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Bride of the Water God finds a home at tvN
by | June 28, 2016 | 105 Comments

Writer Jung Yoon-jung of the 2014 hit office manhwa-to-drama adaptation Misaeng (also Monstar, Arang and the Magistrate) is coming back to tvN in a big way with another adaptation of the popular romance manhwa Bride of the Water God. It was first announced in early 2015, but we’re finally seeing some movement on the project, which is now in the works for a 2017 broadcast.

This new project is not going to be a direct adaptation, but rather, a spinoff of the manhwa. In the original source material, the primary setting was a fantasy world populated with gods, goddesses, witches, and other mythical characters. For the drama, they’ve changed it up by keeping the main characters but moving the setting to modern-day Seoul. So, I’m getting slightly My Girlfriend is a Gumiho vibes from it.

Back in my otaku days, I read a bit of Bride of the Water God because the artwork was beautiful and the initial premise was intriguing. The plot boils down to this: a water god named Ha-baek demands that he receives a female sacrifice each year from this one village as part of a messed-up deal he had going on with his dead former beloved. One year, the wrong girl is sacrificed. Eventually, hijinks ensue, and the water god and the girl end up falling in love. The original manhwa was extremely popular; it was serialized and ran for 10 years at Wink, one of the biggest distributors of Korean comics.

Needless to say, expectations for this drama adaptation are pretty high. Thankfully, an awesome writer is on board. Now we just need an equally talented cast. I know girlfriday was rooting for Yoo Seung-ho, but Kim Soo-hyun has just enough time for one last drama project before he enters the military. Just saying. The production team from Big Three Pictures has announced that the writer is done with the fourth part of the drama, so they plan on casting soon, and will start filming later this year. To ensure the best possible quality product, they want to 100% pre-produce Bride of the Water God, but with an early 2017 broadcast planned, it might be a tight squeeze.

Bride of the Water God plans to air early next year on tvN.

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105 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Rozen

    I read the manhwa years ago that I forgot a lot of it, but i wonder how this gonna work for modern day, although i like that it’s not a saguek

    • 1.1 ju

      I know what you mean but we are going to lose the beautiful costumes of a fantasy world by putting it in the modern time…

      • 1.1.1 Nessie

        I know what you mean, but maybe they might insert moments of Sageuk into it so we can at least see some of the beautiful costumes?

        They’re gonna need the production level of at least Goreyo Scarlet Heart (The one IU & Lee Jun Ki are in), to get a good representation of the manwha. There’s just too many details for the production to be affordable.

        • Alessar

          Maybe they’ll do something like in Arang and the Magistrate where they would cut away to the heavenly world at times; they could still be full on costumed in those shots and then snappily dressed in modern Seoul in others.

          • ju

            I understand that it can be expensive but I am all for “if you are going to do it, do it well”. Maybe Alessar’s proposal is a good compromise. With a few scenes only it is up to the writer to make it work

          • Nessie


            Yes that would be ideal! But then it all depends on how they’re gonna manage on the storey to insert moments of Sageuk into it…

  2. Miky

    Didn’t read it all because it was too long and some parts were becoming boring,for me at least so i gave it up….Hope they change the ending,didn’t like it all…I root for Yoo Seung Hoo as the lead but reading he doesn’t like romance…hmmm…hope the cast will be great because it already hit three pluses in my list:the writer,the station and the genre….

    I’m super shollow right here but i hope the lead guy will be handsome and talented,remember the Water GOD as being sooo beautiful

    • 2.1 Tru2u

      I drop it aswell. It became repetitive. I got tired the moment the story started going into endlessville. I’ve dropped tons of manga because the author keeps milking a story that honestly doesn’t need anymore milking. I dropped skip beat for that exact reason. My love for Ren couldn’t keep me reading it (understand me, I LOVE ren). My hate for sho (I think that’s his name) helped me dropped it. I used to love it so much too. But I will read the last chapter (if it ever ends) and see how things ends!

      • 2.1.1 Alison

        Yes please keep reading skip beat 😀 it’s so good!!!

        • Tru2u

          Only when it comes to an end. I get weary with each chapter. The development is nonexistent. Which hurts! When it ends tho, I’ll revisit.

      • 2.1.2 Niki

        i totally agree with you on Skip Beat! i dropped that manga years back and recently decided to check in on Ren to see if he made any headway with Kyouko. Definitely, nope. Years on earth equaled a mere few weeks in Love-Me-land. This mangaka is really going for 50 years.

