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Haeundae Lovers: Episode 10
by | September 8, 2012 | 24 Comments

Cute episode! Why? Because finally our leads are being sweet with one another! I’m glad that Sora is getting over her prejudices towards Tae Sung, which always felt unfair and contrived. Tae Sung was nothing but kind to her, and he had amnesia! He never knew his real family, and no one can pick their family! But here’s to them finally acting like a cute newlywed couple.


Sunlight streams through the windows and Sora wakes up with a start. Where is she!? Why – she’s in Tae Sung’s hotel room of course! Suddenly the memories from the night before come flooding back and she realizes that after the kiss, she drank flutes of champagne… ’cause that’s what you do when a hot chaebol kisses you.

Since she didn’t listen to Tae Sung’s advice to stop drinking, he took a cream pastry and stuffed it into her mouth. Then, he wiped the cream off her lips… and licked his fingers. Oh man – instead of the foam kiss, we have the cream-wipe-off-from-lips indirect kiss. Cue Secret Garden soundtrack!

Sora sneaks outside to find herself in a sleek and spacious apartment, and she can barely stop herself from gasping. Tae Sung’s already awake, and ordered her breakfast through room service. But more importantly – does she remember anything from last night? Sora says he should not count that kiss against her since it was done when they were drunk, and therefore none of it should count. Haha – actually, Tae Sung wants her to remember that their deal begins now. He’ll help her get back the hotel, and she just has to convince her uncles to agree.

Cue another cliche: contract marriage! They will act like the perfect couple in name, but they will not have any skinship with one another, or share a room. Well… Tae Sung admits he is a bit hopeful for some skinship, but Sora shoots down the possibility immediately. (The kiss, after all, did mean something to him.)

Back at the Fishery, the uncles send Joong Shik off to kindergarten with his kiddie friends so that he’ll stop complaining and have something to do, especially since Sora is not around. It’s hilarious how they give the teacher tips: give him the Pikachu doll if he causes any trouble, and Joong Shik is never to graduate to another grade. As soon as the school bus for the kindergarten pulls away, Tae Sung’s men arrive to pick up the uncles and bring them to the hotel.

The uncles barge into the apartment, all angry with Tae Sung and aghast that Sora is basically “eating with the enemy.” Sora intervenes before they can beat up Tae Sung and drags them to her room for a “talk.” She informs them of the plan, and of course, they’re initially against it. But they eventually warm up to the idea. Soon Shin even has a private chat with Tae Sung to make sure that nothing happened the night before.

Now on to the plan! While the uncles are “behind enemy lines,” they’re going to need a disguise. Soon Shin has the uniform for a general helper in the hotel, while Dong Baek is given a bellhop’s uniform. Uncle Hello Kitty is actually completely against the idea, not wanting to help spy on the Yang family and choosing to leave. Oh no – Uncle Hello Kitty really is disobeying Sora! The rest of the uncles do a team huddle and agree to meet every three hours in the afternoon to share what they find.

Tae Sung first heads to Joon Hyuk’s office, where he learns that Joon Hyuk has stepped out for an appointment. He tells Joo Hee that he’ll wait in the office, and does not need any refreshments from her to ensure complete privacy. He then starts searching through the entire office, looking for any possible evidence of a list of shareholders. Rifling through the drawers, he notices Joon Hyuk’s photos with his mother; “How could a woman so sweet have a jerk for a child?” Tae Sung wonders.

He finally finds the list of shareholders, and excitedly takes a picture of it. Flushed with victory, he finds the uncles, who are late for their first rendezvous meeting in the garden. Dong Baek and Soon Shin are excited when they hear of Tae Sung’s finds, but Sora doesn’t appear at the meeting place at all.

