Week 47~

*kick* Ha! Broken devices can’t stop me for long.

Being broken can’t stop me for long.

I wept today, embarrassed that I couldn’t do this one, simple thing. Embarrassed that everyone was looking. That everyone could see what I was afraid of.

And then.. I stopped. Not slowly, not easily, but I did. And I tried through my tears, and screwed up what I wanted to do, but gosh dang it, I went for it.

And it was all good.

I think.. I’ve noticed that we as people tend to, quite naturally, want to avoid uncomfortable situations. Those darn instinctual reactions that happen every time we do something. Sweating. Crying. Stressing. Anxiety. But.. if we can accept those reactions, rather than trying to suppress them, and keep going, it’s kinda cool to see how dang strong and capable we really are.

Because we are.

You nice. Keep going.

Have a wonderful week. 💛