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Level 7 Civil Servant: Episode 6
by | February 7, 2013 | 90 Comments

Now that the show is capitalizing on its central premise, it feels like we’re finally getting into the right rom-com groove. As the attraction starts to grow, so does the conflict between country and comrade, and our heroine finds herself trapped before she’s even decided where she stands.

Finale week brought a swap in the ratings game: Jeon Woo-chi regained first place with its final episode today, coming in at 15.2%, and Level 7 Civil Servant came in second with 14.3%. The Great Seer brought in the rear at 8.8% with its finale.


While Seo-won and Gil-ro go on their movie date, the NIS agents start taking down the cosmetics storefront. Do-ha grumps that you can’t just force people on dates, and Sun-mi catches his nervousness that Seo-won might succeed on her Mission: Seduce Ex-Comrade.

Young-soon primps for yet another blind date, and sighs that the whole mission is cruel to both parties—having Seo-won betray the man she likes, and having Gil-ro watch his father not knowing he’s the bad guy.

Well at least we know now that even if team captain Won-seok is running a rogue operation on the side, Young-soon is in on it.

Seo-won and Gil-ro head to a café, where she asks how he tracked her. He puffs up proudly, saying that if he hadn’t gotten kicked out of training back then, he’d be 007 by now. She muses that it might’ve been a better path for him than being just another corporate suit.

He swears up and down that he’s not like his father, and the reason he refuses to inherit Dad’s company is because Dad doesn’t know how to distinguish between clean and dirty money—to him, it’s all just money.

Seo-won sees it differently, that he could choose to do something because he really likes the work, rather than considering everything in terms of money. Er, isn’t that more your problem in life?

He fixates on her habit of eating the whipped cream off the top of her drink and asks why she does it, and she bites back for him to stop being interested in anything she does. “Han Gil-ro, I’m warning you: you can’t like me! And I can’t like you. We can’t, ever.”

He asks why, and she starts to say, “Truthfully…” but trails off and sighs that he doesn’t trust her anyway, so what’s the point? Gil-ro: “I trust you now.” Ack, you’re making it worse. He sees the dab of whipped cream on her lips and reaches over, all prepared to play the rom-com hero…

But she freaks out at the sudden movement and grabs his wrist and twists it back until he screams in pain and falls to the ground. Hahahaha. What a reversal on the classic scene.

He gets up, mortified, and mutters, “What’re you, showing off your training?” He stands his chair back up, and then plops down in this mini tantrum, with clopping feet and whiny voice.

She says he’s the one who attacked without warning, and he gapes: “My coming near you is an attack?” She points out that he did hold her hand without permission, while he wonders why those things can’t happen naturally.

Gil-ro decides to just shoot straight, and offers up that if she’s playing hard to get, he can handle it, but if she doesn’t like him… “then I can make you like me.” Pffft. And you were doing so well in the first half of that sentence. *facepalm*

She insists it’s neither, but just that she’s not in a place in her life to be in a relationship. She says that there’s this unni she knows, who didn’t date for a really long time. She thinks the reason is clearer now, and she understands why that unni chose not to date, rather than being unable to.

Cut to: Young-soon on her blind date. Hee. She’s not exactly thrilled to be sitting across from a balding middle-aged man, but it gets even worse when he turns out to be a balding middle-aged man who calls her OLD.

He starts to inch closer to her, so she grabs her phone to serve as a distraction, and calls Seo-won to check in on her date with Gil-ro. When she hears that it’s about to end, she tells Seo-won to take him home and make him dinner or something.

Seo-won whines that she can’t, so Young-soon loses her cool: “Do you think men like Gil-ro are everywhere? Is he short? Old? Rude? IS HE BALD?!”

She growls at her to stop complaining or else, and it’s enough to scare her into inviting Gil-ro over. He doesn’t get the sudden change, but isn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth, so he quickly agrees. I love that when she’s upset Seo-won reverts to her country accent, and Gil-ro mimics it when he answers.

She makes him wait outside while she speed-cleans, and once he’s finally let inside, he zooms straight over to her bed and plops down. She immediately reaches for a newspaper and starts rolling it up to use as a weapon.

