Mr. Fighting (C-drama) โ€“ final thoughts

Synopsis says it’s a story about different people helping an unknown actor in his career.
I started this drama and watched ep after ep without being convinced by the actor’s arc 😅.
In some dramas, you’d root for the lead to achieve his dream but here I was ok since ep1 if it didn’t work out…

However I stayed for the ensemble characters, the slice-of-life and slow pace of the drama 😊.
I liked the fact that we followed the characters and not just the male lead.
It had funny moments, it had sad moments, it had dull moments, it depicted the lives of different people with their qualities and flaws.
It had its flaws but I had a comforting time watching it on a daily basis 🤗.


    Even though most of the times I end up not watching the shows you recommend, I still enjoy reading your reviews!

    Also, Hi kudo!


      And.. forgive me for not keeping my promise to drop by Discord, things got kind of crazy!


        hi Azzo ๐Ÿ™‚ , no problem, I’ve also added many drama reco’ to my to-watch list since Jan. 2021 but lately I’m into variety shows haha (a Chinese one and then njttw team doing Spring Camp *whispers* you can watch that one, still on going with 2 eps left for next week).
        Drop by on discord when you can, you can just lurk, no need to participate or just say hiandbye ๐Ÿ™‚
        Stay safe <3 !


          I’ll probably start lurking on discord, see I’m no fun in real-time 🙈

          Oh, maybe I will watch that show, now that Kwang-soo left running man (which I’m still crying about, btw, my head hurts from all the crying 😭💔) I hope it’s funny!

          You too, Kudo. Though the situation here is going from bad to worse.. the cases of Covid19 just sky-rocketed this week, so we’re expecting another full lockdown!


            “Iโ€™m no fun in real-time ” same hehe.
            Many are commenting about RM, you can talk on discord with other RM fans with wet eyes this week ๐Ÿ™ .
            I’ve gotten my first dose of vaccine yay ! but still being cautious and still will after 2nd dose , thanks anxiety lol .
            What another lockdown O_o !
            Here’s situation is improving a bit, but they’re already talking about another wave for Sept. October if we can’t get everyone to get vaccinated and if summer, well be summer like last year, some enjoying holidays and forgetting social distancing *sigh*.
            do lurk on discord ๐Ÿ™‚


          I talked with my sister about RM today, some more crying was involved 🙈

          Oh, good for you, Kudo, that’s great news. How are you feeling?

          It’s getting worse here 😭 It’s so scary, even worse than when this whole thing started. We have 3 confirmed cases of Mucormycosis (black fungus), We have no idea how that happened, all the flights to India and Africa are stopped, people are panicking!


            I got a sore arm for a day or two and that’s it ๐Ÿ™‚ , I’m fine right now (except it’s starting to get hot😆, summer is here ).
            I checked the black fungus , it’s scary! They haven’t talked about that side effect on the news here (or I missed it).
            a big *hug* for you , hoping things will calm down 🙏