Turns out, Sora has gone back to Uncle’s Fishery and put a sign up about its temporary closure because everyone is at the hotel. She bumps into Joon Hyuk there, who’s been wanting to meet her since the night before. Sora immediately apologizes for standing him up the other night. You see… her marriage to Tae Sung suddenly became “real” last night. Hahah – that just sounds as if they consummated their marriage, and Joon Hyuk admits that it sounds like Tae Sung made Sora an offer she could not refuse. In that case, he has something to admit to her too…

He admits that he’s trying to acquire Haeundae Hotel for his father’s hotel chain. Whoa – talk about sharing secrets! While he’s doing that, he’ll help Sora get the hotel away from the Yang family’s hands – something that Tae Sung won’t be able to promise to her. But Sora respectfully declines his offer. No matter what happens in two months, she cannot break her promise to Tae Sung.

Speaking of Tae Sung – he and the uncles are currently working to get Mr. Bae’s son out of the Haeundae Hotel casino and back to Mr. Bae’s shop. Tae Sung bans the son from ever returning to Haeundae Hotel, or entering any casino in Busan. With Tae Sung’s power, he can easily find the son and bring him back to Mr. Bae each time. Sora arrives a little late, having gotten Tae Sung’s message, and informs Mr. Bae that she’s helping him because she wants his help in return. Her goal is to get rid of the casino; it was a point of contention between Joong Shik and Man Ho back in the day, and because Joong Shik didn’t want it, he was violently ousted from the hotel.

Sora simply wants Mr. Bae to help back her up so that she and her family can take over the hotel again. Mr. Bae is just shocked that Joong Shik’s daughter and Man Ho’s son are working together.

Joon Hyuk is driving around Busan when he notices Se Na standing uncomfortably on the sidewalk. Wait – when did she come back to Busan!? He greets her, only to find out that her heel has been stuck in one of the grates around the trees. She’s been stuck for a while, and didn’t know what to do. (Um – so you were just gonna stand there all day ’til someone came?)

Joon Hyuk helps pull out her heel – only he ends up breaking it! They head to a department store to get her a new pair, and analyze each others’ personalities based on their shoes. Once they reach the store, Joon Hyuk finds out that Se Na is a top shoe designer. As a sign of gratitude, Se Na offers to give him a discount for a pair of shoes for his girlfriend. Well… there is a fisherman’s daughter he does want to get shoes for…

Sora, Tae Sung, and the uncles return to the hotel and bump into Tam Hee, which of course enrages her to no end. Tae Sung just tells her to stop getting angry – otherwise she’s going to need more botox shots! What’s with these mothers and botox shots!? Min Shik quietly tells Tam Hee not to worry – once it’s proven that Tae Sung is the son, he’ll break up with Sora and her family. Tam Hee: “Which side are you on!?!?” She then gets a call from a shareholder about Tae Sung and Sora wanting to speak with him. Tam Hee quickly says that he doesn’t have to meet with them, but she starts getting suspicious over how those two found the shareholders’ numbers.

Sora and Tae Sung drive off in his new swanky car, which is an upgrade from her fish truck. He even managed to get a license so that he could drive, with a new birthday courtesy of Granny. Tae Sung takes the opportunity to note that despite how ugly Sora becomes each time (lies…) he finds her hands the prettiest feature of her body – because she can put mackerels, her dad, and him to sleep with her gentle massages and comfort them when they’re lost.

Meanwhile – whatever happened to Uncle Hello Kitty? Well – he ended up going to the salon in the hotel and applied for a job there. The manager is skeptical that he could even fit in, but then they find a frantic customer in their hands who doesn’t like the haircut she got. Uncle Hello Kitty swoops in, notices her “delicate features” and gives her a “genius” haircut. (In my honest opinion – I liked her old hair better.) But everyone is happy, and Uncle Hello Kitty gets a job at the salon – to the tune of Psy’s “Gangnam Style.”

Sora and Tae Sung’s drive lasts all night (I wonder where they’re going), and she gets a call from Se Na. Se Na wants to catch up with Sora, so they make plans to meet at the bar. But guess what – Joon Hyuk is there too! He’s surprised that Se Na is so close to Sora as well. As for Tae Sung, he’s curious as to why Sora is so close to Se Na. Sora only feels sympathy for Se Na, who had gotten married to a prosecutor but he ended up dying while on a case.