He says he’s just giving her a housewarming gift, and takes out a stuffed monkey to leave in her bed, telling it to stay right there at all times and keep other boys out. Hee, so cute.

But when he tucks it in bed under the covers, he finds the pile of laundry she hid there, and out comes black lacy lingerie. He pulls it out wide-eyed, and then does a dance with it. Could you be any more of a child?

Seo-won freaks out and attacks with the rolled-up newspaper, and he goes down bloody, as is their usual pattern by now.

Moments later, the monkey is positioned head-down in punishment, and Gil-ro has a tissue stuffed up his nose. He pouts at her idea of making him dinner—ramyun with instant rice—and decides to take over the cooking.

She watches in amazement as he dons an apron and actually starts to cook, and presents her with three complete dishes out of the measly ingredients she had.

But when she tastes the food, her expression is rather dark. She covers it up, insisting that it tastes good, but he says that isn’t likely—he learned to cook in the army, so there’s no way it would taste good. Ha.

Still, he says it’s the first time he’s cooked for a woman, and that gets a smile out of her. They share a laugh over his army-trained speedy but terrible cooking.

He looks around the apartment and remembers something from their NIS training, when they were told not to leave any traces of themselves behind. He says that she isn’t an agent anymore, so she should make memories and have photographs and start leaving traces behind, because her home doesn’t feel like hers.

President Han sits in his office late that night, thinking over Mi-rae’s warning that if he doesn’t comply with her demands, she’ll go straight to Gil-ro next. He calls his scientist buddy for a meeting.

Do-ha and Sun-mi keep watch over the scientist’s house, waiting for any suspicious activity. Sun-mi takes advantage of the stakeout to draw a sketch of Do-ha. Aw, does she have a crush?

Gil-ro returns the next day to buy ten more sets of cosmetics, to be credited to Seo-won. Mostly it just annoys the NIS agents that he keeps coming back. He comes to work and distributes them as holiday gifts for his team, which raises Seo-won’s hackles.

She complains that he’s trying to buy her, while he thinks she’s being overly sensitive. So he finally relents and lets her repay him, to the tune of 650 dollars. Suddenly she’s stuffing her money back into her wallet and running off to answer her phone.

It’s her old friend Jin-ju calling, and she comes by to ask her to get her NIS agent friends to sign up for her matchmaking service. Seo-won insists she’s not a government employee anymore, but Jin-ju says her mom told her otherwise. Hm, this could get complicated.

Mi-rae makes sure to warn President Han about the danger to his family if he doesn’t comply, and sends him off to his meeting.

Seo-won calls her parents and says with exasperation to stop telling people about her job, while Mom passes the blame onto Jin-ju, saying she said it was a secret. Listen, if your parents are going to be a security leak, shouldn’t you just lie and say you’re working at your cover job?

Before heading back inside, she happens to overhear Mi-rae making a phone call. All she hears is that President Han is on the move, before Mi-rae spots her and she rushes away awkwardly.

The NIS team sees President Han and the scientist on the move at the same time, and Won-seok calls Gil-ro (while he happens to be writing a card to Dad along with a New Year’s present) to do his job and follow him.

So he does, not thinking much of it, and just misses catching the elevator ride up with Dad. Someone else manages to make it in time though—it’s JJ, who follows Dad just a few steps behind.

When they’re alone, he pulls out a knife and stabs him, just to serve as a sick warning: “Next is your son.” He’s still standing above him when Gil-ro arrives and sees Dad bleeding from the gut.

He tells Dad to hold on, and goes after JJ. They duke it out in the stairwell, and he loses pretty quickly. Augh, that’s not what Gaksital would do! I can’t help it; my brain struggles with that disparity.

JJ gets away, and Gil-ro calls Won-seok to relay his position and the man’s description, before running back to Dad.

Do-ha is following the scientist when he gets sent the description of JJ as his first priority, and turns around. Sun-mi gets the same description, and she’s the first to run into him in the parking garage.