        • Tru2u

          Lol, no development even now? You Tripping. I hate manga that seems to want to out live me. I mean I started this when I was 17 and now I’m 25 and still no development? Nah, I’m going to wait til it ends. It’s been running for 14 years now. They might finish it in the next 10 years. Cause if the writer decide to end it now, it will be too rushed (coming from someone who also dropped it years ago). And I LOVE that crazy chicken too.🐓🐔🐓🐔🐓🐔

        • tohukyo

          Actually there’s more headway than ever. Been so since Chapter 150 ish. However because the focus of the story is the female lead Kyouko and not on romance, the recent arc focused on her issues with parental neglect and most recently the story returned to the focus on acting.

      • 2.1.3 kat

        I can’t comment much about Water God since I didn’t read the whole thing but you DEFINITELY have to try to read Skip Beat again. I did put it down once since it’s too long and etc but when I pick it up once more and when you read it as a whole you’re going to appreciate the whole character growth 🙂

        P.S I love Ren too but when I read it as whole sometimes I think that ‘Ah, it’s reasonable for him to not be in this chapter.’

        One thing I’m glad about this news is that they’re going to make it in modern time. Not that I hate the fantasy version but I don’t think they’re going to be able to create the whole fantasy element. A little probably yes, all of it probably will be difficult. But since I’ve read this before and have read the ending probably gonna watch it. But PLEASE pre-produced the drama with satisfying outcome like DotS and not CITT (I mean storyplot not rating wise)

      • 2.1.4 thai chili

        I agree with you.. I dropped Skip Beat, Goong, Bride of the Water God.. For exact same reason.. The authors knew they were popular and milked every drop out of it.. To a point the plot lost it’s point..

      • 2.1.5 Mosan

        i love Skip Beat for the exact reason you dropped it – it doesn’t focus so much on romance, it’s just another part of her life and growth. Kyoko and the acting arcs are the real meat of this manga and she’s only getting started and they’re just getting better and better. i’m sure most wouldn’t mind and i’d love it if the story continued for as long as the mangaka could go… A story only ends wherever you choose to stop telling it… and I could read this one all my life

        • Tru2u

          But growth for 14 years? Come on now. I’m getting OLD and it seems by the time she’s finish growing I’ll be in my fifties (and that’s just the growing part). And she’s still be young. I love seeing a growth in my leads, but not one that takes forever. I do agree that ” A story only ends wherever you choose to stop telling it”. But if a story that is told for years without any development. You can be sure the one’s listening to these stories will get tired and just come up with their own ending and leave. The only way I stick around a story that will last a lifetime, is if the characters are getting old with me. I feel for those who start with it since 2002, caused I would have dropped it after 5 years because of how slow it is. Anyways I’ll revisit when the writer stop milking it. A story must come to an end, or else that’s not a story.

          • Nessie


            Every month I always check for the new chapters on the 21st lol It’s become a habit now hahah I too love the story exactly for the same reason as you. I’ve grown too attached to Kyoko to let her go. When she cries I cry, and when she succeeds I’m so happy for her too.

            I feel everyones pain regarding Skip.Beat. However there has been so much development in the story. I started reading it in Intermediate and now I”m fully working in the workforce. It’s taken 10 years for the lead couple to kiss but ah the wait is so worth it! It’s still my favourite romance manga and it doesn’t seem like it’ll end anytime soon, there’s still so much room for plot development.

            My suggestion is when tackling mangas like these is to leave it for awhile and come back when more chapters are released, that way you won’t feel the wait is too long.

  3. FrabbyCrabsis

    Do dramas exist as different dimensions? Could Lee Jong-seok jump from drama to drama, therefore successfully tackling this and ‘W’?

    In a perfect universe, perhaps…

  4. nomi

    Oh Yeon Seo, please! i really want to see her…and i think Ji Chang Wook would have been perfect for this instead of K2.

    • 4.1 Miky

      Oh yeah,he would looks magnific!!!Another one who would rock is Lee Jung Ki but he got his own period drama and even without i doubt he would take another role after Scholar….Tiny wish even for Lee Soo Hyuk

    • 4.2 Chandler

      I’d also rather have JCW in this! K2 seems like it could be a good pick, but I don’t really want to see him in another action/thriller right after Healer, especially since the premise doesn’t seem as unique. I’d love to see him in a fantasy drama like this. Plus, I trust the writer much, much more.