Tae Sung: She’s ugly, isn’t she? If he left like that on their wedding day for the case, then it’s a 100% guarantee that she is.

Kaedejun: HA!

Sora: No – she’s really pretty.

Tae Sung: Really? Then that husband isn’t going to go up to heaven easily.

Kaedejun: NO KIDDING.

Tae Sung drives Sora to the bar, and as they arrive, they completely miss seeing Se Na, who stepped into a private hallway to take a business call. Tae Sung is miffed that Joon Hyuk is there too and separates him and Sora from sitting together. He even takes Sora’s shot of tequila for himself, and starts grinding the salt into a finer grain. Joon Hyuk informs them of a yacht party that weekend that was kept secret from the two of them, but Sora doesn’t want to go. Fearing that most of the guests will be from the Yang family or Yang gang, she might cause a ruckus with her presence. But Joon Hyuk convinces her: “The shareholders will all be there.”

That’s it – Tae Sung says they’re going. He has to leave first, so he warns Joon Hyuk to stay away from Sora, and warns her not to drink any alcohol. He leaves the bar, and passes right by Se Na, who’s coming out of the private hallway. She’s stunned for a moment, thinking that she saw Tae Sung, but she goes back to Joon Hyuk and Sora. She notices the finely ground salt in front of her – her Tae Sung drank like this too! But she doesn’t make the connection between Sora’s “Nam Hae” and her Tae Sung. Joon Hyuk is starting to get annoyed that there’s so many “Tae Sung’s” in his life though… haha…

Se Na wants to celebrate the two of them for saving her life at different instances, so they’ll drink like crazy! At least Joon Hyuk can handle his liquor, but Sora and Se Na can’t! Both of them start murmuring and putting their heads down on the table, and that’s when Se Na notices that Sora is not wearing rain boots. She has very small feet… hmm – an idea for Joon Hyuk perhaps? Se Na admits in her drunken state that her marriage was an arranged marriage between the families. Another drama cliche! She knew that he never liked her, because they never went away together, and they never could sit through an entire movie together. Sora can sympathize – her situation is kind of like that, and she knows a man who keeps thinking about himself rather than anyone else.

I wish you two could just see Tae Sung together!

Se Na very cutely says that she wanted to be a gangster – just so Tae Sung would chase her once! Since he seemed to like gangsters so much, perhaps he would like her as much if she were one too! It’s a desperate act, but funny and true. Sora tells her to never become one – being a gangster ruins your fashion sense, and you’d die if you disobey once!

Meanwhile, Tae Sung left early because he went to meet up with Soon Shin and Dong Baek. Soon Shin had given the list of shareholders to one of his errand boys and they found out their locations right away. One of them is President Jo – the same man who contacted Tam Hee earlier – and they locate him at a nice apartment building that he shares with… his mistress! As he leaves the building, a bunch of ahjummas – his previous wives? – all come attacking him and his mistress. Yeah, they’re not pleased. The uncles and Tae Sung quickly act and save President Jo from this mess. Score!

Back at the bar, Sora and Se Na pass out from drinking, and Joo Hee finally arrives to come pick them up. Joon Hyuk hands Se Na off to her for responsibility, as he’ll take care of Sora (of course). By the time Tae Sung returns, he finds the bar empty: “Choi Joon Hyuk… you!”

As Joon Hyuk walks Sora home, she starts singing and giving him a very enjoyable performance. Tripping included. Joon Hyuk tells her that the first time he saw her, she was a high schooler and had come up to him and his family during their vacation, looking for her mother. Despite not being the one who abandoned her, he does feel bad about it. Tae Sung arrives just in time and tells Joon Hyuk to get his hands off of her.

Joon Hyuk: You know why I haven’t said anything about your fake marriage yet? Because in two months, if it’s proven that you’re the son of Yang Man Ho, you two will break up. And even if you’re not the son, you’ll both break up anyways because I’ll reveal your fake marriage.