She radios Do-ha and attacks JJ, but he quickly overtakes her. Thankfully Do-ha arrives before she gets stabbed, but their fight doesn’t end any better, and soon JJ has Sun-mi as a hostage.

He slits her wrist as insurance for his getaway, and despite her pleading for Do-ha to go after him, he stays to keep her alive.

Seo-won receives the same NIS text while she’s in the office, and remembers Mi-rae’s phone call. She sneaks in to search Gil-ro’s office and opens his locked drawer to take a picture of Mi-rae’s personnel file.

She discovers the half-written card on his desk, addressed to his loving father and apologizing for being a bad son and promising to be better in the new year.

Gil-ro watches over Dad in the hospital, his shirt covered in Dad’s blood from carrying him to safety. Won-seok comes to check on him and Gil-ro sighs that he became too careless, after a year of uneventful watching.

Seo-won arrives at the hospital just as Won-seok is leaving, and I can’t tell if she sees him or not. I’m assuming not, otherwise she’d have questions, right? She stops short when she sees Gil-ro sitting there, and turns back around.

Do-ha sits by Sun-mi’s hospital bedside, and she asks why he jumped in to save her from being stabbed in the face. (He had made the argument that she’s a woman, as if that would stop a terrorist.)

He explains now that it was because having a facial scar would make her instantly recognizable, and make it hard for her to continue covert fieldwork. She pouts, having expected a more because-you’re-pretty type answer.

And then she turns around and grumps that he shouldn’t have stayed to save her, because she hates that in movies men are always saving women, like women are simply passive objects needing rescue.

Do-ha corrects her that it’s not the case in all movies, citing My Sassy Girl as evidence. Pfft.

Gil-ro cautiously touches Dad’s hand while he’s asleep, but shrinks back when he wakes, which kind of breaks my heart. Dad can only think of the threat to Gil-ro’s life, and does what he does best—pushes his son away, with gruff nagging that it’s more uncomfortable if he’s around.

Gil-ro takes it badly, and says he won’t come back ever, and storms out. He finds Seo-won waiting outside the room, and she makes sure to ask if he’s okay. They head outside for some fresh air… but someone is watching them. It’s JJ, standing just outside Dad’s hospital room, dressed as a doctor.

Seo-won wonders if it’s okay for him to leave his Dad alone, and Gil-ro sighs that Dad prefers it this way. He tells her that when he was little, he’d see the other kids at the public bath with their dads, and he asked his dad once if they could go together.

Dad just shoved money at him instead, telling him to go alone because he didn’t have the time, and when he did, the ajusshi there asked if he didn’t have a father. Gil-ro: “I said I didn’t. For my dad and me… it’s easier that way.”

She hands him a bag of clothes to change into, and he dies laughing at her terrible fashion sense, but of course refuses to give them back. He brings up the money she’s supposed to repay him (on her own insistence), and instead apologizes: “I thought I could buy time with money, like my father. Like an idiot.”

She tells him he’s not an idiot, and admits that it’s because she was afraid that spending more and more time with him would start to change their friendship. He pouts, suggesting that she save friendship for her dog.

Won-seok gets reamed for botching the mission, and though the director tells him to give it all up, Won-seok doggedly sighs that it’s his team and his mission. His spirits are lifted when he comes out and gets greeted happily by all the rest of his trainees, now analysts at headquarters.

Gil-ro returns to work in the morning, and checks his office security footage, as is his habit every day. Only this time, he finds Seo-won snooping around in his office, looking every bit the secret spy. OH SHIT.

Do-ha comes by with beer to check on Seo-won. He tries to convince her to hurry along the mission, but she hems and haws, worried about betraying Gil-ro. She says that sure, he’s childish and kind of an ass, but he’s cute too, and has some depth. She quickly adds that she doesn’t like him or anything. Uh-huh.

Do-ha tells her about Sun-mi getting injured, and says that they’re all in danger the longer she drags the mission out. He says that more than Gil-ro, it’s her colleagues she should be worried about. He hands her a gun, insisting that she keep it for protection.

Suddenly her doorbell rings. It’s Gil-ro, demanding to come inside. They panic, and she shoves Do-ha back into the closet. This time it’s filled with clothes, so they literally have to stuff him in there.

