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Flour guns for flower grandpas
by | April 30, 2014 | 37 Comments

I don’t know if this drama is going to be any good (or make any sense) but the promotional materials for it are so cute. The posters for tvN’s new body-swap comedy Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit are out, along with updated character descriptions that put a new spin on the body-swap setup that was teased before.

Apparently Lee Soon-jae and Heechul aren’t swapping bodies with each other — the three halbaes are Heechul’s cop buddies who rapidly age overnight, while he remains in his own body. The comedy comes from the three twentysomething officers who suddenly look like grandpas, and their friend Heechul who gets to talk to them in banmal. I have to say, I was rather looking forward to Lee Soon-jae and Heechul acting like each other, but I can see the humor in this setup too.

The character posters show the three halbaes flashing their police badges with their original 29-year-old selves pictured. Lee Soon-jae starts out as Choi Jin-hyuk (Emergency Couple), the brains of the operation. He has a photographic memory and never forgets a detail, and is widely known in the precinct for being a cold selfish bastard who probably wouldn’t even bleed if you pricked his finger. But one day he works a strange case, and wakes up having aged fifty years overnight. Suddenly he can’t remember even the simplest details because he’s battling senility.

Park Min-woo (Can We Love) is the flower boy Cassanova of the group, who pretty much skates by in life on his looks and charm. But when he wakes up as Byun Hee-bong (Oohlala Spouses), he finds his face covered in wrinkles and doesn’t know how to function when he can’t get anyone — even ajummas — to look his way. Park Doo-shik (Emergency Couple) is the maknae of the group at 28, and he’s a former national boxer who can kick anyone’s ass. Of course when he wakes up in the body of Jang Gwang (Goddess of Fire Jung-yi), he finds that he can’t kick anything without throwing out his back.

And last but not least, Heechul plays the precinct’s golden boy, the only son of the chief of police who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. How he avoids the rapid aging spell, I don’t know, but I think I’m going to enjoy watching him boss the halbaes around. In the second teaser below, he orders Jang Gwang to make him coffee, which he actually can’t refuse because Heechul is the hyung. Pfft.

The foursome of cops will work cases together all while trying to adjust to their new situation, and Lee Soon-jae will have a loveline with a fiancรฉe (Park Eun-ji) who won’t accept that her boyfriend just vanished into thin air three months before their wedding. Aw, poor guy has to pretend to be some random grandpa all while watching her pine? How adorable and bittersweet.

Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit follows Grandpas Over Flowers and premieres May 9.

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37 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Rere

    The trailers hook me. I’ll definitely watching this..

  2. Pearl~ai88

    So Confused. Oh well, still looking forward to this :3

    • 2.1 Yee

      Well..it just kinda like the Japanese Detective Conan but in reverse. Looking forward to the hilarious and the hijinks!

  3. Katie

    What. The. What.? Also, why would they enlarge their noses in those cartoon pics? Why? But I’m loving the Heechul love now that he’s back from military service.

    • 3.1 starling_on_the_roof

      It looks like a fisheye lens was used to take those pics. It changes the proportions of the images, or maybe just such filter in photoshop. Why use it? Because it looks funny, I guess….

  4. maddragonqueen

    This just looks like so much fun!

  5. soserious

    ugh i was pretty sure i wasn’t going to watch this, but the trailers look SO DAMN CUTE.

    actually, the deal breaker for me was the plot change of his buddies aging rather than a body-swap (so sick of these). now i can’t wait for all the funny situation these flower grandpas will be in.

  6. RookieMe

    Could really use some comedy esp when the dramas are getting more crime/thriller focus.

  7. Julia

    So itยดs “Detective Conan” in reverse? *lol*

    • 7.1 NahlaJW

      The same idea crossed my mind xD

      • 7.1.1 Yee

        LOL…I’ve just mentioned the same thing in the above!

  8. ys

    The cast is too good for this to be bad! I love that halbae from Jung Yi and also Girlfriend is a Gumiho. Even if it ends up sucking hard, I’ll still watch.

  9. CutiieAngiie

    I am so watching it. I know I said it like a thousand times but I died laughing because of the teasers and some good comedy dramas shouldn’t do any bad at all.

