For the past two weeks I was in such a big cang lan jue/ love between fairy and devil phase, not like the most original drama and I have seen more than a few squibbles about the final episodes but I still really enjoyed it so much, I had given up hope on enjoying xianxia for a while now, once you know all its tropes by hand there really isn’t anything else but lbfad just hit all the right spots for me. Also dylan wang, his dubber and esther yu were fantastic, I had heard about dylan not being that great of an actor prior to this but maybe he had his watershed moment with this one cause he for the most part nailed it. Also esther was actually really great especially as the show went on, I know people don’t like her voice but I got used to it early so not a deal breaker for me.


    So was I. It was such a good ride. It totally occupied my mind for the duration it aired. I don’t have much issue with the show overall. I feel since it was all around excellent, people become extremely critical too. Well, yes I would’ve liked 2 extra minutes in the finale for the main couple or some explanation, they have released enough epilogues to satisfy me as well (their written posts). The actors did a really good job under the director and producers. The writing was tight and that’s what made it different from usual xanxias.