Anyone up for a short film set during this pandemic?

A story about Sung Hyun (KIM JOO HUN) returning to South Korea from France and had to undergo quarantine for 2 weeks as per health protocols. While on quarantine, which I know most of us can identify with, we get to see how he dealt with the untact (coined term in SK for No Contact 🤔). Then we meet Soo Jin (KIM GO EUN) as an active youtube vlogger. I love that she used the OST of the Classic, Me to You, You to Me for her vlogs! Haha!

The entire film was shot thru Samsung Galaxy S20 and it didn’t shy away from glaring PPL views of Samsung products (but of course its a promotional film for samsung 😅🤣). Hehe. Its a very quiet movie, almost a documentary but still, I am shamelessly plugging this for my love to Go Eun. Hahaha.

Tell me what you think about it if ever you watched it 🤗