Here are the retired headers. You have served us well.


hyun bin (design by tae)


kim ha-neul (by tae)


yoon eun-hye (by tae)


song joong-ki (by tae)


won bin (by tae)


kim jae-wook (by tae)


gong hyo-jin, gong yoo (by tae)


lee min-ho (by tae)


yoon shi-yoon (by tae)


go hyun-jung (by tae)


Athena‘s cha seung-won, jung woo-sung, kim min-jong (by tae)


lee seung-gi (by vere)


min hyo-rin (by vere)


seo woo (by vere)


shin mina (by awsomelyy)


park shin-hye (by asomelyy)


jang geun-seok (by sae-byuk)


sohn ye-jin (by sae-byuk)


kim bum, song joong-ki, go ara, kim tae-hee, lee kyu-han (by gemini28)


kim hyun-joong (by gemini28)


kim jung-hwa (by kris)


shin mina and yoon eun-hye (by dhen)


lee chun-hee and park ye-jin (by kris)


kang dong-won (by kris)


kang ji-hwan (by snikki)


park shi-yeon (by snikki)


kim bum (by sae-byuk)


jang geun-seok, shin se-kyung, choi siwon, yoon eun-hye, u-know yunho, lee min-ho (by awsomelyy)


jang geun-seok (by alert)


go hyun-jung and chun jung-myung (by alert)


kim so-eun (by alert)


kim so-eun (by alert)


song hye-gyo (by vere)


yoon eun-hye (by vere)


choi siwon (by snoopyvkd)


han hyo-joo (by sae-byuk)


won bin, yoon eun-hye (by luv)


so ji-sub (by jicks)


kim jae-wook (by jicks)


kim jae-wook (by jicks)


han ga-in, kim jae-wook (by jicks)


won bin (by jicks)


rain (by jicks)


shin mina, lee seung-gi (by haart)


jung so-min, kim hyun-joong (by lovewls)


yoo seung-ho (by clarisa)


kim bum (by sae-byuk)


park shin-hye (by princesslucky)


moon geun-young (by awsomelyy)


ham eun-jung (by malisza)


song joong-ki (by malisza)


yoo ah-in (by malisza)


jung so-min, kim hyun-joong (by nervie)


chun jung-myung, shin se-kyung, song kang-ho (by nabi)


kim nam-gil (by saebyuk)


han hyo-joo (by bo)


lee yoon-ji (by kris)


lee min-ho (by tae)


lee min-jung, daniel choi (by tae)


so ji-sub (by tae)


kang ji-hwan (by tae)


sohn ye-jin (by tae)


park shi-yeon (by tae)


lee chun-hee (by tae)


lee jun-ki (by tae)


so ji-sub (by tae)


jang geun-seok (by tae)


eugene (by tae)


kim sun-ah (by malisza)


lee jia (by autumnjeanne)


lee jia (by autumnjeanne)


kim so-yeon (by autumnjeanne)


shin mina, lee seung-gi (by loft)


hyun bin (by loft)


hyun bin (by loft)


song hye-gyo (by loft)


yoon eun-hye (by loft)


yoon eun-hye (by loft)


yoon shi-yoon (by loft)


song joong-ki (by loft)


go ara (by loft)


daniel choi (by loft)


han hyo-joo (by loft)


lee seon-kyun (by leah)


song joong-ki (by Micca)


kim hyun-joong (by Micca)


shin mina (by Micca)


se7en, park han-byul (by Malizsa)


han ga-in (by Malizsa)


song hye-gyo (by Loft)


eugene (by Loft)


lee young-ah (by Loft)


shin mina (by Loft)


go soo (by Loft)


go soo (by Loft)


jung so-min (by Loft)


han hyo-joo (by Loft)


yoon eun-hye (by Loft)


han ji-min (by kim)


han ji-min (by kim)


yoo ah-in (by kim)


yoo ah-in (by kim)


rain, lee na-young (by jicks)


yoo ah-in (by tae)


im soo-jung, kim min-hee, won bin, han ga-in, jung woo-sung (by tae)


uhm tae-woong (by tae)


yoon eun-hye (by lolo)


kim ji-hoon (by toto)


noh min-woo (by Anberlin P)


song hye-gyo (by belovedone)


kim tae-hee (by kim)


ha ji-won (by kim)


lee yo-won (by appie)


cha seung-won (by ellwu)


hyun bin, ha ji-won (by Loft)


hyun bin (by Loft)


ha ji-won (by Loft)


kim bum (by Loft)


go ara (by Loft)


lee seung-gi (by Loft)


min hyo-rin (by Loft)


park min-young (by Loft)


yoon seung-ah (by Loft)


lee min-jung (by iexquisite)


yoon eun-hye (by kyun)


park bo-young (by kim)


shin mina (by kim)


min hyo-rin (by kim)