She lets Gil-ro in and he charges inside, demanding to know what her deal is—why did she come to his company? Who is she? What is she really doing there?

She counters defensively, but he notes two beer cans sitting on her table, and asks if someone is here. She says no, and then of all moments, her closet door pops open. Eep.

He runs over to open it, and she barely manages to block him. It turns into hand-to-hand combat, where they each take turns gaining the upper hand.

It lands them in bed, one on top of the other and back and forth. He turns the tables and sits on top of her, demanding to know what she’s really up to.

Just then, her parents arrive, having decided to pay her a surprise visit. Oh crap. This isn’t what it looks like! But in two seconds flat, Dad has Gil-ro by a fistful of hair and starts beating the crap out of him. Pfft.

And then, just when you think things can’t get any worse… Do-ha pops out of the closet and spills out onto the floor, and suddenly it looks like she’s got two men in her room at the same time.

Dad freaks out and grabs Do-ha, so now he has both guys by the scruff, one in each hand, and then Mom yanks Seo-won by her hair so she can’t get away.

HAHAHAHA. Okay, that’s pretty damn funny.


That is not how I expected that last scene to go. While the tone of Level 7 Civil Servant is overall too silly to be taken very seriously, it does do a good job of turning the expected rom-com setup on its head, whether it’s whipped cream kisses or double-boyfriend three-way misunderstandings. In moments like that I appreciate the show’s light touch. And really, thank goodness it’s a comedy, because let’s face it: never has there been such a group of terrible spies. It’s just a good thing that there are only two bad guys to contend with.

I’m starting to warm to Seo-won and Gil-ro’s connection, when they slow down enough to reveal tiny earnest tidbits of themselves. And I’m definitely liking Seo-won more now that she’s struggling with the choice between staying on mission or protecting Gil-ro from getting hurt, because it’s got the extra layer of forcing herself to ignore her feelings for his sake. It sort of makes her seem like she’s playing him hot and cold, because one minute she’s following orders and going on dates, and the next minute she’s pushing him away because she feels a pang of guilt. It’s funny, but it’s also a good way to keep that tension going, where she can’t actually give into her feelings for a valid reason, and one that we can respect. She genuinely doesn’t want to hurt him, and that makes me like her.

Do-ha isn’t making it any easier when he points out that as her teammates get injured, it becomes more directly their safety versus Gil-ro. That seems to be the sticking point for them—she still sees Gil-ro as one of them, while he doesn’t. I don’t blame him either, because I don’t think it’s wrong, and for as much as he’s jealous, he’s not acting for his personal gain.

I’m just looking forward to how the boys’ old rivalry will reignite, given the bedroom hijinks that closed the episode. Assuming that somehow Seo-won manages to convince Gil-ro that she isn’t a spy, there’s the unmistakable boyfriend in the closet that she has to explain, not to mention with her parents present. Just trying to imagine what on earth you could say to explain that situation cracks me up. There’s just nothing, save for turning Do-ha into a pervert/thief/stalker, the poor guy. Maybe he’ll get to play the boyfriend after all, which would be a fun addition to the crazy mountain of lies.


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      But Han Gil Ro is not Lee Kang To and his alter ego Gaksitaaaaal.

      Yesterday’s episode is hilarious.

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        Gawd, how much I miss Gaksital. I really can’t move on T.T
        It’s just that it was so different from what we’re used to…

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    It is just so sad, in this day and age, that an attractive, intelligent, combat-trained Romulan woman cannot find a James T. Kirk of her own through a dating service.

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      LOLZ! Well her blind date was wearing a *blue shirt* — Science & Medical …so, her matchmaker needs to send her a *golden-rod* instead.
      (nerd jokes for the WIN)

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    I didn’t expect anything groundbreaking from this series, but is possible that this is the first appearance ever of black lingerie on a primetime Korean network television show?

    • 8.1 Ivoire

      This might be along the same lines, they also showed (clearly) women’s sexy underwear in A gentleman’s Dignity.

