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Drinking interview with Cinderella Park So-dam
by | October 2, 2016 | 56 Comments

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Park So-dam (Cinderella and the Four Knights) has made her stamp as a rising Chungmuro star at the young age of 25. Nicknamed “The Jewel of Indie Films,” she has been praised by critics for showing a talent beyond her years. Recently, she gave a drinking interview where she talked about carving a path for herself in the Korean entertainment business.

Her first commercial film debut was in last year’s The Silenced, where she played a student at an all-girls sanatorium. But her official breakout performance was in Black Priests with Kim Yoon-seok and Kang Dong-won, where she was a deeply troubled schoolgirl possessed by an evil demon. With more than 5.5 million viewers, she left a strong impression on the audience, and at the 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards, she received the newcomer prize for her performance.

However, it hasn’t been all rainbows and butterflies for the rising actress. After starting off with small cable drama Because It’s the First Time, KBS’s Beautiful Mind was her first foray into Big 3 prime time dramas as a main lead. But the production had its share of trouble behind the scenes, the drama was cut by two episodes, and her acting was criticized as well.

Her follow-up drama (which she technically shot first), Cinderella and the Four Knights, just ended its run on tvN. The rom-com was 100 percent pre-produced, so it’s been a while since she finished filming. She reminisced with a smile and said that it was one of the most cheerful sets she’s been on: “People were envious of me for receiving the love of four men. And yes, receiving all that love, all at once, made me very happy. When else would I get this opportunity?” (Laughs.)

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Q: This is an official interview question. How much can you drink?

A: Nowadays, there’s not much opportunity to go out. I can probably drink a bottle of soju. Truthfully, I haven’t drunk that much recently. Usually, I just have a can of beer.

Q: Do you have any drinking habits?

A: Drinking habits? My friends say my speech slows down. I think it’s because even in the haze of alcohol, I try to convey my point as accurately as possible.

Q: Whom do you consider your closest drinking buddies?

A: I usually meet up with my high school friends. The actor friends I’ve made through work, we can’t meet often because of conflicting schedules. If there’s an event, maybe we’ll meet up. It’s easier to meet up with neighborhood friends. I don’t like to venture out too far from my house.

Q: At the 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards, you took home the newcomer’s award.

A: Those around me complimented me for Black Priests, so I thought “It would be nice to receive [an award].” However, I didn’t think I’d get it. Even more than going up to get the award, I was nervous about going to the ceremony itself. I wore a dress for the first time in a long while, and I was anxious. I wasn’t very relaxed at that time because I had just finished filming for Cinderella the day before, and the next day I was supposed to go down to start filming for Beautiful Mind. But because the Baeksang Arts Awards encompasses both the film and television industries, I was grateful to meet many diverse people. It was like being on MBC’s Radio Star all over again.

Q: What was your first thought, when they announced your name for the award?

A: “How am I supposed to get up there?” The stage was really long. After my name was called, actress Eom Ji-won, director Lee Jun-ik, and a couple of comedian sunbaenims kept on congratulating me. And Black Priests’s director, Jang Jae-hyun, came to mind. He was really brave for trying out that type of film. If it wasn’t for him having faith in me until the end, I would have lived out my twenties without cutting my hair this short. I’m thankful to him for all of his direction.

Q: Did you get a lot of congratulatory messages from people around you?

A: I got a lot of calls, but I had to get ready to start filming Beautiful Mind right after the awards ceremony. I had to memorize lines. It was a couple days later when I finally got to return all the messages.

Q: Who was the one person you remember who made an impression while congratulating you?

A: Right after receiving the award, I called Director Jang Jae-hyun and Kim Yoon-seok sunbaenim. I wanted to call them right away because I was so thankful to them. Yoon-seok sunbaenim especially gave me good advice. I should be the one to reach out, but he always takes care of me, and even a couple days ago, he called me first. Even though he made me cry a couple times when we were acting together, he is someone that I admire as both an actor and a person. If I had to film all by myself in that attic room, I think I would have gone crazy. However, with the support of all the experienced actors, we were able to finish filming while having fun.

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Q: At the awards ceremony, you made this comment: “Through Black Priests, I met Young-shin, and it gave me both headache and happiness.”

A: I met Young-shin, my [Black Priests] character, at the audition. From the first time, my head hurt. As soon as I got there, I was told to wear a wig, shout out foreign words, roar like a lion, and bark like a dog… From that moment, I thought this role was not like any others. Also, I was afraid to shave my head. This was a genre I had never tried, and acting the part of a 5000-year-old evil spirit was difficult. I didn’t have confidence in my acting, so I did whatever the director told me to try. I used all the different skills I learned in school for this role. So when we finished filming, I had no regrets. It was cathartic.

