@sicarius CanNOT believe yoโ€™ boiโ€™s ONLY 19! Omg.

I guess Iโ€™m so used to Korean actors in their late 20s and early 30s playing high school students (lol, smh) that I was expecting Dylan to be in his 20s, at the least.

I was also surprised to find out the Meteor Garden characters were university students rather than high school. Thought that was a nice change… until I saw how childish Dao Ming Si was… curse his boyish charms! THAT smile!


    I mean if it makes any difference he’s 20 in December… hahahaha
    I thought it was more reasonable that they were in college. (I also think it’s more realistic to play older than it is to play younger sometimes. )

    His smile when his eyes turn into half moons is my favourite thing. It’s such a genuine joyful warmth inducing smile. Should probably have subfolders for Smile People tbh.

    [BTW I really love how much you’ve been on today. It makes me happy talking to you again x]


      Still a baby! <3
      And yeah, itโ€™s a nice change from the usual hs dramas, but then Iโ€™m like, โ€œOkay, WHY/HOW are they getting away with all this F4 red card nonsense if this is a university?โ€ I feel like that kind of childish stuff/games makes sense in hs and below, but once youโ€™ve reached college/university level, itโ€™s like, cโ€™mon man, grow up. Though I was relieved to find out that the receiver of the red card didnโ€™t automatically mean theyโ€™d become a prey to bullying, but just a challenger to a game/battle of wits. Nice save, show.

      YES! Eye smiles are the best! Iโ€™m a sucker for โ€˜em! He has a beautiful smile! Heโ€™s so darn charming, omg.

      Aww~ Me too! I keep telling myself I need to get on more. Iโ€™m super duper happy I get to talk to you, too! 💖 Really, really (really really~)! 😏

      Honestly, youโ€™re pretty much like the only one Iโ€™m talking to on here rn. 😅 Lawl.


        Oh I know *now just think, we’re 94 line… most of the Rabbit MG crew are many years our unnies Ching-yah ahaha)

        Are you really questioning the sanity of a) University students and b) Hana Yori Dango in any of its forms??? Tsk tsk 😂😂😂
        *you wouldn’t believe some of the stories I have about Uni students ahaha*
        Yeah the bullying was toned down in this version thankfully, probably due to China’s censorship laws I’ve heard, but in this case they were good thing.
        Also ironically I enjoyed the Bridge game. I play 500 and thus know enough about it to know what was going on and wanted the scene to be longer!!! lmao sometimes I think I’m not 24… kekeke

        Yes to all of that ofc. If I gush about smiles too much you’ll just get a puddle replying to you.

        Or else we need to revert to another medium. One or the other pffft.
        Oh really?? Have they all forgotten you!? Not good enough. They must know the Melona Queen’s harem. ๐Ÿ˜‰