      • 8.1.1 Quiet Thought

        Rats. I skipped that series, but now I’m torn between curiosity over how a Kdrama would handle that and the certain knowledge that I’ll feel like a pervert running through episodes just to check it out.

      • 8.1.2 Ivoire

        LOL, Quiet Thought 🙂

        And I think they also showed sexy women’s underwear in Personal Taste, when the heroine goes shopping with her best friend (in case something goes down with her roommate, played by LMH).

        LOL at your comment about you being torn 🙂 Ah… the dilemmas of life, so challenging, aren’t they? :-). May I suggest that you go through the recaps first and look for a scene where Im Tae-san and Hong Se-ra have an argument about marriage (he wants to get married, she doesn’t) in the kitchen and they end up leaving, with the food uncooked (I think). Kim Do-jin and Seo Yi-soo come in later and he (KDJ) goes to her room (to put his jacket I think, so it won’t smell like food) and she suddenly remembers that she left her sexy lingerie on the bed, laid out, which he of course sees. I will let you find out what happens then. Also, before that there is actually a scene where Hong Se-ra and Seong Yi-soo go shopping for sexy underwear, and you can find out what happened after that (and during the shopping) as well.

        I hope this was helpful, and I hope I didn’t spoil you too much. Happy hunting ((for those 2 scenes 🙂 ). Let me know how that went :-)…

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    I agree, this drama keeps getting better, so far. At first episode, I was left dismissive and thought that I will comeback later after the finale and watch them all in back to back marathon. Or just wait for dramabeans review, that is. But Choi Kang Hee is that kind of actress whose dramas/movies are good ones but always rater slow paced. Especially the one with Kim Min Jong in it, so rewarding at the end. So, I gamble and tuned in. And my reward from this episode is obviously the last fight scene. Talk about some Mr & Mrs Smith here! Awesome! Thanks for all the recaps, girlfriday & dramabeans!

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    This is a very, very silly series, but there are a half-dozen good comedy actors working the camera in this episode. It is good fun watching Joo-won and Kang-Hee making faces at each other and wrestling on the bed, and, without the English subtitles, I don’t have to get irriated by the inane dialogue and plot.

    • 11.1 Ivoire

      Hi Quiet Thought, what did you mean by a 1/2 dozen good comedy actors “working the camera?” Please… (explain) 🙂 (and thanks).

      • 11.1.1 Quiet Thought

        The two leads, the two instructors, and the farmer parents, among others, are deliberately over-playing their reactions to spice up the comedy scenes. You can tell when they are doing a funny scene even without knowing the language. When it works for you, you call it “great comedy acting.” When it doesn’t, you call it “mugging for the camera.”

        • daniela

          So true! I skip those scenes.

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    • 13.1 Dominique

      In this day and age when the distance (physical as well as psychological) between Seoul and the rest of the tiny nation disappears each day and when everyone in South Korea more less looks, dresses and consumes the same, why does this actress look like a street urchin in a role that does not call for a street urchin? And her voice!

    • 13.2 9to5

      my exact thoughts… its not that i’m against an older actress with a younger actor.. but it’s the fact they are trying to play her off as a much younger character when she clearly LOOKS her age – 10 years older than Joowon… so i dont feel the chemistry, and it’s even worse for the connection between her and Chansung since he’s even younger than Joowon!

      • 13.2.1 skelly

        I’ll turn that argument on it’s head – I think she is OK, I think it is the boys who are just too young-looking to really carry this off. Honestly, I had to laugh when they talk about Army training in the backstory for these guys, when they both look like they can barely shave. Even spy comedies usually choose spies who won’t get carded at the MiniMart.

        • gie

          i very much agree w/ you. there’s nothing wrong w/ the girl coz her age just fits the role, the boys are the one too young to be casted for their role.

        • Quiet Thought

          Good point. There’s a reason James Bond has never been played by a actor under thirty. The skills he has and the responsibility he is always given simply wouldn’t be credible in a character any younger than that.

        • Ivoire

          Don’t some of the boys/men enlist for their military service in South Korea after High School? That would make them between 18 and 20 years old, no? (case in point, Yoo Seung-Ho’s enlistment in the MS), So in the context of the drama, wouldn’t the military training make sense/be believable?

