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Dear Future Beanies,

In early 2023, there were a few shows airing at pretty much the same time that all seemed very promising, but that all ended up falling flat. They included Kokdu: Season of Deity (Kkokdu’s Season), The Heavenly Idol, and this show, Delivery Man. The overall plots of these three dramas were quite different, but they shared some characteristics: supernatural-themed, romance-driven, comedy-forward shows. The community’s disappointment was real and might have even been intensified because there were three..shows..collapsing..at..once—everyone wanted these shows to shine, but they all seemed, as a group, get lost along the way. I might suggest that it is in this light you consider the comments on the weecap pages for all three shows.

Of the three, this one may have been the most coherent in retrospect, but also the most anodyne. It’s a “case of the week” (or in this case, “ghost of the week”) drama, held together by a pair of leads who fall in love. Even given that there’s a mystery (and a villainous villain), nothing particularly shocking happens, nor does anything particularly intriguing happen.

I really like “case of the week” dramas, myself. I even like supernatural-tinged “case of the week” dramas. If you’re looking for one that’s a bit more engaging, in my opinion I might suggest either Mystic Pop-Up Bar or, even, Tomorrow. There were more interesting ideas to chew on in both of those shows.

However, if you’d like a light mystery/supernatural watch where not much happens over the course of 12 episodes, Delivery Man might be just what you’re looking for.

Yours Truly,


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