    • 4.3 Omomo

      Holy snaps, yes! But idk if JCW is too keen on doing another romance-focused drama again so soon after wrapping up his Chinese ones Mr. Right and Whirlwind Girl 2 which are both romcoms. Still, I really hope they offer him the role and he’ll consider positively! He’d be perfect.

      • 4.3.1 Michi

        Yeah , if drama “K2” can’t get the time slot in September, I hope they will cast Ji Chang Wook for this drama . He looks very handsome and can act well .

        • yu

          My vote goes to JCW – only if it’s a good script

    • 4.4 trish

      nomi..I agree on OYS. I think she’s a mesmerizingly brilliant actor and gorgeous. Also agree about JCW instead of K2.

  5. ran

    oueee finally some news about this. I thought it was put on shelf/canceled. I’m not sure about the change though, i guess they realize it was difficult to create BOTWG world in a series TV, so they decided to change it. I’m curious how they’ll manage to insert the characters and the storyline into the modern set. Since it’s a kdrama i expect them to leave out a lot from the original, hopefully so cause the manhwa had so many side/additional stories that are not that all interesting, at least to me. but with this premiere, a water god falling in love with his sacrifice, if they can concentrate on that it might work out. Now it’s just the casting… i can see Yoo Seung Ho as Habaek, for the female lead, Kim Ji Won ❤

  6. Arhazivory

    I really see Yoo Seung Ho in this role too. Although he’s not a fan of romance, perhaps the mythical aspects will lure him in. I think Lee Hyun Woo would be good too. Omo! There’s Yeo Jin Gu too.

    Hmmm…..I wonder which young cutie will play Ha Baek. I used to read the manhwa but got busy and never did get back to it.

    • 6.1 Chandler

      He has worked with the writer before! We may just have a chance…

    • 6.2 Gaeina Lee

      Yes, yes, agree with you. YSH would be perfect. Hope the drama GOD hear this wish… ^^

    • 6.3 aoiaheen

      YSH definitely has that manhwa face. Come to think of it, of all the actors around that age group, he’s the most similar to Habaek. But Habaek has so many shirtless scenes, which I can’t see YSH pulling off.

      • 6.3.1 mary

        But Habaek has so many shirtless scenes, which I can’t see YSH pulling off.

        Is that a pun..?

  7. Kiara

    Oh my Gosh! Finally. Where are you pogo? Let’s dance lol.

    • 7.1 pogo


      I had my metaphorical party balloons ready and then out came this:

      moving the setting to modern-day Seoul

      so no Goryeo costumes 🙁

      • 7.1.1 Kiara

        I was so excited and started commenting before I read the whole article lol.

        Oh well, not much we can do but wait :(.

  8. maknaee

    “Writer Jung Joon-young…”

    Okay, seems like I need to stop marathoning kdramas and rewatching 2D1N all day. Gotta get some sleep. LOL

    • 8.1 blnmom

      Haha, that would be hilarious if he wrote a drama.

  9. Jade0817

    Everytime I see a drama linked with TVN (and a well-proven star writer to boot), my expectations become really high. Sometimes I think placing too much faith on the network will be my downfall…

    But hey, as long as they’re good, keep ’em coming! I am continually amazed at the number of well-thought out and well-executed dramas the network has been churning out so this will be on my radar too. Hope they get a good cast! And a good PD!

    • 9.1 Oshi

      It’s ultimately a product of the Korean system. There are s few avenues for truly creative works to come out that TvN just soaked it all up. What will be interesting to see is what happens once the creative pool at TvN starts spreading out to other places a la the spead of talent in US cable tv.

      • 9.1.1 Jade0817

        True. Although I am wondering why it hasn’t spread to the Big 3 yet. I don’t think any of their dramas (I have watched and read about so far) have come close to the critical acclaim that some of the TVN dramas have had. If there are I’d like to know. I mean it’s been years since the succeeding hits of the Reply series, Misaeng, and recently Twenty Again, Signal, Oh Hae Young, etc. Even OCN’s procedurals are great (Vampire Prosecutor, Ten, Bad Guys..) Shouldn’t it be about time they upped their game?