        • nija

          Finally someone pointed that out. I get sick and tired of people always blaming the actress of being/looking too old instead of the actor being too young.
          When Gil ros father said “you’re 30 now” I had to laugh, because Joo Won looks nowhere near 30 (or 28).
          It was the same with Faith. LMH (and I really do like him) was and looked just too young for his part, while the lead actress was just the age you would expect from a doctor.

          Interesting enough, that nobody complains if the actor is 10 or more years older than the actress.

          Why is that so? Maybe because the people complaining are younger, so it’s easier for them to identify with a younger actress? I wish they would stop, because I find it sad, that females are always picking on other females.

      • 13.2.2 ilikemangos

        On the contrary, episode 5/6 was more bearable in terms of chemistry.There’s obviously a growing attraction (on seo-won’s end) that is more believable than gil-ro’s..
        slowly but surely.. I think all we need is more REALLY funny scenes like the last scene in this episode. Ha
        Your mind shows you stuff you want to see, really.

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    – I do wish the female lead was someone younger and more physically professional. I don’t really like choi kanghee in general bc she kind of over-acts in her dramas and I just can’t relate. She doesnt really scream ‘kickass’ to me.
    – I do like juwon though. I laughed at your gaksital reference. Yuppp gaksital was so much cooolerrrrr
    – JJ creeps me out. Wtf is with the ashes, ew. And he seemed ti be the softie before, but now he’s deadlier than his sister, who was the most vengeful immediately after the brothers death. A bit inconsistent…
    – is the evil sister going to fall in love with gilro… Or is it too late for that development now?
    – QUESTIONNN: can someone explain to me why the scientist and Han juman are important to the evil guys? Im very lost. Hanjuman was just a stepping stone right? He didn’t do anything wrong to the evil ppls parents…? Please explain!

    • 18.1 Bengbeng

      the scientist can create weapon for mass destructions and the father, Han Jooman can manufacture it. I think the baddies wants to use it to destroy NIS. He didn’t do anything bad, however, when the bestfriend of Won-seok got killed, the report that he received is that Jooman lured the bestfriend to his death. Hence, Won-seok suddenly dismissing Gil-ro in the academy and use him to get to the father. So technically both Gilro and Jooman are baits. I just he care enough for Gilro to see his worth.

      • 18.1.1 Ivoire

        Thank you for explaining this, I didn’t realize I didn’t understand this part of the plot that well, until I read your comment. Thanks!

    • 18.2 daniela

      I don’t like Choi Kanhee too, not for her age but for over reacting. In PTB she was the same. Here, for the sake of the fun I keep on avoiding to watch her to much (she looks like crying all the time).

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    I’m officially hooked.

    Will her parents call her by her real name.. Kyung Ja??!! Kyung Ja/Seo Won/Jung Won tells Gil Ro that her dad is a Diplomat turned Farmer, I cant wait to see Gil Ro’s reaction to that.. Dun dun dun.

    After the super badass Lee Kang To, Joo Won back with Han Gil Ro. Awesome.

    Joo Won never fails me with his intense acting. He did broody roles like nobody’s business. In L7CS he plays the playful Gil Ro.. ah, so entertaining.

    I just want to pat your butt.. eh no, your back for doing such a good job so far Joo Wonie.

    Happy Lunar New Year everybody 🙂

    • 22.1 ilikemangos

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      I’m seeing their relationship (slowly) in a new light. haha

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    • 25.1 Ace

      Ah, so many questions about your experience but I don’t know where to start. Hahaha! I’m actually feeling the blood rushing to my face just by imagining the situation. 😉

  26. 26 linda macy

    This ep was hilarious. I had my doubts about the lead actress but think she is doing an outstanding job. This series would loose a lot of its charm if one of those Barbie types had been cast in the role. This drama has all of the wonderful quirky, tongue-in cheek of the original 007 or Get Smart. Love, love this drama and a nice change up for Joo Won after the deep and very dark Bridal Mask. Kudos to ChanSung…he is amazing as the 2nd lead Do Ha. This is so worth the watch.