Q: You won out an audition process of 2000:1 for the role of Young-shin.

A: I went through four rounds of the audition process. I didn’t know there were 2000 people trying out. At the time, Black Priests had made headlines for auditioning newbie actresses who were willing to shave their heads. “They’re not really going to shave my head. Are they?” was my thought process, but at the second round, they told us to put on the wig, and I realized they were actually going to make us do it. When I put on the wig, the people there complimented me, “It looks really good on you,” and I was in a daze. I’m not someone with striking looks, and with long hair, I could have easily blended in with the crowd. But the director who saw me at the second round of auditions said, “This girl has a unique aura.” I think the short-hair wig changed my fate in the audition process.

Q: How many times have you seen the movie?

A: I saw it in theaters after it was released. My friend said she couldn’t see my eyes properly in the film at the movie premiere, and said she wanted to see it again. Even then, I didn’t quite see it as an audience member. However, when my relatives came over recently, I saw it on DVD, and I was able to see it from a different perspective. Since it’s been almost a year since it was filmed, I felt more distanced from my character.

Q: If you were to compare The Silenced and Black Priests?

A: In The Silenced, I had a different type of nervousness than in Black Priests. My character Young-deok in The Silenced was very important to the plot. Depending on what she did, the mood of the film and the characters would change. Since it was my first time in a main role, I was understandably anxious. Two to three weeks before going into filming, I was cast. So I really didn’t have any time to prepare, but the director cheered me on by saying, “You can do it!” The atmosphere of the set wasn’t too different from the short films that I was used to, but as my character’s part grew bigger, I became more nervous. However, acting with other girls my age helped me get over my anxiety.

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Q: You started acting in dramas in 2015.

A: My first television project was a short drama special called Red Moon. It was right after filming Black Priests, and my hair was only 1 centimeter long. I heard KBS’s CP Bae Kyung-soo had asked to see me, and so I went to meet him. I heard he was making a sageuk, but because my hair was so short, I didn’t have any hopes. After the script reading, the CP said, “I want you to play Princess Hwa-won.” The makeup director took care of my short hair, and miraculously, I looked like I had long flowing hair naturally.

Q: In Because It’s the First Time, you showed us your unique fresh charms.

A: Before Because It’s the First Time, I had taken on mostly unusual roles. Finally, I had the chance to act my own age, and work with a bright, optimistic character. Even though [my character’s] situation was unfortunate, I felt very happy to play her.

Q: In Beautiful Mind, you experienced growing pains.

A: I was drawn to Gae Jin-sung [my character in Beautiful Mind] because she was the only person who could change the leading man. But moving the heart with only sincerity is incredibly difficult. I don’t think I was able to emote 100-percent from the beginning, and thinking that doing just this much would be enough to move the heart was my mistake. But I think the pain I felt was a good learning experience. Being an actor is an occupation where you’re constantly judged. Not everyone will always like what you do. I believe you should own up to your mistakes and learn from them. However, the drama set had a very warm atmosphere. No matter what the audience response was, I had fun filming it. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to act in a drama like this one.

Q: It must have been hard for you as the main actor to hear the show would be cut.

A: Amongst the actors, we said that the people who would be hit the hardest were the PD and the writer. We hoped to do better for them, but unfortunately we weren’t able to do so. It was sad to leave the good people I worked with a week earlier than expected. So there were lots of tears at the filming of the last episode.

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Q: Soon afterwards, Cinderella started airing.

A: Cinderella is not your typical simple rags-to-riches story. We tried hard to create a rich, complex story. We took advantage of it being a pre-produced drama by trying different things. We had fun while filming. And it feels good to have received such a positive response.

Q: A working environment where four men love you must have been great.

A: Lots of people were envious. But there was a lot of filming to do separately with each of the four men. The PD joked, “If there’s no Ha-won, we don’t have any scenes to film.” The filming atmosphere was really cheerful, and I think I fit the character well… During the four months of filming, I became more like my character. First, I needed time to adjust, but after 2-3 weeks, I was able to take on my role naturally and film enjoyably. Ahn Jae-hyun in real life is quite a bit different from his character. In real life, he’s quiet and gentle, very different from his playboy character. At the beginning he worried, “I’ve never done this before. How am I supposed to do this?” But eventually, he did so well that we thought, “Maybe he’s actually hidden his real character from us all along?”

