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Song Jae-rim takes the lead in new weekend drama
by | June 22, 2016 | 121 Comments

Song Jae-rim (Goodbye Mr. Black) has been cast as main lead in upcoming SBS weekend family drama Our Gap-soon. He will be playing the role of Gap-dol, an unemployed graduate preparing for the civil service exam, after failing the law exam several times in a row.

Growing up under a poor widowed mother who worked hard at odd jobs to raise her kids, Gap-dol has no money or connections. Born without a silver spoon or even a bronze spoon, but a single-use plastic spoon, Gap-dol can’t catch a break. When he was younger, Gap-dol showed promise in school, so his mother pinned all her hopes and dreams on him and his future. However, he can’t seem to live up to her expectations. In addition, he has a girlfriend who he’s been dating for ten years and has been expecting him to put a ring on her finger before yesterday.

Actress Yoo-sun (Sweet Savage Family) is up for the role of his elder sister, Jae-soon, who failed at her first marriage and made a quick rebound to her second. Our Gap-soon is supposed to explore themes such as the modern family unit and the different stages of marriage: including the traditional marriage, separation, cohabitation, divorce, and remarriage.

I’m looking forward to seeing Song Jae-rim front and center. He always adds a great spark as the supporting character, starting from his stint as loyal king’s bodyguard in The Moon That Embraces the Sun to adorable editor with a one-sided crush in his most recent drama Goodbye Mr. Black. Song has also been in a family drama before, KBS’s Unkind Women. Our Gap-soon is being written by Makjang Queen Moon Young-nam who also wrote successful hit King’s Family, so I’m sure we can expect some twists and turns with this new drama.

SBS plans to have Our Gap-soon air after its current weekend drama Yes, That’s How It Is ends in September.

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121 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. cherkell

    And Mary should be arriving here in three… two… one… 😀

    • 1.1 Gladys


    • 1.2 JoAnne Rodriguez

      I came here specifically to read the comments by and about Mary and there’s nothing but us, Cher!

      Answer me this question, though, DB: Why is it Our Gap Soon? If Rimmie is Gap Dol, and his sister is Jae Soon….who is Gap Soon?

      • 1.2.1 cherkell

        Poor Mary is probably poring over reference materials and other treatises to figure out the answer to that question. Or she’s asleep. Yeah. That’s it.

        I’m thinking that the two siblings do something significant to become a ‘package deal’ plotline in the drama. Gap + Soon = Gap-Soon.

        Regardless, it’s great to see Yoo-sun again; I loved her as Bok-shil in ‘Sons of Sol Pharmacy’ oh so many years ago.

        Let us all chant now: WAKE UP MARY!!! 😛

        • risa

          Our mary is most likely busy clearing her calendar for the fall and booking a flight to Korea.

          As for Gap Soon and Gap Dol, someone more versed in Korean culture can answer better than I can, but I do remember that those were the pet names used by the OTP in Lovers in Prague. I think they might be based on a couple in a famous Korean folktale or song, and I believe the names are commonly used together in Korean culture, often in a humorous way, like a hick version of Romeo and Juliet. (Or mary and SJR). Sorry for any inaccuracies.

          Sorry for any inaccuracies.

          • mary

            Should I change my name to Gap-soon then?

    • 1.3 angieya

      It’s over an hour already since the post, either she’s asleep or fainted somewhere. 😀

      • 1.3.1 RY

        I vote for the latter!

    • 1.4 mary doppleganger

      mary is not here. but doppleganger will be fine too right?

    • 1.5 Eerinmide Go Go

      Lol , I am going to keep revisiting this post every hour till Mary shows up XD

    • 1.6 Gem

      Awwwwwww……..my Mr. Dark Blue is back, where is Mary, seriously??

  2. cali

    Ha so he is gonna be like Ohn Joo Wan’s character In Surplus Princess

  3. jichangwooklover

    Wish it was a weekday drama instead. I have commitment issues with long weekend dramas 🙁
    Unless this turns out to be like Beautiful Gongshim with only 20 episodes!

    P.S. Where is SJR’s no.1 fan Mary?

    • 3.1 james94131

      I think Mary fainted at SJR’s first lead role. She’s probably in a kdrama hospital right now being tended to by one of Korea’s geeeenius doctors.

