Nobody Knows – A review without spoilers

It’s rare to find a drama that knows how to pace itself and have a satisfactory ending. This was a crime drama where good and evil was clear yet there was a twist in almost every episode. The general theme of nature versus nurture is prevalent in many dramas but this was one that didn’t explicitly state it and instead showed it in the best way possible. Also, I love how there was a strong focus on the relationships of Cha YoungJin: with the younger Go EunHo as pictured below, her past friend SooJung, her mentor HwangInBum, and her faithful coworkers.
Lastly, Go EunHo… you have my whole heart. I realize you are an unrealistically precious character but you truly are the puppy of 2020 for me.
Thank you Writer Kim EunHyang and Director Lee JungHeum!!! I will look forward to your future works!!