Q: What were the key points you thought of when you were acting as Eun Ha-won [your character in Cinderella]?

A: Ha-won is someone who speaks and acts exactly how she feels. More than any other role, I was ready to be accepting. I tried to be very open and natural in my acting. She’s not the type to be coy. And having good chemistry with my male co-stars was important, so I tried to be conscious of that as well.

Q: What charm do you think made the Four Knights fall in love with you?

A: She [Ha-won] is a girl with a warm heart. Despite not receiving much love in her childhood, she’s a cool person who knows how to love and give to others.

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Q: As the representative of actresses without double-eyelids, do you have any complexes about your appearance?

A: I think having a different appearance than other people is part of my charm. I’ve never thought of getting plastic surgery. I’m not 100-percent satisfied with my face, but I like that it’s the type of face that is hard to replicate with surgery. I think it’s important for actors to have their unique charms. Because other people can’t easily copy it, it can be an advantage to me. If there are actresses who look like dolls, shouldn’t there also be actresses who look like me? Especially since there are so many different roles to play out there. It’s more interesting to watch if there are different types of charms on display. Of course, at first I thought that people with sharp facial features would stand out better on camera. I started acting because I wanted to perform, but I didn’t think I’d actually be able to stand in front of a camera one day. When I graduated, I didn’t think I’d be able to shoot even one film, but when I turned 21, I kept being contacted by acting productions. From then on, I started gaining confidence in my looks.

Q: You’re at that youthful age when people start falling in love.

A: Do people fall in love because of their age? (Laughs.) I’m not dating right now. How long has it been since my vacation? I don’t remember.

Q: From the time you were in your second year at the Korean National University of Arts to your third year, you filmed 15 indie films.

A: I realized work doesn’t come to you if you stay still. So I decided to actively pursue it. I made my profile with an ordinary photo, and sent it everywhere. I was able to start working that way. Afterwards when the film staff I had worked with called me back, I was able to work on more films.

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Q: What’s the reason you started on your path to acting?

A: I saw the musical Grease as a freshman in high school. The actors looked so happy. That’s when I started thinking that maybe I would like to become a musical actor. My parents were fervently against it. They wanted me to live an ordinary life. I didn’t really have a dream before acting. I think I just lived without meaning. So I counseled my younger siblings to think carefully about what they want to do, and study hard to go to a college that will support their dreams. Sometimes I wonder what I would have done if I had not found acting.

Q: You have two younger siblings. Is that correct?

A: I’m the eldest, and I have a younger sister and a younger brother. My parents had children until they got the boy they wanted. My sister encourages me and my acting more than anyone else. When I get a script, she gives me advice, and as she grows older, she’s become more like a friend that I can rely on.

Q: You’re often mentioned in the same sentence as your college classmates Kim Go-eun and Lee Yoo-young. Do you feel any rivalry toward them?

A: We don’t engage in that type of psychological battle. Even during school, we were classmates and competitors. But the moment I start thinking of them as rivals, I will fall. I don’t think it’s a good line of thought. We should be friends that support each other. People say there aren’t many actresses in their twenties, so it’s nice that we are mentioned together. Even now in the school internet chatroom, we still exchange encouragements for each other. If someone is holding a concert or play, we all go, and if someone is being featured in a drama or movie, we watch and give our constructive criticisms.

Q: You are busy acting in the play Closer, right?

A: I’ve liked the theater play Closer for a while now, and I wanted to try being Alice. I think amongst the four men and women in Closer, Alice is the one who has the most conviction about life and love. If the movie Closer focused on the melodrama and love aspect [of the story], I think the play focuses more on showing the human relationships. It was that point that appealed to me, and made me choose it as my comeback project.

Q: So I guess you are jumping right into theater without really having a break.

A: Even in the future, I’d like to continue doing plays. If it’s possible, I’d like to try movies, dramas, and plays of every type of genre.

Q: Don’t you feel tired physically?

A: If I feel tired, I should rest. (Laughs.) Without relaxing, it’s easy to become fatigued, but being able to experience different things is my driving force in life. I could have rested this time, but Closer actually healed my little tiredness by making my heart burn hotter with passion. I wouldn’t be satisfied if I stopped now. So I think I’ll keep going until my fire runs out.

Q: If you were given some time off…

A: I want to travel. It doesn’t matter where, but I would like to go on a two-week journey.

Q: What’s your main worry right now?