      • 3.1.1 Kiara

        She probably died and went to heaven again lol.

      • 3.1.2 MissDVM

        This comment had me in stitches. Thank you, Kind Sir!

      • 3.1.3 mary

        Thanks for worrying for my health. I’ve just been discharged.

        PATIENT NAME: mary

        SYMPTOMS ON ADMITTING: difficulty breathing, excessive drooling, incoherent babbling “yes drama gods” “you go drama gods” “bless apple butts”, shrieks of laughter while reading comments

        DIAGNOSIS: Song Jae-rim has a new drama

        CONDITION ON DISCHARGE: normal breathing with slight tendency to giggle at apples

        DISCHARGE INSTRUCTIONS: avoid dramabeans or twitter, avoid making any reference to APPLES, NAIL JOBS, or PANDAS in vicinity of patient

        [x] Song Jae-rim shoots scenes in patient’s country
        [x] Show releases promo stills and teasers of Song Jae-rim
        [x] Show turns out to be 50+ episodes of Suffering™
        [x] Show kills Gap-dol character in the end

        • Nihonbashi

          Was worth the wait to see your post.
          You forgot to include the name of the hospital you were admitted to and contact details in case of emergency during above mentioned follow ups 🙂

          • mary

            Err… patient confidentiality? (That thing that doesn’t exist in dramaland.)

  4. blnmom


    I got Seojinnie, Seo Inguk, now Rim! If only Doojoon does a drama this year it’ll be a grand slam for me. I’ve been waiting to start another makjang 50 ep drama ever since Jang Bori ended so this will be perfect.

  5. cupkate

    Mary should recap this!

    • 5.1 Gaeina Lee

      That’s what I thought too! It’d be fun to read her recap.. ^^

    • 5.2 james94131

      Pretty sure that the recap would skip all the non-SJR scenes and focus solely on Rimmie’s scenes.

  6. Master'sSun👻❤️🦄

    Where’s Mary? Has she died again? 💛
    Ooh I wonder who the female lead would be? I wish Kim Seul Gi wasn’t doing a weekend I bet those two would be so cute especially with the height difference haha! What’s everyone’s dream pairing with Jae Rim? I think I would vote Mary X Jae Rim they’d be like a modern Cinderella story haha 😍😂💕☄ Do you hear that Kdrama gods?

  7. owl

    When I read the description I thought of Level Seven Civil Servant (say that fast 3 times in a row)…but hopefully it will go in a different direction and avoid the collision.

    That pic of Yoo Sun, should a collar bone stick out that much and not be broken? Er, maybe it’s the angle of the picture?

    • 7.1 DramaMama

      Lol – I can’t even hardly say it one time fast…i keep saying Level Sevel Civin Servent…

    • 7.2 Gina

      It actually has a nice ring to it! Like a Gilbert and Sullivan musical…”I’m a modern day example of a level seven civil servant.” ☺️

  8. canxi

    Happy for him. Sounds like a good project. I do enjoy a long drama every once in a while so I hope this is good. I’ll keep looking out for updates.

  9. Gaeina Lee

    Oh my. I’m glad he got an offer to lead a drama.

    Where’s Mary?

  10. 10 karmy

    Super proud of SJR! It was about time… *joining the party and bringing a jar of salts for Mary that fainted of hapiness…*

  11. 11 BROWNCOAT_78

    I won’t watch this since it’s a weekend family drama, but I couldn’t be happier for SJR! He deserves it. I just hope we get to see him again in a sageuk soon. I love him best in period costume kicking ass!

    • 11.1 Gina

      …with long hair. *fans*

  12. 12 Waiting

    Seriously…where is Mary?

    I came in here like the rest expecting to see Mary-level squeeing at SJR’s first lead role.

  13. 13 neener

    This can’t be right…… Where’s Mary???

  14. 14 alpha

    as much as i love him, don’t think i will be watching this one. cmon he needs to do some 16 episodes drama. he had so much hype after we got married but he failed to take hold of that opportunity.
    i need to see him in some romcom… preferably with kim so eun.

