Dongbaek won’t let JongRyeol tell anyone he is Pil Gu’s dad and wants him to stay away from him but doesn’t bat an eyelash when Yong Shik claims him as his son? This is what all the Beanies have been proclaiming is a great female lead and why YS is so awesome? I call bullshit.

First and completely off-topic, it took DB WAY too long to defend her son. You can talk about me all you want but mess with my kid and I will reign down FIRE on yo ass!!!

Second, JR needs to step up and claim his son. Pil Gu knows now so either step up and be a father or go away and leave them alone.

Third, DB was orphaned so shouldn’t she want her son to have both parents? Regardless of her reasons for keeping them apart in the beginning, they both know now so there is more harm in keeping them apart.

It’s unfair to think that because JR isn’t the man for DB he wouldn’t be a good dad to PG. Most of this is DB fault but JR is not blameless. Stop trying to get back with DB and just worry about your son.


    I am over it. I will finish because it’s too late to stop but I won’t complain on the Beanie wall about it anymore. I’ll leave it to the people that enjoy it.


    I agree so much, she is such a mess but nobody gets her. In a way she is very well written, it’s just weird that people only think what the show tells them to think about her. The fact JR acts like a puppet because the writer wants people to ship the OTP is so silly. I find his behavior so strange that I haven’t even caught up, don’t know if I should.


      I wrote that after episode 11 but 12 really made me mad. YS doesn’t want DB to be around JR ever which is impossible because they have a kid together. DB doesn’t want JR to buy PG toys or give him money but it wouldn’t be so excessive if she hadn’t kept PG away from him. YS’s mom wants DB to stay away from YS but wants PG to still come by. You just yelled at his mom that you don’t like her anymore (because your son likes a single mom and that comes with baggage) , why would her son still come by to see you? JR is somehow supposed to be an asshole for not wanting another man to raise the son he just found. PG hates his dad because he’s jealous of how JR treated his daughter (because DB hasn’t told anyone the truth).

      The only two characters that make sense are JR and PG. I think I’ll wait until Joker is revealed and watch that episode because the rest is just too stupid for me.


        Do what I did, take a step back and pick something better. A show with likable people! 🙂