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tvN provides early look into crime thriller with Signal: The Beginning
by | January 11, 2016 | 10 Comments

If you don’t wanna wait a full two weeks to catch tvN’s new time-bendy cop thriller Signal, you’re in luck, in that they’re kicking off with an Episode 0 this weekend, a full week in advance of their premiere.

They’re calling it Signal: The Beginning and essentially it’s an hourlong preview to introduce the series that’s set around two modern-day detectives (Kim Hye-soo, Lee Je-hoon) who are able to communicate with a detective from the past (Jo Jin-woong) via radio, and how they all get intertwined in a case together. The special episode airs right after the finale of Answer Me 1988, which wraps up its massively popular, ratings-record-breaking run on Saturday.

I suppose it’s a no-brainer to try to capitalize on those numbers to draw people into your new show, even if the two genres are vastly disparate — we’re jumping from heart-warming, family-friendly friendship and love stories to tense investigative mystery. I have to wonder if the preview will work against the actual show, since it’s likely to just give away the plot of Episode 1 in advance (it’s why I hate those extended previews — anything longer than 5 minutes and you’re just ruining the surprises!). And one way to kill suspense in a mystery-thriller is to give up answers before the show even gets there.

But for the spoiler-philes out there — or at least just those of you who aren’t ardent spoilerphobes like I am — it’ll be a chance to take an early crack at the show, and maybe decide whether you want to follow Signal over a number of the new dramas premiering on the same weekend. JTBC is kicking off its quirky rom-com Madam Antoine the same day (Friday, January 22), and OCN has its action drama Neighborhood Hero the day after. Not to mention MBC launching its Jang Nara rom-com One More Happy Ending a few days before, on Wednesday, January 20.

We’re about to be up to our eyeballs in new dramas!

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10 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Kiara

    Woot! I can’t wait.

  2. Deb

    Goodness, my knees are getting weak just looking at that picture…

    Really excited for this! Please be good from beginning to end!

  3. oneclearnight

    I prefer to be surprised so no long trailers/preview episodes for me either.

    I’m looking forward to checking out all the new shows – not really following anything apart from the current tvN shows. I dropped Oh My Venus and Remember awhile ago. I need something new~

    If the writer can deliver (I haven’t really liked any of her other shows), I think Signal could be the best out of the new batch. Lee Je Hoon really deserves a good drama. The premise is intriguing and the PD is excellent. Please be good!

  4. submonkey

    Sounds a lot like the movie “Frequency”.

  5. saranga

    really sad that answer me 1988 is ending this week, but at least i’m looking forward to its replacement! i’m happy to get a thriller. it’s not a genre often seen in kdramaland, and i freaking love them. i’m a wuss when it comes to violence and gore, but thrillers? properly done, so up my alley. even if it means i can’t go to the bathroom at night without turning on at least half the lights in my house.

  6. whitewire

    For sure, among “to be aired” dramas, I will watch (1) Signal (2) Neighborhood Heroes and (3) One More Happy Ending.

    And we still have Saimdang: His Her Story. Life is so good. (Still wondering how Song Seung-heon pulls it off alongside Dae Young-ae)

  7. fab

    SMART- tvN knows what we want! Though it better not be spoiling more than the first episode. *-*

  8. TrinPie

    I’m looking forward to Madam Antoine and One More Happy Ending. Didn’t realize they were airing so soon! Lot’s of dramas coming to an end.

  9. Dynasty101

    Wow, i hope i’m able to watch them all, they had better be good

    Dramabeans please recap all the new upcoming dramas

  10. 10 G-Nil

    Why no one realize the walkie talkie themes is similar to an old HK drama – To get unstuck in time?

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