki Chul’s arms.Jeez!

    There is something off about this drama, Finally, this episode is starting to improve a little, but still the pace is really slow which is definitely from poor directing.Maybe that’s why it doesn’t appear to be so big an EPIC drama.

    • 34.1 xianzhongfan

      The child king – he played Baek Eun Jo (little bro of Baek Seung Jo who is played by Kim Hyun Joong, fellow flower boy together with LMH) in Playful Kiss and he was very good there as well.

      • 34.1.1 jomo

        That’s who he is. Thanks!
        He was also little SSH in My Princess.

        • Jambo43

          Yeah, I love this kid. He’s going to have a long acting career life. He cracked me up in PK. Now, he made me cry twice in Faith. Once when I watched the actual episode and got teary eyed again just by reading the recap. It’s either I’m the biggest sap, or he’s that good in acting. I’d prefer the latter.

  35. 35 MhsC

    I really want to like Faith 🙁
    But I really can’t . I’m still watching it to see the developments … and I’m still hoping I would like it soon …

    Aside from that though , I really love the King and the Queen … 🙂

    Thank you for the Recaps 🙂

  36. 36 kakashi

    hello ivoire! thanks for thinking of me. i’m currently on a short holiday; reading recaps and comments, but full episodes will have to wait until the end of this week… looking forward to that, seems to be an exciting one!!

  37. 37 carmen65n

    Why am I disappointed? The story is interesting, LMH is great, but the director is totally devoid of ideas. I am afraid that something had to be a gem will soon turn into a failure. Something has changed rapidly.

  38. 38 wanne

    Love this episode. Thanks for the recap Javabeans.

  39. 39 Lord of the Things

    I haven’t read the recap because I literally had to stop and laugh for several minutes after reading the last line of the intro.

    *wipes last tear from eye*

    Thank you.

  40. 40 swui

    Hwasuin’s hand was on Eun-soo’s shoulder in an obviously threatening way. He tries to catch her eye but she’s fearful and disgusted by him at this moment. His self-mocking smile – oof! It hurts. Especially since he still wants to protect her after she has lost faith in him…

    He’s not going back to having a deathwish again is he? At least the preview don’t look so bad…

  41. 41 AnnaCC

    How will this “merciful killing” CY did will change his and ES dynamic?
    That’s what I want to know!!!!
    Loved this episode and I’m going to miss the little king 🙁

    • 41.1 petitepirates

      Eventually ES will come to her senses. After all…he’s been keeping her away from harm ever since he kidnapped her. Plus I’m sure she isn’t stupid enough to “like” Ki-Chul. I mean c’mon, everything about that character spells out as untrustworthy to the point of disgusting! Mehhh…even I don’t see how I can bring myself around to trust a man like him rather than a honourable soldier like Choi Young.

      • 41.1.1 AnnaCC

        Yes, I don’t think ES will like KC either eheh I’m just curious to see how she will act next time she sees CY and vice-versa 🙂

  42. 42 petitepirates

    I cracked up laughing when you described Gongmin as Napoleon and I did wondered at first if you meant his height! Muahahaha! That said, it IS actually a really matching description of Gongmin’s character at the moment *restraining another laugh*.

    I do like the part where in order to shut ES up, Young decided to “pretend” to sleep on her shoulder. He just doesn’t know how to react to her, it is hilarious for me to watch. Hmm I think it sadden him that ES now turned against him, lost faith in him, despised him and wronged him. But he still kept his promise, to keep her safe, he surrenders.

    Gee script writer, I hope Young gets a happy ending! His whole life is too sad! I don’t want him to be living a life that is not for himself! Hmm come to think of it, this character is the mirror image of City Hunter!

    Only this character probably doesn’t dare to even DREAM of living a life of his own. Poor thing!

    I find the scene between Gongmin and Noghuk really childish. Poor Jang Min, stucked in between as the messenger. Seriously…can’t they keep their house-hold business private??? Noghuk’s good intention annoys me now… she knows the baddies wanted her dead so what is the point of exchanging herself with Young & ES? She has no use for the baddies! Silly silly silly.

  43. 43 petitepirates

    Forgot to add this in:

    I’m very glad the police shield is finally destroyed. It pains me each time seeing Lee Min-ho holding it. It is just TOO big and dodgy to be bringing that thing around! Somebody gives him Captain America’s shield!

    • 43.1 Carole McDonnell

      I keep wondering about this world where other time travellers left stuff lying around. I will miss that magical shield. Am not sure what it was made of but it certainly represented a kind of magic. I wonder if anyone in woldachi thought, “Wow, that is an amazing shield!” But now it is destroyed!

      Unlike the instruments of HWATA which have rusted and been preserved. Time-travellers should clean up after themselves. I’m wondering if HWATA is gonna make an appearance. Since he’s — ya know– apparently from the future. Since this is a korean drama –and everything seems to come full circle in k-dramas– I wonder if he’s someone Doc knows or knew when she was younger.