A: How should I act in this complex play so that people will be able to understand it most easily?

Q: What type of actress do you want to become?

A: It’s related to my worry now, but I don’t want to burn out. If I didn’t have fun doing what I do, I wouldn’t be able to do it. If I become completely exhausted, I don’t think I’d be able to stand up again. I hope that I’ll continue to love my work. Even if I become tired, I’d like to have the strength to still enjoy my work.

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  1. cingdoc

    Awww…. Now the drinking reminds me the cutest drunk Lee secretary and kissing scene and …. ” get lost”

  2. Nika

    She’s so cute, i want her in long hair soon

    • 2.1 NumberFour

      she has long hair in the silenced. i prefer her with short hair!

  3. Nanda

    The interview makes me like her better.

  4. Kay

    I love her and appreciate the interview, but oh gosh..this line made me laugh out loud:

    Cinderella is not your typical simple rags-to-riches story. We tried hard to create a rich, complex story.

    • 4.1 Cody

      Gosh I just rolled my eyes so hard at this line. Lol

      • 4.1.1 Klurker

        Lol. Indeed, the arcs were richly complex, the characters beautifully fleshed out. C4K will forever be in our list of the most innovative, awesome dramas ever. *slow clap* hahaha

    • 4.2 Sylvia

      Hahaha! Same! 😀 Just finished watching Cinderella and I still don’t really know why

    • 4.3 angieya

      Pffff right, reading that line I thought, ha, girl’s a jokester. 😆

    • 4.4 alua

      Rolled my eyes at that.

      I’m afraid at the moment I’m still going to file Park So-dam under “decent acting, but not reliable project choices”. Meaning, if there’s an interesting project and she happens to be in it, I won’t mind watching it, but if she’s in a project that won’t be enough of a reason to watch it.

      Generally find the interview a bit odd. Not sure why they’d interview her about her drinking habits? And this – “My parents had children until they got the boy they wanted” – is just sad (even if we know these things still happen).

      • 4.4.1 CatoCat

        Park So Dam is cheerily critical of parents. They might have bias towards girls but in many cases parents just want Certain Gender Baby. This is what we see in dramas isn’t it? thinking of baby names and i want girl or boy.

        It also feels like whatever scripts comes into Park So Dam hands she picks it up. Possible reason for bad script choices!!? Maybe.

    • 4.5 fab

      Given her movie role choices and how different they’re from that drama, I’d say that line is fed to her, maybe in ten years from now she’ll be able to say what she truly feels about the projects she’s done; right now she can’t afford to.

    • 4.6 CatoCat

      Yeah. There isn’t anything simple or typical when there isn’t even any story to begin with.

      • 4.6.1 v

        THIS. I’m still trying to figure out what the story was

        • windsun33

          I don’t think the writer ever did figure out what the story was, and the director did not seem to put much effort into conveying it, if there was a story. I like PSD, but Cinderella was probably one that a few years from now she will delete from her resume.

    • 4.7 bbstl

      I guffawed. And thought hoo boy, somebody drank the kool-aid!

    • 4.8 saranga

      hahaha. i still need to watch the final 2 episodes, but i feel like i don’t really need to. i’m sure everyone got a happy ending.

      well, to be fair, cinderella isn’t AS vapid or inane as shows of this genre can be. in fact, i thought it was quite quality for what it is. maybe the goal was to try and create a “rich, complex story” initially.

      at any rate, most actors tend to speak positively of their projects. maybe they’re biased, maybe they’re putting on a front, but if an actor isn’t going to back his or her project, then who will?

      • 4.8.1 Michykdrama

        Yes! Agree with you. And If they pan their projects then I’m sure it’s going to be hard for them to find work next time.
        Regardless PSD did work hard on the project and I’m sure while she knows it isn’t one that is going to win her any awards, she probably is proud of the fact that it’s her first more traditional (although cheesy) rom com as the female lead.

    • 4.9 Gem

      Can you do that when you are just starting to get popular, trash the drama even if its well it deserves all the shit being piled on it. It was probably an automatic response that she had ready just in case. Probably could qualify the statement somehow but she didn’t take any chance.

    • 4.10 Sue

      Well, they tried. Unfortunately they did not succeed. It was still fun though.

    • 4.11 lessa

      When I saw that statement I was like: Oh, she’s drunk already.

      • 4.11.1 Flightey Gazelles

        “she’s already drunk” Lmao!

  5. Cody

    OK after reading this interview I love and respect her even more! She is such a hard-working mature cutie patootie! Will definitely keep an eye out for her future projects.