        Idk, maybe they’ve been trying but haven’t been as successful (except DOTs in ratings, which I didn’t watch). More avenue for creative works, more quality dramas for us 🙂

  10. 10 Mathoooh

    I really love the story, and was expected about turned it to drama, but l think they will change many things (praying for less Change).

    For me l think Kim so eun suitable for the female main role (I’ll not put high hope) but l hope they’ll choice good & suitable actors for this 😊

    • 10.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      I second that. Kim So Eun is free and available now.

  11. 11 Marie67

    I am hoping for Park Bo Young as the female lead, and the male lead can be:

    Kim Soo Hyn
    Ji Soo (when will he get his leading role?)
    Yoo Ah In (OMG he and Park Bo Young will sizzle the screen).
    Park Hae Jin (not my choice, but somehow I think he makes a chance)
    Jo In Sung ( yesss pleaseauhh)

    • 11.1 anon

      park bo young is already confirmed for another drama airing either later this year or early next

    • 11.2 Rieve

      Park Bo Young already signed for Strong Woman Do Bong Soon that will be broadcasted in 2017 too, so not a chance unless she pulls a Park So Dam.

      For the actor, I think young actor whose age is around 20s is the best fitting for the male lead. I agreed with girlfriday that when I heard about this adaptation for the first time, Yoo Seung Ho comes to mind immediately, and I think he’ll be great in it. But I’m also open for other actors as long as they’re in 20s and can act.

    • 11.3 Mermaid Scribbler

      Oh wow – Park Bo Young – That would be great. The artwork in the original was so beautifully done, it would be a shame not to see a gorgeous cast in those costumes.

      I don’t know how the time change will work. Part of what made the beginning of the story so compelling for me was the fact that the lead character lived in a time when human sacrifices to gods could happen and be supported by society (and the person to be sacrificed). I don’t know how they’ll keep that story in a modern setting (maybe a past life, or maybe a modern fantasy mix like in My Girlftiend is A Gumiho as Tineybeannie mentioned), but that idea is so central to the main character, I hope that they can find a way to keep even the spirit of it alive.

  12. 12 Peridot

    I’m not too keen on a modern-day setting. It would be nice to see a pre-produced fantasy drama with a well-developed world that is not based upon the world in which we are currently living.

    But perhaps if things start to look interesting (when more information gets released in the coming months), I might check it out. I guess it doesn’t matter either way, as I haven’t read the source text :).

    • 12.1 mems

      Yeah, I was looking forward to lush cinematography appropriate for the historical/fantasy setting, since the manga was known for it’s beautiful artwork.

      • 12.1.1 mems


        agh, that typo is killing me. #grammarnerdproblems

        • Peridot

          LOL! I feel you :).

    • 12.2 kanz

      I think it could work a la You From Another Star/Rooftop Prince/Queen Inhyun’s Man where the setting are Joseon and modern-day Korea and the casts are going back and forth between the two settings.

  13. 13 jichangwooklover

    Just gonna throw some ships that come to mind:

    Song jae rim and Kim so eun? – WGM reunion
    Kim bum and Kim so eun? – BOF reunion
    Kim bum and Eunji? – TWTWB reunion
    Ji soo and Eunji – SGG reunion
    Lee tae hwan and oh yeon so? – CBA reunion
    Doojoon and Kim Seul Gi – SSL reunion

    Too bad SJR, KSG and LTH are already linked to projects 🙁

    • 13.1 pogo

      I would p much die and go to drama heaven if we got a Ji-soo/Eunji reunion as leads. And then die even harder if we got Yoon Doo-joon/Kim Seul-gi back together in a full length series.

  14. 14 soapbox

    I have a new obsession with Kim Taeri so can she have this please?

  15. 15 Torrie

    tvN is like a sponge, soaking up dramas after dramas. With every passing day my hope in tvN triples. I’ve got so much faith in them. I want Kim soo hyun to be the lead, I want to see him in a drama before he enlists for army. As for the lead well Eun ji won’t be a bad option. Drama gods please let Kim so hyun or too seung ho land this role

    • 15.1 Luna

      Kim Yoo Jung and Ji Soo or Park George Tae please!!

  16. 16 Nessie

    Wheee so excited! I thought everyone forgot about this since there hasn’t been much news on it. So so glad it’s gonna be on TvN. Pretty understandable that they chose to do an adaption, since all the mystical worlds etc will be so hard to create. Unless you’ve got the budge of a GoT series it’s unlikely to look good in a real setting.

