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Woohoo Waikiki 2: Episode 11

If there’s one thing that almost everyone has in common, it’s that most people have had their heart broken at least once in their life. When you’re suffering a heartbreak, it can be comforting to know that you’re not the only one who’s ever felt this way, but that also doesn’t make it hurt any less. Some of our housemates are learning this lesson the hard way, and they each deal with their feelings very differently, with varying results.

EPISODE 11: “Should I Tell You I Love You Again?/Between Love and Friendship”

Woo-shik remembers, to his horror, that he confessed his feelings to Soo-yeon last night when they were both drunk. He tells Joon-ki, who asks what Soo-yeon said, but Woo-shik doesn’t remember anything after that.

Soo-yeon comes in, but she just wants to know if she made any drunk mistakes last night, because she can’t remember a thing. After she leaves, Joon-ki asks when Woo-shik plans to tell her his feelings for real. Woo-shik says sadly that he doesn’t have the courage yet.

Ki-bong slumps home from work a bit early and tells Yu-ri that he’s going to be fired if he doesn’t sell a car by the end of the week. Coincidentally, Joon-ki is having trouble getting Rebecca to start. Ki-bong offers to sell him a new car but Joon-ki claps a hand over his mouth, worried that Rebecca will hear him, hee.

Ki-bong points out that Rebecca is over twenty years old and probably wants to rest. He gives Joon-ki a catalog, but the moment Joon-ki touches it, Rebecca’s engine fires up. He whispers to Ki-bong that if Rebecca ever does stop running, he’ll buy a new car from him.

Soo-yeon arrives home followed by her new PD, who happens to be quite handsome. Woo-shik worries when he learns that Soo-yeon hurt her ears while filming at a shooting range, but she says they’re just ringing a little. Handsome PD says he’ll pick her up for work in the morning, and Yu-ri narrows her eyes suspiciously.

She tells Woo-shik that she thinks Handsome PD likes Soo-yeon. Woo-shik says they’re just colleagues, though he doesn’t seem very confident, especially when Yu-ri points out that colleagues get to spend a lot of time together. She urges Woo-shik to confess before he loses his timing.

Woo-shik goes to Soo-yeon’s room and asks about Handsome PD, and Soo-yeon has nothing but good things to say about him, worrying Woo-shik even more. He says he wants to tell her something, but her ears start ringing too loudly to hear him.

When Joon-ki picks up Ki-bong after work, Ki-bong tells him dejectedly that he has to sell a car this week or be fired. He tries to lean Rebecca’s seat back but it flops all the way down, and Joon-ki says that’s Rebecca’s buttons have been switched lately.

He doesn’t even know which one opens the window, but he says it’s best to leave them closed (“Many have been victims of that window..” PWAHAHA). Ki-bong tries to run the air conditioner, but only succeeds in popping the hood while they’re driving, resulting in a fender bender.

They take Rebecca to a shop, and the mechanic says that nothing works correctly. He advises Joon-ki to get a new car and Ki-bong smirks, but Joon-ki refuses and asks for a different mechanic. An older mechanic (cameo by Yeom Dong-hoon) rolls out from another car and grandly introduces himself as Manager Jang, and Joon-ki begs him to save Rebecca.

Master Jang takes a look at Rebecca’s engine (the dramatic music is killing me!) and agrees that there’s something wrong with nearly every part, and he takes on the repair job himself. LOL, he gets suited up like a surgeon, and there’s a moment when an oil line blows and Rebecca’s battery dies, and the “doctors” worry they may lose the patient. Joon-ki watches, traumatized, as they shock her over and over with jumper cables.

Woo-shik takes Soo-yeon to the doctor, who says her eardrums are damaged so she won’t be able to hear well for a while. Yu-ri asks Woo-shik if he confessed, and he says he tried before her hearing went out.

Handsome PD comes over, and Woo-shik says Soo-yeon is resting and can’t have visitors (not true, ha). Yu-ri takes this as absolute proof that Handsome PD is interested in Soo-yeon and warns Woo-shik that he’d better confess first.