ha ji-won (by kim)


kim so-eun (by kim)


han ji-min (by kim)


lee dong-wook, kim sun-ah (by autumnjeanne)


lee seung-gi (by Loft)


han ye-seul (by Loft)


won bin (by Loft)


won bin (by Loft)


gong yoo (by Loft)


shin mina (by Loft)


song joong-ki (by Loft)


song seung-heon (by Loft)


han ji-hye, uee, song joong-ki, yoo ah-in, min hyo-rin, lee min-ho, yoon shi-yoon, go ara (by Loft)


gong hyo-jin (by Loft)


lee min-ho, park min-young (by ellewu)


kim bum (by HaiDuong)


han hyo-joo (by HaiDuong)


lee ki-woo (by HaiDuong)


lee min-ho (by HaiDuong)


yoon eun-hye (by HaiDuong)


go soo, kang dong-won (by jicks)


shin mina (by Kim)


go soo, song joong-ki, jung il-woo (by kasia)


park yoochun (by lilsu)


kim haneul (by AutumnJeanne)


jung il-woo (by ydoodler)


jung woo-sun, shin mina (by Kim)


so ji-sub, shin mina (by Kim)


lee dong-wook (by Kim)


lee dong-wook (by kasia)


daniel choi (by Kim)


ji jin-hee (by lena)


kim soo-hyun (by sjkwifey)


joo-won (by Tishi)


kang so-ra (by Tishi)


moon chae-won (by Gold)


park shi-hoo (by Gold)


jung ryeo-won (by Ali)


lee min-ho (by Ali)


joo-won from Gaksital (by Ali)


choi woo-shik, jung seok-won, lee min-ho from Rooftop Prince


yoo inna




jung il-woo


jung yumi


lee seung-gi


lee je-hoon (by hellochloe)


park shi-yeon



lee jin-wook




han hyo-joo


lee jong-seok


gong yoo


park min-young


lee je-hoon


jung hye-young (by hellochloe)


park se-young (by hellochloe)


yoon seung-ah (by hellochloe)


song joong-ki


jung so-min


jung yumi


eun ji-won (by hellochloe)


ji jin-hee (by hellochloe)


jung kyeo-woon (by hellochloe)


ji sung


yeon jung-hoon, go ara (by hellochloe)


jang hyuk


go soo (by Jomo)


won bin, song seung-heon, ryu seung-ryong, jung woo-sung, jo in-sung (by lolo)


song joong-ki


ji hyun-woo from Queen In-hyun’s Man


kang ji-hwan


seo in-gook


song seung-heon


kim min-hee, suzy (by hellochloe)


kim yoo-jung (by hellochloe)


yoon seung-ah, lee je-hoon (by hellochloe)


yoon eun-hye


ji hyun-woo, yoo inna (by nervie)


yoon shi-yoon


kim myung-min, park hae-jin


park shin-hye


han hyo-joo, lee yoon-ji


shin mina


hyun bin, jung woo-sung


kang so-ra


ji sung


uhm tae-woong, bae doo-na


shin mina, moon geun-young (by hellochloe)


sung joon


jo in-sung


song ji-hyo


jung woo-sung


song jong-ho


kim so-yeon


lee kwang-soo


lee min-ho


yoon shi-yoon


yeo jin-gu


lee min-ki


song ji-hyo


kang haneul



lee da-hae


lee yo-won


song ji-hyo


krystal, lee jong-seok


gong hyo-jin, so ji-sub




jung woo, yoo yeon-seok, sohn ho-joon, go ara, baro, kim sung-kyun


jung woo, yoo yeon-seok, go ara


shin mina


lee min-ho



lee jong-seok, kim woo-bin


ha ji-won


han hyo-joo


han ji-min


im shi-wan


lee da-hae


shin mina


lee seung-gi


song ji-hyo


lee hyun-woo


jung eun-ji


kim min-jong, yoon jin-yi


so ji-sub


kim kang-woo


kim soo-hyun, jeon ji-hyun from You From Another Star


kim ji-hoon, park shin-hye, yoon shi-yoon


go soo, han hyo-joo


song ji-hyo


yoo seung-ho


jo boa


lee jong-seok, kim woo-bin


kim woo-bin, lee jong-seok




yoo ah-in















796 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. jons

    loving these new ones. min ho’s is super cute with the bouncing heart 🙂

  2. Viner

    These are very classy. Hope to see JKS headers again.

  3. Nina

    Song Joong Ki + Go Hyun Jung + Kim Min Jong + Gong Hyo Jin = ♥!!!

    very nice headers! 😀

  4. birdscout

    so very beautiful! Thank you, tae!

  5. reluctantbutaddicted

    Nice new banners…. but I’m going to miss that pig-rabbit. sigh.

    And, did Hyun Bin just escape death in a shredder? I must have missed that bit of news. Or did he get dressed while sporting a really bad hangnail?