    • 14.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      Sadly even Kim So Eun also is hard to get any lead role after the end of WGM, except web drama. MBC should just considering make a rom com between these two. Solim shippers still strong even in Korea. Should just take the opportunity.

      • 14.1.1 mary

        I’m so disappointed they didn’t bank on that love team 🙁

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          Agree.Even with a simple drama, the chemistry with these two is sizzling. Or if they don’t have any idea, can just give us a title We Got Married and of course life of married couple. It cannot go wrong. lol

  15. 15 Loolu

    I’ve only watched him in one drama (Thumping Spike). Wow…he is so good looking. <3 <3 <3

    • 15.1 blnmom

      He was super dreamy in Thumping Spike.

      • 15.1.1 pogo

        that’s the one vhere Lee Von Geun vas cast in the second season, right? I vant it to do just as vell for Crinkles as it did for Applebottom.

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          Thanks for making us laugh, pogo. LOL

          and yeah.. this is vhere Lee Von Geun vas cast in the second season, and his partner is my baby princess Kim So EU\un. 😉

        • mary

          LOL pogo your comments always make me smile, but this week they make me laugh 😀

          Didn’t know Thumping Spike will get a Season 2 :O

          • pogo

            I didn’t mean to make Crinkles accidentally German but yeah, he’s the lead in Season 2….vith none other than Kim So-eun!

          • Sera The Ms Temper

            mary, they finished filming already. Don’t know when it will be released. Hopefully JR oppa will do cameo,😆

    • 15.2 mary

      You need to watch Nail Shop Paris or Surplus Princess :DDD

  16. 16 TJ

    A weekend drama. Not exactly prime time but he’s overdue for a shot at a lead. He’s a charming guy but he just gets crappy roles.

    • 16.1 Dahlias

      Agreed. I hope this weekend drama does well and he’s able to move up.

  17. 17 Hwari

    When I read first 2 paragraph. The plot seems familiar, then saw the writer and her past drama…. So like King’s Family. Can’t wait to know other cast that will participate in this drama.

  18. 18 Michykdrama

    Good on SJR to keep getting bigger roles.
    I’m not sure if I’m going to watch this live if it’s like 50 episodes because that’s ALOT of episodes of Angst and Pain to sit through. Although I love my angsty romance a lot.

    He was the lead in Thumping Spike though. Why doesn’t that count as his “first lead role”? Is it because it’s a web drama so it doesn’t count?

    • 18.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      First lead role for big 3. 😉

  19. 19 Sera The Ms Temper

    So like everyone, where is mary? LOL

    Kim So Eun for his partner please. i miss their WGM’s days. Seriously why there is no PD considering a drama with these two as main lead. I want KSE to get a role in a good draMa which she really deserves, but rather than nothing, better there is something..

    • 19.1 Moon

      Hmmm….I seem to be in the minority but I prefer they both do their own thing.

      There was a lot of chemistry when they first started WGM, but after episode 13 or 17 something changed and it was not as enjoyable. Someone used to recap their segment and they even stopped after episode 17. I only continued watching because Jae-rim kept on creating moments that I still find myself laughing at today…he is hilarious.

      With that being said, I really excited for Rim….his future is looking really bright!

      Oh, and good luck to KSE too.

      • 19.1.1 dalou

        I have to agree with you on this. I wish SJR all the best with this new drama

  20. 20 shirayukihime

    Please cast Gong Seung Yeon as one of the cast….

  21. 21 Juliesean

    Hope it’s the lead role for real this time. Remember Unkind Women? He was the male lead but was more like a supporting role.

    • 21.1 mary

      Remember Surplus Pri…

      *goes back to crying room*

  22. 22 gem

    no mary yet?

  23. 23 ET

    mary Stayed Out All Night?

    • 23.1 salt n' pepper

      LOL, good one!

    • 23.2 Eerinmide Go Go

      Hopefully, her version is not as crappy as the drama XD

      • 23.2.1 Nana

        Come on.. It’s not THAT bad.. the GeunGeun couple were so cute. The OST kinda grew on you too..

    • 23.3 Gaeina Lee

      Bwahahaha… ROTFL

    • 23.4 ina

      Die laughing!! Mary where are you? we’re all here to see your comments!

