While I feel like there was no stand out best drama this year, dreamland killed it with their OSTs this year.

I decided to compile up a list of my favorite OST of this year. These songs are NOT based on my favorite dramas of the year. Some of these I haven’t even watched or finished. In a non specific order:

1. We All Lie (iconic – although non kdrama viewers wont get it, this song is a meme in itself)
2. Any song from the Hotel Del Luna OST (but if you I HAVE to choose one or two it’d be: Goodbye by Paul Kim or Can You See My Heart by Heize) The whole OST is still on repeat on my playlist. This drama goes down in my list to having one of the best all around soundtracks along with Goblin, While You Were Sleeping, Cheese in the Trap (etc etc)
3. A story I couldn’t see by Jannabi. It tells a beautiful story on its own and it made me discover Jannabi <3
4. First love by Sondia (Honorable mention: The Story that Has Never Been Told by Sondia (Sondia just killed it this year) There’s something tragic and beautiful that makes me smile and cry and want to look out the window with this song. It’s still on repeat and might be up with my all-time favorite song OSTs.
5. Your Shampoo Scent in the Flowers by Jang Boom June (I realize there are many versions of the song but I’m sticking to the classic that made me laugh and yet still moves me).
6. Smell By Nam Young Joo (Be Melodramatic’s Special OST). This song made me laugh at first and now makes me want to jump around and sing to it without embarrassment. WINNER. (Honorable Mention : Slow Pace by Nam Young Too and Yun Jion, also in the Be Melo’s Special OST.
7. In general Angel’s last mission: Love’s OST was solid. If I had to choose one maybe Stay O.When ? Or maybe the english version featuring Hodge? I’ll maybe regret my choice later, but yep great OST in general. (disappointing drama tho)
8. Our Story by One Sung Woo. I feel it describes innocent love and moves me every time I listen to it. It’s neat and clean and ugh love it.
9. Never-ending Story By Stray Kids (Another Extraordinary You song? Im sorry, but guys this one is good).
10. Take by Jus2. catchy, addicting. Loved it from the first second I heard it.
11. Always Be Here by Jung Jin Woo. Chocolate is shaping up to have a great soundtrack (I can’t vouch for the plot though haha)

Did I miss any songs? I’d like to hear opinions!


    -We All Lie – YES.

    -Hotel del Luna – great songs, but my favourite is Done For Me. It’s so good.

    -Angel’s Last Mission: Love – awesome OST collection. I can’t decide which is my most favourite Oh My Angel or Stay or Pray. Maybe Pray cuz that took the longest to come out and I waited forever.

    -Not sure if you have seen Moment at Eighteen but Christopher’s Moment was so so so good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEcNhCfdpTY&t=14s

    -Not so popular but I really liked Search WWW opening credit. So upbeat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83McdMj9m1U


      I actually like Our Story better than Christophers Moment! From the two thirds of At Eighteen that I did see, that song moved me more (but yeah moment is definitely a strong contender). As for Done for Me, YES! But did it pull on my heart strings like can you see my heart? Nope, but still on repeat non stop. I struggled with those songs too for angels last mission. Im so glad im in the same park range for all the songs as you! Such a strong year in OST


      Search: www opening is by Elaine, Search. And Undecided in Melo is my Nature, by Shin In Ryu. Like those a lot! The Shampoo always brings a smile to my face now, and, of course, the Fart Song, because I am a toddler 😋


    I only know we all lie from the list above. I didn’t watch the other dramas 😅.

    I like Tick Tock from Perfume. It was played at the right moments in the show. So many feeellllsss. It was the song during Yi Do and Jae Hee’s (Ha Jae Suk) first encounter after 29 years.

    🎶shine on my way, I’ve come through the wrong way🎶

    Perfume had a whooping 16 osts! My other favourite is EXID’s Solji: To The Touch.

    I like Sondia songs foe Devil. The show was a mess but the songs were good.

    My introduction to Jannabi was this TLE fan MV. Hahahaha 🤣. I like their sound.


    I don’t know we all Lie 🙊
    From EY i really liked My Beauty by VeriVery & although it was distracting as hell the ost from One Spring Night is one of my faves now 😂


    My Country’s OST felt a bit distracting at first, but then I felt that it really elevated the scenes




    From Hotel Del Suna, I have to say that Taeyeon’s All About You is my favorite. It is just so beautiful and haunting. I’ve heard it covered several times but no one does it as well as Taeyeon, especially when sung live.

    Moment at 18 also has a lot of great songs but a particular fave is OSW’s Our Story. It just captures that coming of age vibe so well.


      Its so close for me between All About You and Can you see my heart! and Our Story <3