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Channel A launches omnibus sitcom
by | November 11, 2012 | 29 Comments

Hwang Bora recently wrapped up a supporting role in Arang and the Magistrate (as the shaman with limited powers), and now she’s heading to cable as a main lead.

She’ll headline a romantic comedy series titled I’ll Tell You Something Shocking for Channel A, which despite all appearances is still managing to hang in there with its original programming. Hwang will play a lovable dating columnist who dispenses advice on how to cultivate romance, though in true rom-com fashion, in real life the character has never even had a boyfriend.

The concept sounds cute, if completely familiar. But perhaps the format will set this show apart from its premise, because it’s actually going to be an omnibus series. That means there’ll be several “corners” (segments featuring their own stories and with their own leads) which are organized under the topics of “Romance Operation,” “Melody in My Memory,” and “Guide to Living.”

It’s an intriguing concept for a sitcom; I suppose it’ll be akin to those shows that are strung together in vignettes. Almost like SNL’s short skit format, except each segment recurs in every episode. I like the idea of very short stories (I’m guessing that three segments means each one gets about 10 minutes an episode), which seems well-suited for slice-of-life stories. Less drama, more small beats and gradual developments.

Hwang’s segment is “Romance Operation” and will co-star Heo Jung-min, the former member of short-lived pop group Moonchild (from the early 2000s).

“Melody in My Memory” features a few more former pop stars, singer Kim Won-jun, DJ DOC’s KimChang-ryul, and R.ef’s Sung Dae-hyun. They play a trio of friends who somehow end up traveling back and forth in time. Huh, and I thought we’d seen the last of the time-slip shows.

“Guide to Living” is described merely as a depiction of the daily struggles and encounters of a coy young woman (Yoo Yeon-ji — remember bratty designer Nara in Baby-Faced Beauty?).

Channel A hasn’t had an auspicious inaugural year since it launched last December, with a lot more disappointments in its drama lineup (Panda and Hedgehog, Color of Woman, Bachelor’s Vegetable Store, Goodbye Wife) than successes (in fact, have there been any?). I’m half-expecting to hear that it’ll be shutting down operations any day now, actually, perhaps alongside the similarly struggling MBN. (The other two general-programming cable stations to launch last year, JTBC and TV Chosun, have had more promising track records). But Channel A is still truckin’ along, and looking for its hit.

I’m not sure this sitcom will be the thing to pull it out of its slump, but I’m always interested to hear in format experimentation. What does it have to lose by tinkering with narrative structure? It sounds like a cute idea — although as with anything, execution is always the deciding factor.

I’ll Tell You Something Shocking will premiere mid-November.

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29 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. nomu nomu nomu

    Hwang Bora was adorable in Arang.

    unfortunately her next project is on Channel A.
    Channel A??? more like Channel M (for Makjang)

    • 1.1 nomu nomu nomu

      For those new to Channel A, take everything you here on their pre-release promotional material with a grain of salt.

      basically, if they show you fluffy bunnies and unicorns, expect car crashes and birth secrets instead.

      • 1.1.1 Mystisith

        I think they started to learn their lesson: Panda and Hedgehog was all sweet and cute. The casting was good and the writing average +.
        I don’t know about that new sitcom tho. Will have to wait to get a better idea: Strange animal.

        • nomu nomu nomu

          Panda and Hedgehog, the cast was good. The story did go makjang on us though. I won’t spoil any details for anyone, but I’ll say there’s plenty of crazy plot twists

          • Hanjae

            I adored Panda and Hedgehog – sweet, fluffy and not much substance, but enjoyable. The story definitely had a number of makjang twists, but surprisingly it managed to stay relatively laid back and toned down in execution rather than getting overwrought, which I liked. I think it’s because characters actually talked to each other and eliminated misunderstandings quickly – I never thought I’d see that in a drama.

            I can’t say I felt the same about Bachelor’s Vegetable Store and Color of Woman, though. And JB forgot to mention The Strongest K-POP Survival. *shudders* Now that was an unmitigated disaster.

  2. MsB

    I’d watch this just for her!

