I just finished WWW: Search and I’m at a loss for words. This drama was utterly spectacular with incredible empowerment, characters, development, aesthetics and a stellar OST that I’ve had on repeat. Usually when I’m done with a kdrama all I can think about are the loose ends and lost potential. But WWW shocked me by being utterly amazing in every aspect. I relished the realistic dialogues, the engrossing work place dynamics, the changing alliances and brilliant details. I know this drama isn’t one for everyone. I’d personally classify it as Josei (a Japanese manga classification) instead of straight-up romance. All I know is that this drama was bliss for me, down to sleekness of it all, the epic trope reversals and the mindblowing OSTs that suited every mood under the rainbow. I’m happy with the way it ended but sad to let it go at the same time.