Woo-shik whines that he can’t confess if she can’t even hear him. Yu-ri suggests that he do a “Love, Actually” confession with words in a sketchbook, and Woo-shik snaps that it’s a stupid idea… but he tries it anyway.

His first page says, “Soo-yeon-ah, I have something to tell you -” but the second page sticks. As Woo-shik pulls at it, he accidentally fans some pencil shavings into Soo-yeon’s eyes. Awww, now she can’t see or hear.

Yu-ri says that maybe Woo-shik isn’t meant to date Soo-yeon. He asks how he could possibly confess when she can’t see or hear him, so Yu-ri says he could write the letters on her hand. He slips into Soo-yeon’s room to try it, but he chickens out at the last second.

Master Jang finishes declares Rebecca’s repairs successful, but she still won’t start. Master Jang snaps defensively he’s a mechanic, not a god, and that the car can’t be saved. Ki-bong tells Joon-ki that it’s time to let Rebecca go, and reminds him that he promised to buy a car from him.

Joon-ki reluctantly takes the car catalog, but again, as soon as he touches it, Rebecca sputters. She chokes out after a few seconds, and Ki-bong pretends he didn’t hear anything. But Joon-ki touches the catalog again and this time she roars to life and Master Jang declares it a miracle.

With only two days left to sell a car, Ki-bong gets under Rebecca’s hood and pulls the spark plug. He feels bad and apologizes to Rebecca, asking her not to hold a grudge. But that night he hears a loud sobbing, and he pushes the covers down to find a tiny red car sitting on his stomach.

It’s Rebecca, who asks why he did that to her. Ki-bong claims he did it because life was getting too hard for her, but she calls him a liar and accuses him of doing it to sell a car. She vows to destroy Ki-bong unless she gives back her spark plug, and Ki-bong wakes up screaming.

He’s exhausted in the morning when Yu-ri feeds him and Woo-shik some menu ideas for her food truck. She’s still running with the spaghetti idea, and Woo-shik is genuinely surprised when his blueberry spaghetti actually tastes good. Jung-eun reports that Soo-yeon’s eyes are better today, and Woo-shik scurries off excitedly.

Yu-ri asks Ki-bong to try the cherry spaghetti (gag), but he croaks that he’s not feeling well. They hear Joon-ki’s voice screaming Rebecca’s name, and he comes in and tells them that she won’t start.

Woo-shik goes to talk to Soo-yeon, who tells him that she’s going to be replaced until she’s better. She’s scared that her temporary replacement will be better than her, so she’s researching videos of reporters, but she still can’t hear well. She asks what he wanted, but he realizes it’s not the right time.

Awww, Joon-ki holds a memorial for Rebecca, laying out things like car polish and washer fluid as offerings. He’s inconsolable, and we get a hilarious montage of the best Season One Rebecca moments. Joon-ki says his final goodbyes to his beloved car, and as a tear falls from his eyes and lands on her hood, Rebecca somehow revives. HA, Ki-bong looks pretty terrified.

The next day, Yu-ri tells Woo-shik that Soo-yeon went to work, saying that she can hear fine again. Woo-shik fears that she’s lying in an attempt not to lose her job, so he stops her on the way. He offers to take her to the hospital to make sure she’s really okay, but she says she’s already told her PD that she’s coming to work.

She heads across the street, but stops when her ears start ringing again. She doesn’t hear the car that’s about to hit her, and Woo-shik yanks her out of the way just in time (thank you, Show, for making that realistically scary and not swoony). Rattled, Soo-yeon says she’s okay, but Woo-shik yells that she’s obviously not okay.

They fight over whether she should go to the hospital, but Soo-yeon is so afraid of losing her job that she yells at Woo-shik, asking who he thinks he is. He snaps angrily, “I like you! You’re always on my mind, and I’m worried about you.” Soo-yeon stares at him in shocked surprise.

Ki-bong is having some kind of mental break, shivering and mumbling, “It’s alive!” over and over again. Woo-shik runs home and plops down next to him, looking equally traumatized and gasping that he finally told Soo-yeon he likes her. Joon-ki asks what she said, but Woo-shik admits that his mind went blank so he just ran away, ha.