  3. Addylovesbwood

    I’ll still give it a shot if someone subs it online 🙂

    • 3.1 Daisy

      There is a really low chance of that happening since its a cable sitcom and no celebrity with a huge fan base is in it.it sucks but unless Dramafever subs it we will probably not be able to see it 🙁

  4. crazedlu

    Bachelor’s. -_-;

  5. scircus

    I’d want to check it out to see how the formatting plays out and stuff, because it sounds, y’know simple and nice.

  6. kakashi

    I really like her! And wish her luck.
    However… I tried so hard to like The Veggie Boys and the Coloful Women, but Channel A and I … there just is no chemistry.

  7. InSu

    I love the faces she makes and the way she delivers her lines are hilarious. I feel sorry for those who read the subs and don’t get to see her face.

  8. reallycool

    jTBC and tvN ftw. Padam Padam and Queen In Hyun’s Man =P

  9. girlatsea

    Loved her in Arang. Hope it does well~

  10. 10 DayDreamer

    One thing I’m glad Dramabeans does is put a face and name to previous shows….my relatively new experience with kdramas make some (read: a lot) of faces unrecognizable outside their character looks. So when I looked at Hwang Bora up there, I was like, “Is that really the shaman? *squints* Oh yeah….it’s really her.” Lol. I thought she was cute in Arang, with what her poutiness and all. And she looks mighty fine here too.

    I’m not a big fan of sitcoms and from what I see, a lot of people here aren’t into Channel A either…so it’s a pass for me as well.

  11. 11 Bugger

    People, do some research, for God’s sake.

    MBN and Channel A are achieving great success in terms of ratings thanks to their variety programs. One of them has an average of over 3%. MBN is almost doubling tvN’s daily average rating.

    • 11.1 meji_era

      Variety programs, maybe. But the reason why MBN and Channel A had huge ratings success is because of their news and current affairs programs. Almost 70% of MBN’s programs are News and Docus which rate between 1-2%. Channel A’s , on the other hand, rates between 1-3 percent.

      In fact, MBN and Channel A are the No.1 and No.2 General Cable channels as of the moment, thanks to their News and Current affairs shows.

  12. 12 cg

    Hwang bora was very cute in My Girl….so it’s good to see her in main role 🙂
    Also..i’m liking the concept of this show…..hopefully it’s gonna be good!!

    • 12.1 mary

      We’re also happy that she’s finally getting a lead role. :’)

      She was cute in My Girl. I wonder what her dongsaeng in My Girl is up to nowadays…

      • 12.1.1 cg

        ya…..he was very cute as well 🙂

  13. 13 rjyuggy

    Hwang Bora is part of my bias list now….so I will definitely watch this.

  14. 14 ricky

    This really sounds interesting, definitely something I want to watch. Love the idea of hwang bora getting a lead role. And I agree, the execution is what really makes or breaks a show. Here’s hoping it will be a successful show all around!

  15. 15 bishbash

    And OCN has some really good action/thriller/mystery dramas!

    Though overall I like jTBC’s dramas most. Childless Comfort is good stuff. HA! SUK! JIN!

    • 15.1 jomo

      Where are you watching it, or are you watching raws?
      I adore HSJ.

      • 15.1.1 bishbash

        Watching with Chinese subs…

        I can no longer see Ha Suk Jin without thinking of his character in Standby =X

  16. 16 Arhazivory

    I’m glad that the channel is hanging in there. Don’t ever give up.

  17. 17 jomo

    I really like her. Really.
    She is just so good at everything.
    Her comic timing is fabulous, she can do pathos, and if they let her be the lead, I am sure she can pull off regular sexy instead of funny sexy. She commands attention.
    I liked her a lot in Love Marriage, too.
    Has she done stage work?

  18. 18 liza

    Hwang was funnnny in Arang and finding more about her wa on my to do list. just to see her again, i will give the new drama a play.

  19. 19 Tamara

    Hi I love Hwang Bo ra she´s so funny and cute, Do you know where i can see the show?. I can´t find it yet,

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