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UEE considers contract marriage to Lee Seo-jin
by | January 11, 2016 | 68 Comments

It looks like it might be a return to weekend dramas for UEE (High Society), because she’s entertaining an offer to headline Hundred-Day Wife, MBC’s new weekender starring Lee Seo-jin (Wonderful Season). I can’t really picture them as a romantic couple, not because of the age gap, but because he just has a weightier, more serious vibe than she does. But if his variety persona is any indication, he’ll love being paired with UEE; he flashes dimples every time the words “girl group” even get mentioned on Three Meals a Day.

The new weekender is reportedly a 20-episode miniseries, which means there’s a good chance I’ll tune in — 50 episodes is enough to make me question my love for Seo-jin oppa, but 20 is pretty much a no-brainer. It’s about a single mom who receives a terminal diagnosis and somehow ends up in a contract marriage to a singer-songwriter-turned-restaurateur. It’s described as a warm, cheerful series, and the setup makes me think of Superdaddy Yeol, just with a hero who’s less of a loser.

UEE is up to play the heroine, a widower who lost her husband to an accident when she was young. She raises a little girl on her own, but when she receives a terminal diagnosis because of a brain tumor, she decides to find her daughter a future guardian by getting into a contract marriage. That’s a little crazy, but what contract marriage doesn’t begin as a crazy scheme?

Lee Seo-jin’s character is a singer-songwriter who had a huge hit but folded his singing career early and focused on songwriting. He eventually folded that too and opened a restaurant, choosing to live like a playboy and date lots of women. He’s handsome, cool, and confident, and is positive that he will never ever get married.

The drama comes from the writer of You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin and the PD of Pride and Prejudice, and Lee Seo-jin is confirmed for his role while UEE is still in negotiations. She’s no stranger to weekend family dramas, having starred in Gold Rainbow and Ojakkyo Brothers, and I kind of like the idea of her playing a young single mom (which she did in Ho-gu’s Love too). In fact, the thing I find strangest in this scenario is why anyone would want to leave their child with Lee Seo-jin, the man who would call a nanny to do his job the second you left him to babysit.

Hundred-Day Wife follows My Daughter Geun Sa-wol on Saturdays and Sundays beginning in late February.

Via Hankook Ilbo, Herald Pop


68 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Rini

    Like the plot but I feel that UEE is too young to play that role but let’s see! I’m going to watch this for sure

    • 1.1 Cafe

      Yeah, I think the same, she is/looks younger than her workmate… Less than Dazzling Temptation, but still feels off.

      • 1.1.1 Reene

        She looks like she would be the daughter instead of his wife.

  2. Abby

    Her last drama was a mess…

  3. redfox

    well, he seems patient. thats important in taking care of a child, right? I mean he survived grandpas, who can also be like children. in that sense, he´s had training.

  4. Jann


  5. Lwx_23

    How can they connect terminal illness that makes you want to find a guardian to your daughter with contract marriage? It is more in alley with actual marriage. Not to mention choosing someone like Lee Seo-jin’s character for that.

  6. Goku

    I like the pair cause it seems so left field and UEE is always good in unconventional roles so I hope she takes this up.

    • 6.1 Reene

      I didn’t care for her acting in High Society.

  7. Meow

    Not the writer of You’re the Best Lee Soon-shin! OH WHY. ;_;

  8. fab

    (…) a widower who lost her husband to an accident when she was YOUNG.  Hehe, how OLD is she supposed to be then?

    • 8.1 lil

      haha I thought that too! poor UEE, widowed as a child

      • 8.1.1 redfox

        child bride. some new issues for kdrama land.

      • 8.1.2 varms

        Snorted with laughter at that comment. I cannot.