    • 5.1 skelly

      She does sound refreshingly mature, with a focus on her craft and the amazing (these days) ability to be happy and comfortable in her own skin. I love the fact that she has never considered plastic surgery – she is beautiful, just as she is. For the sake of her slightly crooked teeth alone I will always cheer her on in future projects!

  6. Sera The Ms Temper

    Girl, i hope you stay in chungmuro for a while. Until a good script comes to you. Cinderella is wasted your talent, fortunately the rating was still good.

    love to see a very hardworking young actress like you. but manage your time well, you still need to enjoy your youth. Hope her next drama will be on jTBC.

    • 6.1 CatoCat

      Yeah Cinderella was a big time waste from an Outsider’s Point of View. But i think the drama

      and the shooting locations atmoshpahre was a good Period of Relaxation for Park So Dam.

      JTBC appreciates people well and i also hope Park So Dam next project is on JTBC.

      • 6.1.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        I think for a newbie like her, it is actually good move to balance between movies and drama. Thus year she did two (was Because it’s the First Time,this year or last year?).. Even the projects were not a success, I believe it is good enough for her to gain more international fans.

        But if she really wants to pursue her career as a good actress, she needs to back back to do movies because I won’t believe dramaland won’t give her any justice. The competition with the idols and other actrsses will make her lose a good opportunity. Since she has a good reputation in movies, she better pursue her career in movies first.

        jTBC appreciates talents, so hopefully they will call her to do their projects. In fact, I wish jTBC will give offer to many other underrated actresses as well, who face injustice in public stations.

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          * I believe dramaland won’t give her any justice

          • elise

            I believe she’s very overrated. In fact I dropped “Beautiful Mind” w/ the wonderful Jang Hyuk, because she bothered me so. Then I had to 4go Cinderella w/ the awesome Jung Il Woo because of her. I think she’s a dismal actress, who got lucky once and many more talented actors lost good roles, just as they do 2 idol actors because of her.

    • 6.2 Kiara

      Yep, it’s time to go back. I hope she does dramas only in between films like Han Ye-ri.

      • 6.2.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        True, she has chances to shine more in movies so she better stay there. Many talented actors have no chance to shine in in movies, that’s why they stayed and got wasted in dramaland, which is really unfortunate.

        • Kiara

          It’s good to go back and forth. For them and for us too.

  7. Sylvia

    She’s such a breath of fresh air! And wisdom that belies her age. Loved her in Because It’s the First Time. Hope to see more of her!

  8. junny

    Thanks so much for sharing this interview! I’ve liked Park So-dam in Beautiful Mind, where I thought she did a great job, and reading this interview made me like her more. She’s cute as a button and I think short hair suits her really well. I also like that there’s a naturalness to her acting. I’m glad she’s willing to try different genres and types of roles (reminds me of Jang Hyuk!).

    And she drinks? That’s awesome. Love a girl who can hold her liquor.

    • 8.1 Adam

      And if my eyes do not betray me, she may smoke too. Which took me by surprise. She doesn’t look like she would. There seem to be an ashtray in the 8th pic.
      It’s her health and I think she is wise enough to do whatever she wants, but boy, it brought my jaw to the floor.

      • 8.1.1 Lisa_wackycashew

        That’s a soju glass partly hidden by the plate.

  9. Andee

    Dammit, all that food and drinks she’s having made me think she could cameo in Drinking Solo. Or maybe Let’s Eat 3? I’ll definitely take a bite out of that salmon, thank you- I mean, wait what?

    PSD and her character was what drew me to Cinderella and the Four Knights, and I bet she’ll go really far in her career. You go, girl!

  10. 10 Kiara

    Thank you for the article. I really enjoy getting to know actors, writers etc in this kind of setting and not in gossip columns.

    I had no idea she is good friends with Lee Yoo-young and Kim G-eun. They all talented movie actress and have a bright future in Chungmuro.

    • 10.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      She is a good friend with Kim Go Eun , and they look alike! I often see ppl confusing with these two! . Now these two also have a short hair, lol.

      • 10.1.1 Kiara

        They do. Her other friend Lee Yoo-young is doing well in movies. She hasn’t done a drama yet. Maybe when her movie career is more stable she’ll follow her friends to dramaland.