  10. 10 ananke23

    Will have to check this out if only for the uncannily similar noses of Lee Soon-jae and Heechul. Sometimes my standards take a holiday…

  11. 11 VanillaSalt

    This looks hilarious! Can’t wait to see it

  12. 12 Mandy

    Pwahaha. Reading the premise had me giggling which means I’m sooo in! I actually love the new storyline; it seems original(!) and whacky but without being too confusing. I can’t wait to see Heechul boss around the grandpas while nearby ahjummas and ahjusshis give him crap for his lack of respect. It’s gonna be so much chaos! Heeee!

    Oh and about a grandpa not being able to attract even ahjummas? LOL that killed me.

  13. 13 Rushie

    This sounds ridiculous enough to work. Lol.

  14. 14 D's handphone

    Sounds like fun.. will keep an eye for it..

  15. 15 Mdolphins

    I can’t wait until May 9th, this looks like it is going to be fun and it will have CJH for at least one episode.

  16. 16 exquisitemelody

    omg honestly this sounds HILARIOUS!!! i’m looking forward to this ๐Ÿ˜€ i’m trying to keep my expectations down so i won’t be too disappointed. The last time I watched a Big-esque drama….well, let’s just say it didn’t end so well.

  17. 17 nova611

    i have been avoiding watching kdrama lately, as it didn’t interest me enough

    but this really get my attention
    so gonna watch this

  18. 18 snow

    So. Cute.

  19. 19 WM

    I am so in! After the deep dramas, I’m ready for some laughs. So cute!!

  20. 20 selina

    I don’t care what kind of sense the story does or does not end up making. It all sounds very interesting and the trailers hooked me. I adore the younger cast as well as their older counter parts and cannot wait to watch the shenanigans explode.

  21. 21 xoxoxq

    It’s strange how the same genres all air at the same time. Emergency Couple and Sly and Single Again, Secret Love Affair and Witch’s Romance and now this and You’re All Surrounded!

  22. 22 Manin

    Okay those posters are the cutest! Also This sounds and looks hillarious! I need a good comedy coming my way, and this sounds just like it could be it. (*fingers crossed*)

    I do hope that they keep it funny and light though. Please no sudden makjang or melo turn for the last episodes! ust keep the wackyness coming and we shall all be happy!

  23. 23 hipployta

    I was confused about Heechul body swapping when he’s in the photos with the rest of the young cast…now this makes a bit more sense

    Still watching either way

  24. 24 c_gunawan541

    Hilarious! I’m gonna watch this… probably when more episodes are out or it finished airing, I love the promotional teasers and posters so far, looks great!

  25. 25 Lilian

    omigosh. this sounds hilarious! Will definitely give this a try when it starts….. I can’t wait to see how Hee Chul treats the halbaes as his dongsaeng (younger brothers) =D

  26. 26 Abbie

    I swear, this is gonna be so darn cute! Can’t wait!

  27. 27 maldita

    So excited to see Heechul bossing around all those halbaes. LMFAO

  28. 28 Min

    I was so in from the beginning because I love love love Heechul oppa. (I think I once even claimed him in a OT conversation way way back before he went to army. ajaja now I have to share him with Puff.)

    So ahem… as I said I was going to watch this one even if it was unoriginal but I’m glad the plot is looking more and more interesting.

  29. 29 sammi

    I had my doubts when I first heard of the idea as well. I’ve never seen Heechul act in anything, and I’ve always been skeptical of idol-actors. But the preview makes it seem promising now. I do miss a good comedy and it’s not rom-com centered for once, so I’m looking forward to it.

  30. 30 chocolander

    Thanks for telling me about this funny show! I’m definitely putting it on my to-watch list! ๐Ÿ™‚ But it’s pretty ingenious to have each character embody how the body, mind, and looks of old age work against them ๐Ÿ™‚ Interesting relooking at ageing ๐Ÿ™‚ Not to also mention the hijinks ensuing from the drastic reversal of the age dynamics here ๐Ÿ™‚ Wow, tvN’s getting real innovative and quirky with their dramas, I always love their teasers, trailers and posters, another comes to mind of Flower Boy Next Door, where Park Shin Hye, lucky girl that she is, gets to choose a male character for herself, like one chooses clothes ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. 31 bonchan

    TvN just released other teasers ^^
    h t tp ://w ww . youtube. com/watch?v=7P5MPDJr_D4
    h ttp : //www .youtube . com/watch?v=Yv8U28Yzhio

  32. 32 Sadie

    this is just hilarious. IDK if it will make sense..but it should be fun to watch.

  33. 33 WintermelonT

    Hi Girlfriday,
    Just wondering if you guys will be recapping the 1st episode of Flower Gramps Investigation?

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