  9. Dwita

    I pretty excited, even though uee is not a great actress yet if she confirms this she’s trying a variety characters. SHe act different characters in every drama she’s in. From evil role to a lovely girl, princess historical drama, chaebol, & a rape victim. Let’s appreciate her efforts trying different role and i hope she’s improve

  10. 10 Ahlan

    I believe in uee acting skill .she’s great in every role she play

  11. 11 Dani

    I’m actually down for this pairing, no matter how strange the premise sounds like lol. The last UEE drama I watched/consumed/binged on was Ojakkyo Brothers and that’s a long time enough I guess. I think she’s been steadily learning the intricacies of acting based on roles she’s taken so I wanna see how much farther she’ll go imo

    Though knowing this comes from Lee Soon Shin The Best makes me think…. bc I tolerated halfway through that drama only for Trash Oppa ;;—-;;

    I’ve never watched anything with Lee Seo Jin so I hope this drama happens bc a pairing I like makes me watch a drama lol

  12. 12 nil

    As a girl in uee’s age range, i feel funny inside that she already in a “mother role”.

    *shoot. Im old.

    • 12.1 Clinton Carter

      Nope. You are not old the casting director is being ridiculous

    • 12.2 Quiet Thought

      Uh . . . UEE is 27. What is the typical age for first children in Korea these days? In the United States, more people are waiting longer, some into their 30s, but, still, it wouldn’t be at all unusual for a woman to have a child out of high school.

      • 12.2.1 dwt

        in my country a lot of mom already has a kid in her 17 so i’m not suprised uee acts as a mom lol.

        • Methoooh

          same here, in past they married around 14 or 15, now 18+.

          plus many couples around the world has age gape & young women with kids ( different reasons & stories ).

          well, everyone think my mum is my older sis … so I can’t be surprise if they bring such story.

          • cinnamon

            So do I. In poor society, teenagers often have no choice but to get married soon after high schools.

  13. 13 whitewire

    For sure, I am literally not missing this. I feel chemistry as early as now. 20-episodes? Not much commitment. Love it!

    (Tho I am more of the 50-episode person now because of I Have A Lover and Giant. Those 2 convinced me that 50-eps can be too short.)

    • 13.1 Reene


  14. 14 Carole McDonnell

    I’m so hooked weekenders now, even if they’re bad. But dying mom… if she dies, it’s a cliché. if she suddenly gets cured, it’s a cliché. Love Seojinnie though so maybe….

    • 14.1 bellenelle

      Lol my thoughts exactly. Everything about the big, old, terminal illness plot element is SO cliche. It’s been done so much it feels like every possible angle and perspective of it were shown and no matter how they tackle it, it’ll be deja vu. I wish Dramaland would just get over the illness factor and move on to other things.

    • 14.2 aafa83

      OR they could pull a “Scent of a Woman” cliche and leave the viewers wondering “is she or isn’t she going to….”

      • 14.2.1 Jenn

        I didn’t mind how it went in scent of a woman – my aunt was told she had 6 months (stage 4 lung cancer) and over a year later she is doing great!

  15. 15 Mia

    Omg I’m pretty excited for this. I feel like they’re gonna have lots of chemistry (and that’s just by looking at the pictures). Idk how UEE will play a widowed mother but I love how she keeps playing such a wide variety of characters. Contract relationships are always fun and with LSJ’s dimples I think it’s going to be more fun than ever

    • 15.1 Reene

      Well, chemistry is in the eye of the beholder I guess. I see nothing more than a man that looks like he could be her father. My own sister married a man 17 years her senior and everyone (not exaggeration) she meets thinks he is her father. What is sad is that she is still so active and he just doesn’t have the giddy up an go anymore. LOL

  16. 16 John

    Meow ~

    Yeah the writer, yikes.

    I’ ll give it few and see.

  17. 17 Excitable

    Uhh… LOL what?


    I think UEE has a thing for weekend drama. She keeps on picking one (if it includes this).

    Since UEE last drama is the drama that should not be named. I hope by working with someone older, they can improve their acting skills. Lee Seo Jin is someone i did not expect at all and from the character description.. For UEE to play a single mother with terminal disease is a bit surprising i must say. LOL. I will stay away if it’s another long drama but thankfully, its just a mini series.

    Plus the writer is… *shudders*

    Let’s see how it goes then. I don’t think i’m going to take a look on the drama immediately. Although, i’m curious on how it will work out.

