Youn’s Stay – Final thoughts

Without current elephant-in-the-room-19 we should have had Youn’s Kitchen s3 😩.
Adaptation made way for Youn’s Stay, offering foreigners in S.Korea the chance to stay in hanok and taste traditional Korean food.
I was glad when I read the news about this season, was curious about what kind of dynamics WooShik would bring.

Overall it is a nice season, the food was gorgeous and the hanoks were pretty🥰.
A diversity of foreigners : different ages, countries, backgrounds. They were families, couples or just friends travelling together.
It was nice to see the cast back and WooShik intern didn’t disappoint me, he bacame my fav’ in this season 🥳.
He was doing many little tasks here and there, picked up guests, guided them, made the staff laugh, played pranks and so on 🤗.
Yumi and SeoJun were so professionals in the kitchen 😎!
However seeing Mrs Youn not that much in the kitchen and looking tired more often than in Youn’s stay hurt. I doubt we would have another season with her.
We saw SeoJin but at the same time I wondered what he was doing, like the tasks he did wasn’t that much time consuming 😅.
The cast had some funny moments together but the show had a this-is-job/we’re tired vibe sometimes, not the best when you’re watching a show to relax and forget work.

Last but not least, Yumi’s portrait 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣!


    You touched a crucial aspect of what makes these variety shows click. First and foremost, the cast and crew have to love the show before we audience do. This is especially the case of varieties that feature the amateur actor-turn-show host type cast as opposed to the Yoo and Kang professionals.

    And as such, there’s a limit as to how many seasons you can have the same cast again and again.