Soo-yeon comes home and asks Woo-shik if they can talk in private. She apologizes for being stubborn about going to work, explaining that she loves her work and got scared of losing it. She says that she doesn’t think she should be dating right now and hopes they can stay good friends. Oof.

She asks if he’ll be okay, and Woo-shik manages to smile and tell her not to worry about him. But he has to face everyone else in the house and tell them that he got dumped.

Some time later, Woo-shik dresses up for a gig, but Joon-ki says he forgot something. Chuckling, Woo-shik realizes that he almost forgot his guitar, but Joon-ki points out that he might want to wear, you know, pants.

Woo-shik runs into Soo-yeon on his way out, and they both try to act normal and fail miserably. The housemates cringe, and Yu-ri suggests taking Woo-shik on a trip to get his mind off things, but Ki-bong is the only one who’s free. Joon-ki and Yu-ri aren’t sure it’s a good idea to send him alone with Woo-shik, but he tells them to trust him (I love when he does that).

The following day, Ki-bong takes Woo-shik camping by the Han River. Oh no, nothing good ever happens there! Sure enough, before they even set up their tent, Ki-bong gets the call that he’s fired. But he’s determined to help Woo-shik feel better, and says he wants to stay.

Woo-shik sets up alone while Ki-bong mopes, but when Woo-shik tells Ki-bong to rest in the tent, Ki-bong says again that they’re here to cheer him up. He looks for the gas stove, planning to make Woo-shik some kimchi stew, but he wilts when he discovers that he accidentally left it at home.

Woo-shik says they can just cook over the campfire, but Ki-bong brought a huge tub of gochujang (red pepper paste) instead of kimchi. He pretty much feels like dying, but Woo-shik says that gochujang tastes great with rice, so it’s totally fine. Guess what — no rice.

Back at the guesthoust, Joon-ki tells Yu-ri that Jung-eun got a job on his show as Nice Man’s sidekick, Miss Mandoo. LOL, Joon-ki calls Jung-eun “Mandoo” all the time because he says she looks like a dumpling, but she hates it. She socks him in the back and he cringes, saying that it really hurts, but when Jung-eun leans down to check, he farts in her face. Ugh, boys.

He gets a beating, and Yu-ri fusses at him for pulling gross pranks on a girl. Joon-ki asks if there are any girls in the room besides her, and Jung-eun stomps off angry again.

The next time Joon-ki sees her, Jung-eun is all prettied up, but he jokes that she’s just an ugly person in a dress, earrings, and makeup. Jung-eun raises a fist to bop him one, but she stops herself and says sweetly that she knows he was just joking.

He’s carrying a wine bottle, which he says is for a magic trick where he puts a coin inside the bottle. He shows her the trick, and when the coin doesn’t drop into the bottle, he says he needs oil from her face to make it slippery. He touches her nose, cheeks, and forehead, leaving black streaks on her face, which is the real “trick.”

Jung-eun goes back to her room and sees her face, and runs back out ready to clock Joon-ki. But she stops herself again, determined to be ladylike. HAHA, Yu-ri comes downstairs with similar marks on her face, another victim of Joon-ki’s prank, preening that the male guests can’t stop staring at her.

Woo-shik sits in the tent, his stomach growling loudly, as Ki-bong just lays on the ground like a lump. Woo-shik says they should just go home, but Ki-bong says they can’t because they came to cheer him up. He brought a board game to play, but he’s never played it before, so Woo-shik explains the rules.

It sounds a lot like Monopoly, and the complicated rules confuse poor simple Ki-bong. Woo-shik gets mad and ragequits when Ki-bong keeps asking endless questions, and Ki-bong apologizes sadly for ruining the whole trip.

Yu-ri eventually figures out the trick Joon-ki played on her, and she’s vowing revenge when Soo-yeon arrives home from work. Yu-ri asks Soo-yeon if she turned down Woo-shik because doesn’t like him that way. Soo-yeon says he’s a great guy, but she just can’t date anyone right now.

Ki-bong is still feeling pathetically sorry for himself, but when Woo-shik says again that they can just go home, Ki-bong pulls out some beers. There are some cute girls at the next campsite over and Ki-bong wants to go join them, but he sighs that no girl would want to hang out with an unemployed guy.