Kaedejun: What’s gotten bunched up in your pants?

Sora goes off wandering while these two men have their little “I’m better than you”-off, leaving Tae Sung to go looking for her. She ends up near a large stone fountain and starts talking to it as if it were Tae Sung: “Why are you following me? Is this the first time you’ve ever felt this way too?” She tells the fountain to not like her, since she’s a bit pitiful. She had found her mother while in high school and approached her for the first time, but her mother had denied ever knowing her. She felt so humiliated and hurt after that.

Sitting down, Sora starts throwing her shoes all over the place, and then falls asleep. Tae Sung quickly saves her from falling down completely and carries her home on his back. Yay – we have the piggy-back scene, people! He finds one shoe, and then brings her back home. (Joon Hyuk finds her other shoe instead and gives it to Se Na to use as reference when getting a pair of shoes made for Sora. He evades her prying questions though, and says he’ll explain it all in two months.)

Since Sora was wailing about how her hands were so ugly compared to Joo Hee’s and Se Na’s, Tae Sung decides to paint her nails while she’s asleep. So cute! He falls asleep beside her, holding her hand, as he doesn’t want her moving about and ruining the manicure he just gave her.

The next morning, a maid for Tae Sung’s apartment reports back to Tam Hee that it looks like Sora and Tae Sung are not sharing a room at all. Tam Hee orders her to dig even deeper about their relationship, and then meets Sora and Tae Sung in the lobby. Tam Hee: “Do you know what is the number one problem of our hotel, because we’re so near to the ocean? Sand grains!” No matter how much the floor is cleaned, there’s still sand everywhere. She hands the two of them some duct tape – gather all the sand grains with the duct tape! Tae Sung doesn’t want Sora to do any of the work, but she decides to help anyways, especially since Tae Sung has “work training” on top of this menial task. Besides, if her nails get ruined, Tae Sung can do it for her again!

Aww – finally some cute, lovey-dovey action for the two!

As they work on the lobby, they meet Joo Hee as she exits the elevator. Joo Hee – always causing some trouble… She mentions that Joon Hyuk had to carry her out of the bar last night, and that it could have looked very suspicious. Sora should think of Tae Sung’s reputation! Of course, Tae Sung gets all jealous, but Sora brushes it off: “I don’t remember it… so it didn’t happen!”

That’s it – he drags her off… to go shopping! If she’s someone who can’t ruin his reputation, well then she’s going to need a makeover. He gets her a whole new wardrobe and pair of shoes, and brings her to Uncle Hello Kitty for a hair makeover. While Uncle Hello Kitty works his magic, Tae Sung goes and takes a panoramic photo of Gwanghan Bridge all lit up, because it looks like a huge diamond necklace. Of course, when he goes to pick Sora up, she’s a stunner. Close your mouth, Tae Sung…

They drive over to the yacht, and with some good ol’ product placement for the Samsung Galaxy phone, he presents to her his “gift” of a necklace. They joke around, and finally it’s nice to see the two of them smiling together.

Joon Hyuk greets them at the entrance of the yacht, and when Tam Hee sees them, she nearly throws a fit again. Tae Sung says he just came to this secret yacht party to meet the shareholders, since he ought to as heir. He goes off first to find the shareholders on another floor of the boat for the meeting, and tells Sora to meet him up there in three minutes. As he leaves, once again, Se Na arrives to the party! She hands over the gift of the shoes, saying that it’s her way of thanking Sora instead of outing Joon Hyuk. Sora gets excited and puts on the shoes right away – perfect fit! Se Na: “Of course. Not everyone can be a shoe designer.” Joo Hee: *Rolls Eyes.*

Tae Sung finds the shareholders all together in one room and Mr. Bae introduces him to everyone. Already, because he has one shareholder on his side, it’ll be easy for him to get in the others’ good graces. Tae Sung begins throwing out ideas to the shareholders on what family-oriented activities they can promote at the hotel to make it more friendly to more people. The shareholders like this idea, especially since it helps eliminate the reputation the hotel has as one run by gangsters. Tae Sung says that it was all his wife’s idea, and that she is the daughter of the former president.