  18. 18 Xxvxx

    I love UEE and I love Oppa so I’ll try this!

  19. 19 sw33tnshie

    Seo jin wouldn’t hire a nanny. He’s great with his own niece. 20 epi of dimples. ..oh yes!

    • 19.1 Reene

      But Seo Jin in real life is not like this character. LSJ is a caring person that adores his niece. His character is suppose to be a superficial rich jerk. He will have a lot of changing to do by the time the mother dies.

  20. 20 nily

    Yay for UEE in a new drama! I hope she confirms it.

    • 20.1 Reene

      She is cute but I think she is too young for this role.

  21. 21 kanz

    Pretty much Seojinnie just playing himself.. hahaha
    So now because 3MAD he’s a restaurateur? I wonder if he would be grumpy, sassy restaurateur who got the job done eventually..

  22. 22 Annida

    I think I’m excited on every Uee’s drama! ♡
    Aaah… can’t wait. It will be good.

  23. 23 pogo

    Uee’s not a bad actress, though she does tend to play all her roles the same way despite the roles themselves being different.

    Still, weekend drama may be more her wheelhouse than whatever High Society was going for with her and Sung Joon.

    • 23.1 Excitable

      At least in Hogu’s Love, she seemed a bit different than her days in Ojakgyo Brothers. A bit as in more restrained. She do tend to act the same way though but she indeed is taking variety of roles instead of the same ones. Then, good for her to want to do things she never done before.

      High Society’s writer simply hate their chaebol character. Even Park Hyung Shik character suffer from a severe whining syndrome of not getting the girl, cry, drink and complain. They just seemed incapable of leading company and used their worker to sit comfortable at the top (probably what the writer thinks the chaebol do in real life though)

      • 23.1.1 bjharm

        acting the same no matter what your character happens to be can be an advantage as the director will know just what he getting and work the rest of the drama around that. There Korean actress that are A list names that have been doing that for years after all.

        • Excitable

          I think that kind of acting that can be pulled is of a great actress/actor not an average one. I don’t think she is of that standard yet.

          She is mostly average and able to carry a character to certain point if it’s up to her advantage. It doesn’t help that she completely lacks chemistry with the male lead. Everything looks hella awkward. Terrible character build-up. I don’t know what’s up with the drama but i didn’t like almost everything about it. So, i’m giving the cast, a benefit of a doubt.

  24. 24 bellenelle

    I think how much I’ll like this will depend heavily on UEE’s character. I don’t think she’s a bad actress – I think anyone who’s watched Hogu’s Love can hardly say she is – but I think, like Moon Geun Young (fyi I’m not saying she’s as good as the latter, but that they have something in common), she’s one of those actresses that simply can’t be given 2D, candy roles because she doesn’t know how to make them look good and only accentuates how superficial these roles are. I hope she gets a round character, or it’s just not going to click.

    • 24.1 pogo

      yeah, Uee’s actual acting is decent with the right roles but rather limited in range, and not nearly natural enough to be called the best idol-actress out there like some of her fans insist (that title should belong to either Jung Eun-ji or Choi Soo-young).

      And you hit the nail on the head when you said she doesn’t know how to make characters click if the material isn’t already there on the page. (that’s one hallmark of a really good actor – being able to make more of a role than what they’ve been given to work with…..and Uee doesn’t quite manage that.)

  25. 25 dramalove

    Awww I wish Choi Ji Woo would take the role instead lol.

    • 25.1 Reene

      That would have made a lot more sense. Close in age (4 yr gap), she has played that type of role more than once, they look great together and most of Korea was shipping them last year so the ratings would have been a sure thing. Who knows, maybe she does not want to be know as the actress of terminal diseases.

  26. 26 earthna

    Ohhh I want this to happen!

  27. 27 June

    The writer of best Lee soon shin? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! 🙁
    Why oh why?

