Day 12 – The “oldie” (not 2020) you loved the most.

Yoo Na’s Street. Slice of life, not your normal crowd in some way, very much “normal” in the human sense.

All In. More interesting than the story were all the young faces from almost 19 years ago that we still see acting today.

And if you have even a slight fondness for melos, you should take a run at the grand (intentions anyway) Melos from the past like:

East of Eden
Cain and Abel
Thorn Birds
Something Happened in Bali


    Ah those melos of the past😂 My friend fell madly in love with Thorn Birds and made me watch it. I remember watching it transfixed waiting for the next insane twist to be thrown in and wondering why I’m not falling in love with it. There is melo, and then there is makjang melo!


    I love Yoona’s Street – a great slice of life about people living in the margin, very unusual story choice but wonderfully executed.


      Unusual choice indeed. I really enjoyed it! It seems to me that there are lots of territory on the margins of society that dramas could explore fruitfully.