  24. 24 spazmo

    she’s hunting down “Mrs. SJR” who commented in the My Dear Friends article…

    • 24.1 mary

      *sigh* and now I have to dispatch– err… settle with another witness.

      • 24.1.1 spazmo

        i got yer back, sister…

        i’d do the same for “Mrs. E”.
        ; )

  25. 25 salt n' pepper

    Like everyone else, I clicked on this article primarily to see comments by and about Mary. Mary, where are you? We’re all here waiting. Haha!

  26. 26 bluemings

    I was looking for Mary too 🙁
    Song Jae-Rim yesssss

  27. 27 kimster

    May give this a watch if his leading lady is a decent actress and its NOT a long weekend drama like 50 episodes.

  28. 28 elvira

    Looking forward to see him as a lead.

  29. 29 pogo

    like everyone else says…. vhere is mary?

    and I’m almost certain this drama vill get a recap, nou.

    • 29.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      Special recap by mary. We all know what will the recap be mostly about. LOL

      • 29.1.1 mary

        High art.

    • 29.2 Purple Owl

      I’m sorry about your keyboard, pogo. But I hope there’s comfort in knowing it has made me smile, multiple times, in a really difficult 30 hours!

      • 29.2.1 YY

        LOLOL I’m laughing again, I’m so sorry, pogo! Vill your keyboard voes make it to the Beans of Visdom this week, ve vonder?

        • pogo

          stopppppp ittt, you tvo!

          @Purple Ovvl I’m glad you got a good laugh out of my dumb keyboard, hope things get better.

          • jichangwooklover

            I feel your pain. My phone’s keypad got messed up too and I sounded like a two year old. Funny thing was people thought I was typing like that on purpose to sound “kewl” -.-

          • Purple Owl

            Thanks. It’s nothing a few dramas (and anime) can’t fix. Although is anything passed media fixing?

            Lol, I forgot about my name in terms of your keyboard. Is it bad that I kinda want to adopt that name instead 😜

  30. 30 Petmink

    Came looking for Mary’s spazzing about this.

  31. 31 ObsessedMuch

    I love how everyone in the the Dramabeans world automatically thinks of mary as soon as Song Jae Rim’s name is mentioned. But seriously I came here to see all the comments about her and by her, but she is not here! Why mary? Are you looking for a way to go to S. Korea and become the leading lady of this show? 😀

  32. 32 mary

    Applebutt Oppa O3O

     ************* *************
       **********   **********
         ******       ******

    • 32.1 Purple Owl

      Omo! I was about to leave the page after commenting to pogo. And then my app refreshed.

      There you are, Mary! And your comment kekekeke! Thank you!

    • 32.2 Rei

      found her 😂

    • 32.3 Gaeina Lee

      Your love to your oppa is soooo endearing, dear..
      We’ve been searching for you for so long.

    • 32.4 xine

      Mary! Chukahaeyo 😀

    • 32.5 Sera The Ms Temper

      This made my day. I’m touched with your love for Jae rim oppa.

    • 32.6 YY

      Ve vere all vondering vhere you vere, mary.

      • 32.6.1 ObsessedMuch

        @YY Are ve copying Pogo nov?

        • Gaeina Lee

          Sveet~! Pogo surely is the trendsetter… 😉

      • 32.6.2 mary

        I now know you have multiple identities, pogo.

        • pogo

          That vould almost be in keeping vith the dramaland trend for multiple personalities….though maybe a year too late.

    • 32.7 Rossi

      Like others, I went into the post for Mary’s comment but I got increasingly stressed on her behalf scrolling down since this is a lot of pressure! Like what can she say to fulfills the people’s expectation as Song Jae Rim’s (self appointed) Chosen One?!

      But I should have known to not doubt her cause instead of words, she brought in the graphic like a boss!

    • 32.8 pogo

      Ve love you, mary <333

      (right novv I also love that your name contains no vv's)

    • 32.9 ObsessedMuch

      @mary you have become like a celebrity in DB! 😀
      All hail the applebutt oppa!

    • 32.10 fab

      May this drama become a ratings hit! I might consider watching it just to follow your commentary.xD

    • 32.11 ET

      mary, this looks like an inverted heart 🙂

      I am curious, is your Oppa a Gala? Honey Crisp? or Red Delicious?

