My favorite 2019 kpop songs. Almost done.

Money by Dawn. Dawn as E’ Dawn is who led me down into this rabbit hole of kpop. I was sad when he left Pentagon and then very happy when he joined P Nation. I was surprised but happy with Money as his debut song. Its takes more chances and is more introspective than I expected. I’m really curious as to where he is going next.

Flower Shower by HyunA. I honestly did not know much about HyunA other than she was very popular and her songs with Triple H, but thought the whole thing was so unfair. Apparently she was completely in charge of this comeback and it is like listening/watching someone take a deep breath and discovering how free and happy they are, and also being a complete boss through the whole thing. As Lainey Gossip would say , She is showing her work.

Hip by Mamamoo. This is so catchy and so fierce and so many things to take away from it . One being, myself included, why do we pay such close attention to things we dislike? Why waste our energy and TIME to pick something apart?
Also, I think this song and HyunA’s year go really well with each other.


    First: Yess, Lainey shout out!

    I was also really surprised by how much I love “Money”, as I’d never really heard Dawn beyond his Triple H work. I can’t wait to see what he has in store this year. I have always loved HyunA but I loved how you could see her artistry really unleashed with this track, and I’m thinking that the whole stupid “scandal” really worked in both of their favors.


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      They definitely made it work for themselves. They didnt hesitate to try a different way. But shout out to Hui’s vocals. I’m going to miss the sound of their little trio.