    I started reading it in highschool since the art is just so so beautiful. I even made some fanart for Soah, as she is just gorgeous in the manwha. This was also my first manwha before I even know manwha existed! So it holds a special place in my heart.

  17. 17 makoto

    I have already imagined Yoo Seungho as the Water God. As for the girl I wish they cast actress younger than him, either Kim Saeron or Kim Soohyun (they will be in legal age by that year).

  18. 18 makoto

    sorry, I meant *Kim Sohyun

  19. 19 juniper

    Very disappointed it’s going to take place in modern day–so much of the manhwa’s appeal is visual. Otoh there are very few PDs that could have done it justice (but imagine if Kim Yong-soo had gotten his hands on it!)…I can’t say it’s for the best because the story is nothing special to me without the setting, but maybe it’ll end up being more watchable this way, given how likely it is that they would have hired the wrong guy anyway (this is dramaland, after all).

    • 19.1 Kiara

      Wait what? I didn’t read the article. I was just excited to see the title after a year of waiting for news of it.

      Funny thing is I was also thinking of Kim Yong-soo and how awesome it would be if he gets to do it and pre produced. He will have his budget and enough time to create this mystical fantasy world.
      Let’s hope they will do a manwha version at some point. Modern version is not going to do it for me even with writer Jung Yoon-jung.

      • 19.1.1 juniper

        He would have done an amazing job. T__T

        Who knows, maybe it will be okay? I’m just not sure how they can translate it into modern day without losing a lot of the backstories (my favorite part of the manhwa besides the art) or turning the relationship into your typical trendy romance (naive poor girl, arrogant, powerful man). At least Jung Yoon-jung actually cares about world-building (the first half of Arang was quite decent imo, before it lost the plot).

        • Kiara

          It’s not going to be the same or even close :(.

  20. 20 Kat

    Misaeng and Arang and The Magistrate…well, I am all in on the writer. Arang was a tightly written, well paced drama and Misaeng is a masterpiece. Because the writer knows Lee Joon Gi and Yoo Seung Ho via Arang, I would bet on one of them getting the offer though both have worked non-stop so don’t know if they will be ready for another drama so soon but I’m ready to see LJG in a contemporary drama. Ji Chang Wook would be fantastic as well. One of those three would be my pick.

    • 20.1 bd5

      Hope this is a better adaptation than “Arang”- which was poorly written (basically spun around and around and around on the same issue w/ a anti-climatic ending).

      As fantasy-sageuks go – MotW is vastly superior.

      • 20.1.1 Kat

        Well I guess you might be disappointed since this has the same writer as Arang. I actually liked it quite a bit once it got going…3 to 4 episodes in. It was nice to have a drama not be about the royal family and Crown Princes and such. I am only to episode 8 on MOTW so can’t speak to it yet. Need to catch up.

  21. 21 PollyRose

    Aww, initial reaction to hearing they are going to change to modern day: bummed. After Arang I couldn’t wait to see what this writer would do with this story and world. But ultimately I do like and trust this writer so if she has decided to change it up I am going to keep trusting and hope for the best!

  22. 22 Mandy

    Oh finally!!! I’ve been looking forward to this adaptation since it got announced. Too bad they won’t go with the original world but I’m assuming that’s a budgeting issue tbh. Still, I love the premise which is different and exciting. It reminds me of that buzz I felt for Mirror of the Witch and that one’s really knocking it out of the park, episode per episode, minute after minute.

    As for the casting, I can’t see Kim Soo-hyun NOT doing a last drama before enlisting. And because he’s an 88er, he has more time than most. So… I really really hope he’s up for this! He’s generally so picky, but fingers crossed.

  23. 23 LuvJyhwa

    i read on this site not long ago that yoo seunghoo is in discussion for another drama???
    Since everyone is nominated their faves, so I nominated my faves too, wishing for Jung Yonghwa ♡ Jung soomin/Kim Ji won for the lead ahahaha girl can dream.

    • 23.1 yeah

      Jung Yongwha is investigated for insider trading, he won’t be doing any projects anytime soon.

  24. 24 Lisa

    Premise sounds interesting and I’m curious how they plan to handle the adaptation to modern day times. Gonna keep an eye out for the updates once casting starts. ^^ I’d love to see KSH in one more drama before army duty as well. XD

  25. 25 ter1

    for male lead i would like first Kim Hye-Seong and for a second choice Kim Soohyun..female lead kim ji won!!!