  28. 28 Mandy

    I honestly liked Uee back when she did bitchy Heyi in You’re Beautiful. She’s had some decent characters since like Ojakayo Brothers etc, but her recent acting has been bland and repetitive. I was really hoping for someone with more presence and abilities opposite Seo-jin in what sounds like a fun drama. Super Daddy Yeol was blergh, but I still like the premise enough to be positive.

  29. 29 Reene

    The age gap is HUGE. I mean were are not talking 10 years here, we are talking 18. He could be her father and I can’t see her playing a widowed mother at 27 years of age and wanting to marry a retired 45 year old man. I will take a pass on this one.

    • 29.1 CLK

      My sister and her husband are 17 years apart, happily together with two kids nine years later, blessings and approval from both sets of parents pre-wedding. It can work! (And she was 27 when they started dating, too!)

  30. 30 blahbahbah

    I was looking forward to this because just love watching Lee Seo-jin!! But UEE???…. please don’t ruin the show for me. Please UEE, do NOT take this role, turn away from it, seek out another project that’s not of my interest. Please writers/directors/anyone, please search for another lead actress more worthy of Seo-jin!

  31. 31 Rini

    Just released that UEE confirmed with LSJ. Fighting to both of them!

  32. 32 lny

    I don’t think she’s too young at all.. at 27 she could have had a child and lost her husband at 20, a young couple who married right out of high school. I actually think at 45, HE’S too old to be playing the playboy role.

  33. 33 Doremi

    I so want to watch my first Seo Jinnie drama but get terminal disease? Widow? Hmmmm….

  34. 34 G1223

    Gods not another Brain tumor.

  35. 35 Swee

    If UEE stars in this show, I’m definitely boycotting it despite my love for Seo-jin though… Absurd casting LOL

  36. 36 Sylvia

    UEE was fantastic in Hogu’s love.

    She carried off the role of a teen mum with alpomb.
    And what may have been unconvincing chemistry on paper turned into one of the sweetest K-drama romances of the year.

    I’m tuning in!

  37. 37 ruizhen

    Uee is 27 and Oppa Seojin is 45 in real life but the characters they will play in the drama is not their real age. In 2014, seojin oppa was 43 then. He played a 35 years old prosecutor. Besides he doesnt look that old especially if he flashes those dimples. I will definitely watch this drama. Im so excited. But honestly, im wishing that choi ji woo should be the female lead. They both are great doing melodramas . Those tear-jerker kinds of dramas.

    • 37.1 Reene

      I agree that LSJ does not look 45 but IMO he does look 40. In his last drama he did not sell being 35 to me at all and I didn’t even know his real age then, I just assumed he was a lot older. UEE on the other hand also does not look her age and IMO she looks 23 or 24. So even if they are not playing their real age, you can still see the big age gap regardless of having dimples.

  38. 38 Trangthu

    I want choi ji woo …..

    • 38.1 Reene

      That would have been a good pairing.

  39. 39 chabechik

    Nah.. she’s too young for the role. Maybe Han Chae Ah will do.

  40. 40 Sisisih

    Not sure what’s good about her acting. I always find her so stiff, same expression all the time

    • 40.1 Reene

      I don’t care for her acting either.

  41. 41 cinnamon

    Age gap in a relationship? I don’t mind at all. As long as a couple is happy, why shouldn’t I?

    I like Lee Seo-jin in his age. He doesn’t need to look cool to get my attention. Okay, he’s not that kind of flower-boy-like ahjussi, but he has actually that fatherly look. And, what makes a couple happy is not because the man and the woman (or the husband and the wife) are in the same age or around the same age. It’s about the function. If you are a man, no matter how hot you look, how rich you are, or how handsome your face is, when you cannot perform your role as a partner in a relationship then you’re not any different.

    What makes me question this drama is actually the premise in the first episode about him sleeping around. It won’t make any sense if he just stops doing that with no reasons. I mean, you’ll get tempted to do that even after you’re in a relationship, not to mention that you’re in a fake relationship. If the director or writer does not address this issue, then the first episode is insignificant to the plot.

    Well, I still want to give it a go. At least, I believe that it will have a happy ending.

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