The shareholders don’t really care about the feud between Yang and Go families, so they ask Tae Sung to bring her in to meet them.

Sora starts piling up food on a plate so that she can bring it up to Tae Sung. Knowing that Tae Sung likes meat, she loads up on it on the plate, and avoids getting anything shellfish because he’s allergic to it. This annoys Joon Hyuk even more because all she can ever talk about is Tae Sung – or “Nam Hae” for that matter. Sora doesn’t even call Joon Hyuk by his name, referring to him by his title as Vice President, and therefore distancing herself from him. The air becomes awkward, and Sora tries to make her escape. But he takes her outside to the deck instead.

Though he has no intentions of breaking Sora and Tae Sung up just yet, he can’t help but be drawn to her constantly. He wants to be in her eyes too, instead of her putting all her attention on Tae Sung. Can’t she tell that he’s doing a lot of things to help her? He promised that he’ll get the hotel back for her, so she might as well stop this two-month long marriage before she gets hurt. He inches closer to her, and she struggles to avoid his kiss.

And suddenly she looks up – Tae Sung is watching them from the stairs.


OK – Tae Sung better punch the living daylights out of Joon Hyuk. He was standing there for a while, and he could see that Sora was struggling against Joon Hyuk’s grasp. While I can understand Joon Hyuk’s frustration with Sora because of his one-sided love for her, forcing a girl to kiss you is a big no-no. Also, I never felt like Joon Hyuk was going to try and help Sora in the long run. He’s not like Tae Sung, who is clearly doing everything because he wants to genuinely save Haeundae Hotel and help Sora. There’s no selfish intention behind it. However with Joon Hyuk, he’s got other motivations that are driving him to take control over Haeundae, and other reasons for why he’s so interested in Sora.

I want Joon Hyuk out of the picture and no misunderstandings between the couple. I need more cute moments between the two of them!

As for Se Na, her character is starting to become useless in the sense that she appears when it’s convenient – which is almost all the time – and does nothing to help propel the story forward. If you’re going to plop her back in Busan (after I thought she was shuttled off to Seoul), shouldn’t Joo Hee be more annoyed, so that we can just see how evil of a character she is? And shouldn’t she at least see Tae Sung by now so that we can have an awkward love square? I had hoped she’d be a more interesting and useful character, but right now she’s being used as a crutch: if it’s about time for Tae Sung’s polygamy to be found out, then she’s there. If Joon Hyuk needs a shoe designer, then she’s there. But she needs to be more fully fleshed out and more interesting. I’m hoping that since they’re all on a boat, there’s less places for all the characters to avoid each other.


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      Thank you for the recap!

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        still waiting for the real kiss

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    LORD STRIKE JOON HYUK DOWN AND DO SO QUICKLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love Tae Sung <3 MWAH

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    Glad misunderstandings/fights don’t last long in this drama
    And how cute are sora & taesung?!!

  4. Deeliteful

    I totally agree abot Se Na’s character. There are only so many times you can pass each other up while being in the same circle of friends.
    I’m really sad about where Joon Hyuk’s character is going…i wanted daddy long legs not creepy stalker second lead! Ugh

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    Thank you for the recap. This was the series I looked forward to the most. Plus I was actually glad we had movie actors in the drama.
    The acting is mighty fine but can’t understand why this story is not zipping along. I mean look at the promo teasers. Not to mention the transition from Mr Nice Guy to Mr force a kiss on the girl is was not even a jump. It was like he changed personality. I don’t know what is going on. However all this jarring writing is spoiling my enjoyment of the OTP romance. Plus Tae Sung regaining his memory.

    Sigh, Show, please have a nice smooth pacing this coming week. It is week 6 after all and I would really like some sort of sign that we have a romance happening. Before we hit the memory return segment of the drama.