  26. 26 mk

    Aw man, I love me some urban fantasy but I would have rather they kept this a straight adaptation. Still, it’s exciting that it’s actually happening.

  27. 27 Sharreb

    I hope isyead2 of rushing the dateline i hope they take the time for proper editing for a pre produced drama. Now wait for casting news. Wonder who they will approach for the role. Since the manhwa is popular perhaps even hard to get stars will pick up this drama

  28. 28 Bùi Quốc Khánh

    LOL. Everyone hoping Top star like Kim Soo Hyun will join this drama. It’s really hard. tvN can’t pay too much for cast.
    And I don’t think Kim Soo Hyun will choose a cable drama. Now he just want to join a drama which have top stars like him.

    • 28.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      I think TVN have enough budget to pay top stars like KSH. KSH is quite picky in choosing his projects, TVN might be a better choice for him.

      Plus we have few A-lister in TVN dramas this year. SO I believe TVN has enough budget.

    • 28.2 yeah

      If they have enough money to pay veteran A listers, they have more then enough to pay KSH. He’s not god..well he won’t be unless he accepts this.

  29. 29 .miliver.

    What are the chance that Song Joong Ki coming to TvN??

  30. 30 Bùi Quốc Khánh

    Yoo Seung Ho not enough “manly” and don’t have abs for this role. He too young and stills considering main lead in a KBS drama.

    • 30.1 Bùi Quốc Khánh

      He not sexy too.

  31. 31 jane

    Kim soo hyun is a saguek veteran but since they are adapting it to a modern day drama, I am realky rooting for Yoo Seung Ho. He acted as a deity in some drana before he went to army right? Was it the gu family book? It was a cameo sort of thing.

    • 31.1 mary

      It was Arang. 😀

      He was the “older” god and his dongsaeng was the ajusshi from Marry Me, Mary! That was hilarious how the ajusshi would throw tantrums like a little kid while YSH tended his mystical goat.

  32. 32 pogo

    I saw the title of the post and went all YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS because I swear, I have been waiting for this drama adaptation since 2009 and have been p much on tenterhooks since 2014 when we learned just who was doing this adaptation.

    And then I saw this:

    moving the setting to modern-day Seoul.

    and I’m just all…’?????????? no costumes?! NOOOOOOO!!!’

    • 32.1 Kiara

      I can’t begin to imagine what it would be like in modern day. I still can’t see it.

      • 32.1.1 pogo

        I bet tvN are being cheap bastards and didn’t want to pay for another round of sageuk costumes and sets after Three Musketeers.

        I’m also mourning the lost prospect of Water kingdom sets 🙁 The visual element is the main reason why I stuck with the manhwa as long as I did, and removing it just makes me grumpy.

        • Kiara

          The artwork and the character’s description is different from our modern day beauty standard.

          Oppa can look dashing in a suit but when he puts on those long flowy traditional hanboks, it transforms him into a different kind of unearthly beauty.

          This is one of those dramas that would rely heavily on visuals to tell the story.

  33. 33 garcia_marina

    yesssss….thanks it’s tvn…

  34. 34 Elle

    This news is a bit of a mixed back for me. On one hand, I was (and still am) really excited to see a live adaptation of BotWG. All those lush visuals translated to small screen, and with the winding plot streamlined into something more cohesive…

    I’m apprehensive about moving the story to modern Seoul. Perhaps this is a sequel to the manhwa where So-ah’s modern-day reincarnation falls in love with Habaek all over again? But that would mean less than a handful of the main characters from the manhwa would appear. The decision seems to stem more from budget concerns than anything else.

    This said, I have a lot of faith in the writer’s capabilities. Misaeng is one of the truly great dramas of recent years, and I trust he/she to make something great out of the material. I hope they can get the Mirror of the Witch PD to work his magic on this.

  35. 35 maldita

    Probably the only manhwa I’ve read, and honestly I’m excited to see an adaptation of it. I’d like it more if it’s a straight up adaptation with Arang-like universe.

    But yes, Yoo Seungho please! 🙂

  36. 36 Gubblegubble

    OK i’ll be honest……… ALLL OF YOU ARE WRONG!!!!!!!