      • 43.1.1 petitepirates

        Didn’t the Wooldachi marveled around the shield in the second episode when Young was injured? I looked a lot like plastic shield. It just looks very heavy and burdensome to be carrying it around especially when he’s running away from enemies…

        Hahaha…hmm, I don’t think HWATA will make an appearance. But it would have been cool if he does! And from the myth/legend, he knows more medicine than Eun Soo. He’ll be more help than Eun Soo. LOL!

    • 43.2 Kiara

      Lol no one rocks the shield like Captain America. I prefer Young with the sword. I love the electrifying effect that comes from his body to his weapon. Too bad they could have done a better job with choreography.

      • 43.2.1 petitepirates

        Yup, I prefer his sword and electrified “qi-gong” too.

        Ohhh trust me, this choreography is good enough! If you had seen Korean version of Dr. Jin, you’d know this is already very good! ;p

  44. 44 biankoy

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCKKK! I’ve fallen yet again into the rabbit hole and my whole week is consumed by the need to see more of this drama. craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap. this is not good for my job!!!

    on a different note though, can someone just pretty please stab Admiral Jo straight into the guts. He’s on top of my list of people who should go.

  45. 45 meix2

    Out of all the good dramas out now, only faith has me dreading its end on a tuesday night… which means that I have to wait yet another week to get some more. It’s just that it’s compelling but plot progression is so slow- nearing proper sageuk slow- when you just want them to get on with it.

    I have to keep reminding myself that this is a 24 episode drama, which means that we’re not even 1/3 through, whereas the plot would have been much further ahead on most of the 16 parters series I’m normally addicted to.

    Plus, I do have to agree on LMO. Less stoic and more lovey, angsty and pointy/slashy with his sword please.

  46. 46 Carole McDonnell

    I liked this episode a lot but I am really annoyed with the Noble Idiocy/Silent Warrior/Silent as a lamb to the slaughter trope. But of course if anyone can play too-noble silently-misunderstood-cause-still (sleepy)-waters-run-deep warrior …it’s LMH.

    I think Doc will have to come around from her ideas of life, death, and killing. Am not sure that’ll be a part of her character arc but so far she hasn’t really “changed” or “grown” because of her situation. I like her a lot and it amazed me that LMH seemed so so so hurt when she turned away from him. Who knew all that was going on underneath? Is it merely hurt love or is it the sense that this is another horrible moment in which the world and its ideals have failed him?

    He’s still not quite committed to life because of what former loutish king did. That was devastating. He’s been basically doing what is necessary — sleepwalking through duties he is not particularly interested in. He wanted to be away from these royal games and intrigues. But when he met the doc, a spark returned to his life. He probably wasn’t aware of it but now he realizes how much being believed in and trusted by someone (the rest of Woldachi not being nearby) matters to him.

    That smile on his face at the end of the episode…certainly is intriguing. What is he thinking?

    Re: Baddie’s Crew. Love flute-player! And, while he does look incredibly hot in a sword fight, I was kinda surprised that he was engaging in an actual swordfight. I wanted something more magical. Like maybe he could blow something from his flute and the sound itself could manifest as a sword. I want more supernatural stuff. Yes, for me, apparently time-travel is not enough.

    Re: female baddie Hwa. Good heavens! Give this woman more to do than throw fire-apples and walk around looking slutty. Seriously? Okay, she flies. And she can tell Big Bad where folks are in the jungle etc. But if that’s all she’s gonna do, she could be substituted with any regular horny trollope. She’s got considerable power but the only way we know she is not like other molls is that she has a bit of an attitude. Not enough, though. She is bold, yeah. But ALL the women in this story are bold — even Lady Choi and the mute girl. But I want to see Hwa as a strong counterpart to Doc.

    Re: epic
    I’m not up yet on how an epic should feel. So I really don’t know what I’m missing. I guess I could go look at some other epic dramas and then I could kinda sorta almost glimpse what you guys mean.

    Waiting desperately for episode 8.

  47. 47 Crazyjnx

    I found myself most frustrated with this episode because while the stoic warrior just underwent a crucial emotional moment, the romance angle resorts to the basic lame “misunderstanding” angst approach. You can’t make the heroine be aware enough to guess at the close relationship between the warrior and former king, then suddenly have her quickly believe that the warrior coldly killed the kid. I found the episode moving along pretty nicely, but was very dissatisfied with the ending and the lame, now I’m going to play a silent demure girl mode even though I’m more of the scream-and yell first kind of character.

    I love the intense stare down after young just killed the boy, which I thought it was a much needed scene between the two lovers-to-be, but I’d preferred her fear of him to have been tweezed out slowly when she is with him. She goes with him, but now coldly, and with an instinct flinching reaction from his touch, and more silent than before. I felt it had great potential as a setup for bonding moments, but they deflated it with a cheap trick of heroine falling into evil guys arms to stupidly point at potential love competition.

    Just saying I think it’d been more affective if Choi young lost her, but not physically, instead emotionally/faith-wise. There’s more than enough time to separate the two lovers later anyways, so I thought that hand was played too soon, which was already played once before just an episode ago.

    • 47.1 Carole McDonnell

      Totally agree. With everything you just said. Especially the falling into his hand thing. It was like…really? Are they hinting at a future love match? IS Baddie going to get a crush on her or something? And what’s with Hwa’s hand on Doc’s shoulder? Mind-change? Threat?