      • 32.11.1 mary

        Based on Surplus Princess (which I watched for strictly scientific purposes), it’s the red one.

        • ET

          So, Delicious is it!

          The things we do in name of science 😀

        • pogo

          yes, he definitely vouldn’t be a Pink Lady or a Granny Smith.

    • 32.12 Waiting

      Dang! LOL How perfect!

    • 32.13 jichangwooklover

      I hope SJR finds out about you and you win some sort of cameo in his drama 😀
      Also what are the chances we are getting some Rimcaps on this drama?

    • 32.14 sigalltheway

      ow my gosh, I completely forgot about this. lol

    • 32.15 Nihonbashi

      The apple butt reference made me watch Surplus princess once again over the weekend. Jo Bo-Ah was so lucky!

  33. 33 chiyako92

    Who will be the wise PD-nim who’ll cast Kim So-eun as female lead?

    • 33.1 mary

      That’s a very unprecedentedly wise casting PD…

  34. 34 korfan

    Oh, whew! mary’s finally here!

    I guess the smelling salts I brought aren’t going to be needed. Heh!

  35. 35 Ck1Oz

    You know I scrolled down all 57 comments looking for Mary.
    You know she should do at least one episode review. I want to see how she can focus on anyone else. No one can be that in love with SJR right?

    • 35.1 mary

      Is this like the marshmallow test?

      “Recap a whole episode without mentioning SJR and we’ll let you recap another”

      *sweating bullets*

      • 35.1.1 Ck1Oz

        I was thinking you will recap fine. It’s the thoughts after the recap. It might end up longer then the recap. 😘😘😘 Or you could end up running out of superlatives.

        You sure you can’t or are not his fanclub president? I will support you to the Nth degree if you end up like those foreign fans who get special treatment by the manager and can meet him. Presuming SJR has a manager. But surely SURELY you can fly to Seoul for this drama?

  36. 36 JesO

    I kept refreshing just to see when Mary would be responding. I can see my time was not wasted.

  37. 37 Sera The Ms Temper

    Whenever SJR’s name appear, it looks like the article is actually about ” Where is mary? ” lol.😅 Love all beanies. We at times disagree on certain things, but when it comes to Apple butt oppa, we automaticlly find consensus on something which us ‘ where is mary’. 😆

    • 37.1 fan

      Yeah right? I am worried about the writer though. Then again some insane ratings could give Song Jae-rim explosive popularity. Wait.. Would Mary want that?

      • 37.1.1 Madkdr


        It’s now – What Would Mary Want?


      • 37.1.2 mary

        I would want it. Even though the more popular he gets, the less chance I can go to one of his fansigns. 🙁

        But it’ll be great for Oppar.

        Just imagine how many stray cats he can feed with the extra $$$$$.

        • Gina

          ….and begin an epic collection of motorcycles. Who knows, he may name one “Mary.”

      • 37.1.3 Sera The Ms Temper

        No worries on the ratings, Korean loves makjangs. LOL. King’s family was a successful (but yes of course korean love it but not for international fans). I do watching makjang stories, even I cannot decide I like or dislike it. I just watch it for entertainment purpose.

        Just to refresh on what JB wrote about Wang’s family http://www.dramabeans.com/2014/02/kings-family-an-overview/

        so for those who are not familiar with the writer’s past work to get overview and prepare themselves with all makjang-ish. LOL

        • mary

          That’s what I did when I heard who the author was, is to look if DB talked about it.

          I’m being cautiously optimistic cause our local shows are full of such things and I’m not entirely allergic to them. Just be a crack drama, please!

  38. 38 Am

    Every time I read @pogo ‘s comments, I hear Dracula’s voice in my head and I can’t help myself picturing Dracula as a Kdrama addict, cozy in his coffin with his pet bat watching dramas and ranting on his tumblr about the representation of vampires in dramaland ^^

    • 38.1 mary

      I’d be pissed if I was a vampire too! Except Vampire Idol. I feel like even Dracula would’ve appreciated that masterpiece.

    • 38.2 pogo

      This image is beautiful beyond vords

      (and I definitely think he vould use the royal ve vhen talking about himself, too)

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