    I GET kim soo hyn and Park bo young part, because their not just good looking but great actors. But aren’t we missing someone here, whose both not only good looking and a really great actor but also has this mysterious thing about him that makes all his heroines intrigued by him. You know that thing with the eyes and voice, ARGH!!! its so coooolll!Guess who… wait for it……

    Song Joong Ki!!!

    I know what your thinking, REALLY? UH UH!! or YAPP YOU GOT IT RIGHT THERE GIRL!!! but seriously, i read the manhua and instantly fell inlove with the lead male, we need someone who can be both cool and show some real melodramatic emotion as well, i mean please don’t turn it into some annoying romance where everyone gets what they want so easily!!! Give me some tears! a great back story, betrayl, murder! anything so dramatic that i won’t hate the writer for ruining a beautiful story(Arang and the magistrate was awesome by the way)!!!

    The manhua was sooo emotional and great with all the fantasy and stuff (i have a feeling the stayed away from the original time and age because of all the CGI that will be involved, so not surprising).

    i will wait patiently for the casting tVn, please don’t pay attention to the sound of me sharpening my knives of sarcastic criticism, their a bit dull at the moment, i won’t throw them at you unless you make me…..


  37. 37 Leah

    I like the story from bride of the water god about habaek and so ah, when habaek is an immortal water god and so ah just a human. When i read the news that this manga will become a drama, i got excited because i think it would be like fushion saeguk where i can watch beautiful dress and some effect…but now i wonder if that would never happen because writernim would make the story in a modern ways and i hope this drama would become interesting, because i know from the original story that habaek have a curse, so he can go with 2 form (child and adult version)

  38. 38 yeah

    No sageuk? But the pretty clothes are part of the story…oh well, if the actors are good I guess it doesn’t matter that much.

    • 38.1 Peppa

      I was also expecting the flowy and colorful costumes. Maybe that kind of production will be too costly for them.

  39. 39 MsB

    Okay, I’m going to have to read this before it comes out!! This is exciting! Hope they pick the right cast!

  40. 40 franbergh

    eeehh… and i was hoping we’ll see beautiful dresses and everything..
    but i wish.. please no chaebol and poor girl or even kidsXadult casts because now i can see its like do min joon for water god..

  41. 41 ssafayra

    Kim so eun is honestly so underrated yet she’s such a talented veteran actress (her talents were wasted in SWWTN), I think she’ll be a great for the female lead role !

  42. 42 sleepylittlemonkey

    It been some years since I read the manhwa. But it was the same for me, I was drawn to the artwork, the story and the characters. Looking forward to the spinoff and pray that the cast will be awesome! Kim So Eun and Kim Soo Hyun would be a dream cast ^^ <3

  43. 43 aoiaheen

    This is such good news, except for the modern day Seoul setting – I can’t see anyone sacrificing a human being in exchange for rain in these times, but maybe they’ll make it work.

    I love the manhwa — the idea, the characters and art. The plot itself is not that great. Hopefully they’ll remove the boring bits and concentrate on Habaek and Soha.

    The artwork is so amazing and I hope the drama can build that beautiful a world.

  44. 44 Kim Yoonmi

    The original manhwa uses Korean mythology and Mugyo very heavily, mostly the northern version, so I’m looking forward to seeing this pan out.

    A good writer and a solid director can often cover for mediocre actors, but it would be nice to have it solidly all the way through.

  45. 45 Peppa

    Omo😲!!!!!!!!! I hope they make the spin off of the manhwa justifiable since Bride of the water god is so good. The latest part I’ve read is that Soah and Habaek meet again after a few yrs. of separation (Of course, they had a super cute child). Will they include time jump? Can’t wait!!!!

  46. 46 Peppa

    I’m also waiting who will be casted as the mother of Habaek. In the manhwa, she looks so young (She became friends with So ah without the latter knowing she was Habaek’s mom) but definitely old.

    • 46.1 alice

      How I wish Kim Soo Hyun will make a drama under TVN channel. and I think this drama fits for him.

  47. 47 Labyrinthine

    Lee Goon Ji would make an awesome Haebaek… just saying.

    • 47.1 Labyrinthine

      Lee Joon-Gi ***

  48. 48 Spi

    I’m digging this up because I think Lee Joon Gi would be perfect for this.
    He just needs such a great writer and TvN will not waste his talent.
    And he needs to be an awesome drama to be compensated for that trainwreck called Moon Lovers.

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