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Yoo Ji-tae signs on to new Song Ji-nah drama Healer
by | July 21, 2014 | 14 Comments

Yoo Ji-tae is coming back! To television, for one thing, but also to acting—the Hwang Jini, Traces of Love, and Oldboy star has been focusing his efforts in recent years on directing, and thus hasn’t been taking on very many acting projects. Aside from a Japanese film (The Tenor), he hasn’t acted in a movie since 2010’s thriller Midnight FM with Su Ae, and his last drama was 2008’s romance melodrama A Star’s Lover with Choi Ji-woo.

He has announced that his next project will be a drama called Healer (a working title), and there’s another big name to take note of: It will be written by Song Ji-nah, who still retains a place as a top drama scriptwriter for seminal works Eyes of Dawn and Sandglass, though I would say her recent dramas have been less than successful (Faith, What’s Up). She’ll always have a place in my heart for Story of a Man, though, which remains firmly on my favorites list.

In Healer, Yoo Ji-tae will play a star reporter at a major broadcaster. The story will cover three generations, starting with the hero’s parents’ generation and continuing through his children’s; he’ll be the central link as the only person who knows of a particular event connecting them all. After he stumbles across the truth about that past event, he starts approaching nearly everyone in the drama intentionally, which sounds a bit ominous. But perhaps it’ll be played off less as suspicious and more as hopeful-mysterious, because the description says he helps those people, and that what arises is a conflict “between the truth and faith.”

I’ll take the leap and suppose that the “healer” in the title refers to an emotional type of catharsis rather than a medical kind. I just find it funny that Song Ji-nah wrote Faith which was about medicine, and now Healer which is about faith. The synopsis of this drama sounds intriguing enough that I’ll be looking out for more news; right now it’s so vague it’s difficult to know even what genre it is.

I find Yoo Ji-tae to have a very interesting introspection to his acting, although he certainly isn’t incapable of playing the villain when the story calls for it. His directing career has been met with rather positive reception which is nice to know, but I’ll be glad to see him back on my screen.

Directing will be PD Lee Jung-sub of the dramas Hong Gil Dong, Baker King Kim Tak-gu, and Man of Honor. Healer will take up KBS’s Wednesday-Thursday slot beginning in November; it follows Iron Man, which follows Joseon Gunman.

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14 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Alinka

    Woaaa, long time no see, Yoo Ji Tae-shi

  2. mystisith

    My radar blipped at the premise too. No genius, no chaebol and no healing by Strange Doctors… I wouldn’t judge the writer responsible for Faith since it was a rewritten script with modified cast and money problems. As for What’s Up? It’s one of my fav dramas but this show had its share of production issues too since it couldn’t find a channel to buy it. So yeah, cautiously interested. Don’t know the actor, that will be a surprise.

  3. SH

    Awesome! I love SJN’s writing. Can’t wait.

  4. Chandler

    Yaaaay! I love him. And this writer is awesome. Faith may have been disappointing, but What’s Up was good 🙂 And I adore Story of a Man!

  5. Danna

    this drama sounds really interesting and different…the script rell has to be something in order for this to reel Yoo Ji Tae back in

  6. Rou

    He’s back! And with a potential great script. It takes such a writer to bring back an awesome actor like Yoo Ji Tae on TV!

  7. nabrut


  8. canxi

    I’ve been wondering if this guy would take on something again. Love him and the drama sounds interesting so far. Will look forward to more info.

  9. Kiara

    Writer Song Ji-nah and director Kim Jong Hak were quite the rating pair back then. Sandglass and Eyes of Dawn will always be on my top 10.
    Too bad things started going downhill after Legend. I hope she can bounce back and give us another phenomenal drama like she did in the early 1990s.

    I love Yoo Ji-tae and I hope this would be a better project than Star’s Lover.

  10. 10 Tara

    I’m happy to see Yoo Ji-tae back to dramaland, although I still will always remember him from Oldboy. Story of a Man is one of my all-time faves (a classic imo!)–but Faith has me a bit worried. At least this ain’t a sageuk…
    But qualms aside, definitely seems to be an intriguing plot…even if it’s early in the game.

  11. 11 aX

    Let this star the likes of Son Ye Jin or even Moon Chae Won…. puhlease!!!!

  12. 12 xh

    Is that drama by the IHYV writers(?) still a go? So two fall dramas about reporters?

  13. 13 viviiii

    I heard Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young are considering this drama.

  14. 14 Dani

    Dayyummm!!! drooolllinggg!

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