Merry Christmas! 🎄
I hope everyone is having a great day. Or night. 😅

I’m done with the first half of exams this semester (I still have some left in January), so I’ve decided to rewatch Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim (because why should I keep watching Alhambra when I can start something else, right? 😛 ). The first time I watched this was two years ago in January, so I always get reminded of it this time of year. I’m really enjoying it! (Can’t wait for that ship to sail!)

I am so out of loop with the recent dramas, so shoot, what’s good?
(Not that I’ll have the time to watch it, but anyways… 😅 I’m just feeling a bit social. 🙈)


    Sky Castle may be the best show of 2019.
    But it’s dark satire and often extremely intense and a bit brutal.
    I recommend but I wouldn’t call it a fun watch.

    Just Dance/ Dance Sports Girls is excellent: fun, heartwarming and so cute. It’s an underrated little gem. Also, it’s only 8 episodes so a perfect holiday watch.


      LT’s taste is 100% on-point and I agree with everything she said.

      These two shows finally got me out of my slump.


      Thank you! I’ll put both on my holiday to-watch list.