Woo-shik offers to talk to the girls just to stop Ki-bong from sighing again, and soon they’re all drinking beers and laughing together. One of the girls suggests they play the image game, where someone mentions a personal quality and everyone points to the person they feel has that quality.

Everyone points to Ki-bong for “nicest person,” and he grins and takes a drink. He also wins funniest and takes another drink. But when he asks “who’s your ideal type,” both girls pick Woo-shik, and Ki-bong sinks right back into his funk.

Joon-ki and Jung-eun are filming Nice Man, and when Nice Man tells a little girl not to eat junk food, he brings out Miss Mandoo to explain why. Oh lol, her costume is so silly and cute, and Joon-ki even tells her that she looks adorable. It makes Jung-eun feel all fluttery — until he turns the head of her costume around so she can’t see.

He laughs at his prank, but Jung-eun trips and falls because she can’t see. She’s still mad as they walk home and she falls off her heels, cutting her ankle on her shoe strap. She reluctantly agrees to let Joon-ki piggyback her, but he complains about her weight and says again that she’s no girl.

Jung-eun asks what he would do if they were stranded together on a deserted island. He jokes that the deserted island would become deserted again because the two of them are just friends. She’s feeling pretty bad, and Joon-ki says that he’s happy she’s his friend, because they can joke, and help each other with their acting, and rely on each other in tough situations.

He tells her not to feel bad when he teases her, and to just be his friend until they die. Jung-eun says okay, because they’re friends, and tries to accept that that’s all they’ll ever be.

After forgetting everything, not understanding a game, and being rejected by two women, Ki-bong grumbles that it’s no wonder he got fired. Woo-shik tells him to just get another job but Ki-bong says it’s not that easy. He snaps that he wouldn’t be feeling as bad as he is if he’d “only” been dumped, like Woo-shik.

They argue over whose fault it is that they’re out here camping — Woo-shik’s for making everyone sorry for him or Ki-bong’s for dragging Woo-shik out of the house. Ki-bong snarls that he was only trying to help Woo-shik feel better, and it’s no wonder Soo-yeon dumped him. Ooooh, no he di’int.

Woo-shik shoots back that Ki-bong got fired for his bad attitude, and Ki-bong smacks him with the rolled-up sleeping bag, making Woo-shik’s nose bleed. Soon they’re wrestling in the middle of the campsite, and even when they eventually wear themselves out, they keep smack-talking until Woo-shik gets the giggles.

They admit that they feel better after releasing their pent-up frustration. Woo-shik says that even though Soo-yeon turned him down, he doesn’t regret confessing to her. Ki-bong assures Woo-shik that he’ll find a much better girl, and Woo-shik says that Ki-bong will find a much better job.

Back at the guesthouse, Yu-ri punishes Joon-ki for playing that prank on her. Jung-eun joins her to gloat, back in her ponytail and sweatpants, and when Joon-ki asks why, she says that the dress and makeup just weren’t her.

Ki-bong and Woo-shik come home, faces battered but feeling so much better. Woo-shik leaves again for a gig, and everyone praises Ki-bong for planning a successful cheer-up trip, hee.

Later, Woo-shik sees Soo-yeon doing laundry and insists on helping her, because they’re friends and helping is what friends do. He does seem to be feeling much less awkward and disappointed, which relaxes Soo-yeon.

After his gig that night, Woo-shik stops by the hotteok stand. The hotteok ajumma asks where his girlfriend is tonight, and Woo-shik says that she’s just a friend. His smile fades as he thinks about Soo-yeon, from the day they met up to her letting him down the other day.

The hotteok ajumma is surprised, saying that they look good together. She says that Woo-shik should ask Soo-yeon out, and when he doesn’t answer, she looks up to see tears streaming down his face. She asks if he’s okay, and Woo-shik says through his sobs, “No. I thought I was okay, but I guess I’m not.”


