Love lasts forever – Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Doko Made mo (J-drama 2020)
10 episode only, not dragging. Reminds me of “Itazura na Kiss”, in which female lead finds her career path following her love.


    Ugh, I hated Itazura na Kiss. The FL was belittled so much.


      Haha as much as I AGREE with you on how FL is belittled, she is too dependent on ML, at first she wants to be a nurse just to tag along w her husband… Only after a while that’s she realize how difficult it is to choose this career path and her passion for taking care of the patients…
      I still ADORE it from the bottom of my heart. :)) :)) :)) Kiss holds a very special place in my heart, like everyone with their BOF syndrome… 😀

      On this new drama, FL also becomes a nurse after meeting ML. She happens to find a women passes out on the street and screamed for help, ML comes to rescue and performs CPR and explains that he’s a doctor. FL said that “the moment he saw ML saves that woman, she fell in love. Maybe with ML, maybe with the dream of being a nurse”, which I find her choice of career is more deep and meaningful than FL in Kiss I guess. ^^