  6. Minty

    These new headers are SEXY!

  7. langdon813

    Love these headers, very clean and modern. And it has to be said, Hyun Bin just has the sexiest lips. Whew!

  8. jeankaycee

    nice new headers! but will miss the old ones as well!
    hope for more new headers!!!

    kudos to tae for a good job!

  9. gemini28

    wow this is so cool! I love the site more than ever before 😀 After all, how can bigger headers be a bad thing?

    Is it ok if I submit headers myself? Do you have any particular look you want, dramabeans?


    • 9.1 javabeans

      Absolutely! I’d have no headers at all if not for the generosity of graphically skilled readers!

      The dimensions are 980 pixels x 200 pixels. Design is totally up to you. 🙂

  10. 10 lessaofpern

    Classy new headers!!!!!

  11. 11 JH

    won bin!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. 12 JH

    but i do feel the lack of jang geun suk. i loved that i saw his face at least 50% of the time i came to dramabeans. now he needs a new drama!

    • 12.1 maria

      thank you! someone attend to this scarcity pleeeaasse! lol

  13. 13 cutee

    nice headers! (: but I kinda miss the old headers too ): especially the You’re Beautiful headers.

  14. 14 deannadsc

    I’m still trying to get used to the new look, JB!!! Where do i go to find your wonderful recaps then?

    Love it that you’ve included Gong Yoo & Hyun Bin’s awesome pix in your new headers!!!

  15. 15 fishtank

    Nice new banners. Although I miss the pig-rabit, Kim Jae Wook and Lee Min Ho are adorable!

    Thanks for the new look!!

  16. 16 pabo ceo reom

    New headers…..yayyyyy 🙂

  17. 17 :P

    yay! song joong ki! he’s so cute!
    i see there aren’t very many headers yet but i can’t wait to see the creations of the artistically-gifted dramabeans readers! unnies and oppas, fighting! i can’t believe YB headers r already retired…it hasn’t been one year yet

  18. 18 orangelauren

    I was wondering why I’d never seen most of these new headers before…I’m not as talented as these nice contributors, but I definitely am looking forward to new ones!

  19. 19 zeph

    These new banners are lovely! Great job tae!

  20. 20 awsomelyy

    In the mood to make banners. *-*
    Shin Min-ah
    Park Shin-hye

    • 20.1 birdscout

      Just saw your beautiful banners! Love both of them, but the Park Shin-hye one is especially striking. Thank you for sharing!!!

  21. 21 vere

    Awesome banners, tae.

    I made a Lee Seung Gi banner in celebration of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and the new look!


    • 21.1 birdscout

      Great banner! I’ve only seen this actor looking goofy…he looks so cool here. Thanks!

  22. 22 javabeans

    You guys are so awesome! Thank you!!

  23. 23 gemini28

    Alrighty, all done! Sorry for the wait, here’s to a new start 😀



    1) Chun Hee, Go Ara:

    2) Moon Geun Young, Chun Hee, Sohn Ye Jin:

    3) Drama, Coffee House:

    4) Han Ga In, Park Si Yeon , Phillip Lee, Han Chae Young, Won Bin:

    5) Jun Ji Hyun:

    6) Kim Hyun Joong:

    7)Kim Bum, Song Joong Ki, Go Ara, Kim Tae Hee, Lee Kyu Han:

    8) Drama, Prosecutor Princess:

    9) Shin Min Ah:

    10) So Ji Sub:

    11)Song Chang Eui:

    • 23.1 birdscout

      Thanks, gemini28! You are talented. These banners are beautiful. It’s like Christmas every day in August at dramabeans.

      • 23.1.1 Eliza

        no offense gemini28, but i think your banners are not that pretty. whenever i went on the old dramabeans site and i saw your banner, i couldn’t look at it. you’re probably a beginner at photoshop, so you couldn’t be up to par with tae. this is just my opinion and i hope you’re not sad by it.

        • gemini28

          oof sorry they were that bad -__- But all the same it has been fun. Thanks for the honest feedback!


    • 23.2 anon

      i like them

  24. 24 hitsugaya

    love the new headers! simple yet classy! love it

  25. 25 gemini28

    !! For Kim Hyun Joong Header:

    I think I may have unintentionally hack off his finger. Sorry. Photoshop hazard :p

    Here is the fixed one:



  26. 26 vere


    And anything for you, Javabeans. You’re maybe one out of two blogs that I follow “religiously.”

    Here’s one of the lovely Min Hyo Rin:

  27. 27 damselfly


    This is my first try. Take a look see. 🙂

    • 27.1 birdscout

      Great first effort! Loved this couple in Coffee House! Thanks!