        • Mai

          Actually Lee Yoo Young is more into Indie side of Korean cinema. Her character mostly are darker or even more complicated. Such a surprise she is still young though. She won one of International festival with her debut film. Finally, i see one person who will choose the same path like bae doona from younger generation. But still we dont know and i hope she wont ever or ever done drama. Just stick to the movie seriously

          • Kiara

            Totally understand. I used to hate it when movie actors do dramas because their talents is often wasted here.
            When they signed on with good projects like Jeon Do-yeon’s Good Wife than I think it’s worth it.

            It’s been great to see some of them showcasing their talents in dramas like Han Suk-gyu, Han Ye-ri, Jo Jin-woong, Gong Hyo-jin, Jo Jae-hyun, Kim Go-eun, Park Bo-young, Ryu Seung-ryong, Son Ye-jin, Kim Mu-yeol, Ma Dong-seok etc.

  11. 11 Grapes

    So proud of her confidence that she doesn’t want to do a plastic sergury, glad that she’s one of the few actresses that i can tell apart from other plastic dolls.

    • 11.1 DeeGee

      I agree! I like that she’s proud of her distinctive looks and her working attitude. 🙂

    • 11.2 windsun33

      Totally agree. I was struck by this a few days ago while watching one of those YouTube “current top k-pop” videos. Of the 25’ish girl groups featured, 3/4 of them all looked the same, like they had been cloned. Same with a few actresses – I actually have trouble sometimes telling one from the other they are so much alike.

      Perhaps some of the newer actresses will break that “have to look like XX” mold. King Louis is another one that gets a different face out there.

  12. 12 Nami

    Holy… I thought she’s a teenager all this time. I was likw is she even legal to be drinking yet when i saw the article

  13. 13 Lisa_wackycashew

    I really like PSD and I’m rooting for her to continue to do well in her career. She’s hardworking and just looking at the projects that she’s done, she seems very versatile. I enjoyed her performance in both Because It’s the First Time and Cinderella but haven’t seen any movies yet since I tend to watch dramas more. I like that she’s doing a play, which is a great way to hone her skills. It’s always nice to see your talent not afraid of attempting different genres and I wish her all the best. She’s cute and pretty, and I love her confidence. Too many in the industry get pressured to undergo plastic surgery to “fix” their looks, and I’m glad that she likes her own unique charms. PSD fighting!

  14. 14 G.J.

    What… Kim Yoon Seok made her cry?!!! UNFORGIVABLE.

    • 14.1 Kiara

      Kim Yoon Seok is a tough teacher.

  15. 15 Thursdaynexxt

    Thanks @tineybeanie!

    Awww, she’s a sweetheart:
    “I’ve never thought of getting plastic surgery. … I like that it’s the type of face that is hard to replicate with surgery. I think it’s important for actors to have their unique charms.”

    “Q: You’re at that youthful age when people start falling in love. / A: Do people fall in love because of their age?”

    She’s certainly wise for her age! Hope she can hang around cable tv a bit longer for some truly unique projects to showcase her unique charms!

    Maybe she enjoyed making Cinderella a bit more than we enjoyed watching it, but she’s still an actress I look forward to seeing more of!

    • 15.1 windsun33

      The Cinderella fiasco was more of a writer/director problem than anything to do with her. In fact she was just about the only one I had any interest in at all in that drama. I think she did the best she could with what she had to work with.

    • 15.2 Thursdaynexxt

      In fact, I’m imagining what Cinderella would’ve been like if PSD had played all the main roles herself. I think that might have been a show well worth watching!

  16. 16 Michykdrama

    ❤️ Yay for her. Glad she isn’t letting the bad reviews for BM get to her and she is doing what she loves.

    “I hope that I’ll continue to love my work. Even if I become tired, I’d like to have the strength to still enjoy my work.”

    Yes girl! I hope you carry on to do what you love and always remember why you love doing it.

  17. 17 Pissenlit

    She is so cute ! and a sensible girl, thru this interview we are getting to know her much more.

    Keep it up, Park So Dam, girl. you are a hard working person, you will be really sucessful years to come !!

    Dream high and sky is your limit.

  18. 18 Nick BW

    I am very surprised most comments indicate they didn’t think much of Cinderella and the Four Knights. I found it compelling and thought PSD was a sweetheart in the last six episodes I could hardly bare to watch in case her character really would miss out. Her unrequited love and apparent resilience in being selfless was magical. I think she is pretty and as with so many it’s her expressions that flash of dimple or drawing her mouth down that is so winning. I love the asiatic eyes for me they cause a shiver down my spine!

  19. 19 Daniel Norton

    She is pretty awesome! Cinderella was great!

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