Kimbapnoona’s “End of the Decade” List Part 7

The Greatest “Oh It Hurts So Good So Please Continue to Rip My Heart Out” Drama: Seven Day Queen
This is the drama I love to pieces when it tears me apart. The pain felt so visceral that I couldn’t comment much on its recap because it hurt too much to relive each episode (I am a biggest coward, I know.) I still cannot make myself watch the last episode despite much assurances from Beanies that the ending for the disposed queen is beautifully satisfying.

Thank you for a beautifully told story of two people who are caught in impossible circumstances who must make the right decisions for reasons other than themselves.

And you know when you watch a sageuk with the most wonderful child actors that you almost want the story just to be about them as kids? This is one of those dramas for me.