I finally caught with Terius Behind Me and OMG I lurrveee it!! It’s everything I hoped for… So Ji Sub as the elite spy absolutely defenseless in the face of adorable cheeky kids.. Son Ho Joon the obnoxiously cute villain (!) and most of all the AHJUMMA SPY NETWORK !! Hahahaha!

Gosh I do love shows with bright ahjumma spies.. ala Mystery Queen ! 🙂 Louved the addition of Kang Ki Young as the male ahjumma ver. :))

It had all the elements I love in a drama – fun, family, and spy hijinks!

Only wish the real spy side of the story had some meat. Think I’m gonna skip the last few episodes w/o the babies or KIS.

Till then let me admire you some more Son Ho Joon– I would do reaaally good at the Secretary’s job 😀