    • 47.2 kappy

      Yup, I agree with what you said also. However, I think this is one situation where I feel is enough to shut her mouth and pull away rather than scream and yell. I hoped she would guess enough that CY wouldn’t murder the child king in cold blood and that his reason was a good one, but if the misunderstanding is there (which, yes, I wish it wasn’t, because sooo many dramas go there, it’s true), she finds reason to clam up and remove herself from the (oh-so-misunderstood) offender rather than release loud outbursts.

      The falling into the enemy’s arms part… ugh. She stayed there muuuucccchhh too long for belief (my belief). Helloooo. My reflex (as I thought would be her reflex) would have been to get the heck out of this man’s arms once I realized it was him, thank you very much.

  48. 48 Ash

    So essentially Arang became what I expected from Faith in terms of sprawling, fantastical world-building, and Faith’s giving the kind of character and relationship focus I expected from Arang. I’m… actually pretty okay with that, I think.

    I’m with the people who’ve said that Lee Min-ho’s been leaving them cold, but he finally broke through for me here. He still doesn’t have quite the gravitas I want – and I can’t blame it on age because Ryu Deok-hwan is great in his role – but he actually had something to *do* in this episode. When the stoic default setting is just about the only thing we see, he’s dull to me. When he rages and cries and then *forces himself back* to default setting? That’s when I care. (Um, pretty viscerally in this instance. Dammit, it’s too soon for me to be crying, Song Ji-na.)

    And I halfway agree with javabeans re: stock romance, but at the same time… That smile when Eun-soo was so ridiculous while distracting the king? That smile was an important enough crack in the stoicism that I’m willing to forgive the cliche. The directing being dully pedestrian, now, that I won’t be picking any bones with. God, what I wouldn’t give to have someone with style and flash behind the camera. This is really a solid drama, but it’s frustratingly close to greatness.

  49. 49 Serena B

    I have this weird disconnect with Faith too, and I think this episode finally helped me figure out what’s causing it. It’s alternatively making some scenes so genuine and real, I feel totally immersed, and then seconds later taking a gag and WHAM, I’m back laughing. The show does deliberately poke fun of the genre, but it also does some of it really well (there are isolated moments here and there). I think it’s a bit jarring because on the one hand ‘don’t take me seriously!’ and then ‘this is serious!’. It’s the blending of those two that totally fails and makes things feel so disjointed at times. Almost like I’m watching two different shows.

    That aside, I’m REALLY enjoying the show, even more as it goes along. It just leaves me with this weird, disjointed feeling after watching an episode. Like…I don’t know what the heck I just watched.

    And this may be one of the shows where I’m enjoying ALL the characters for once, not just the leads.

    • 49.1 Lilly

      That is because there is no plot to follow yet, there is no suspension of disbelief critical to all writing, and the characters look like actors walking through parts with no life to them.

      What is the mystery or what is the quest?

      What was everyone working on before king and company arrived, individually and as a group? Living beings almost always have a plan they are working off of and nothing is shown here as interrupted or changed or even being done.
      They all just appear to have been hanging out looking bored.

      What plans did the king and company have for once they arrived and became accepted by the people? Once again the whole group just appears to be hanging out and looking bored waiting for something to happen. Instead of inspection and investigation we get the endless rendition of the king and queen showing they don’t like each other.

      Seriously as an objective reader one can only wonder if a third party should not show up and throw both sides out into the wasteland to hang out bored together and take over the whole place.

      • 49.1.1 crazyjnx

        Yep, you pinned it right there. That is also the disconnect I’m feeling. I can’t root for the good guys because they aren’t doing anything besides having moments here and there, yet having no real shared experience and goals. Is the whata doc supposed to do something for the king to help him gain power control again? What is that, what is the legends or objective that she needs to fulfill? The king is there to sometimes be convenient scenes for CY and ES short plot lines, and vice versa. Just as woldalchi is only mighty at the writers convenience, as well as when the kings administrative council gets to show his face. There is no greater shared plot line that has been presented that will tie everything together and make me connect and root for the king/eun soo/choiyoung story.

        At least the bad guys have an agenda, a leader and followers who come together for something – initiate conflicts and schemes(which is obvious yet vague enough to make room for any final evil revelations).

        That makes me disoriented after each episode, thinking, what did I really just watch, and how come it didn’t inspire any care from me?how come I’m enjoying gi choel’s character more than lee min hos?(but then I return, in hope-trying to keep faith-that they will flood me with epic romance and I can shed tears of joy and sadness with the characters. The potential is there! Magic, phantasm, and legends and destinies to be fulfilled-galore! JUST USE IT WITHOUT FEAR & STOP TRYING TO CONTINUOUSLY REVERT TO SUPPOSED NORMALCY.

  50. 50 schreient

    OMG i haven’t watched this episode yet but i couldn’t wait to know what’s gonna happen so i read this recap >___< im loving this drama so much. It's a very welcome change from dr jin and i love reading your funny comments <33 keep it up!

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