  7. Rashell

    This episode was so cute for it’s couple moments. Tae Sung is so adorably in love with her already. And I’m fully expecting someone to end up in the ocean next episode. Sadly it will probably be Sora as she tries to keep the boys from fighting. I really enjoy this drama.

  8. Dara

    I soooo loved that nail polish scene, never saw one in Kdrama ever! Sooo romantixxxx! Love TS that he didn’t try to hide his feeling for Sora. Oh no, for JH. TS’d better not be angry at Sora next week. I really hope the writer has something for us about Se Na, at least let her do the comedy stuff for crying out loud!
    Thanks KDJ ^^

    • 8.1 Gladys

      I agree with you totally that the nail polishing scene was the 1st ever on kdrama! I am so hooked to this OTP that I am following the drama thru live streaming. That scene had me giggling like a lunatic in front of my family! TS had bought the nail varnish from a shop on his way to pick SR from the bar. He is so totally in love with her already! The way he told her tenderly as he fanned her nails dry and telling her not to misunderstand his lying on her bed just made me melt!
      I hope he is not mad with her in the next episode as he did tell her to meet him upstairs within 3 minutes.

      • 8.1.1 Dara

        Aww…yes, I was fanning myself when he blew on her nails, his voice especially soft too..Ack! *swoon*

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  10. 10 elle loves kdrama

    Boy, I love this show! I am glad we finally get to see the OTP being all cute, even for a few minutes.
    Although, if I didn’t know any better, I’d wonder if the new Samsun Galaxy is actually the real star of the show… He gets a lot screen time!

  11. 11 ilikemangos

    This was my favorite episode of the series thus far. Why? because:

    1. The writer decides it’ll be better for everyone if they band together and become spies in order to snatch haeundae out of the enemy’s grasp. (I just found the whole gangster family/tae sung so adorable. and god, i missed that with the last few episodes.)
    2. our first EVER guy-polishes-girl’s-nails scene in k-drama land. i swear to god, i was just “aww” the whole time. Gosh, tae sung, why so cute?!
    3. sora get’s a makeover!
    4. Let the marriage contract/hijinks begin! Again!

    BTW — i got so weirded out by joon hyuk’s sudden force on her. i mean, i understand one would get frustrated by being on a one-sided love triangle, but I thought it to be a BIT of a character inconsistency considering he’s always so polite! It sort of came out of no where, and i was left scratching my head.

    • 11.1 Haruka

      Totally loving this drama even though i’m late and thanking dramabeans for introducing me to new dramas, Tae Sung is love, he’s such an awesome and adorable character, i also love the fishery gangster family, So Ra and her Uncles, totally pissed off with JH, he’s like your typical second lead, clingy to the max, acting nice and all in the start but as soon as they find out that the heroine is in love with the first lead they start showing their true colours, i have to admit that i’ve loved some of the second leads in Kdramas but most of the time i don’t even take them seriously, i love the actor who is playing JH but i’m totally hating his character in this drama, i think he is a very pampered guy who can’t handle being rejected because he thinks no girl could resist him, i’ve seen those kinds of guys in real life and also seen countless times how they get put in their place because they happen to flirt with girls who don’t give a shit about them, i’m sure he’ll also be put in his place in the next episode by So Ra like before, he lost my respect since the beginning tbh when even though he heard that So Ra was Tae Sung’s fiancee he was still confessing to her and stuff, tring to steal somebody’s fiancee is as low as you can get, anyway other than that i’m loving this drama…

  12. 12 Lilly

    Interesting that closet bad guy could force Sora and Tam Hee to have to work together on something. That could end up with something funny to see. Hard to imagine them taking two steps in the same direction without fighting with each other.

  13. 13 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap! But no screencap of Taesung tugging at the neck of his robe to expose more skin? Rawr!

    I wish they would take Sena out. I’m glad she isn’t evil, but she really isn’t contributing much to the show except make me feel bad that she cried over a person who really wasn’t dead. And I really want her and Sora to be BFFs, but no doubt it’s going to be awkward with them sharing the same husband. I initially wanted her to get with Joon-hyuk too, but he’s just a creep now. Now I’m not sure what to do with her. Maybe she’ll marry the maknae uncle.

