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Solomon’s Perjury: Episode 6
by | January 10, 2017 | 17 Comments
Never forget that perjury is the name of this game, and that means we’re sifting the lies from the truth as much as our intrepid courtroom team. But having reached the halfway point with this episode, it’s time for some of those spinning plates in the air to come down… and bring a few unexpected... More »

Drama Recaps
Solomon’s Perjury: Episode 4
by | December 29, 2016 | 24 Comments
This hour goes by a little more quietly, and our main players get some important character moments as they encounter self-doubt and uncertainty. Seo-yeon increasingly finds her feet as her team starts to look to her for answers, and she’ll have to step up to the plate in more ways than she might’ve initially bargained... More »

Drama Recaps
Solomon’s Perjury: Episode 2
by | December 23, 2016 | 26 Comments
Just two episodes and there’s so much to like already, although they’re not at all the things I came looking for. (I’ll say what we’re all thinking: White Christmas.) But Solomon’s Perjury takes a slightly different approach and goes more for an investigative bent, and I’m pretty excited at how the titular perjury is being... More »

Drama Recaps
Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 24 (Final)
by | November 12, 2016 | 260 Comments
Here we are at journey’s end, and hasn’t Jealousy Incarnate been a full meal? It’s time for dessert, a sweet finish with some salty crunch and a secret center—exactly as we’ve come to expect from a show that delights in subverting subversions. I’ve had a great time sharing this show with you all, and thank... More »

Drama Recaps
Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 22
by | November 5, 2016 | 192 Comments
Why is it that when one obstacle is vanquished, there are always a dozen new ones waiting to rear their hairy heads? Lies and secrets abound, but we still get to enjoy a little candid bickering and a few mental farts to remind us how far we’ve all come, and how far we’ve yet to... More »

Drama Recaps
Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 20
by | October 30, 2016 | 361 Comments
Feelings are discovered and clean breaks are made, but a lull never lasts long in dramaland, and it’s time to bring skeletons out of closets, have long-overdue fights, and then maybe fight about not fighting. And I don’t know about anyone else, but this hour really leaves me craving—crazy craving!—ramyun.... More »

Drama Recaps
Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 18
by | October 23, 2016 | 306 Comments
Oh, it’s so messy, everything is messy, how ever will they get themselves out of this one? This ill-fated triangle takes a battering as the share-house turns into a real-life, real-time personality test, and Na-ri is forced to examine her own motives. But is the choice really between ticking boxes and beating hearts, or something... More »

Drama Recaps
Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 16
by | October 16, 2016 | 172 Comments
Oh me of little faith! Okay guys, I put myself in the show’s hands, because I found this pair of episodes utterly delightful, both in answering last week, and dancing so well between the lines of ridiculous and heartfelt. Well, maybe a little more to the ridiculous, but they’re so committed to it that it’s... More »

Drama Recaps
Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 14
by | October 9, 2016 | 373 Comments
There’s a sweet, lingering wistfulness about this episode, as Hwa-shin plunges deeper into his feelings. It’s a lovely examination of one-sided love, where we explore the happiness of just being able to be near someone, even when they don’t return your feelings. But the real happiness, I think, is making peace with your own heart,... More »

Drama Recaps
Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 12
by | October 2, 2016 | 109 Comments
We tap a vein of quiet melancholy this hour as Hwa-shin’s regret sets in, deep and wearying. Although I fully believe he deserves it, I can’t say it doesn’t squeeze the heart a bit, as he practically drowns in the whirlpool of his self-made misery. It’s especially terrible because not only does he lose out... More »