Oh Woo-shik, you sweet boy, you’re breaking my heart! I feel so bad for him because he obviously loves Soo-yeon, and always has, but he got friendzoned so hard. To be fair to Soo-yeon, I do think that Woo-shik was pushing his feelings at her too soon — she just had her whole life turned upside-down in the middle of her actual wedding, and she’s trying to figure out what to do with herself and her life. Her priorities are absolutely in the right place right now! I do believe it will happen for them, but timing is everything. If Woo-shik truly cares about her, he’ll put aside his hurt, respect Soo-yeon’s space, and help her grow into herself. I noticed that she didn’t say she doesn’t return Woo-shik’s feelings, she just said it was a bad time right now — twice. I think that when she’s ready, Soo-yeon will realize that she cares for him, too.

That said, it’s super cute how everyone in the house totally ships them and felt so bad for Woo-shik when he got turned down. And it was sweet of them to try and cheer him up… it almost even worked. But I do think that Woo-shik needs a distraction, and he’s the only one in the house who seems to be sort of paused in his career, content to take the occasional singing gig. If I were his friends, I would urge him to work on his own music again. It’s good timing, too, because a lot of great music comes from heartbreak.

Jung-eun also got her heart broken, but in a much quieter way. I think we’ve all been there — we develop romantic feelings for a good friend, but we’ve been friends so long that they can’t see us as anything else. I felt especially bad for her because Joon-ki really does just see her as one of the guys, and even her tropey makeover didn’t faze him. All he sees when he looks at her is his dumpling-faced buddy, and I’m not sure if there’s anything she can do to make him see her as an attractive woman. But I also have faith that if he can fall for a woman who grows a beard, then Jung-eun still has room to hope.

I’m not so sure anymore that we’ll end up with three couples when the show is over. Season Two feels like it’s focused more on the potential romantic pairings than Season One did, though oddly, in Season One, the romantic relationships were much further along by this point. But Woo-shik has only just confessed to Soo-yeon, Joon-ki has no idea that Jung-eun likes him, and Yu-ri and Ki-bong are still only behaving like good friends. I do think that we’ll have at least one couple pairing up eventually (Yu-ri and Ki-bong still feel like the most likely ones to me), but I’m also worried that someone will end up with a terminally broken heart.


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I agree with writer-nom's decision that Soo-yeon isn't ready for a relationship, and I like that she tells Doo-shik straight up. (yas girl!)
HOWEVER, I feel a certain similar pattern to season 1.
But kudos to the car surgery joke.


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The analogy you are talking about is When Yoon-ah first turned down Dong-gu. You are probably right- and remember that Yoon-ah had just had her heart broken, had a baby to take care of and needed to figure out her life.

But there are differences here too. Soo-yeon had already had her heart broken by Woo-shik himself- even if it was by accident and Woo-shik actually was in love with her then. So, I actually disagree that this is just about timing. In fact, it is illogical: Yes Soo-yeon needs to figure out what she needs to do next, but having someone who loves you by your side- and providing care and support- actually makes that process easier, not harder, because you face life with far more confidence when you are not alone. What needs to happen now is for Woo-shik to hang in there and keep being there for her, because that will build up her trust- until she can actually feel safe loving him.

This is why the romance does not have to be as far along this time- because their history means that the groundwork for it was really laid long ago.


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you have such a good analytical mind. It's like I knew it subconsciously... but you wrote it down all clearly and you're right!


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The Rebecca arc was some of the best parody that I have seen in a long time.


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mechanic Master Jang acting like surgeon- Jang Jun-hyuk! (famous doctor in White Tower) hahahaha


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That was the best part but Rebecca's funeral was also fun.


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My first car I named Elizabeth, just to be funny. I didn't think I was overly fond of her, but when it came time to trade her in, I was surprised to find myself pretty sad to see her go. So while I was laughing my head off at the car funeral, there was a little part of me that was crying with Junki.

I love Kibong! I sigh like that, people laugh at me. I wonder what he's going to end up being good at.


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AWWW I love Nice Ahjussi and Mandu Ahjumma❤ I strangely wishing they settle to this career path at kids educational show than uncertain professional acting (they would be an amazing parents if they are married and having kids LOL).

And damn how many times does Woo-shik gets nosebleed, it looks alarming.


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When will we get the update for 12th episode please tell me 😊😊


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