    Joon-hyuk…..seriously, just because your stepmom abandoned her daughter doesn’t mean you can treat her that way. Then again, she is a woman who is allowing her stepson to go to Busan to acquire a hotel that once belonged to her husband. Not the most tasteful thing to do…

    Anyways, LOVE all the Sora and Taesung scenes. I’m glad that even by episode 10, we still get those kinds of cute couple-y scenes of when the couple aren’t really together yet. I love how loyal they are to each other too. Like when Joon-hyuk made Sora that offer to get back her hotel from the Yang’s, and she chose Taesung because they promised each other.

    • 13.1 Haruka

      Yes, i really love that part where So Ra respectfully declined JH’s offer by saying she has already made a promise to TS, that should have been a sign to JH that she is in love with TS, or maybe he knows that he can’t win her heart the right way so he is resorting to his true self, i’e forcing the girl to like him which is like the worst idea ever, i’m also having a hard time understanding his mom who left So Ra and the family and now wants them back?? or something like that, don’t understand what her deal is, i’m sure the drama will make a sob story out of her to make her look like a nice mother or some shit but seeing how hurt So Ra looks thinking about her mother’s abandonment of her family i don’t think i would like the mom’s character at all.

  14. 14 midwestmz

    Ok, so now we know a little, and I mean a little bit more about the characters and ‘back grounds’?

    Se Na, arranged marriage. Reason for detachment and ‘I don’t care’ appearing feeling between her and Tae Sung in the opening episodes. But scheeees, how often does she need to pop up and not progress in any form?

    Uncle Hello Kitty, thought was going to do an imitation of whatshisface scissor hands. The job suits him though, or the character.

    So Ra, oh how sad . . . . She found her mom, was thrown away for a 2nd time in her life, and this is where Joon Hyuk first started loving her????? She has a very bright, once settled, figured out, resolved, explained, confessed future with Nam Hee!!

    On to the surprise, and looser winner, Joon Hyuk. Boy talk about something in a farm animals clothing. (wolf to lamb!) Initially a ’staying‘ in the background character, then seemingly trying to help So Ra, then twisted confessions, now a real bounder/masher!! I say Nam Hee should introduce him to Mr. Deck/ed, and help him get cleaned up by a little fresh water on his face boo boo!

    Know how to swim son?

  15. 15 toystar

    Thanks for the recap!! Wow EP 10 great acting! I am cheering for our OTP couple So-Ra and Tae-Sung
    Joon-Hyuk why???

  16. 16 mel

    Joon Hyuk sure took a turn for the creepy and ruined his chances early. He can go away forever and take his stupid glasses with him. Thinking maybe Se Na will play more of a role towards the end since she has no point so far. That whole sharing the same husband thing (and TS’s daddy issues and promising Sena he’d come back) is bound to cause more problems with Sora and Tae Sung than Joon Hyuk is you’d think.

    • 16.1 danny

      I agree with you about Sena, how long will this drama used her, i cannot count anymore how many times they tease the viewers of SENA almost meeting Tae-sung and here’s always something coming up. Can you please get over with it drama, it 10 eps now.

      I cannot understand the role of the secretary, she knows everything about tae-sung, and she’s a friend of Sena as well as the other lead . So what is she hoping to achieved? Get Tae-sung for herself.

      Ass for the VP, tsk tsk, why did he blow -up, at this point he can;t get the girl anymore, well, it’s not his for this drama anyway.

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    I am really glad I got hooked to this drama as I know the writer of City Hunter wont disappoint me. But I am sad it is not given the love it’s due.
    The characters are so likeable even Tam Hee! I think Sena will have bigger role soon as this is inly ep 10.
    I am completely won over by our OTP here! Sora is so sincere and motherly when taking care of Nam Hae and Nam Hae trusts and follows her like a duckling to its mother.
    Kudos to KKW and JYJ for their realistic on screen chemistry!

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