    • 26.1 skelly

      I can see Get Smart, but cringe at any comparisons to 007 – certainly not the original, which had more dark humor then slapstick. You must be thinking of those terrible mid-70’s Bonds with Roger Moore.

    • 26.2 Ivoire

      I love Chansung in this too, so that makes at least two of us 🙂 (who like him a lot here, so far). He is so cute, and funny at times…

  27. 27 faranak

    thanks for recap,,,good episode,,but i wanna watch joo won be like gaksital type,,even 60% is ok 🙂

  28. 28 ienay

    chansung only 23 years old? I thought he was 25 something….

    • 28.1 Ivoire

      I agree, he looks to me like he could be 25-26, but he is 22, western age, I think…

  29. 29 Tots

    There are a few gaps in the story line tat I can’t fathom:

    1. Why can’t Wunseok juz ask for the info from tat safe from Gil Ro?

    2. Why can’t Wunseok juz let his team (esp Seo won) to work together with Gil Ro? they’re working on the same side anyway. Besides he doesn’t seem to be secretive about it when he called Gil Ro from their HQ.

  30. 30 TechnoKeats

    The actions sequences are unexpectedly well choreographed! I especially liked Gil-Ro and Seo-Won tackling each other in the last scene *^_^* It is believable unlike some other adolescent antics from the hero.

    • 30.1 momosa

      Agree, most action scenes are well done. There were even a spark of lust added to the scene. Well, the story wasn’t fast & tight but the hilarity is most welcomed after a day of hard work! The actors are great, there is nothing else to complain. I love this show!

  31. 31 Lilian

    Hahaha..I loved the ending ! It was epic. Bad position to be caught in and suddenly Boom! another guy falls out of your closet!!! Super funny…

  32. 32 zai

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  33. 33 hana

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  34. 34 elle

    As much as I love Joo Won, I am also giving up on the series.
    I’ve watched my fair share of rom-coms…and this one is honestly not interesting. It’s so typical…although the storyline has so much potential.

    Also the lead actress just irritates me. I’m sorry, but she doesn’t fit the character. It’s not even her age, its the way she acts and those creepy eyes…

  35. 35 Aiya

    Am I the only one who likes Choi Kang-hee here?!!

    • 35.1 l

      I like her, too. This episode finally got the ball rolling for me. The kitchen/cooking scenes were fun (Phil Joon in the pink teddy bear apron – I guess everything in Korea really is cute) and the ending – tangly! Joo Won, I am finally warming up to his character, which I badly needed in this drama to keep interested. I do love 2nd lead Do Ha too – he is streamline handsome.

      • 35.1.1 Quiet Thought

        I can’t say I think much of the series, and I zip through the episodes without subtitles to avoid the inane dialogue.

        However, I do feel the discussions will be much more cheerful when the people who find Choi Kang-hee so loathsome and disgusting they can’t stop talking about how loathsome and disgusting she is give it up and watch a different series. The producers are not going to fire her at this point; she is in it for the duration. If watching her sickens you, you need to watch another show.

        • Caitlyn

          So do you just read the Dramabeans recap and get the story and dialogue from that?

          • Quiet Thought

            It is both quicker and less painful. I was hoping for something lighter than ‘Alias” but not as sit-commish as ‘Two and a Half Men.’

      • 35.1.2 Aiya

        Yay! Thank heavens im not alone liking her! Coz seriously, half of the people here (as i notice) dont like CKH just because of her looks and age! That’s just… sigh. Im not a fan of CKH, ive only seen her in Petty Romance. It’s just that im tired of reading comments about how CKH looks or how old she is.

        I actually love the bickering bet. Seo Won and Gil Ro. Joo Won’s pretty childish in the cutest way. The last scene was just sooo hilarious im still laughing whenever I think of it. 🙂

      • 35.1.3 ilikemangos


        I think this is the first episode i actually laughed, smiles, and actually FELT something.
        Plus, i’m actually digging her wavy hairstyle compared to the last — alot more movement/shape.

    • 35.2 Annie

      I’m watching the show for her. Joo Won does nothing for me.

