So, I might have watched all four episodes out of Vagabond today. Maybe. Current theories are in the comments to avoid spoilers ~


    The tattoos must mean something ~ from the scarface bad guy’s containing his tracker(?) to LSG’s “God of War.” I’m wondering if blonde LSG was part of a gang or something before he took in Hoon, that’s why he suddenly was looking for a real job to support them and settled on stunt man since he was already involved in fighting. Episode 4 made me really feel that there is more to his past than we have seen so far.

    I heard someone theorize that perhaps SSR’s partner that died 7 years ago was Hoon’s father and LSG’s brother, which would explain why LSG wasn’t involved in Hoon’s life until his hyung died. I’m also curious as to Hoon’s mother, but maybe that will be a dead end (as in plot point, but they do casually kill people a lot in this show)


    The assassin Lily might be my favorite character so far, she’s murderous but doesn’t suffer fools, and enjoys the shirtless sight of LSG just like the rest of us ~

    Suzy’s character is a little exasperating, she’s intelligent but keeps acting like an airhead ~ maybe that makes her a more complex character, but at this point she really should know better than to let LSG’s character run off by himself, he’s the main informant for so many attacks and incidents already.