  28. 28 destriana

    wow hyun bin is so sexy, haha
    i love the gongs, saranghae gong yoo oppa 🙂
    and i love gong hyo jin in thank u and pasta

  29. 29 Snikki

    Here’s Park Shi Yeon:

    And Kang Ji Hwan:


    • 29.1 birdscout

      These actors and the banners are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing you talents!!!

    • 29.2 lala123

      How do you learn how to make these?

  30. 30 maria

    hey LUV! you out there?? i know it’s not called the give-luv-lotsa-love page, but i MISS YOU!!!! 🙂

    i love the new banners too, but you will always be the first. 🙂 hope to see your headers up there soon too!

    • 30.1 gemini28

      I miss Luv too! She rocks, her headers were the ones that got me interested in graphic design stuff.

      I like the fact that her headers makes me wanna take a second look at it, whether it is the sheer simplicity of the design or the intricacy of design that makes me go, “Who is that star featured in it? ”

      A Luv Lover

    • 30.2 gailT

      I miss LUV too!

      but all these new ones and designers are great. i hope i see a lee jung jin one in the future…

    • 30.3 Luv

      Aww…I’m so touched by your comments. Thank you maria, gemini27 & gailT.

      Hope you enjoy the “Love Hurts” header…hehe…

      • 30.3.1 Luv

        gemini28…sorry…I’m so sure I typed 28 but somehow it became 27…hehe…

  31. 31 dblue

    I’ll miss my favorite Pig rabbit header XD New headers are still pretty!!

  32. 33 Sae-byuk

    And here’s a new one:

    Sohn Ye-jin

  33. 34 Liz

    these new banners by tae are pretty! i hope tae makes some more. he/she knows how to make graphics well.

  34. 35 vere

    Again, thanks Javabeans and Girlfriday for all of your efforts!

    Seo Woo:

    • 35.1 nattacatta

      When I saw this Seo Woo header I literally squealed and clapped due to my ridiculous amounts of love for her!
      Thank you so much! (And for all your other contributions too- they are very very good!)

      And thanks to everyone else that makes headers- they are all so fantastic!

    • 35.2 misstory

      Oh my gods I love this!! This is so cute!!!

  35. 36 dhen

    Kudos to the make-over of your site JB & girlfriday!Love it!

    a little something:



  36. 37 Sere

    All the new headers are so pretty! ♥__♥ But hey, funny thing is, I’ve just checked the retired ones and even though I’ve checked this site daily for years, some of those banners never came up. Haha. Ah well. ^^

  37. 38 Kris

    Looove the new layout! and of course the amazing headers! I would also love to contribute! hope you like these..

    kang dong won:


    kim jung hwa:

  38. 39 Sae-byuk

    Tae, Vere, et al…please teach me your skills. 🙂

    In the meantime…here are two more:

    Soulmate Cast

    Kim Bum

    Take care!

  39. 40 conan

    apparently i came back to photoshop after quite some time (or pretty much my whole summer) to make these! just a little payback for all the drama updates. hope it’s good. cheers 😀

    http://i36.tinypic.com/1zwi786.jpg feat. Yoo Ah-in

    http://i34.tinypic.com/es2det.jpg feat. Seo Woo

  40. 41 alert

    The banners are delicious, and very inspiring. Thought I could share a few (though I’m not an expert in this). It’s a simple way of saying thank you for all you’ve done! 🙂

    Jang Hyuk:

    PIE & Go Hyun Jung:

    Kim So Eun:


    Binnie & YEH:


  41. 42 Kris

    I’m back with two more! feeling very inspired today! and i’m loving the newly made banners too! great job guys! 🙂

    *lee chun hee and park ye jin:


    *another kang dong won:


  42. 43 sweetest seas

    that shin minah header is so nice

  43. 44 sweetest seas

    and kudos to vere for the well-made layouts, i love the textures

  44. 45 awsomelyy

    I tried incorporating many people uncreatively.
    Jang Geun-seok, Shin Se-kyung, Choi Si-won, Yoon Eun-hye, U-know Yunho, Lee Min-ho
    Yoon Eun-hye
    Jung Yong-hwa

  45. 46 vere

    Those are very nice, awsomelyy.
    And thanks so much, sweetest seas & nattacatta.

    Here’s one of Song Hye-kyo:

  46. 47 vere

    And one more!
    This is probably the last one for a while.

    Yoon Eun-hye:

  47. 48 leila8mae

    I LOVE the last header w/ Yoon Eun-hye!! nicely done VERE!! ♥ she’s so beautiful.. her beauty is the type that grows on you as you look at her..

  48. 49 lovewls

    Loving your new layout, and of course the pretty pretty banners! Submitting two banners of Playful Kiss if you don’t mind:



  49. 50 snoopyvkd

    Seeing so many talented people here, I tried to make one for fun:

    • 50.1 jeankaycee

      love this header! choi siwon is such a cutie! thanks snoopyvkd!!!!

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