I’m impressed I’ve gotten this far with Love February, to be honest. When I was little, I always wanted to be one of those people who keeps a diary; a lovingly crafted diary, with sketches and collages and sentiments written in beautiful cursive writing with shimmering gel pens. Unfortunately, though, I’m not that person – I’ve never been able to consistently keep a diary, not for a long time at least. And I’ve tried many times.
I’m glad to have at least attempted it though – it’s crazy going back to old diaries and seeing the cringey things your past-self wrote. For instance, I found one from 2015 the other day. I was challenging myself to watch as many dramas as possible over the summer holidays, one of which being Shining Inheritance, a show I didn’t think much about then but is now my ultimate favourite drama. Funny how things change?
Anyway, it’s been a challenge to consistently post things for Love February, even though it’s only been two weeks. There have been a few lazy days, that’s for sure. But I chose to do this this time around because I thought it would be good for my brain, and I was right. It wasn’t just the checking back in everyday, or the consciously holding on to nice little things that happened so I could write about them. It was that it brought me back here, every day, pouring through the fanwall (which I didn’t even do when I was here every day, I usually forget about it) and seeing all of you guys again! I still see a lot of you (since I mostly live on the Discord server now) but with everyone I don’t, it kind of feels like a funny school reunion. I get to see where everyone’s lives are these days.
And maybe years from now we can look back on the things we’ve written and see them like funny little diaries, time capsules preserving versions of ourselves that no longer exist.
This is all to say, Cocoa created something really special here, and I’m so glad I joined this time.
I’ve got something a bit personal planned for tomorrow, so until then,

Love, February


    A like button isn’t enough, I love your post so much. 💚


    This is really nice. I totally failed to keep up with Love February posts myself but I have loved reading everyone elses.

    Reading old diaries is always an interesting vibe. It’s like the person who wrote them (especially really old teenage ones) is a completely unrelated person sometimes.


    I love the idea of journalling, complete with all the cute stickers and fancy pens (perfectly exemplified by Na Heedo in 25,21), but I’m too lazy and would definitely cringe at myself 😂

    Also, I’ve really enjoyed your posts! Your writing is so vivid and your stories are so relatable.


    I don’t really commit myself to things till the end and after completing Love, February last year it made me want to do it again this year.

    It’s been lovely seeing you around here as well Frabby~