    • 35.3 TiniWiniBiti

      I can’t say I liked the pairing at first, but I’m warming up to her as the story unravel. I like her acting as well. I think the more I see mean comments on her, the more I sympathize with her and the more I appreciate her character in the drama.

  36. 36 Mikunda

    JW is cool when he is in action. I hated this ep – they better shape things up, I don’t want him to play a loser. Sheesh I so thought it would be different.

  37. 37 Mikunda

    The show had so much promise when it started, now it seems they no longer have a story when this other actor exited the series and are scrambling to put things together. Not convincing enough “threat”, not sure exactly what the good guys are fighting against, just plain silly set up. The actors seem to be trying tooooo hard to engage. I agree that the lead actress has creepy eyes. She looks quite young for her age, but scrawny, malnurished, she stoops all the time as if she is uber uncomfortable about the whole thing. I definitely don’t have a problem with her age, but those facial expressions and those eyes are a big turn off. And JW is sooooo not convincing when laying a lame-er. They are losing the momentum.

    • 37.1 TechnoKeats

      yah, the enemy as well as the casting are not “convincing”. Those evil siblings are 2 good looking kids…. and Is JJ “deadly” because he can take THREE NIS agents in one go!!! pshaw…
      More like the NIS agents were a dud who couldn’t take on ONE kid.

  38. 38 Birdie

    This series had 3 weeks to really hook us in but it hasn’t. Come next week , it is going to be tough with competition from Iris 2 and That Winter, the Wind Blows. 2 most anticipated dramas.

    • 38.1 TiniWiniBiti

      I don’t know about using “us” there, I’m for one is hooked on this drama. Despite its flaws and whatever, I’m still looking forward to what happen in the next episode and the funny antics.

    • 38.2 Ivoire

      Same here…

  39. 39 TechnoKeats

    If NIS was the dating agency…. Won-Seok and Young Soon (the instructors) were the match makers, fashion & seduction skills consultants… then the leads would be the typical bickering couple and their colleagues would be the cupid’s arrows ;-D 😛
    Spy thriller? pshaw!! Tis more like a dating game.

  40. 40 saranga

    seems like hyung’s death really got to JJ—in earlier episodes he seemed like the more sympathetic one of the trio. he’d asked hyung if he remembered the faces of the agents he was after, in case he killed the wrong one. now he’s going after stabbing people and slicing girls’ wrists (major wince), and apparently not on very good terms with the girl, whose name i’m not sure of… anyway, seems like a sort of drastic turnaround.

  41. 41 genger

    what an ep! xD
    you missed Joo Won singing “You so sexy sexy sexy” while holding her laundry xD

  42. 42 george

    nyahaha…looooooooooooooooove this episode.that last scene really got me.so yes,whatever hesitations and whatever flaws i find about this drama and no matter what the next episodes will rate and how it will end,i will still be loyal to this drama.as someone said,happy weekend.it sure is to me.hope so is too,to everyone.

    thanks for the recap.

    kung hei fat choi!

  43. 43 lily

    Ha Ha! I want to see it.But I’m a foreinger.So bad.

  44. 44 coby

    I’m glad that my love for Joowon prevailed that I didn’t drop this series. Its funny that Gaksital OST is playing in my mind when he was running after the bad guy!

  45. 45 Fasiris Fay

    This series is definitely growing on me! The first few episodes were slow to build up, but now I’m hooked!

    Too bad there’s no preview for next week though 🙁

    • 45.1 Fasiris Fay

      Call me stupid, but I still don’t quite understand why she has to tail Gil-ro when they’re on the same team, technically.

      What is exactly the nature of her mission and isn’t it a waste of resources when he’s already on their side? Unless, the NIS think Gil-ro might betray them while tailing his father…

      I dunno, it’s a cute setup, but it’d make more sense if they were on different sides, or at least different organizations. Unless there’s something I’m missing…

  46. 46 meanrice

    That last scene is my nightmare. Fortunately, i live a life embracing my impending spinsterhood, so my parents have nothing to worry about.

  47. 47 curious

    who is the actor acting as JJ the baddie?

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